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It was god’s will for her to be a stripper.

Come ye, all ye who are hoary and well laiden! Continue reading

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Why is the online amateur sex industry attractive to women?

Because it’s the best job on the planet! Continue reading

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A Ring of Gold in a Swine’s Snout

Women might have more dignity if they took themselves less seriously. Continue reading

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Which pets are cleaner? Dogs or Cats?

Pet humor. Continue reading

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Complementarians are Effeminate!

Bayly makes the case that mousy husbands are condemned by scripture. Continue reading

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Satan’s Secret Recipe for a Heretical Purity Movement

Only the Grand Master Bait could concoct such a beautiful disaster! Continue reading

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Der Breedergroomer’s Fahrvergnugen

A satirical examination of the word origins of bride and groom. Continue reading

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The Parable of the Jigsaw Puzzle

Insert male tab into female socket to form a beautiful composition. Continue reading

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Moon Day Review: Murder by Numbing

Be ye culturally and morally conformed to the matrihex by the relaxation of your will and the corruption of your minds! Continue reading

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Irresponsible Ejaculation Causes Abortion

One wimminz impeccable argument on how abortion is the direct result of men’s irresponsibility. Continue reading

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