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Dalrock’s Frame

Dalrock eliminates the false hope in humanity, so that we might find the true hope in Christ. Continue reading

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Moulding an Excellent Wife

Moulding a wife’s behavior through recognizing and correcting the false beliefs that cause unwanted behaviors. Continue reading

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Nudity and Respect

An excursion into the world of art, human form and expression, with a few takeaways. Continue reading

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Introduction to Game Theory 101

This article examines social games that are played between men and women. Continue reading

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The Pygmalion Project vs. Shared Enterprises

The Pygmalion Effect is the general habit of focusing on the weaknesses in a partner, which only leads to an exacerbation of the perceived problems. Sharing an enterprise is illustrated as one way to upset and displace the Pygmalion interaction dynamic. Continue reading

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The “Orange Pill” for Attention Deficit Hypergamic Disorder

Loopholes in the social mechanics allow crafty men to get a middle leg up, and keep hypergamy in check. This post explores the Orange Pill in greater detail. Continue reading

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Review of vetting, virgins and new info on virginity pledges, from Christianity and Masculinity

Facts and common sense reasoning for men choosing a woman for a LTR or marriage. Continue reading

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Exposing the Truth to Others

Examining the pros and cons of presenting unpleasant, factual truth to others who may very well be in a state of contented denial. A real world example is explored as a case study. Continue reading

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