The Sexual De-Evolution

A throwback to the 50s would only lead us to where we are now.

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Author’s Note: I said I would write this post a long while back, 2017 December 14 to be exact.
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“More lonely, fewer friends, less sex… But we have smartphones and the internet!”

The Atlantic (feat. Jean M. Twenge): Have Smart Phones Destroyed A Generation? (August 3, 2017)


There is a widespread conception that middle America in the 1950s was a conservative’s tree house. OTOH, there is also the notion that the 1950s was a period of stodgy puritanism. This analogy is usually mentioned whenever a female gets called out for dressing seductively.* The cliched retort is, “The 50s called… they want their narrative back!”

This post will blow both of these notions apart.

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Women Crave Male Attention

Women need attention like men need sex.

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Author’s Note: In this post, I’ve compiled text from several comments about how and why women value male attention.
Reader’s Note: This post offers a concise summary of an older topic that deserves highlighting.
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Women Crave Male Attention

Women, especially attractive young ones, don’t like to admit to a lot of the more unsavory truths about their behaviors and motives, often even to themselves really, but we can still discern what’s going on by observing what they do closely.

In addition to the fact that women never talk about the invidious aspects of their own nature, they are also rather skilled in hiding these things as well. As a result, it’s somewhat easy for men to miss the fundamental features of women’s nature, but it’s there.

Once you learn to look for it, it’s pretty unmistakable that one of these fundamental features is that women want attention. It stimulates dopamine in the female hindbrain much like sex does for men. Women absolutely crave it, like men crave the sexual act.

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The Recipe for a Meet Cute

Her visceral attraction to him and the contextual situation matters more than you might think!

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Author’s Note: This post is based on my previous comments about this topic.
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The Recipe for a Meet Cute

Last year, I wrote about the Meet Cute phenomenon in a couple posts, Probabilities (2020-02-24) and Opportunities (2020-02-26). For reasons unknown to me, it made huge splash, so later in the year a post was dedicated to the Meet Cute concept.

I never described the ingredients of a Meet Cute, so maybe it would be good to explain this for academic purposes.

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On Red Pill Awareness

The Red Pill is equivalent to profanity. Only talk about it with those you trust.

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Author’s Note: This post is based on some previous comments and has had some input from Jack.
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The Red Pill is going Mainstream

Scott’s recent post posed the question, What is preventing the Red Pill from going mainstream? (2021-07-17).

In this post, Scott’s main point is that Red Pill theories are not being examined in academia as a scientific research subject, and he gives several reasons about why this is. I will not argue about that. I do think intersexual dynamics need to be diligently studied and further understood from a scientific viewpoint, if that is even possible.

However, I disagree that Red Pill theories are not going mainstream.

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Avoiding the Broken Window Effect

How we treat other men is a community quality indicator.

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“Feminism is a disease of envy.  It spreads via women due to the temptation to envy the position of men.  For men, it spreads via the temptation to declare oneself the only real man, as other men aren’t worthy of respect.”

Dalrock: “No respect.” (2017 December 14)


The Broken Window Theory is a theory in psychology that describes human behavior as a manifestation of the environment, and vice versa. This theory states that an ordered and clean environment—one that is maintained—sends the signal that the area is monitored and that criminal behavior is not tolerated. As a result, the area is less likely to attract mischief. Conversely, a disordered environment—one that is not maintained (broken windows, excessive litter, graffiti, etc.)—sends the signal that the area is not monitored, and that criminal behavior has little risk of detection. The result is that criminal behavior is more likely to occur.

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On Womens’ Response to MGTOW

Women just can’t fathom the fact that unattractive men exist, and are thus duped by the apex fallacy.

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From the age of 18-30, all women see is very attractive men for sex and relationships of varying duration and intensity (whom she’s sharing with a couple of other women, whether she knows that or not).

And indeed, that is precisely the experience of a lot of women from age 18-30 – attractive men are everywhere, for whatever purpose women want.

Because of 10+ years of experiences and interactions with others during their peak SMV years, most women really believe attractive men would always be available to them for whatever they want/need them for, whenever they want/need them.

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What is preventing the Red Pill from going mainstream?

Several hurdles prevent Red Pill theories from being taken seriously by the wider populace.

