Letting Go of Pretenses

More tips about rest.

Rest is Letting Go of Pretenses

One way to find rest through worship is in being true to your nature.  Posture positioning and “wearing face” always requires a lot of work.  I think this is why the Bible says that the wicked have no peace (or rest), in Isaiah 57.

20 But the wicked are like the troubled sea, When it cannot rest, Whose waters cast up mire and dirt.  21There is no peace,” Says my God, “for the wicked.” ~ Isaiah 57:20-21

Even while working or studying, short periods of rest are necessary to renew ones’ strength throughout the day, because studies have shown that the average persons’ attention span only lasts 20-40 minutes.

In America, those coworkers who take the time to make coffee, or bring in doughnuts or cake for everyone, are encouraging people to rest.

In Asia, people have a habit of drinking tea and eating fruit together as a form of rest, which is usually done in the afternoon.

Think of those people who go outside to have a chat and a smoke during their breaks.  All these habits are very quick, powerful forms of RENEWAL for them, and in most cases, they have never even left the workplace!

In fact, some laws regulate how long hourly-wage employees can be required to work without a break, and in most countries, it is about 2 to 3 hours.  These laws are modern expressions of the Mosaic Law.

The important point to remember here is that DAILY and WEEKLY REST and relaxation are very important to all aspects of our health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental.  So please ensure adequate periods of REST to your body, mind and soul, while still keeping a disciplined and timely schedule.  It is no small task to find creative and effective ways to REST each day and each week.

By the way, although watching TV can be a very restful form of entertainment, be careful that you do not let yourself depend on TV too much.  It is better to spend your time with a friend, or alone in peaceful tranquility.  In fact, I tell my students that anyone who spends more than two hours a day watching TV is detrimentally dependent on TV as a form of REST.  (Anyone who spends more than 6 hours a day watching TV, has a TV addiction!)  I urge such a person to develop other activities that will provide more real-life benefits and not waste so much of their time.

Read about time management here.

Now, I think I’ve written enough for today.  I’m going to quit and take a rest.


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The Sin of Prioritizing Purity above Marriage

Deconstructing Linda Kay Klein’s testimony of her experience with the Purity Culture.

Readership: Christians; especially those who were involved in the “Purity Movement”;

Gunner Q’s post, The Purity Movement In Review (2020 January 5), tore apart an article at The Conversation, How the ‘extreme abstinence’ of the purity movement created a sense of shame in evangelical women (2019 December 11).

In the same post, Gunner also studied an author, Linda Kay Klein, who, like many X’ers and older Millennials, grew up in the Churchian “Purity Culture”, and eventually found herself to be the black sheep at the runt end of the litter.  She interviewed other women who shared her experience to document how these teachings led to guilt and shame, as well as profound ignorance about sex and sexuality.

In this post, I want to further examine Klein and her testimony about her experiences with the Purity Movement, because it’s one that is resonating with a lot of people.  Klein’s testimony may very well serve as a proxy to a large number of other churchian wimmin recovering from the so called Purity Movement.

Klein has a website with a quote from Gloria Steinem on the front page – NOT a good sign.

…and she has a TED Talk.  It’s so warm and fuzzy, I couldn’t get through the first two minutes.

Linda Kay Klein

Gunner also cited an article he found at the New York Post (feat. Jane Ridley), How I broke free of the Evangelical ‘purity’ movement (2018 September 15), which featured Klein’s testimony.

One part of Klein’s story included the following.

Before Linda Kay Klein had a routine X-ray at the age of 23, she insisted the nurse gave her a pregnancy test so she would be “better safe than sorry.”

It was one of many such tests Klein had undergone over the previous few years because of her fear of having a baby out of wedlock.

Never mind that she was still a virgin.

I’m LMAO at the denial here.  As Earl pointed out,

“…sex ed in Murica is about preventing a pregnancy rather than stating it’s a natural result of the act.  And no woman is naive enough to think if they are still a virgin they need a pregnancy test… [She wanted a pregnancy test] because she was testing to see if the deed did what it can do.”

There’s no way for us to know whether Klein may or may not have been lying about being a virgin, but this request for a pregnancy test is good evidence to believe that she was in regular contact with semen in some way.

Even if we give her the benefit of the doubt, she may be technically a virgin, but comprehensively, not.  So in effect, she was lying about being “pure”, and she wasn’t just lying to her church, to her family, and to the author of the article…  She’s lying to herself.  But why would she lie?

“The good girl/bad girl thing is our default way of thinking,” Klein said.”

Ahhh… of course!  She wants the clear conscience and the social prestige that goes with being one of the “good girls”, whether or not she is actually a good girl.


She goes on…

“I want to draw attention to the dangers of sexual shaming and purity teachings.”

What might be these dangers, pray tell?  Could it be that she has determined to explore her sexuality, but she’s afraid of being framed as a bad girl by the Choich ladies?  Yes, that’s a real danger to both the Feminine Imperative and her desire to be seen as a “good girl”.

“Growing up, she’d been told by pastors and church teachers that she was a “stumbling block” of temptation for boys and men.  This was largely presented as her problem, not theirs: It was made clear that she would be cast as a Jezebel — with her character corrupted — if she had sex before marriage.”

But this now begs the question: Why is this a source of shame?  If they truly were pure virgins in waiting, if they truly were focused on preserving themselves for a husband, then why would they identify as a Jezebel?

I can see how they might feel afraid of succumbing to temptation.  It might even be possible that they are experiencing a false sense of shame for some reason.  But it’s easier to believe that they feel ashamed because they are NOT focused on preserving themselves for a husband.  Instead, they are focused on the dilemma of how they can pursue the dicktates of the Feminine Imperative, while still maintaining the image of a “good girl”.

What no one is saying is the obvious – that the Purity Movement turned out to be, for some, a modern reiteration of the age old practice of S1ut Shaming.  Of course, s1uts don’t like S1ut Shaming because it makes them Feeelz ashamed and pressures them to adjust their behavior.

“The message traumatized Klein and many of her peers, sparking fear, anxiety and, in the extreme case of one woman interviewed for the book, the symptoms of anaphylactic shock when she first had sex.  (The woman started wheezing and breaking out in welts and wound up in the ER.)”

Perhaps it wasn’t the actual experience of no-holds-barred sex that shocked this woman.  Maybe she was shocked because she realized that after a decade of diddling around just short of consummation, there was nothing new left to be discovered, and that she had been wrong about her concept of what sex is all about.  In just the space of a few minutes, all the guilt and shame that was amassed during all those profligate years of pseudo-sex filled “dating” finally comes home to roost in the conscious mind.

