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A Response to Jason’s Comments

Alpha, Beta, Bible talk… It’s all Greek to me! Continue reading

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Why does Game work?

Here are some clues from the spiritual and psychological perspectives. Continue reading

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The Feminine Typecasts of Men

A mansplained feminine view of male archetypes, complete with suggested nicknames. Continue reading

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Models of Courtship and Marital Structure

An examination of Male vs. Female dominance in the formation and continuation of relationships. Which structure leads to a preferred outcome? Which structure is more God honoring? Continue reading

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The Distinction between Feminine Soft Power and Masculine Hard Power

Men are well skilled in using Hard Power, and women are naturals at Soft Power. It is argued that everyone’s best interests would be better served if men and women stuck to their areas of expertise. Continue reading

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The Trump Look

A historical study of the hard iconic gaze frequently exhibited by President Trump. Continue reading

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The Four Manospherian Archetypes

This post outlines four different Archetypes of men, and includes the authors own experiences of each. Targeted Readership: All First off, a heads up to one of the newest bloggers in the Manosphere (besides myself) and maybe one of the … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Love a Wife Desires, the Respect a Husband Needs (5 stars)

“His love blesses her, regardless of her respect; her respect blesses him, regardless of his love.” Continue reading

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16 Qualities of an Irresistible Woman

This post outlines an easily digestible checklist for feminine qualities that score big with men. Continue reading

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50 Shades of Discipline in Marriage

Fulfill your wife’s wildest fantasies by offering sufficient conditions for motivation, enforcing structure, and instilling a sense of purpose for making sandwiches. Continue reading

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