“I have been following your blog ever since I crossed paths with Ame and Stephanie at their respective blogs about 1 1/2 years ago.  Your posts have been very insightful and enlightening.  Put simply, blogs like Wintery Knight, Deep Strength, Dalrock, yourself, and many others have played a huge part in preventing me from abandoning the church and going my own way.  My thanks to you and I will continue to pray for you and your blog to reach others who have been looking for answers.  Take Care!” ~ A reader’s e-mail (February 2, 2020)

“I stay in the ‘sphere for the anti-feminism, not the marital advice, which I don’t relate to much at all. Specific formulas are not particularly useful or applicable. What I find most useful is the general wisdom. Boxer promotes Jack Donovan’s attributes of masculinity (Courage, Strength, Mastery, Honor). Sigma Frame emphasizes emotional control, confidence, and leadership in your marriage.” ~ Derek Ramsey@Boxer: Endless Riddance (March 11, 2019)

“Go read Jack at Sigma Frame to get some concept of what I’m trying to convey here: For all the talk in the “manosphere” about Alpha males vs. Beta males, the fact is that if you’re the real Alpha, you don’t need any advice on how to get laid. No, the idea is to become the Sigma male — the average guy who wins despite his inherent disadvantages.” ~ R. S. McCain in his post, Lesbian is a Synonym for ‘No’ (January 13, 2019)

“…if you need someone who can help you develop a frame of reference for handling a challenging woman, [the Sigma Frame] blog is better than most of the “red pill” stuff out there. The author maintains a close contact with Scripture and some of the basic assumptions of the Bible. It’s not about manipulating a woman so much as helping her stay close to God for herself. The blog posts are loaded with discrete human behavior analysis that we wish wasn’t necessary. […] The techniques the author offers can help you help your woman be more like that. It’s good material for helping a woman who didn’t get a good foundation.” ~ Ed Hurst in his post, If Necessary (November 16, 2018)

“We see the development of a dialectic here to sway future generations.” ~ Larry’s Musings on Courtship Models (November 2, 2018)

“I just read your latest post about idols. That’s good solid work, there bud! […] Your work is good, because it demonstrates your extremely strong background with academic training, your life experiences, and your knowledge of spirituality. You’re a very talented individual. […] As a comedy writer [for Points in Case], I know the key to good writing is honesty. The thing that’s honest about you is that you don’t hide from reality…..you’re honest when you write.” ~ Wesley Jansen (May 28, 2018)

“One thing I like about your blog is you’re kind of a mediator that gives all the different [Red Pill] perspectives a fair hearing. Unfortunately, that means your traffic will never be as high as someone having a more dogmatic perspective, but it’s a great resource for the intellectually curious.” ~ J. T. Anderson (April 28, 2018)

“Your posts have great structure, are incredibly well researched – and very easy to read even, which I think is hard to create that kind of balance. Thank you for writing with a little more balanced viewpoint than the more negative red pill male viewpoints.” ~ Stephanie All Things Bright and Beautiful (December 12, 2017)

“Leaving a legacy of teaching the red pill good it would be.” ~ Yoda (December 9, 2017)

“Cool blog. Glad to see there are like-minded Christians writing about red pill topics.” ~ Saving Eve (December 5, 2017)

“Sigma Frame is rapidly becoming one of my favorite blogs, due to the quadruple-entendre that I find in the articles. The author is a pretty good writer, and it’s hard not to laugh at some unexpected time as you’re reading through.” ~ Boxer (December 3, 2017)

“A parody of various manosphere sites… the “advice” here is a wonderful mix of psychotic neuroticism.” ~ Anti-Gnostic (November 28, 2017)

“Funny, but true!” ~ Anonymous reader (November 25, 2017)

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