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Commonalities of Successful Marriages

The basic elements that are so difficult to attain! Continue reading

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Parental Divorce Ruins Daughters’ Future Marital Commitment and Confidence

Another red flag: If her parents are divorced. Continue reading

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Lessons from the Train Wreckage

Are outliars truly outliers? Continue reading

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Patheological Weddingsday – When wanton treachery brings shame, not honor.

Rules are lightning rods of shame for those seeking after the flesh. Continue reading

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Moon Day Review — The Rear View Mirror

September was busy! Here’s an overview of what’s been happening. Continue reading

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Introducing Katie and the Future of Human Mating

Reality show takes the feminine imperative for alpha seed to the eugenic limit. Continue reading

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The Battle of the Prophets

A follow-up review of the value of Jordan Peterson’s contributions. Continue reading

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Courtship and Power

Lexet’s critique of Sigma Frame’s models of courtship and marital structure. Continue reading

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On the Impact of Appearance and Avatar

What happens when you change your name and branding? Continue reading

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A collision of two philosophies yields the null hypothesis

An overview of an insightful exchange with Brett Stevens at Amerika concerning the problem with Sin and solipsism. Continue reading

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