Red Pill Clique Bate

An explanation of Sigma Frame’s prodigious blog roll, and Wayne’s Gestaltic approach towards various RP perspectives.

About the Blog Roll

Sigma Frame receives a lot of compliments and questions about the blog roll on the sidebar. Many people find the extensive list of RP sites to be a source of interest and discovery. Others consider it a mind-warped mish-mash of conflicting viewpoints.

Perhaps the foremost question is, “Why do you list so many different kinds of RP blogs? Do you even know what you really believe?”

Yes, I know what I myself believe, but I am not so arrogant to think that everyone thinks (or should think) as I do. I respect my readers enough to grant them their freedom of opinion, and let them work out their own faith, whatever that might be. My predominant view is that if you’re not thinking for yourself, then you’re no different than an NPC. I won’t do your thinking for you, but I will try to spell out some good options.

One reader summed it up like this.

“One thing I like about your blog is you’re kind of a mediator that gives all the different [Red Pill] perspectives a fair hearing. Unfortunately, that means your traffic will never be as high as someone having a more dogmatic perspective, but it’s a great resource for the intellectually curious.”

To answer the larger question of why I have such a long list of blogs on the sidebar, the reason why I cover all these different perspectives is because of the 13th Quality of Frame, which states:

“The ability to consider and navigate multiple viewpoints at once is essential part of having a strong Frame. The person who has the wider angle view than anyone else involved will typically have the dominant Frame.”

In the application, the one who hones his consciousness with the task of developing a wider Frame will eventually see the limitations of those who cannot, or will not. Those pockets of cohesive beliefs will appear as divisions into different schools of thought, which takes the form of different ‘cliques’.

One regular reader writes,

“Your content is very deep and well researched; to me it rises above any strange cliquey-ness because it’s just rational articles and fits both worlds of the secular and religious.  And it does seem that the cliques are either secular ones or religious ones, which makes sense.  I do think it’s amazing how you’ve compiled so many different voices from the sphere into your blog roll and how you’ve categorized them for readers.  Most tend to only stick to “secular Manosphere only” or “religious Manosphere only” but you even include Spawny’s Space, and Boxer’s, and Snapper’s, and I think that’s a good thing.  But I’ve never seen it done before.”

Red Pill Clique Bate

A lot of Manospherians don’t interact with each other, and I assume this is because of a disparity in their views. For example, Liberals don’t like Conservatives, PUA’s and pro-marriage types don’t like each other, Canadians and Australians don’t like Americans, and so on. This extends to the Christian Manosphere too – Protestants don’t like Catholics, Evangelicals don’t like Pentecostals, Baptists don’t like Calvinists, then there’s that cold war between those two Lutheran synods. The list goes on.

Some schisms that I’ve noticed in the Manosphere have arisen primarily because of what I would call “blogger cliques”. (This is not the same as divisions in the Manosphere based on the different purposes for Red Pill truth that every man has. That is yet another division.) Blogger cliques fall roughly into socio-political groups. They are rather easy to identify, because they all list links to each other on their blogrolls.

As a result, most bloggers (and many readers too), won’t link to (or read) certain sites. For example, if you haven’t yet noticed, Dalrock only discusses developments in the Protestant church, and only occasionally touches on issues in the Catholic church. He also has some animosities towards Mormons and atheists who comment. But to his credit, for hosting a blog that has hundreds of comments per post, and over a million views per year, Dalrock has done an impressive job at running a tight ship.

Some RP blogger cliques (that I have noticed) include the following. I’ve listed a few adherents, just to give you the flavor.*

Conservative / Catholic: Orthosphere, Throne and Altar, (Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox), Patriactionary (Catholic, U.K.), The Social Pathologist (Catholic, Australian),

Moderate Protestant: Deep Strength (AKA Christianity and Masculinity, Protestant, U.S.), Free Northerner, Wintery Knight, Calculated Bravery (he’s Mormon but his philosophy seems to fit in here, somewhat),

Progressive** Protestant: Adam Piggott (AKA Pushing Rubber Downhill; Australian), Cane Caldo (Things That We Have Heard and Known), Dalrock, Dark Brightness / In Times Like These, Larry Kummer (Fabius Maximus). Some bloggers would include Vox (Alpha Game, Vox Popoli) in this group, but there’s not much about Christianity coming from Vox.

Famous commenters Deti, and Earl fall into this group for the most part.

Progressive** Catholic: Donal Graeme, Zippy Catholic, but actually, they don’t interact much with each other, and get more quotage from the Progressive Protestant clique.

Libertarian: Anarchist’s Notebook (atheist?), Boxer (v5k2c2 ex-Mormon Socialist), Keoni Galt (Hawaiian Libertarian), Spawny’s Space,

Famous commenters include Kryptonian (Atheist).

Pure Philosophy: Anti-Gnostic, Black Label Logic, Rational Male,

Classic (1st Wave) Manosphere / Old School PUA / Game Saavy / Hardcore: Black Dragon, Chase Amante (Girls Chase), Chateau Heartiste, Illimitable Men, Roosh V, and many others that have become defunct.

Conspiracy Theorists: Henry Makow, The Other McCain,

Pro-Marriage: A King’s Castle, Athol Kay (Married Man Sex Life), Biblical Gender Roles, Doing Marriage Right, Saving Eve,

Minorities: Rant-A-Tonne, Red Pill Indian, Snapper.

