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Bards, Jesters, and Kings

Musicians and comedians are, respectively, the modern day versions of the bards and jesters of yore, the prophets of culture and politics. Continue reading

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As the Worlds Turn…

There’s been a 120° rotation of the political world since 1991. Continue reading

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Moon Day Review – The Hall of Frame Control

10 great Red Pill articles about building and maintaining masculine Frame. Continue reading

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Why is illicit sex so enticing, and so prevalent?

Sex is a natural expression of human nature, but there are many additional factors that sweeten the draw. Continue reading

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Creating and Maintaining Heart Trust

Trust is an indispensable part of forming and continuing a relationship. But the expression of trust undergoes a metamorphosis as the relationship matures. Continue reading

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2 Frames of Reference for Identifying the Trust Factor

Can you identify the difference between Head Trust and Heart Trust? Continue reading

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The Trust Factor

Trust is indispensable when activizing a woman. Yet, there are two kinds of trust. Which one are you pursuing? Continue reading

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Jack’s Law of Red Pill Awareness

In a nutshell: Women are trouble! Choose wisely and maintain Frame. Continue reading

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Christian vs. Non-Christian Women – A Negligeeable Difference

Is there any difference between Christian and Non-Christian women? Read on for the dispiriting answer. Continue reading

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Time Frames for various forms of sexual bonding and maturation

A timeline for sexual bonding and sexual maturation. Continue reading

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