“For Klein, the terror was enough that she broke up with her high-school boyfriend at the age of 16 because she was convinced it was God’s will.”

Because of her terror of being cast as a Jezebel, she breaks up with her boyfriend and eventually becomes a Jezebel.  That’s definitely a knee-jerk reaction of fear.  And she says “It was God’s will…”  No, God doesn’t use that kind of fear as a motivator.  Whenever someone says something is “God’s will”, I suspect that in fact, it is NOT – that they are taking God’s name in vain.


Instead, I would guess it was God’s will for her, not to break up with her boyfriend, but to begin preparing for a marriage to him.  But of course, feminist culture has solemnly declared that a virgin getting married during a timely period of peak fertility is intolerably out of the question.  As a consequence, her natural desire for a husband, sex, bonding, and children are only a source of temptation, frustration, and confusion.  The real reason she broke up with her boyfriend is because she feels guilty about the idea of breeding outside of a proper marriage, and she knows her breeding instinct is going to overpower her sooner or later, because that’s how God created the natural order of things.  But the problem with this is that it would upset both the Feminine Imperative lodged in her subconscious feral nature, and her desire to be seen as a “good girl”.  Moreover, she is caught in the conundrum that modern Western society and the converged church has designed for the young, and she is confused as ћә11.

“We’d French kiss and every sexual nodule of my body would go off,” she recalled of the ill-fated three-month relationship. “But every shame module in my body was alive, too, because I had been trained [by the church] to feel like that.

Maybe she feels ashamed because French kissing has already gone past the line of integrity and propriety for her conscience.  If not, we could presume that she’s lying, and that “French kiss” is a euphemism for jumping bones.  This seems credible if we specifically understand the “sexual nodule” she speaks of to be her clitoris, and “going off” is a polite pretense for an orgasm.

“I would beg God to be the refiner’s fire and tear us down so that our sinful desires burnt to a crisp,” recalled Klein. “I wanted Him to remake us into something more holy and pure and some day I could be with [my boyfriend] again.”

The fake piety is pedantically cute, and no doubt won her some points as an innocent “good girl”.  But if she really believes that, then she is sooo naïvely ignorant of what her sinful desires really are!  She has a strong desire to merge with a man, and she thinks that is a sin.  It is not.  It is a doctrinal heresy to condemn sex and/or marriage.  In actuality, her sinful desire is to conform to the Feminine Imperative and the dictates of Feminist churchianism – more specifically, to break up with her boyfriend, and postpone marriage and childrearing while she tantalizes her ego in the SMP and possibly the Carousel.

It’s not clear whether she was aware of the outcome of this choice at the time.  She may not have known this inevitable outcome as a teenager, but she definitely did as a 20-year-old college student.

But when she was finally wizened in the ways of the world, and could see far enough ahead to know the final destination of the road she was on, do you think she would correct her path, resume her relationship with her first love, and with the intentions of marriage?

Let’s find out.

These issues continued into her 20’s when, still a virgin, she attended Sarah Lawrence College and, later, New York University.  By then, she had turned her back on Evangelism after beginning to doubt aspects of its theology — and after a youth pastor at her old church was convicted of the sexual enticement of a 12-year-old girl.

It’s just as I suspected.  She’ll reject God before she corrects her ways.  A liberal education, and an anecdote about how Christians are hypocrites provides a sufficient psychological justification for doing so.  Interestingly, this provides the impetus for becoming a hypocritical Christian herself.

Sadly, there is no one to speak truth into her life nor hold her accountable, or at least no one she’s listening to. It’s highly likely that she ignored any truthful admonitions because she’s already let the cat out of the bag, and is consumed with fighting fires.


So what happened next?*

At age 22, she’d been dating a man for three years without having had penetrative sex.  She recalls how she would curl up into a ball of anxiety and cry uncontrollably while lying naked in bed with him.  Often, she would break out in patches of eczema that she’d scratch until her skin bled.

She’s sleeping naked in bed with a man.  But it’s okay, because she’s still a virgin!  The rules of sexual purity have been dutifully observed.

We’ve already found good reason to believe that she’s lying to herself (and everyone else) about remaining “pure”.  She has strong motivations to lie, so it’s all that much harder to believe these stories.

I find it very hard to believe that a woman could wait for marriage for 20 years, or even five, while remaining a virgin.  She’s got to be tasting the action with some regular orgasms.  How else could she be able to postpone marriage (and sex) for so long?

If a woman is really able to forsake sex, then she shouldn’t be getting married at all.  But I doubt that is the case with miss Klein.

To what degree are the somatic symptoms she described directly due to teachings on purity?  How much of this is a result of her own sin and transgression?  I tend to believe it’s a result of her own sin, exacerbated by the acute knowledge that it is wrong, which was gained from her involvement in the Purity Culture.  God chastens the child He loves, even though she’s still pursuing rebellion.

“The fictions I had learned in church haunted me,” said Klein, who was on birth-control pills at the time.  “I thought if you were in a hot tub and someone ejaculated, [sperm] would somehow get over to you.  Sex created such a sense of shame that not only could I not have [it], I had nightmares and constant nagging thoughts of how far we had gone sexually.”

Now she’s in a hot tub with ejaculating men, however, she is being “responsible” about her sexuality by taking birth control pills.  But the problem, mind you, is that she Feeelz ashamed of this, not that she shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Do I need to point out (again) that if she had been obedient to God by marrying the love of her youth, then it would have prevented all this frustration and suffering.  But given all this angst, now she will certainly need to talk about it with others.


“The cycle came to an end in her mid-20’s after she decided to discuss the damage that the purity ethic had done with female friends back in the Midwest, who admitted they struggled with similar issues.”

Here comes the Herd mentality…

“I realized… the problem wasn’t with me,” Klein said.

And this realization, fueled by the indignant moxie of her promiscuous churchian friends, provided the psychological justification to complete her rebellion by “going all the way”.

“She lost her virginity at the age of 26 to a man with whom she’d been in a long-distance romance for about a year.”

Finally, after years of antagonizing, Satan wins this soul game.  Her first love would never want her defiled a$$ now, not that she would care by this point.  And who will now volunteer to marry this liberally educated, debt ridden, carousel riding, post prime, damaged “goods” Churchian?

“The sex wasn’t traumatic, it was quite beautiful because I’d learned, by that point, to separate sexuality from spirituality,” she said. “It felt like a holy experience — as if God was in the room with us.”

