Abortion and Birth Control

Trigger warning to ‘reproductive rights’ activists, feminists and SJW’s: This is the page detailing all the truths you don’t want to face!


We humans are sexual beings, and sexually dimorphic beings, according to God’s design.  As such, all things surrounding sex and reproduction are a vital aspect of our lives and that of our progeny.  Yet, our modern culture has selfishly attempted to extract the pleasure and freedom of sexual relations, while rejecting the natural function of procreation that is bound to the act of sexual intercourse.  This sin has brought devastating destruction to millions of individuals, marriages, families, and the Christian faith, as the following articles will show.

In the past, the use of contraceptives was taken lightly (even by myself).  It was justified as “being responsible for one’s sexuality”, or as a pragmatic or economic necessity.  Very little attention was paid to the consequences of contraceptive use.  However, it has come to my attention that contraceptives, especially chemical or biochemical (i.e. hormonal) contraceptives, should not be taken lightly.  They have the ability to change our bodies, our psychology, our health, our sexual/romantic choices, our marriages, our families, and thus, our eternal identities.

This study was initiated by a submission on hormonal contraceptives from the author of Lexet Iustitia, which was first published on his blog on 2019 May 27.  After reviewing his submission and researching this topic further, I decided it needed greater attention and scrutiny, and so I expanded the study into a series of posts.

In my research of information regarding reproductive health, abortion, birth control, contraceptives, sterilization, and so on, I tried to find information with the following qualifications.

  1. Arguments that were not biased, politicized, or centered around “reproductive rights” or “planned parenthood”*.
  2. Reports based on original research studies.
  3. Reports based on demographic data.
  4. Specifications of contexts and conditions.
  5. Attempts to draw correlations.

During my search, I found two websites focusing on reproduction and contraception which fit the above qualifications.

Many of the posts listed below are from One More Soul.

Stephen Casper at Christianity and Masculinity, as well as a few other Manospherian authors have already written a few articles on this subject, while others have subsequently offered supplemental information and viewpoints in their own posts.  These are included here as well.

* It should be noted that Natural Family Planning does not take the same approach as Planned Parenthood.  Namely, the former advocates abstention and proper care of reproductive health, whereas the latter supports abortion, sterilization, and the use of various contraceptives.

General Overview of the History and Problems

  1. The Harvard Crimson (feat. D. C. Pendergrass, M. Y. Raji): The Bitter Pill: Harvard and the Dark History of Birth Control (2017 September 28)
  2. Σ Frame: The Evolution of Feminism as a Series of Cultural Movements (2018 January 15)
  3. v5k2c2 (feat. Derek Ramsey): The Consequences of Feminism (2018 March 17)
  4. v5k2c2 (feat. Derek Ramsey): Alpha, Beta, and Reproduction (2019 November 13)
  5. Think and Thrive: Abortion on Demand – A Modern Feminist Fantasy (2019 November 17)


  1. One More Soul: The connection between contraception and abortion (2009 December 7)
  2. One More Soul: Breast Cancer Risk from Abortion (2009 December 7)
  3. One More Soul: Study: Abortion, Contraception Raise Breast Cancer Risk (2010 January 6)
  4. Larry’s Musings: Unfiltered on Abortion and Infanticide (2019 April 11)
  5. Σ Frame: They shall be saved through child bearing. (2019 May 9)
  6. v5k2c2 (feat. Derek Ramsey): Religion of Death (2019 May 16)
  7. v5k2c2 (feat. Derek Ramsey): Breast Cancer and Abortion (2019 May 29)
  8. Σ Frame: Irresponsible Ejaculation Causes Abortion (2019 September 23)
  9. The Joyful Patriarchy Wife: Babies are still murdered here – A Review (2019 October 31)
  10. Hommunism: The suicide rate for women having abortions is higher than for women giving birth (2019 November 21)

