Σ Frame Maxims and Axioms

This page is a collection of maxims* and axioms** that have been formed on Σ Frame over the years.

* A maxim is a short witty proverb that summarizes a larger body of more complex knowledge.
** An axiom is a rule of thumb that holds true 99+% of the time.

Σ Frame Maxims

Σ Frame Maxim 1 (Jack): Recognize your value. Effective Game requires you to recognize that you have things that other people want and need, just as other people have things that you want and need.  Adopting this mindset is a departure from a “poverty mentality”, and the beginning of Humility.

Σ Frame Maxim 2 (Jack): Context makes all the difference. Master Frame Game — Always be aware of context and how it changes.

Σ Frame Maxim 3 (Jack’s father): You have a responsibility to yourself to teach others who you are and how you want to be treated.

Σ Frame Maxim 4 (Jack): Introspection is an absolute necessity.
Corollary to Maxim 4: When you’re ‘on the ball’, figure out why you’re on the ball, so that you can stay on the ball!

Σ Frame Maxim 5 (Jack): Spiritual discernment is the foundation of both wisdom and morality. Without discernment, wisdom is reduced to a philosophical exercise, and morality is reduced to an ethical exercise. Both are a vanity of the mind that the Christian is to avoid (Ephesians 4:17).
Corollary to Maxim 5: Developing and exercising discernment is the quality that makes one a wise moral agent. It is not any particular system of philosophical beliefs, or one’s conformance to a set of ethical standards concerning social interaction or behavior.

Σ Frame Maxim 6 (Jack): Tingles = Respect.

Σ Frame Maxim 7 (Jack): The parents of today are the progenitors of the future.
Corollary to Maxim 7: Don’t f_ck (or marry) any women who have traits that you wouldn’t want more people in the world to have (namely, your children).

Σ Frame Maxim 8 (Jack): Ladies first in matters of safety and pleasure. Make her come hard and she’ll always come back for more. But once the man comes, the show is over.

Σ Frame Maxim 9 (Snapper): Good people go to ħә11 every day. One can be someone who is not actively partaking in the sins of the world while still not actively seeking to be obedient to Christ.

Σ Frame Maxim 10, AKA The Law of Reciprocality (Jack, Deep Strength): Birds of a feather flock together.
Corollary A: The Proof is in the Pudding.
Positive Slant to Corollary A: Any relationship formed between two people who are soft-hearted brings an added dimension of spiritual awareness which can offer one a great deal of wisdom in choosing a relationship partner.
Negative Slant to Corollary A: Any relationship formed between two people who are hard-hearted will not yield the maximum spiritual benefits that might be obtained through a relationship, but instead will lead to one (or both) engaging in dysfunctional relationship patterns with the aim of gratifying the desires of the flesh.
Corollary B: Relationships change people.
Positive Slant to Corollary B: Two people who cause each other to become soft hearted may very well be a good match.
Negative Slant to Corollary B: Bad company breeds bad habits/morals.
Corollary C: Discerning whether a person is either soft or hard hearted can help one detect what kind of potential the relationship might have, before one gets too far into it.

Σ Frame Maxim 11 (Jack): Immaturity is latent evil. Naïveté is blind ignorance. Solipsism is sinful foolishness. These three form a stronghold of sin that prevents one from apprehending Truth.

Σ Frame Maxim 12 (NovaSeeker): The central Christian concept of sin and grace is that one’s prodigality is a function of one being alive.

Σ Frame Maxim 13 (Jack): Christian Game is Charisma, and Charisma is a gift of God given to some men (not necessarily Christians) and not others.

Σ Frame Maxim 14 (Jack): The ego is the souls’ junction with reality.
Corollary to Maxim 14: A spiritually healthy person has a strong healthy ego. There are two extremes of deviations. A spiritually destitute or empty person has an ephemerally weak or nonexistent ego. A proud, arrogant, or rebellious person has a hyperinflated or supersensitive ego.

