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Mandated Agricultural Failures

International Standards and Technology impose more burden than benefit. Continue reading

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How do we teach young women about their own nature?

…like whether they are attracted to cruelty? Continue reading

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The Simp

The overprotected, undersocialized, Oedipal mommy’s boy. Continue reading

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Should bloggers dox their own identity?

Weighing the benefits and risks of maintaining an online persona. Continue reading

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Something they didn’t expect

Backlash against a proposed Indian law criminalizing marital rape. Continue reading

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Blue Pill Arrogance of the 80s

80’s dating as portrayed in films of the era. Continue reading

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Wimmin Luv Cats because ¡Science!

Like attracts like! Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Not Assume Gestational Status!

Breaking news: Paris Hilton isn’t pregnant. Continue reading

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Sappy Wall Day, Tomi Lahren!

In celebration of her collision with reality! Continue reading

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Adding scholarly pursuits to your already busy life.

An intellectual excursion into the complex, phenomenal, and funny. Continue reading

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