Hormonal Therapy, Contraceptives, and Abortifacients

  1. The Pill Kills Truth
  2. One More Soul: What About Birth Control? (2009 December 6)
  3. One More Soul: Intrauterine Devices (IUD/IUS): What Every Woman Needs to Know (2009 December 6)
  4. One More Soul: The “Morning After Pill” and other types of “Emergency Contraception” – Myths and Realities (2009 December 6)
  5. One More Soul: The Pill and Breast Cancer (2009 December 6)
  6. One More Soul: Problems associated with Hormonal Birth Control (2009 December 6)
  7. One More Soul: How the Pill and Other Contraceptives Work (2009 December 7)
  8. One More Soul: Breast Cancer, Abortion, and the Pill (2009 December 7)
  9. One More Soul: What a Woman Should Know about Birth Control (2009 December 17)
  10. One More Soul: Discontinuing Contraceptives – One Pharmacist’s Insights (2009 December 7)
  11. One More Soul: Women at High Risk of Significant Bone Loss on Injectable Birth Control Identified (2009 December 22)
  12. Patriactionary: America – Land of the Doped Up Women (2011 December 6)
  13. Patriactionary: A new problem with ‘The Pill’ (2012 January 21)
  14. The Thinking Housewife: More on Health, Culture, and Artificial Birth Control (2012-2-12)
  15. The Orthosphere: Birth control and the rhetorical tics of the Left (2012 February 22)
  16. Chateau Heartiste: The Pill and Divorce: The Real Connection (2013 May 29)
  17. Christianity and Masculinity: Oral contraception alters your brain (2015 April 14)
  18. One More Soul: The Contraception-Divorce Connection (2015 November 3)
  19. Christianity and Masculinity: Contraception’s under the radar effect on divorce (2017 September 27)
  20. Σ Frame: How the Pill Kills (2019 October 15)
  21. v5k2c2 (feat. Derek Ramsey): Feminism Will Kill You (2019 October 15)
  22. Σ Frame: How the Pill Changes the Brain and Emotions (2019 October 28)
  23. Practical Eschatology: The Divorce Pill (2019 November 7)
  24. v5k2c2 (feat. Derek Ramsey): The Pill Causes Bad Mate Selection (2019 November 8)
  25. Σ Frame (feat. Marc@1 Flesh): A Deeper Look at Contraception and Abortion (2019 November 9)
  26. Σ Frame: Contraception Correlations (2019 November 29)
  27. Σ Frame: How the Pill Affects Pubescent Girls (2019 December 22)
  28. Σ Frame: How the Pill Affects Attraction and Mating (2020 August 26)
  29. Σ Frame: How the Pill Increases Divorce and Death by Violence ()
  30. Σ Frame: How the Pill Affects Subsequent Children ()

Sterilization and Vasectomies

  1. One More Soul: Female Sterilization (2009 November 28)
  2. The Rational Male: Unconscious Contempt (2019 November 15)

Moral Implications and Spiritual Consequences

  1. One More Soul: Perceiving the Contraception Connection (2009 December 6)
  2. One More Soul: The Bible versus Contraception (2009 December 6)
  3. One More Soul: Why Is Contraception Immoral? (2009 December 6)
  4. One More Soul: The Challenge of Contraception for those who respect life (2009 December 7)
  5. One More Soul: The Harms of Contraception (2009 December 7)
  6. One More Soul: The Hurtful Consequences of Artificial Contraception and Sterilization: Three Personal Testimonies (2009 December 7)
  7. One More Soul: A Woman’s Story of Her Husband’s Vasectomy & Reversal (2009 December 9)
  8. Rant-a-Tonne: Young Mom’s are happier than 30-year-old singles (2019 November 21)

This page may be periodically updated.

14 Responses to Abortion and Birth Control

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  3. jvangeld says:

    (prompted by a conversation at Dalrock’s)

    Hey Jack, you might want to add the effects of synthetic estrogen pollution on water-dwelling organisms. It turns out that estrogen, and many other hormones, is filtered from the bloodstream and peed away. It enters the sewer system, and then the sewage treatment plant. Does the sewage treatment plant treat the hormones? Here in the USA the EPA does not require that to happen. So the estrogen, both natural and synthetic, is discharged downstream by the sewage system. So now anything that lives in or drinks from that body of water receives elevated estrogen levels.

    A number of studies have been done to look at the effects of this estrogen on marine life. They have observed feminizing effects on a number of male organisms. One of the most interesting studies was the first one to compare the genetic sex of frogs which had been exposed to synthetic estrogen to the sexual organs on those frogs. Previous studies had just watched frogs develop after they had hatched. But this one found the genetic sex of the tadpoles first and then watched them develop. For one of the species of frog they studied, 100% of the genetic males developed as females.


    Then there was this study in Canada. The researchers helpfully put up all their findings on a Google Site.


    They ran an experiment where they pumped synthetic estrogen into a lake at levels similar to that discharged by sewage systems. After several years, the fathead minnow population had almost disappeared because they were not able to reproduce. This then reduced the population of the lake trout that eats them. They call it “estrogen pollution” and they have some thoughts on the developing world which might interest you.

    I drink fresh water from my own well, as Solomon recommends. So I can’t blame my lack of gainz on this particular source of estrogen. But it proves that the pill has even more detrimental effects on us and God’s other creatures.


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  5. Al Blazek says:

    Fr. Joseph Gleason has an excellent article on birth control called “Sacred Seed, Sacred Chamber” that dismantles many of the common arguments Christians mistakenly use to support birth control.


    Liked by 1 person

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  11. MatteBlk says:

    Keep-the-faith, bro.
    Cya soon…


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