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On the Impact of Theme Color

What happens when you change the background color of your blog? Continue reading

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Christmas Presents 2019

A personal story of our Christmas presents. Continue reading

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Yes, Women Lust Too

Are women absolved from desire?  Or are they even more depraved than men? Continue reading

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Putting evil in perspective

What is evil?  Are governments evil?  Are Jews evil?  Is apathy evil? Continue reading

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Moon Day Review: Murder by Numbing

Be ye culturally and morally conformed to the matrihex by the relaxation of your will and the corruption of your minds! Continue reading

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How the Pill Kills

Oral contraceptives have been found to cause death in women.  More than half of these deaths are caused by venous thromboembolism. Continue reading

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Bards, Jesters, and Kings

Musicians and comedians are, respectively, the modern day versions of the bards and jesters of yore, the prophets of culture and politics. Continue reading

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The Overton Shake

Has the Overton window divided to form distinct Left and Right factions? Continue reading

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Crunching the Tinder Whoard

A nationwide, cross-sectional overview of your average female Tinder user. Continue reading

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Paul Harvey “If I were the devil”

A jocular overview of 20th century radio host, Paul Harvey Aurandt, and the everlasting value of his words. Continue reading

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