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Aristocratic Hypergamy

Hypergamy is a bear market for the Elite. Readership: All;Author’s Note: This post was coauthored by Lexet and Jack. Introduction The Manosphere seldom covers any examination of relationships within the aristocratic class system, but we’re making up lost ground this … Continue reading

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Women are the Spiritual Paragon of a Society Readership: Christians;Author’s Note: This post was cowritten by Lexet and Jack.Reader’s Note: Gynapotheosis: (from Greek) gyn: woman; apotheosis: the ideal example; epitome; quintessence; the elevation or exaltation of a person to the … Continue reading

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Red Pill Grifters

Do we need to vet the leaders of men’s communities? Continue reading

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Charting the Red Pill World

An infographic showing the factions of socio-sexual awareness according to their religious and political stances. Continue reading

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Theories on Single Women in the Church

This study draws together ideas about a woman’s preferred Life Path and her desire for Authority. Continue reading

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Frauds in Christ’s Name

Shouldn’t we vet the leaders of our church fellowship groups? Readership: Christian men; There are some sinister elements who are invading the church and the Christian Red Pill arena.  Like predators, they come in out of nowhere, focus on a … Continue reading

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Seeking Input on Marriage Licenses

What should be the “right” way to recognize marriage? Continue reading

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Courtship and Power

Lexet’s critique of Sigma Frame’s models of courtship and marital structure. Continue reading

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Christian vs. Non-Christian Women

Why should there be no difference between Christian women and non-Christian women? Continue reading

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Christian Women Demand Men Marry Sluts With Debt and Tattoos

After refusing to obey the scriptures, Christian women have the gall to expect men to marry them up! Continue reading

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