I’ve heard this one many times before, and it’s confusing as ћә11.  How can one separate sexuality from spirituality?  How can one experience God while one is fornicating?  Is this a spiritual deception?

Earlier in my life, I explained this phenomenon as such: Satan will let off the pressure when you do his will and bow down to worship him.  You’ll also get a kick out of satisfying your base desires.

But as I’ve grown older, and experienced the same thing myself, I’ve developed a more sophisticated understanding of this phenomenon.  I covered this in a past essay, How is illicit sex related to one’s spiritual state? (2019 May 22).  I’ll summarize the conclusions as follows.

Having the experience of falling in love, bonding, and feeling accepted and blessed are not a direct result, or “reward”, of wrongdoing, but rather an inherent result of being humbled and opening one’s heart.  Engagement in sexual relations is a strong catalyst of this same state.  Most people don’t seem to be aware of this correlation because they make a reflexive fundamental attribution error.

When one can get out from under the umbrella of sin, one will naturally experience the showers of God’s blessing and grace.  Churchians with a superficial understanding of sin would be tempted to conclude that the fornicating is the sin, but it is not.  Fornicating is merely the fruit of the sin.  Kline’s sin, in this case, was not fornicating, but was in postponing marriage while believing that her sexual “purity” is what made her righteous, worthy, and would bring her blessing.  She compounded this sin by resolving to retain her purity under her own free willpower, instead of trusting in the provision of God (which came in the form of a high school boyfriend / potential husband whom she was originally crazy about).  Unfortunately for the sap who became her future husband, it required a bit of whole-hearted fornicating to wake her up from her deception and idolatry.

Kristel Bechara Queen

Time goes on…

Now wed for four years (to a different man), Klein, who is still a Christian, is “very grateful not to have brought any sexual shame into her marriage.”

I wonder if her premaritally cucked husband would agree about that.

As the stepmother of a 17-year-old girl, she hopes her book will help other women who have experienced the shame she did.

The shame we are creating in our culture is not about bashfulness and shyness,” she said. “It is equated with worthlessness and isolation.

She has launched a nonprofit, Break Free Together, which guides people of all ages on issues of spirituality and sexuality.

We need to start laying the groundwork for kindergartners to have healthy conversations later,” she said. “There is a need to begin talking about these things early.

Kindergarten is pretty early!  What does she want to tell them?

The article doesn’t specify, but I have to wonder about what solution she will propose.  Here are some possibilities.

  • Do not marry.
  • Postpone marriage until after X happens, where X = education, career, (s)experience, baby rabies, etc.
  • Dispense with the teachings of sexual purity as the Good Book prescribes.
  • Go on crying about the aspect of shame and guilt that results from resisting God’s will for your life, and attract a following.  Blame the church.  Build a career out of it.
  • Teaching children and adolescents how to separate spirituality and sexuality.

If Ms. Klein pursues any of these, I’m afraid that Satan will win again!


In conclusion, I should point out that Klein never really loved her high school boyfriend, who was probably her first.  If she did, then she would have made a high priority of marrying him ASAP.  But instead, she sacrificed her relationship with him in order to pursue her false notions of “purity”, which is reminiscent of a heretical “salvation by works” mentality.  This is the real underlying apostasy of the Purity Culture – NOT the shame, and certainly NOT the admonition to remain sexually pure.

Klein will have to come away from her current emphasis on shame, which is a Feminist message, and start focusing on what her real sin was – thinking it was God’s will for her to remain single and sexless during her peak years of fertility, and failing (or refusing) to see real opportunities for fulfilling God’s will that were presented to her, namely allowing herself a timely marriage during her peak, and all the blessings that go with that.

* Gunner omitted this in his review, but I find it pertinent.

Image credit:  The artwork shown in this post was created by the Lebanese artist, Kristel Bechara.


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She shall succumb to specious schemes of succulent suffusion

An account of how I convinced my wife to accept my wish to have plants in the house and to be happy about it.

Readership: All; Wife moulders;

The Situation

Earlier this year, we bought a new house.  Since we moved in, I’ve wanted to have some green plants in the house.  The first time I mentioned this to my wife, she reacted vehemently against the idea.  She said bringing plants into the house would also bring dirt, worms, and bugs into the house.  So she was determined not to have plants in the house.

It would be easy to dismiss her reason as a lazy excuse to be particularly disagreeable.  But I chose not to interpret her reaction in this way.  She is a stickler about maintaining cleanliness down to the microscopic scale.  In fact, she keeps the house so immaculate, that I would not be hesitant to eat food off the floor!  It’s nice to live in such a clean environment, but her anxiety over the matter can become tediously annoying at times.

So after her negative reaction, I silently made up my mind that I would have some plants in the house, and I said nothing more to her about the matter.

This is my house too.  I don’t need her “permission”.  I just need to do it in a way that she can accept without a ћә11 of a fuss – which I really don’t want to hear.  Women should remain silent.

The Plan

I decided to begin preparing some nice plants outside in the garden.  Then when the plants are potted and growing well, I would choose an opportune time to move them into the house.

Sometime later, we were coming home from a social event, and I stopped at an organic nursery “just to browse”.  I didn’t say so, but I was watching her to see what kinds of plants she liked.  She liked the adenium arabicum (AKA desert rose), and since they were on sale, she wanted to buy one.  So I bought two, one with red flowers, and the other one pink and white.

adenium obesum red

On another occasion during our nature walk, I found copious numbers of a tiny, strange looking, succulent plant growing on the eaves of a very old abandoned house in a rural area.  My wife was intrigued and she broke one off the shingle and took it home.  Because it was growing on the roof, I was certain that it was a sturdy plant that could withstand hot, dry environments.

I planted these in the garden with some organic fertilizer for about six weeks, to let the roots grow out a little bit.  To my surprise, the red adenium flourished wildly, and grew to be twice the size of the pink one.

On another day, I found an attractive looking pot at a gardening shop and purchased it.  I hid it away until I was ready to use it.

Then a day came when I felt like digging up the smaller of the two adeniums and transplanting it into the pot I had bought.  But before I did that, I cut up an old scratch pad and placed a couple layers on the bottom of the pot, so that the sand and dirt wouldn’t wash through the drainage ports.  I also added a layer of cut grass on top of the pads, adding some organic fiber that would further reduce the transmission of the loam.

After placing the larger adenium in the center of the pot, I used my finger to swab out a hole in the sand and I inserted the small succulent to the side.

