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The Economics of the New Amateur Sex Industry

The Tale of The Beauty and The Whale. Continue reading

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The Rise of the Amateur Sex Industry

The streetwalkers move to the sidewalk as middle class, college-aged girls take the silver screens. Continue reading

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On the Ethics of Teenage Marriage

Taking a wider Frame of view is wise, and perhaps necessary. Continue reading

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Exploiting Online Attention

The internet gives women more of what they want, and less of what they don’t. Continue reading

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The Amalgamation of Western Culture

Christianity was blended with pagan traditions to create our modern social culture. Continue reading

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Protestant vs. Cathodox

What is the main difference between Protestantism and Cathodoxy? Continue reading

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Progressive Christianity is Cultural Relativism. Continue reading

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What is the Authority of the Bible, and why is this Important?

How much authority you grant the Bible, determines how the Bible will affect your understanding of God and human nature. Continue reading

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Dissemination and Dissolution

What will become of Christianity in America? Continue reading

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