Σ Frame Maxim 15 (Jack): Different strokes for different folks. Different people experience love through different means. Broken egos need kindness and grace. Boisterous egos need discipline and restraint. Be aware that people overcompensate for their weaknesses and therefore may appear to have an ego condition that is different from what is ostensibly observed.

Σ Frame Maxim 16 (Jack): From a mystical viewpoint, being “In Love” = Humility. Having the experience of falling in love, bonding, feeling accepted and blessed, and “experiencing God” are an inherent result of Heart Trust, being humbled, and opening one’s heart.  Engagement in sexual relations is a strong catalyst of this same state.  Most people aren’t aware of this correlation because they make a reflexive fundamental attribution error. Christianity recognizes that spiritual humility leads to the opening of the heart, and thereby induces love.
Corollary to Maxim 16: Effective Game induces feminine humility.This is why women fall in love with jerks who can humble them and detest men who pedestalize them.

Σ Frame Maxim 17 (Scott): Men’s primary “Love Language” is SEX!!!

Σ Frame Maxim 18 (deti): Change always happens on an exponential curve – slowly, gradually, then suddenly.

Σ Frame Maxim 19 (deti, Ed Hurst): Aside from the usual social courtesies, do not invest attention, time, energy, or resources into any woman who is not within your domain and under your authority.

Σ Frame Maxim 20 (Jack): Take time to rest each day, and every week. Who we are (in Christ) is more important than what we do!

Σ Frame Maxim 21 (Jack): Grow where you’re planted. One’s identity in Christ almost always includes being a minister of grace to others who suffer from the same life difficulties and sins that Christ has set one free from. (2 Corinthians 1:2-7)

Σ Frame Maxim 22 (Jack): Sanctification breeds a sense of freedom from sin.
Corollary to Maxim 22: Married people who have affairs do so because they’re not experiencing God/sanctification in their marriage.

Σ Frame Maxim 23 (Ed Hurst): The key to maneuvering intersexual social transactions is in recognizing God’s glory in everything. (If you don’t know exactly what this means, then perhaps you’re not experiencing God.)
Corollary to Maxim 23 (Ed Hurst, Jack): A neglect or refusal to regard the Glory of the Lord in all things invariably and/or inevitably leads us to transgress His covenant – an act of spiritual infidelity.

Σ Frame Maxim 24 (Jack): If a husband and wife aren’t screwing each other, then it’s only a matter of time until one or both of them start screwing someone else — if they haven’t already.

Σ Frame Maxim 25 (Jack): A woman’s neglect or rejection of her role as an influencer (as opposed to a more direct expression of control) invariably presents itself as an unacceptable influence in a man’s life.
Corollary to Maxim 25: A woman who has a grossly unacceptable influence is unacceptable as a wife.

Σ Frame Maxim 26 (Jack): Motivation and Framing (really!) can block the deleterious effects of ego depletion in repeated acts of self control.

Σ Frame Maxim 27 (Jack): Inducing humility and thankfulness alone can do wondrous miracles for a relationship.

Σ Frame Maxim 28 (Jack): Don’t admit her argument. Do not argue with the help. Seek her submission, not her agreement.

Σ Frame Maxim 29, AKA The Law of Personal Spheres, “Fungible Reality”, “Non-Shared Environment” (Catacomb Resident, Jack): To the man of faith, reality is fungible. God has given mankind the latitude of having multiple dimensions of coexistent realities. Each man’s reality is a manifestation of his individual constitution, beliefs, choices, and experiences. One reality is just as valid as another. There is no objective reality that we all share.
Corollary A to Maxim 29: Reality is best understood as a living being (God, if you will), a person with all the quirks and variations we would expect from even the most perfect of persons. And as any real person, reality treats no two of us just the same.
Corollary B to Maxim 29: With all the threads of events and experiences winding through our lives, no two of us will experience reality in precisely the same way.
Corollary C to Maxim 29: It’s only true if you believe it’s true. Your faith and convictions are the key to discovering and developing the thread of reality God has for you.