After I had repotted the plants, I set it out in a conspicuous place where my wife would see it.  She was intrigued, and made a few positive remarks.  One day, she asked, “What are you going to do with that plant in the pot?”  I didn’t tell her what my plan was at that moment, but her question told me that she was about ready for the big surprise.

A few days later, I made a comment about decorative plants.

“The last time we visited our neighbors, A and W, I noticed they had a small plant on the back of their toilet.  I thought that one little plant made the whole bathroom so comfortable and luxurious!  Did you notice that too?”

She nodded her head.  The idea has now been successfully planted in her mind.

The next morning, she seemed to be in a pleasant mood, so I told her that I wanted to put the adenia in the bathroom, similar to our neighbors’.  She seemed surprised, but she did not object.

So I took it into the bathroom, and carefully washed the outside of the pot before positioning it on the lavatory.


Later, I went in the bathroom while she was sitting on the commode.  I found her staring at the plant, with widened eyes, a gaping mouth, and a child-like look of wonder in her expression.

She said the little succulent plant “looks so cute!”, and she even asked me how often she should water it.

I can’t decide which is the best part of my plan.  Having green plants in the house as I wished, or seeing her face beaming with joy over the sight of plants in the house.

Since then, I’m almost certain that the added greenery and the occasional blossom has done something to improve her general mood, just as it has mine.

Patriarchy at its best!

Thou shalt succumb to the father’s wishes, and thou shalt be grateful!


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Glitches in replaying the Matrix loop segue

The difficulty of conveying mythos and history to evangelize the young.

Readership:  All; Those who are aware;

NPC train

The other day, I was talking with a young man on the train.  We had a long journey and soon our talk developed depth.

“Have you ever noticed how people communicate on a subconscious level?

He gave me a musing look.

This is a more authentic form of communication.  When I first noticed this, I became intrigued because people clearly recognize each other’s intended meaning, even though they do not seem to understand each other.

If others are communicating with us in this way, then we should focus on the subjective impression, rather than what words they are using.  However, there are some very aware people who can pepper their speech with key words which affirm the nonverbal message they wish to convey.

Did you ever take the time to understand people on this level?”

He sat silently with a confused look on his bright face.

The fact that we were strangers emboldened my talk, because I knew it encouraged the suspension of disbelief.

“Young man, let me tell you a story.  It’s a story that you’ll tell your grandchildren someday.

Those of my generation and the next one younger were pawns born into an empire of Luciferic command.

Yet, in our youths, we were unaware of the Matrix.

But, as we were going about “life as usual”, a few people noticed some glitches in the matrix.

Those who were curious – or disgruntled – enough, started to pull at the threads that held all their notions together in a cohesive and respectable façade.

And those whose lives were picked threadbare, and others who never GAF, began to notice certain shapes and forms of things moving behind the fabric.

At first, I believed those forms would “engage” or “threaten” those who discovered them.

And I was right!  The shapes and forms of those things behind the fabric… began possessing people with strange notions and expectations.

…and ever so slowly with each passing year, their numbers grew.”

My skillful use of mythical language had taken effect.  The youth’s eyes had opened widely, and his breathing had become shallow.

“Who are they?”  He asked.

I could not name names, because then he would blow me off as a deluded fool.  So I shifted the topic ever so slightly.

“The people change.  The culture changes too!  Even I changed!”

He nodded, but his furrowed brow indicated that he clearly didn’t “get it”.

When I noticed this, I faltered.  I thought, “He doesn’t understand.  …and why am I passing my own generation’s guilt on to the next?”  I thought it best to take a strategic reprieve to maintain credulity.

Just then, one of his hipster friends approached, and his suspension of disbelief was broken.  He was suddenly transformed into a “loser” for wasting time talking with a befuddled older man.

The foolish youth snapped into the revised context and responded to me with a chuckle.

“That’s a deep one, mister…  I’ll need some time to generate thought on that!”

How true were his words!  I’ll guess he’ll need about two decades, at least.

He stood up and jauntled down the aisle with his friend, who was no doubt leading him to a larger group of comrades in another car.  The young man quipped, “That guy is high on the Red Pill”, and they laughed garrulously as he repeated a butchered version of my story to his friend.  I felt embarrassed to have my confidentiality twisted and blathered to the NPC masses.

Could it be possible that I have gone mad?  Have the Satanic tortures of the Matrix driven me insane?

Will succeeding generations be able to relate to, or even BELIEVE our generations story?


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The proper and fitting way for women to infiltrate Male spaces

Only certain women may enter male spaces, and they must follow protocol to be accepted.

Readership: All

The 2019 Sigma Frame Performance Report (2020 January 4) showed two females to be the top commenters on Σ Frame.

This is the first year that females have been the top commenters.  Fellow blogger Soviet Men remarked that comments from females on Σ Frame are counterproductive.  I’m not very pleased with this development, because this is intended to be primarily a men’s space, and men are the target audience of my writings.  I’m also aware of how women gradually infiltrate men’s spaces and convert them to wimminz spaces.  This phenomenon is described in the following posts.

I will stay vigilant about preventing this from happening here, but I’m not going to lose sleep on it.

I have nothing against female readers or commenters, and I do appreciate their feedback when it is considerate, useful, and is expressed in a demure, respectful manner.  But I have to give this reminder to the ladies: Righteous women don’t make a habit of parading around men’s spaces.

If you’re a woman, and if you believe you’re a righteous lady, and if you really must leave a comment, then please show your respect to the men by observing the following guidelines.

  1. Exercise restraint by limiting the numbers and the lengths of your comments.
  2. Take some time to think through what you feel needs to be said.
  3. Say a prayer and ask God if you really need to say this.
  4. If God speaks from heaven in the voice of a whispering wind, telling you to express your hard-won testimony, then write it as clear, concisely, and poetically as possible in the form of iambic heptameter.
  5. Proofread your poem several times, to make sure this is what God wants you to say.
  6. Go to either (1) a beautiful natural environment such as a lake or a national park, or (2) a public space such as a restaurant or a bustling street corner.
  7. Maintain good posture; be buoyantly animated, with bright eyes and a smile.
  8. Sing your poem in the key of A# major.
  9. Take a video of yourself singing.
  10. Submit your musical message to be published as a guest post on Σ Frame.

All women are invited to submit.  In fact, it is the will of God!  (See Ephesians 5:22-24 NKJV)  If you choose not to submit to Σ Frame, then please submit to God by respecting the man in your life.

