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Attention female readers: In addition to the following, please read about The proper and fitting way for females to infiltrate Male spaces (2020 January 10), and consider taking up the Singing Sister Challenge!

I believe it is possible for two people to disagree, yet both of them be right.

I believe it is possible for two people to agree, yet both be in the wrong.

I believe it is possible to have a rationally impeccable argument, and still be in the wrong.

Someone who thinks anyone who disagrees with them is wrong, is being rather childish.

In general, I do not favor the approach of banning commenters and/or deleting comments that voice disparate views. However, there are limits to what is appropriate and constructive. I also feel a need to keep some degree of order. So I’ll offer the reader a few guidelines for making comments here.

The following are subject to moderation*.

  1. Comments that are grossly off topic.
  2. Vehemently attacking religious faiths, of any variety.
  3. Attempting to introduce red herrings and take over the conversation.
  4. Personal attacks or profane insults against other commenters.
  5. Statements of false witness, including lies, Gaslighting, untruthful slander of dignitaries, etc.
  6. Making accusations against other individuals is not a lighthearted matter. Personally, I tend to avoid naming names. If you feel the need to make very direct accusations against prominent individuals, pastors, or ministries, then be ready to defend your claims about them. If you cannot, then I reserve the right to delete such statements.
  7. Please refrain from making assumptions or accusations about whether anyone is a “true believer”, or a “born again Christian” or not. I believe it’s impossible to know the answer to this question without knowing the person on a day-by-day, face-to-face basis. Instead of resorting to this brand of ad hominem, readers should be attempting to comprehend the viewpoints offered, and place them within a meaningful context, preferably the one intended.
  8. As a warning, I have a very low tolerance of insincerity. So artless mocking and obvious trolling will wear my patience thin in a hurry. Thus, if you feel the urge to Mock-and-Troll™, first consider voicing your arguments in a more authentic, rational way. Otherwise, it had better be ROFLMAO hilarious.

A note on “Doubling Down”

When a commenter reiterates his points in a summary, or from a different perspective, this is often misinterpreted by other readers as an insistence that he is right.  If this is truly the case, we could label this stubborn recalcitrance as “doubling down”.  But on the other hand, if the topic is a matter of faith or doctrinal accuracy, then doubling down may be deemed necessary.

However, it may also be true that the commenter is NOT insisting that he is right in doubling down.  He just feels that he has not made his point clear enough for others to catch on, or he feels frustrated because others have failed to respond to his point.

To reduce the confusion about one’s motivations for reiterating one’s points, commenters may indicate whether they are doubling down with the letters “DD”, or merely enhancing the discussion with the letters “ED”.

The following are encouraged.

  1. Maintaining a lively social life outside of the virtual world. WordPress should not be your only source of human interaction.
  2. Please adopt the viewpoint that you should be contributing something worthy to the discussion.
  3. True personal experiences, stories, or anecdotes, especially those concerning Frame.
  4. Humor, philosophical depth, and rhetorical devices are appreciated.
  5. If you cite other blogs or publications, please include a reference whenever possible.
  6. Spending time with God in prayer and meditation. Pray about what ideas and experiences you have that He wants you to tell the world through your comments or your blog. I believe everyone has something to say that could benefit others, even if it’s only a bad example to be avoided.
  7. Before commenting, spend some time to contemplate what you think, how you feel, and how to express it well in words. If you have to, write notes for yourself, and don’t publish it until later on. Especially when making comments that are particularly harsh, write them out in a text editor, and sit on it while you continue to read the other comments. Come back to it later, and then decide if it really has value, or if you want to publish it.
  8. I encourage readers to start their own blog to voice their own opinions. For those who do so, I kindly suggest that you work on building up a following by writing posts that are thought-provoking, helpful, informative, and inspiring to your readers. I wish you the best!

Commenters who have been blocked or who have had comments deleted

No one!

* Moderation: editing or deleting comments.


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