Σ Frame Maxim 30 (Jack, Red Pill Apostle): Denying sex to one’s spouse is a sin. A refusal to renew the covenant of marriage by withholding from the sacrament of sex is a transgression against that covenant.

Σ Frame Maxim 31 (Jack): Divorce is a Generational Curse. Parental divorce hurts men’s chances with women because the resulting loss of affect display kills their charisma. Parental divorce hurts women’s chances in marriage because it kills their confidence and commitment to marriage. This is how divorce becomes a curse that perpetuates from one generation to another.

Σ Frame Maxim 32 (Jack): God’s Justice is different from Man’s justice. Know the difference.
Corollary to Maxim 32 (Matthew E. Cochran): Coram Mundo versus Coram Deo. Know the difference.

Σ Frame Maxim 33 (Jack): It’s easier to tear down than to build up. Destruction is simple but creation is long and labor intensive. A simpleton naturally creates discord, but it requires a united collaboration of the wise to foster civility and unity.

Σ Frame Maxim 34 (Jack): Women rely on Men’s Masculine Frame for Redemptive Introspection.

Σ Frame Axioms

Σ Frame Axiom 1, AKA The Law of Gestalt, “The Whole Package Deal” (Jack): The whole is greater than the sum of its parts (i.e. 全 > Σai). Life is dynamic. People are individuals with unique desires, spiritual needs, and life-purposes. We must accept this condition and find a way to juggle all the variables and cofactors such that we can make our lives, our work, and our marriages function according to God’s proscribed order.

Σ Frame Axiom 2 (Jack): True authority in an intersexual relationship is sexual.

Σ Frame Axiom 3 (Jack): True power in an intersexual relationship is dynamic and visceral.

Σ Frame Axiom 4 (Jack): Love is most easily and often shown by being generous in one’s interpretations of other’s words and behaviors.
Corollary to Axiom 4: It’s very important to be generous in one’s expectations of others. Otherwise, the Golem Effect kicks in.

Σ Frame Axiom 5 (Jack): Men will not ‘change’ themselves simply because their partner demands and pressures them to do so. In fact, they tend to become more resistant to making that particular change. For women, OTOH, it is necessary for men to make demands of them for change to happen.

Σ Frame Axiom 6 (Jack, Red Pill Apostle): Incentives matter! Motivation to change can often come when a person sees how a change can bring them more of what they want in life. A lack of incentive breeds apathy/complacency.

Σ Frame Axiom 7 (Jack): The natural interaction defines the relationship structure according to which model it fits best, not what we think it is or hope for it to be.

Σ Frame Axiom 8 (Scott):
Don’t complicate that which is inherently simple.
Don’t simplify that which is inherently complicated.
Know the difference.

Σ Frame Axiom 9, AKA Scott’s Axiom: It is more or less impossible to generate true, heart pounding visceral attraction from a woman who was lukewarm about you in the first place.
Corollary to Axiom 9: If you marry a woman who was not out of her mind with desire for you (e.g. breaking the rules for you that she sets for other men) be prepared to deal with the consequences of that at any point later in the marriage.

Σ Frame Axiom 10 (Scott): Women are capable of great love and devotion, but they are wholly unable to return the depth of love and devotion that is expected of them by men. This love can only be gained from God.

Σ Frame Axiom 11 (NovaSeeker): To women, ALL attention is sexual attention!

Σ Frame Axiom 12 (Jack, Sharkly): A rock hard stiffie is the greatest compliment a man could ever give to a woman.

Σ Frame Axiom 13, AKA The Law of Headship (Jack): As a consequence of fitting God’s Covenant order, Headship and Tingly Respect both yield a home environment filled with God’s glory, peace, and presence, producing a sanctified marriage and providing a superiorly ideal setting for raising godly children.
Corollary to Axiom 13: All other relationship structures with the exception of Celibacy (e.g. Allyship, Chivalry, Churchianity, Complementarian, Courtly Love, Egalitarian, Feminism, FWB, Open Relationship, Polyandry, et al.) do NOT fit God’s archetype, and will be prone to dysfunction, not only within the marriage, but also in the children.

