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Pressing through the experiences of distress, hardship, pain, or rejection.

Authoritative Love, Marital Discipline, and BDSM

Σ Frame’s concept of authoritative love, and contrasting views on Marital Discipline and BDSM. Continue reading

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The Blue Pill, Feminism, and Sin

Feminism, and most of the Blue Pill, is SIN! Continue reading

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“Biblical” Models of Courtship

Cutting through the hype and fluff, there is not much to be enjoyed about the prospect of courtship and marriage, unless you are holding out for the moment when you can trust God to catch you. Continue reading

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The Three Step Path to God

Feeling desperate, frustrated, lost, or confused? This flowchart might help you find your way through the mess. Continue reading

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Buckle Down for the Ride of the Centuries

This post examines a few signs of a coming economic recession and the Biblical End Times. Continue reading

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A Brother Is Borne Out Of Adversity

Good fights produce good friends. Continue reading

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The Dispensation of the Red Pill

Those who have made more costly mistakes, suffered more, learned more difficult lessons, and have found more grace, have earned the unique ability to offer encouragement and Red Pill insights to other men who are suffering in the same manner. Continue reading

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My Dating Experiences in College

This post describes the author’s experiences, which suggest that the expression of women’s hypergamic tendency is spontaneously immediate and sexually motivated, as opposed to being intrinsic or idealistic. Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

The world is a mess. Will things get better? Or will they get worse? Continue reading

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Love Is NOT what you think it is.

Too many people mistake codependent abuse, or sentimental affections (including lust), for love. Too few people go to the trouble to instill proper discipline, or create endearing sentiments for others. Continue reading

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