Mavericks: There are a few unique characters that are hard to place. These include Major Styles, Scott (American Dad), and SFC Ton. These people are very well liked, and seem to fit in anywhere they comment.

There are also some “hermit characters” that are not linked anywhere in the Manosphere. These include Blair Naso, Family Alpha, the Illiberal Liberal, Matthew Cochran, and Red Pilled Rob. I can’t understand this, because they have some really good RP posts. I think maybe it’s because they don’t post regularly.

It is not surprising that most of the cutting edge “meat” of the RP philosophies have come out of the Classic Manosphere and the Progressive Protestant groups. The first because of the demise of western culture and the liberation of the SMP, and the second because of the widespread convergence with Feminism of the Protestant Church.

* Sorry if I’ve “miscategorized” anyone. If you feel I am in error, please leave a comment, or send me an email, and I’ll make a correction.

** Progressive: favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are – not to be confused with the “Left” or “Liberal”.

Primafascie Segregation on Female Involvement

There is also another division between Manosphere bloggers who accept female commenters, and those who don’t. Those who don’t are vehemently against it, and tend to ostracize Manosphere blogs that allow females, saying that this makes them not true Manosphere blogs, by definition, and by environment.

Female commenters are generally welcome at Sigma Frame. However, if their comments are unclear, or don’t offer real substance, or contain any misandry or disrespect, then I may delete or edit them.

In real life, Wayne’s rule of Female participation is this:

“If women want to ‘hang out’ and ‘help’, that’s great! But if women don’t respect the hierarchy (and the men), then they’re out!”

Women also need to recognize that men need “male-space”, males-only time, and “cave-time”, and some men are more particular about these, than others. God made women to be natural helpers to men, but bad women aren’t content with that role. When they find that they don’t get to call the shots, they may want to equate the natural hierarchy with bullying and victimization.

I also recognize that women need to be heard. Any man who hopes to establish a lively LTR needs to learn how to listen (while holding Frame), and especially listen to what she’s NOT saying.

Purpose Outweighs Affiliations

Back to my point, another reason Sigma Frame has a more complete list of Red Pill sites is because I don’t carry any strong affiliations with political parties or religious denominations. I would call myself a Moderate Protestant, but I seem to have fallen in with the Libertarian crowd for some reason. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel strongly about politics, or maybe because I have an interracial marriage. I only have one thing to say about this: It is a mark of great faith to believe that God uses one’s enemies (whether they be philosophical, political, or spiritual), as well as his friends, to accomplish His unfathomable will.

Whenever I read a blog, I just think, if the blog is well written, and contains useful information, or insightful opinions, then I can appreciate that. I may not agree with all their viewpoints, but nevertheless, as long as some form of truth is manifested, there’s some wisdom to be gleaned there. I believe readers would be wise to adopt the same approach.

In my own approach to blogging, I follow the I3 rule: “Information, Insight, and Inspiration”. I’m attempting to make the content personally meaningful and applicable to one’s life. My goal is to present issues as clearly as possible, and whenever suitable, I present readers with a clear choice, or course of action, along with a rough idea of what they could expect to happen. Of course, results will vary from one person to the next.

Another reader writes,

“To me, your approach gives readers a more well-rounded view of the actual people who espouse red pill ideas, including women. […] From what I’ve been reading around the sphere, readers seem to be craving encouraging stories of couples doing it right, or real life examples and practical tools to make marriages work when there are issues, which many of these (rather obscure) people are doing, like Snapper and Doing Marriage Right.  Your site provides access to people like that, who would be otherwise very hard to find, which is a good thing.”

So in conclusion, the purpose of the extensive blogroll is about offering a list of sources to monitor in order to keep your finger on the pulse of how society, the church, science, and current events are intersecting with the Red Pill, and to discover how these developments might affect the reader’s Frame of mind.

If you have any other suggestions to add, weblogs, news alerts, twitter feeds, etc., please leave the URL address in the comments below, or send me an email.


Additional Sources

The following sources discuss developments concerning how western society, the church, politics, and current events intersect. Some of them do this more often than others, and some are more Red Pill than others. Some have solid doctrine, while others may not. Reader discretion advised.

Other Blogs Suggested by Readers
Christianity Today
Citizen Tom
Desiring God
Ed Hurst (Do What’s Right)
Ex Patre
F My Life (many of the stories are probably invented, but provides entertaining illustrations nevertheless)
Matt Forney
Matt Walsh (Daily Wire)
Practical Eschatology
Rise Up Times
The Aquila Report
The Art of Manliness
The Gospel Coalition
The Kakistocracy
The Transformed Wife


Drudge Report (for big news stories)
Talk About Marriage forum

Google News Alerts

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polygamy (polygyny)
open relationships
divorce rates
Facebook feed (what friends and family are talking about)

Reddit Subs:


Twitter Feeds

Albert Mohler
Bill Hybels – Christian pastor and author.
Francis Chan
John MacArthur
John Piper
Kevin DeYoung
Mark Driscoll
Paul David Tripp
Ravi Zacharias
Russell Moore
Tim Challies
Timothy Keller

YouTube / Vimeo

Jefferson Bethke’s YouTube channel (probably the most popular Christian marriage “guru” for the millennial generation.)
Tim Pool – Wide angle news on Millennial politics

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