Σ Frame Axiom 14, AKA The Law of Trajectories (Scott): What we learn through feedback loops early in life sets a trajectory that we follow throughout the remainder of our lives. It is exceedingly difficult to deviate from this trajectory, but small deviations are possible for a small number of innovative megafaith individuals.

Σ Frame Axiom 15, AKA Deti’s First Law of Relationships: In every relationship between two people, there is always a dominant, and always a submissive. Who occupies each role is heavily dependent on context and circumstance, but at all times, one of the participants is the dom, and the other is the sub. This law applies to ALL relationships between two individual human beings, including same sex relationships, work relationships, sexual relationships, and friendships.
Corollary A to Deti’s First Law: There is no such thing as an egalitarian relationship.
Corollary B to Deti’s First Law: Whenever a woman says she’s in an egalitarian relationship with a man, she is the dom almost every time.

Σ Frame Axiom 16, AKA Deti’s Second Law of Relationships: There are no functional differences between Christian women and secular women. Christian women are (or at least can be) as depraved, sexually damaged, and morally compromised, as a non-Christian woman can be. She might be a Christian, but she’s still a woman, and All Women Are Like That, including Christian women.

Σ Frame Axiom 17 (Jack): Character is forged in the crucible of life — taking risks, winning and especially losing, making mistakes, learning from one’s errors, cutting the costs, and picking one’s self up and trying again. Confidence is built through mastery. One’s attitude throughout the process makes all the difference in the outcome. Supportive guidance and companionship helps. Complaining doesn’t.
Corollary to Axiom 17: Some sins can only be conquered through mastery, not by trying to quit cold turkey.

Σ Frame Axiom 18 (Jack): If you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll get the same results you’ve always had. It is unreasonable to expect God to work a miracle when you’re not even willing to change your tune.

Σ Frame Axiom 19 (Jack): Just as the Law is for those without faith, Head Trust is for those who are without Heart Trust.

Σ Frame Axiom 20 (Jack): The proper management of Trust is the central pillar of holding Frame.

Σ Frame Axiom 21, AKA The Law of Discoverié (Jack, Red Pill Apostle):
Part A:
When men take the effort to make their wives aware of how her Covert Contract obviates her exercise of agency and reduces her to the moral equivalent of a child, then a multitude of blessings will become manifest. So men should point this out to her in every marital conflict.
Part B: When women take the effort to protect their husbands from the negative effects of her Covert Contract, then a multitude of blessings will become manifest. So women should prioritize maintaining a good will in every marital conflict. (See Corollary to Axiom 4.)

Σ Frame Axiom 22, AKA The Mob in the Crucible Effect, c.f. “frogs in the pot”, or “crabs in the bucket” (Jack): We all influence, and are influenced by those around us, for better or for worse. We are all subject to the decisions and actions of others, especially those in positions of power (including power players in the SMP). Thus, it is the will of God for us to act as responsible, independent, moral agents.
Corollary to Axiom 22: If Maxim 10 is unacceptable, then go to Maxim 29.

Σ Frame Axiom 23 (Jack): Honesty is the best policy for other men; moral feedback loops for women.

Σ Frame Axiom 24 (Jack): People think they are on a quest to find real love. They are not. They are on a quest to find a peculiar combination of sufferings that are familiar enough to feel like real love.
Corollary A: The goal of love is to grow past one’s addiction to familiar suffering.
Corollary B: If you can identify your girlfriend/wife’s favorite flavor of suffering and keep feeding it to her, then she’ll learn to be codependent on you.
Corollary C: If you make the bold decision of disturbing or removing your girlfriend/wife’s favorite flavor of suffering, then you have made an important step of pushing her outside her comfort zone and towards spiritual growth. Be aware that she may not accept this change, and may reject the relationship in response.