Contributions with the following attributes will receive special consideration.

  • A good singing voice
  • Attractively dressed
  • Have a sense of class
  • Minimal cosmetics
  • At least 28 teeth
  • BMI < 24
  • WHR < 0.7
  • Hair length > lower sternum
  • No body piercings or tattoos
  • In the event of a standoff, thin sexy legs or a buxom figure may be used as a deciding factor

Consider this to be Sigma Frame’s Singing Sister Challenge!

In the case of excess female comments on Frame, those women who have successfully matched the Singing Sister challenge will be placed lowest on the list of female-generated comments to be deleted.


As an alternative, you could do any of the following to express your concerns.

  1. Write down your perspectives and post it on your own blog.
  2. Write down your perspectives and send it to me in a private email.

I’ve not taken the practice of moderating, and I’d rather not start.  But if comments from females continue to outnumber the comments from males, I will do so.

Instead of telling the women to comment less, I’d much rather have the men comment more!

We’re looking forward to your submission(s), ladies!  Submit your guest article here!


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On the Impact of Theme Color

What happens when you change the background color of your blog?

Readership: Anyone interested

The last post investigated how site branding had affected the popularity of the Σ Frame blog.  This post will focus specifically on the impact of the background theme color.

What affects viewership?

As a brief review, there are several things that have the potential to affect viewership.

  1. Content of posts
  2. Length of posts
  3. Posting frequency
  4. Username or avatar name
  5. Banner image
  6. Background theme color
  7. Use of images within posts

I already covered the first five aspects mentioned above.  Factors 1 to 3 were listed in the 2019 Sigma Frame Performance Report (2020 January 4).  Factors 4 and 5 were discussed in the last post, On the Impact of Appearance and Avatar (2020 January 5).  So in this post we’ll look at the impact of 6, the theme color.

What Changed?

Sometime in October 2018, I decided to experiment with a new site appearance.  At first, I made only a modest modification by changing the background color to Black Cherry, and then Prussian blue, simply because these are my favorite colors.  By the middle of November 2018, I changed the background color to a dark Royal/Navy blue, which is shown below.

Sigma Frame blog screenshot 2020-1-5

The Impact

This is the same graph of the monthly performance from the previous post.  The range is from when I opened the account on WordPress in late September 2017, to early January 2020.

Sigma Frame Monthly Performance1

Between December 2017 to September 2018, the average number of views was 3,000 per month.  Then a surge in views began in October 2018, when I started swapping background colors.  The viewership rose and then held fairly constant for one year, until October 2019.  During this period between October 2018 to September 2019, the average number of views was 5,092 per month.  That’s a 69.6% increase!

It’s clear both factors had a synergistic effect.  The question is, which factor had the most significant effect on views — the background color, which was changed in October 2018 and had a 39% increase from the previous month, or the banner image, which was introduced in November 2018 and resulted in a 25.2% increase from the previous month?  It’s hard to be certain.  Other cofactors exist, and there’s not enough data to do a statistical analysis.  But it could be concluded that the theme color had a bigger impact than the site branding!  And the difference was only a change from black to dark blue!

Personally, I believe the theme color is the major contributor, for reasons to be described next.

A Note about the Impact of Color

Have you ever noticed how Facebook, Line, Linked In, Twitter, WordPress, and many other popular websites have blue themes?  It’s no accident.  Those sites intentionally chose blue as the background color, because gazing at this color is known to increase alertness and decrease appetite.  As a result, the theme color is extremely important factor in determining the length of time that viewers spend on a website.  This might also explain why these sites have grown to be more popular than their competitor sites that do not have a blue theme.

I briefly mentioned this effect in a previous post, LED Light and Your Eyes (2016 April 1), which examined how the light from electronic displays affects mood and sleep cycles.  If this information seems new to you, then you should read this post to be better informed about how to protect your eyes and regulate your circadian rhythms.

There is one particular color which has been shown to wake us up, and it happens to be the same color as the sky. I might guess this to be an adaptation of our species.


The sky appears blue because of Rayleigh scattering and the wavelength-specific optical absorption of water vapor.  Simply put, our atmosphere absorbs blue light the least of all other visible colors, such that more blue light is transmitted to the surface of the earth. The color of a blue sky has been estimated to be 474 nm (peak).  (Click on the link for a very scientific answer to the question, Why is the sky blue?)

blue 470 nm

There is a textbook name for this color as well – Azure.

Azure is a bright, cyan-blue color that is often described as the color of the sky on a clear day.  On the RGB color wheel, “azure” (hexadecimal #007FFF) is defined as the color at 210 degrees, i.e. the hue halfway between blue and cyan.

On this color palette, azure is instantly recognizable as the color of the sky.


Azure is also instantly recognizable as the color of Facebook.  Is it a coincidence?


I am Lord Azure… Look deeply, my Prrrecious source of tax and advertising revenue, and worship me with your time and personal data…

Having this knowledge back at that time, I was tempted to use Azure as the background theme color.  But after some reconsideration, I decided a darker blue would be more attractive, and more merciful to my readers, so I chose the Navy blue (#000a5f).

There was also a symbolic reason I chose blue.  Blue is a masculine color which symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.  Blue is often associated with depth, expertise, consciousness, intellect, precision, sincerity, and stability, and this is why it’s a preferred color for corporate America.

Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness.  It is considered to be beneficial to the mind and body, because it slows human metabolism, suppresses appetite, and produces a calming effect.

For more information on the symbolic meaning and psychosomatic impact of other colors, click here.

I may experiment with a different background color in the future — maybe white or something warmer.  I’m open to suggestions.


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On the Impact of Appearance and Avatar

What happens when you change your name and branding?

Readership: Anyone interested

In a comment under a previous post, 2019 Sigma Frame Performance Report (2020 January 4), Brother Derek (ramman3000) asked,

“Out of curiosity, did you notice any change in traffic when you changed your name and branding?”

I didn’t consider this question when I compiled the data for that report, but it’s an important question worthy of examination.  It has been more than a year since I made this change, and I believe that’s enough time to make an assessment of the effects.  So let’s review what affects viewership, what changed, and how that impacted the viewership.

What affects viewership?

There are several things that have the potential to affect viewership.

  1. Content of posts
  2. Length of posts
  3. Posting frequency
  4. Username or avatar name
  5. Banner image
  6. Background theme color
  7. Use of images within posts

I already covered the first three aspects in the performance report mentioned above.  So in this post we’ll look at the impact of 4 and 5, which is basically Derek’s question.