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The Manosphere has been around for over 13 years now, but in spite of the impact on individual men, it is still a fringe group within larger society. Red Pill theories have not gone mainstream, except as a topic of casual discussion. Why is this?

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The Feminine Christian Marriage Quadrilemma

She wants to have her cake, crumpets, and pie a la mode, and eat them too!

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In The Masculine Dilemma (2020 December 13), I described how men are often faced with a choice between two types of women: a woman whom they are sexually hard attracted to, or a woman who would actually make a good wife.

In The Christian Marriage Dilemma (2021 February 26), I discussed how Christian men seeking a wife are faced with a dilemma. Basically, the difficulty lies in the fact that western women who are nominally church-going Christians are notably less Christian-like than the typical non-Christian woman in other locations such as the far east. Much of this difference is due to acculturation, but the cultural convergence of churchianity amplifies the hypocrisy and denial.

The Feminine Dilemma (2018 October 27) illustrated the dyadic choice that women are faced with: being either dominant or submissive, and being either dependent on male authority, or being (sexually) independent.

We have a lot of dilemmas going on!

But it seems that Christian women have another dilemma of their own!

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The Rupture of the Marriage Market Place

The chasm between the sexes runs ever deeper.

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Author’s Note:
This post is based on a conversation between Deti and Novaseeker and has been coauthored with Jack.
Reader’s Note: The theme for July is “Market Forces”.
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Red Pill Boomer wrote,

“What do you guys think, has the AF/BB strategy really been superseded now by AF and Fs and Fs M’ lady from ages 18-27, and then her mindset shifts to, “Now that I’m 28 years old… COMMIT d@mn you! I won’t ‘settle’ for anything less than you Mr. Top 5-10-20% man. I’m entitled to one of you!” Are we going to see the trend of ‘Alpha Widows’ escalating in the next few years?  Btw, this seemed to be a subtext in the Tomi Lahren rant that went viral last summer, the “PSA for Boyish” men diatribe. She seemed to really be throwing a tantrum about this very thing; and coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, she was just turning 28 years old at the time of the rant.

This has been the case for some time, actually.

AF/BB is an issue of sequencing. Some Manospherian authors have called it a longitudinal “mating strategy”, but I don’t believe the vast majority of women are that self-aware. What we see is that women are moulded by the herd, focused on the Feeelz, running on auto-pilot (Jack’s phrase), eating up male-sourced opportunities as they come, and are totally oblivious to what they are doing. I do believe there are some “masterminds” who have shaped this kind of life path into a mating strategy, and up until the last decade or so (until Red Pill went mainstream and MGTOW gained momentum), this strategy was quite effective.

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Rethinking Rites of Passage From a Biblical Perspective

Jesus’ Temptation seen as a Rite of Passage

Readership: Christians
Author’s Note: I am making my wife read the Bible this summer as part of a continuing effort to establish headship, and I was reading to stay a little ahead of her. I had this epiphany, for lack of a better word, while I was reading the passage in Matthew 4 for probably the 100th time. Also, I would not have thought about Christ’s temptation in Matthew 4 without Jack’s earlier write up on rites of passage.
Length: 2,100 words
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Back in June, Jack wrote a post about Entering Manhood (2021 June 18). This post described the ancient rite of male passage, and highlighted that it is an important part of a man’s personal development.

One commenter asked whether a rite of passage is necessary for Christian men, and if there was a Biblical basis for rites of passage. Here is the comment from Titus2Homemaker on Jack’s 2021/6/18 post.

“Far be it from me to dismiss the potential VALUE in such rites of passage. But as this is a post for Christian men, I have to ask why the standard here is primarily the pagan world, and not Scripture. How does this concept fit in with Scriptural instruction, and with historical Jewish application of it? We know that there are Bar and Bat Mitzvahs (for boys and girls, respectively), but were there such life-or-death rituals involved? And if not, although we can say such rituals have VALUE, can we point to them as ESSENTIAL?

I ask that not to evade the issue of such forms of entering manhood, but because if rites of passage of that nature are not essential, then we might need to dig deeper to determine what the factors ARE that ensure our boys grown into men and not just overgrown boys.”

This is an important question that deserves consideration: Is there any Biblical foundation for the male rite of passage?

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