Courtship Models

We’re taking a new approach towards developing a working model of Christian courtship. We see the development of a dialectic here to sway future generations.

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One thing that the Church, and young Christians need the most these days, is a trustworthy path towards a solid marriage. Right now, young people are forced to play by the world’s playbook if they ever hope to establish any type of relationship with the opposite sex. The Church should be offering an alternative, but our current leaders of established religion are not taking sufficient action towards developing a working, God honoring model of courtship to be institutionalized.

The present system, which is little more than an informally institutionalized cuck generator, would probably have continued on indefinitely, but then along comes those Christian Manospherians, Dalrock, Donal Graeme, Zippy Catholic, et al., throwing a monkey wrench into Fe-Mini-Satan’s machine.

But we’re not quite there yet. The problem has been starkly revealed, but there has been little progress towards formulating any alternative models. Among those speaking out against this plague, they’re telling us what Courtship is not, and not what Courtship is. So many readers are yet dissatisfied with RP progress.

The Wizard Wayne of Sigma Frame, along with a loose cooperation of a few other RP blog lords, are attempting to lay out all the options in order that people may see for themselves that God’s way is best. It may not seem like that in some of the presentation, but I am sure that the conclusion will come to that. I also expect to find further details about the implementation of the various courtship models.

In other words, let’s lay it all on the table, so that we can give people a clear, well informed choice. Set them free from the bondage of confusion.

Even for those people who do not come to the conclusion that God’s way is best, then at least they will know why Christians believe so, and being better informed, they will be better able to take responsibility for their own choices.

Articles offering contributions to this endeavor include the following.

  1. Dr. Leslie McFall: Good Order in the Church (1998)
  2. Christianity and Masculinity: Marriage Structures (April 15, 2016)
  3. Biblical Gender Roles: What is the difference between Courting and Dating? (September 29, 2018)
  4. Sigma Frame: “Biblical” Models of Courtship (September 30, 2018)
  5. Sigma Frame: Models of Courtship and Marital Structure (October 3, 2018)
  6. Lexet: Courtship and Power (October 4, 2018)
  7. Sigma Frame: Tingles = Respect (October 6, 2018)
  8. Sigma Frame: Meretricious Power and the Tingle (October 9, 2018)
  9. Christianity and Masculinity: Opting in to the Biblical framework for marriage (October 11, 2018)
  10. Sigma Frame: The Feminine Dilemma (October 27, 2018)
  11. Christianity and Masculinity: Biblical Marital Perspectives (October 30, 2018)

I appreciate Lexet’s thoughtful critique and analysis of my posts on this subject. I don’t know him very well, but from the appearance of his work, he’s involved with the legal profession in some capacity. I could also believe that he’s an elder in his church.

Deep Strength has done a lot of studies to this end, so I think he can contribute a lot to this topic. His blog, Christianity and Masculinity, is the most extensive Biblical source of the Manosphere concerning male-female relations.

One man has already made some progress towards introducing an institutionalized courtship procedure for Orthodox Christians (only). Before that, he spearheaded a concerted effort on a site called Courtship Pledge. Unfortunately, this site crashed, and the contribution was not recovered. For more information on this, see the links below.

Stay tuned for more updates.