What Changed?

From September 2017 until November 2018, the Σ Frame blog used the “Twenty-Ten” theme with a black background.  The banner at the top of the blog displayed a detailed image of a jeweled brass watch mechanism.

Sigma Frame blog screenshot 2018-8-17

Sometime in October 2018, I decided to experiment with a new site appearance.  At first, I made only a modest modification by changing the background color to Black Cherry, and then Prussian blue, simply because these are my favorite colors.  By the middle of November 2018, I had adopted the Jack of diamonds playing card and the Jack Sparrow character as the new avatar for Σ Frame.  I changed the background color to a dark Navy blue.  I also changed the tag line at the top right corner.  This is how the site currently stands.

Sigma Frame blog screenshot 2020-1-5

In the post entitled, On the Authenticity of Appearance and Avatar (2018 November 21), I described some of my reasons for making this change.  These reasons included the following, among others.

  • I was attempting to create more authenticity.
  • The image fit my persona a little better.
  • I wanted an image that is more piercing, bold, energetic, and clean cut.
  • I wanted an image that might appeal to a wider audience of men, especially younger men.

In this post, I offered the following conclusions.

  • Authenticity = Acceptance + Honesty + Sincerity
  • Getting closer to God not only involves being authentic before God, but also before our fellow man.
  • The subjective experience of being authentic doesn’t always come easily. It usually requires a lot of emotional work.
  • When you can get into the habit of being authentic, people will notice and respond.

The Impact

Here’s what the monthly performance looks like.  The range is from when I opened the account on WordPress in late September 2017, to early January 2020.  The pink bar is November 2018, when I changed the branding.

Sigma Frame Monthly Performance1

Before I made these changes, the level of traffic was holding fairly steady.*  The average number of views was 3,000 per month, between December 2017 to September 2018.

As can be seen in the graph, there was a big spike in views in November 2018, which would seem to support the hypothesis that the changes to the appearance had a positive impact.  However, the surge seemingly began the month before, in October, when I first started swapping background colors.

A comparison of the monthly viewership to the daily viewership, shown in the next image, only confirms that something definitely changed in October.

Sigma Frame Average per Day

After making these changes, the viewership rose and then held fairly constant until October 2019.  During this period between October 2018 to September 2019, the average number of views was 5,092 per month.

So the answer to Derek’s question is a resounding YES!  3,000 views per month to 5,092 views per month is a 69.6% increase!

As of late, there has been a steady uptick in visitors since August 2019, but this trend didn’t make a clear deviation from the running average until October 2019.

What happened in October 2019?  I think the answer is simple.  I started writing about Game!

* I omitted the data from September to November 2017 because the blog was still new at that time.


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2019 Sigma Frame Performance Report

Σ Frame’s third annual traffic performance report.

Readership: Anyone interested


I started blogging on March 7, 2008, using Blogger as my blog platform.  On September 27, 2017, I transferred the best of my blog writings from Blogger to WordPress, and began concentrating on Red Pill topics.  I received more views on WordPress in the first two months, than I had on Blogger in the previous 8 years.

Goals and Purposes

My goals and purposes in blogging are summed up in my About page. I value easily readable, and high content quality posts that stand the test of time – writings that would be of value to readers even decades from now.


In 2019, I took a slightly different approach towards writing than I have in the past.  I used to write in themes, using topics and citations from other articles.  I still do that, but this year, I started introducing more epiphanies from my private journal and my life experiences.  There is a reason for this change.  I have a frequent habit to pray about the purpose of this blog, what I should write about, and what men need to read and know.  I continually get the impression that I need to write about my own testimony, and my own spiritual journey.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” ~ Revelation 12:11 (NKJV)

This is hard to do, because it requires not only a greater degree of honest soul searching, but also immense courage to display your heart for all the world to see.  Being anonymous doesn’t change that.

As the following statistics will show, this approach has attracted considerably more traffic.  Σ Frame had an average of 175 views per day for the last two months of 2018.  This figure increased to 261 at the end of 2019.


I had several writing projects in 2019:

  1. Humility
  2. Trust
  3. Moon Day Review
  4. Rest
  5. Hormonal Birth Control
  6. Good and Evil
  7. Game

I also continued two writing projects from the previous year (2018), but with less intensity.

  1. Discipline in Marriage
  2. Courtship Models

This past year, the author of Lexet Iustitia revamped his blog to be more focused on legal and societal issues surrounding Christianity.  In the process, he purged his some of his older posts that covered Red Pill topics, and submitted these texts to me.  I’ve been in the process of updating/revising these writings and reposting them.  The series on Hormonal Birth Control was inspired by one of his posts.

New Pages

Over the past year, I’ve added the following new pages to the header.  The writing project on Hormonal Birth Control yielded sufficient posts to warrant its own page compilation.

Noteworthy Posts and Exchanges:

Early last year, I wrote a provocative post, Why do Christian women have the reputation of being whores? (2019 February 23), which attracted the scorn of Susan Titkemeyer at Pathos in her article, Christian Women are Whores? (2019 February 26).  She bungled all the statistical figures and feigned shock and indignation.  The comments there were, in general, pathetically uninformed, and rambled on until Brother Derek left a comment that corrected her interpretation of the statistics, which then ended all discussion on the matter.  I derailed Susan’s arguments in a follow-up post, Hitting a glorified nerve at Patheos (2019 March 4).  After that whipping, she hasn’t come back for more.  She also misspelled “Slgma” in the tag, so that it would be harder to find her posts.  She obviously doesn’t want anyone to read anything she writes about me, because then someone like Derek might leave a comment which would prove to be embarrassing to her.

In The Overton Shake (2019 September 30), I outlined one possible explanatory Frame for why political factions are stewing in their own messes, instead of addressing the opposing factions.  Teaser: The Overton window has split into two.

In October, I had an insightful exchange with Brett Stevens at Amerika concerning the nature of solipsism, “good”, and evil.  This is briefly summarized in the post, A collision of two philosophies yields the null hypothesis (2019 December 31).

There is one post I wrote this year that I consider a masterpiece: Why does Game work? (2019 December 9).  I am especially proud of this essay because it answers a monumentally important question that Deep Strength (Christianity and Masculinity) and Rollo (The Rational Male) have been trying to answer for some time: What is behind the “magic” of Game?

