Paul Harvey “If I were the devil”

A jocular overview of 20th century radio host, Paul Harvey Aurandt, and the everlasting value of his words.

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In 1965, the American broadcaster Paul Harvey aired “If I were the Devil”, one of the most astonishing monologues ever aired on public radio.

Now, 54 years later, everything that Paul Harvey said the Devil would have to do to rule the world, has come to pass. Was Paul Harvey a prophet, or were his words a prophetic message? How then did 100% of what he said in 1965 come true?

Perhaps the Devil himself listened to the broadcast and took it into his stony cold, calculating heart…

Or maybe Paul Harvey was a brilliantly talented orator for the Masterminions of Mammon, speaking in coded language to members of the Noo Odor, giving them general goals for which to cooperate, and directions about how to proceed?

Could Paul Harvey really have been the Devil himself?

What to believe?

You know, the Devil is in the details, so let’s frisky fisk Paul Harvey.

During his lifetime, Paul Harvey was known to be a strong, professing Christian. So it’s fair to believe that he wasn’t aware of the significance his words would have a decade after his death at the age of 90.

Unless he were the devil.

Britannica encyclopedia offers this information. [1]

Paul Harvey, in full Paul Harvey Aurandt, (born Sept. 4, 1918, Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.—died Feb. 28, 2009, Phoenix, Arizona), American radio commentator and news columnist noted for his firm staccato delivery and his conservative but individualistic opinions on current events. He enjoyed an almost unparalleled longevity as a national broadcaster [for the elphebat nooz].

Harvey was descended from five generations of Baptist preachers. He and his sister were brought up by their mother after their father was shot to death under uncertain circumstances.

Why would a preacher be shot to death? Why, he must have been the Devil!

The Devil can quote scripture for his own purposes, and from the pulpit no less.

Wikipedia [2] says Paul Harvey was “the son of a policeman who was killed by robbers in 1921”, and this interesting link is included as confirming evidence. Perhaps his grandfather et al. were preachers.

Note: Gunner Q has chased down the fascinating story surrounding the death of Paul Harvey’s father in a post, Why Paul Harvey was Anticommunist (2019 August 26). He was assassinated as part of a race war between the KKK and the communist fueled African Blood Brotherhood. This background explains much of Paul Harvey’s complex political stance, covered below.

From Britannica [1],

Harvey often opined on rising taxes, bloated government, and the decay of American values. He called his particular conservative cast “political fundamentalism.” Though he was associated with prominent figures of the American right — he once hosted Sen. Joseph McCarthy at his home and was short-listed among George C. Wallace’s potential vice presidential running mates in 1968 — Harvey resisted identification with any ideology but his own. A supporter of the Vietnam War for several years, in 1970 he changed his mind and publicly urged Pres. Richard Nixon to abandon the war. In the 1980s he decried several of President Ronald Reagan’s conservative positions.

His comrades were a conservative bunch who mostly supported the Vietnam war. McCarthy was famous for his vitriolic anti-communist stance. Wallace fought for segregation on grounds of populism during the civil rights era, and ran for president with the anti-liberal American Independent Party in 1968.

Now, Boomers would all agree Paul Harvey is definitely the Devil. So why did he change his mind in 1970 and challenge Reagan in the 80’s?

He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005.

Paul Harvey Presidential Medal of Freedom

Ahh… Did he converge?

Other recipients of this award include Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, Sandra Day O’Connor, David and Nelson Rockefeller, Sam Walton…

Speak of the Devil… most recipients are political allies and supporters of their nominators.

Guilty by association. He must be the Devil.

There was once a rumor that Paul Harvey supported Planned Parenthood for many years. I could not find any support for this rumor online. An internet search showed that one named Iris E. Harvey was the CEO of the Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio. But I found could not find a link between Iris Harvey and Paul Harvey Aurandt. I suspect the name Harvey is why people thought they were related.

Other possible prophetic mouthpieces include Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged, and George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

If Paul Harvey were the Devil…

Then Harvey Weinstein took on his secret daddy’s middle name.*

See the family resplendance?

If Ayn Rand were the Devil…

ayn rand halloween

“Meet me in the cemetery for Ouija at midnight!”*

If George Orwell were the Devil…


George Orwell, AKA Eric Arthur Blair, in a passport photo looking very Hitleresque. (ca. 1922-1927) This style of mustache was very popular in Europe at that time.

Can’t decide? You’re better off with the Devil you know than the one you don’t.

I’d like to play the Devil’s advocate here, but I’m caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea, so it beats the Devil out of me.

* Quotes and claims are not true, but are only offered here as entertainment for the readers’ imagination.


  1. Britannica: Biography of Paul Harvey, American Broadcaster
  2. Wikipedia: Paul Harvey


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