Σ Frame Axiom 25 (Jack): Feelings are an important source of contextualized knowledge of the soul that should not be disregarded. However, feelings are often taxing to the emotions, a distraction to Frame, and a beguiling guide to finding Truth. A better utilization of feelings is to introspect the causes and nature of one’s feelings (especially anger, desire, and fear) to attain a better understanding of one’s self. For example, “Why am I angry?”, “What do I want?”, etc.
Corollary to Axiom 25: Contemplating the causes and nature of the feelings of others can help one attain a better understanding of the personalities and motivations of others.

Σ Frame Axiom 26 (Lexet): Systems leading to chaos are failed systems, and failed systems will inevitably be replaced.

Σ Frame Axiom 27 (Lexet, Jack): The feminine version of lust is embodied by a desire to be desired. They routinely confuse this for “love” when it is from a HSMV man (or “harassment” when it is from a LSMV man), when in fact, it is a deeply fulfilling ego affirmation of their sexual power.
Corollary to Axiom 27: Women’s lust for the realization of sexual power is what drives women to crave attention and motivates attention seeking behavior.

Σ Frame Axiom 28, AKA The Law of Sticky Tape, “Alpha Widow Syndrome” (Farm Boy, Jack, Rollo, et al.): Each sexual partner reduces one’s ability to pair bond and find sanctification with any subsequent partner. The limit for women is 3-5 partners before her ability to pair bond is utterly lost. For men, this number is about 20-25.

Σ Frame Axiom 29, AKA The Pressure Cooker Effect, “Anti-dissipation” (Jack): The containment of a desire causes it to flourish. The abandoned indulgement of a desire causes it to dissipate.

Σ Frame Axiom 30 (Jack): Headship is God’s prescription for marriage.
Corollary A to Axiom 30 (Jack): A Headship marriage is a Christian Marriage by definition, even when the spouses are not nominally Christian.
Corollary B to Axiom 30 (Jack): Any marriage that does not fit either the Headship or Tingly Respect structures is doomed to dysfunction and/or failure.
Corollary C to Axiom 30 (Jack): When Headship is not taught and modeled, the transition into married life becomes much more of a shock and a hardship than it has to be.
Corollary D to Axiom 30 (DeepStrength, Jack): The implementation of Headship is confusing and difficult because of the Church’s incongruence between the converged doctrinal position of Headship and Biblical Headship in action (i.e. practiced as a form of moral authority and masculine sexual authority).

Σ Frame Axiom 31 (Feeriker, Jack): Being Red Pilled is the best defense against female parasites and predators. Once you absorb the RP, you’ll be able to discern the moral disposition of others, develop the ability to see through their facade, and have an almost visceral reaction to interacting with women with bad intent. They, in turn, have a corresponding ability to detect this reaction and realize that you’re not about to become a victim. This leads them to move on and look for another more promising mark. (See Σ Frame Maxim 10.)

Σ Frame Axiom 32, AKA Deti’s Third Law of Relationships: Most women marry men they aren’t sexually attracted to and don’t really want to have sex with. They’re willing to have sex with those men for a while, until they get what they want. Then, after they get what they want, her sexual withholding ensues, the hideous truth comes out, and marriages, families – and the men and children in them, are destroyed.

Σ Frame Axiom 33: A man should never leave the responsibilities of being the Head of his domain to others, unless they are duly delegated to do so (which is an action in itself).

Frequently used Maxims borrowed from the wider Manosphere

CH Grand Maxim: Tingles uber alles.

CH Maxim #10: Men display, women choose.

Classic Manosphere: All Women Are Like That! (AWALT!)

Classic Manosphere:
Women are the gatekeepers of sex.
Men are the gatekeepers of commitment.

The Rational Male (Rollo):
Men love ideologically.
Women love opportunistically.

Zippy Catholic:
The most primal power of men is violence.
The most primal power of women is sex.

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