I have not yet received any feedback from DS or Rollo.  However, this post has been cited by The Futurist (feat. Kartik Gada and Imran Khan): Gems (2020 January 1), under section 16 on Game.  (Although lengthy, this article offers a powerful and concise summary of all things Red Pill.)  In the hyperlinked text, Khan writes,

“Game advice has become highly commoditized across the Internet…”

This pretty much sums up the impact of this post.  The mystery is now gone, and Game is now a socio-spiritual product to be developed and implemented at will.

I plan to write a few follow-up posts to explain some of the different Frames and nuances behind why Game works.

Traffic Statistics

Finally, here are the 2018 stats for Σ Frame.

Number of followers joining in 2019: 64

Total number of followers (on WordPress): 146

Number of views in 2019: 68,638 views

Total number of views (on WordPress): 115,191 views

Number of visitors in 2019: 28,044

Total number of visitors (on WordPress): 44,208

Average views per visitor: 2.45

Average views per day: 188

Most popular day and hour: Tuesday, 8:00 am

The best day for views ever:

546 views on Saturday, November 16, 2019.

Earlier in November, I wrote a post On the Spiritual Significance and Social Value of Game (2019 November 3) which attracted much attention.  This post received multiple citations on the following posts.

I also wrote a post about Putting evil in perspective (2019 November 15) which garnered a lot of views.  These two posts, supported by the referrals above, propelled Σ Frame through the stratosphere on November 16.  That is to say, this beat my previous record of 491 views on 2018 November 21.

The top five countries with the most viewers:

Compared to last year, the U.K. pulled above Australia, while Germany fell to 7th place, after South Africa.

  1. United States: 41,765
  2. Canada: 4,309
  3. United Kingdom: 4,244
  4. Australia: 2,591
  5. India: 1,563

Note: All of these countries are democratic, capitalistic societies that are being smothered by post-modern, feministic social ideologies.

Total number of viewing countries: 194

The top five search engine terms leading people to Σ Frame:

  1. what to do when she tries to make you jealous
  2. what does it mean when a girl tries to make you jealous
  3. if a girl tries to make you jealous what does that mean
  4. sigmaframe
  5. sigma frame blog

Apparently, women making men jealous is a major problem in society.  I will proffer that this is a symptom of society-wide promiscuity of epic proportion.

The majority of search terms included the words, “wife”, “discipline”, “jealous”,

Odd search terms which have led people to Σ Frame:

  1. amazon
  2. real woman meme
  3. telegram group slut
  4. textron

Even though Σ Frame is entirely in English, 2019 brought a lot of traffic from Russian search terms, and a few in Turkish.  (WTH?)  These terms are listed here, followed by Google translations.

  1. гуруди кормит мальчики – (Russian) breastfeeding boys
  2. діти 6 років лапати няню за груди – (Russian) wetnurse for children under six
  3. Кормит грудью в общественном месте фото – (Russian) photos of breastfeeding in a public place
  4. непристойные фото жен из семейных фото – (Russian) obscene photos of wives from family photos
  5. пираты карибского моря кадры из фильма – (Russian) pirates of the caribbean movie stills
  6. фото женщина ходит обнаженная по квартире среди детей и родного дедушки – (Russian) photo a woman walks nude in an apartment among children and her grandfather
  7. япония девушки лесбиян мама и дочь – (Russian) japan girls lesbian mom and daughter
  8. emzirme – (Turkish) breast feeding
  9. bebek emziren suriyeli kadın izle – (Turkish) watch Syrian women breast feeding baby

I see there are some really perverted individuals who occasionally cast a short shadow on this blog.  I even question the value of reporting this information here, other than the fact that it’s bizarre to the verge of satire.

The top 10 incoming referrers (other than amp pages, search engines, and readers):

  1. Adam Piggott: 1,664
  2. Christianity and Masculinity: 952
  3. Gunner Q: 607
  4. Biblical Gender Roles and Laughing at Feminism (Sharkly) tied for fourth place, each having 284 referrals.
  5. v5k2c2 (Boxer) 278
  6. Spawny’s Space (Farm Boy): 264
  7. Wintery Knight: 188
  8. Dalrock: 183
  9. The Other McCain: 100
  10. Cane Caldo: 81

The top 10 blogs receiving the most traffic from Σ Frame:

  1. v5k2c2 (Boxer) 1,923
  2. Laughing at Feminism (Sharkly): 1,686
  3. Gunner Q: 1,458
  4. Spawny’s Space: 1,435
  5. Adam Piggott: 1,329
  6. Biblical Gender Roles: 1,107
  7. Fabius Maximus: 879
  8. Dalrock: 868
  9. Snapper: 819
  10. Wintery Knight: 788

I was mildly offended that neither Boxer nor Sharkly sent me any Christmas cards as a gesture of appreciation.


Total number of posts published in 2019: 78

Total number of posts published in 2018: 88

Total number of posts published in 2017: 38

Total number of all posts (on WordPress): 277

Total Words in 2019: 141,727

Average number of words per post: 1,817

Note: I published 10 fewer posts than I did in 2018, but I feel I made up for the quantity in terms of quality.

The top five most popular pages/posts in 2019 (other than the Home Page):

  1. What To Do When A Girl Tries To Make You Jealous (April 22, 2018): 15,775
  2. Discipline in Marriage (Page): 2,077
  3. 16 Qualities of an Irresistible Woman (December 1, 2017): 1,653
  4. List of Slut Tells (October 15, 2017): 1,249
  5. Disciplined, Submissive, Happy Wives (2018 February 15): 1,160

The top five most popular Tags & Categories:

  1. Models of Success: 829
  2. Male Power: 778
  3. For the Married: 777
  4. Holding Frame: 650
  5. Strategy: 629

Note: Male Power and Holding Frame moved up one notch from last year, displacing For the Married and Strategy, respectively.

Likes and Comments

Number of likes in 2019: 297

Total number of likes (on WordPress): 710

Average number of likes per post in 2019: 3.8

Number of comments in 2019: 463

Average number of comments per post in 2019: 5.9

Total number of comments in 2019: 1,614

The top five posts with the most comments:

  1. A Deeper Look at Contraception and Abortion (2019 November 9): 38
  2. Ladies Should Respect the Man and Love the Boy (2018 June 28): 33
  3. Yet another variety of Internet Whoring (2019 October 9): 31
  4. Leaving a Legacy to Future Generations (2017 December 5): 31
  5. Psychological Projection and the Mirror Effect (2017 December 9): 29

The top five most prolific commentators (excluding myself)*:

  1. Ame: 78
  2. Stephanie: 63
  3. Earl: 61
  4. Lexet: 59
  5. Derek Ramsey: 47

* Based on the 1,000 most recent comments.

