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Get It Right Next Time

An introspective monologue on the challenge of absorbing truth and achieving RP excellence. Continue reading

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Things I Learned About Women in College

Women require more than what they’re willing or able to give. Continue reading

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My Dating Experiences in College

This post describes the author’s experiences, which suggest that the expression of women’s hypergamic tendency is spontaneously immediate and sexually motivated, as opposed to being intrinsic or idealistic. Continue reading

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Psychological Projection and the Mirror Effect

Explore the mechanics of psychological Projection, along with five common examples: Selfishness, Greed, Envy, Remorse, and Self-Seduction. Continue reading

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Conflict Structure and Marital Satisfaction

This post examines the structure of marital conflict, the motivations of men and women in addressing conflict, and some scientific correlations with longitudinal marital satisfaction. Alternative motivations with more positive outcomes are suggested. Continue reading

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Purple Haze

Why do some men transition to the Red Pill mentality quickly and easily, whereas, other men lounge in bitterness and contempt for years? Continue reading

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List of Slut Tells

I’m glad to see that sluts are finally coming out of the closet. That is, society is no longer shaming them to the point where they are trying to hide or deny their membership to slutclub international. I’m glad about … Continue reading

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Bon Mot of Slut Science

Women have a long, fluid, sliding Likert scale of sluthood, whereas for men, it is very black and white. This post examines these differences. Continue reading

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Hamster’s Hierarchy of Sluts

I was talking with my wife about one of her younger acquaintances, who has a social/sexual addiction to much younger young men, who just happen to be more handsome, more horny and more energetic than men her own age (30). … Continue reading

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Pick Up Game – Does it serve the needs of Men, or is it for Women?

Pick Up Game is the smooth harvest of sexual gratification through a respectful appeal to the weaknesses of both sexes. Continue reading

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