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It’s the worst system in the world, except for all the others

Patriotic cop makes a stand against big government.  Will it matter in the long run? Continue reading

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Cucks won the battle, but Deplorables won the war.

How has Trump’s popularity been affected since his eponymous Reddit group has been quarantined? Continue reading

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The Parable of the Jigsaw Puzzle

Insert male tab into female socket to form a beautiful composition. Continue reading

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Current Trends in Prophecy

Prophecy continues to be ongoing, but do we remain ignorant of its influence? Continue reading

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What are men learning through their life experiences? Continue reading

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Christian vs. Non-Christian Women

Why should there be no difference between Christian women and non-Christian women? Continue reading

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Confessions of Racist White Nationalists

When accusations of being “racist” abound, how can one deal with the risk of being a conservative white? Continue reading

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On the Impact of Theme Color

What happens when you change the background color of your blog? Continue reading

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Christmas Presents 2019

A personal story of our Christmas presents. Continue reading

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Yes, Women Lust Too

Are women absolved from desire?  Or are they even more depraved than men? Continue reading

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