That’s all, folks!


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A collision of two philosophies yields the null hypothesis

An overview of an insightful exchange with Brett Stevens at Amerika.

Readership: The intelligent, observant, and aware.

In October, I wrote a post describing my understanding of the Calvinist doctrines of Limited Atonement and Unconditional Election: Unconditional Atonement, Limited Election (2019 October 18).

In this post, I cited an article by Brett Stevens that he had posted on Amerika the day before, Meditations on Evil (17 October 2019), which described the nature of “evil”, and discussed the misnomer of “good”.

Later the same day, Brett Stevens highlighted my post and introduced the term “Solipsism” in his post, How Religions View Solipsism (18 October 2019).

Stevens wrote,

“I both agree and disagree [with Σ Frame], which will surprise no one.  The article is well-written and makes some solid points, one of which is that most people are in the grips of solipsism, which the author describes as “spiritual self-reliance”.  We heartily agree there.

However, in my view, spiritual self-reliance is the only way to find God; the question is not self or God, but how disciplined the self is, because a mentally disciplined self (i.e. clear, realistic thinking; we are not speaking of cleaning your closet or eating your vegetables here) will naturally find God, since God is a part of reality, and therefore, will become evident the more is understood.

For people with less understanding, the “leap of faith” (roughly: life is good, therefore it has a source of good, therefore God) works, but many now are intensely vested in science and logical thinking, and for religion to work for them, they must be able to derive it inductively in a manner similar to logical inferential leaps much as one would make when refining an experiment or testing a rule.”

The Moody Blues - A Question of Balance.jpg

My writings tend to explore the inductive, inferential approach to faith, but despite its similarities with Gnosticism, this exercise is done in faith.  My motive for taking this route is that I need to give my mind something to chew on – a method to process and interpret the truths that I apprehend by faith in my heart.  Otherwise, I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.  But when my mind can map out a spider chart of cause-effect relationships, then I am better able to discern the nature of God’s work in my life and utilize my will – which are all necessary parts of “working out” my faith.  I believe my approach is part of my own unique experience of knowing God.*

Steven’s article highlighted an issue of confusion surrounding the concept behind “spiritual self-reliance”.  This is a term I made up to mean one’s stubborn refusal to rely on God.  Stevens’ idea of “spiritual self-reliance” might be paraphrased as being the independent process of “coming to terms with one’s self”, or “working out one’s faith”, and he identified my description of “spiritual self-reliance” as something he would call “Spiritual Solipsism”.

I examined his arguments and addressed the confusion in a follow-up, The Evils of Solipsism (2019 November 19).  In this post, I came to the conclusion that my concept of “spiritual self-reliance” and Steven’s concept of “Spiritual Solipsism” were both, in fact, the same thing as the age-old Biblical concept of Sin.**

This correlation strikes me as being noteworthy, because we both came to the same conclusions but from different perspectives.  Stevens is coming from (what I suppose would be) the perspective of Nihilistic Philosophy, and I came to those conclusions from a subjective, mystical, analytical approach, which might be considered the same as, or similar to, an Existential Philosophy.***

The interesting takeaway from our exchange is that Nihilism and Existentialism are at the opposite extremes of philosophy, yet both views agree on the issue of Sin being a problem.

That’s incredible!  But to those with a strong faith, perhaps these conclusions are not very surprising.

* Note 1: I believe this is at least one example of Stevens’ concept of “spiritual self-reliance” — man coming to terms with himself and sorting out his spiritual needs in the journey of Life.

** Note 2: Stevens didn’t respond to my follow up post.  I will tentatively interpret this as a tacit agreement.

*** Note 3: If any of my readers go looking for an Aristotelian deduction, either from me or Stevens, you’ll probably be disappointed, because the arguments are not logical, but rather intuitive.  You have to understand the issues at play and arrive at a realization of the conclusions from your own contemplations.  If you haven’t yet explored this exercise, it is well worth the time and effort.  If you are a Christian, then you should already be on this!


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Christmas Presents 2019

For Christmas, I wrote a post about how women always want a relationship during the holidays.  Just as I completed this essay, Cheque d’Out at Spawny’s Space invited me to be a contributing author there.  So in the spirit of giving, I decided to post this essay at Spawny’s Space.  I feel that the topic and style of writing of this particular essay is very appropriate for Spawny’s Space, and I’m sure it will receive much discussion there.

Spawny’s Space: On Prancer and Vixen… (2019 December 27)

On to another gift…

I had to share this.  I haven’t been this excited about a Christmas present in years!

The Saturday before Christmas, my wife and I were touring a day market close to our home.  We met a Kazakh from southern Russia who was selling the famously iconic Russian dolls.


What are they called?

A Russian professor from Voronezh once told me that these are called Madrashka’s, and since he’s a professor, I’ve chosen to go with that.  But since I’ve adopted this term, other Russians have argued with me, insisting that they are called Matryoshka’s or Babushka’s.  Their profanity-laden arguing amongst each other over the name of this toy have continued to amuse me to no end.

Anyhow, we found one that has pictures of the United States presidents, and their corresponding Russian leaders.  I really liked this one, so my wife bought this for my Christmas present.


Five piece Madrashka – The height of the largest piece is 11.3 cm.

Note: In the background, you can see my home office workstation where I write posts.  I use a 32″ monitor which allows me to view many windows (e.g. webpages, documents, photos) at once.  You can also see a nautilus shell and a glass paperweight that resembles a persimmon.

I like how it has the names of each leader written down the side.  The American president’s name is written in English, and the Russian leader’s name is written in Russian script.


Donald J. Trump – 45th President of the United States (2017-present)


Vladimir V. Putin – President of Russia (2000-2008; 2012-present)


William J. Clinton – 42nd President of the United States (1993-2001)


Boris N. Yeltsin – First President of the Russian Federation (1991-1999)


Ronald W. Reagan – 40th President of the United States (1981-1989)


Mikhail S. Gorbachev – General Secretary of the Communist Party (1985-1991)


James E. Carter Jr. – 39th President of the United States (1977-1981)


Leonid I. Brezhnev – General Secretary of the Communist Party (1964-1982)


Nikita S. Kruschev – General Secretary of the Communist Party (1953-1964), and John F. Kennedy – 35th President of the United States (1961-1963)

I’m surprised this last photo came out so well.  This piece is only 1.8 cm. high.

My wife found some earrings she liked, so I bought those for her.


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