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A True Prophet of Western Politics

A favorable op-ed on Ed Hurst’s unique political views. Continue reading

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Why is Citizenship Unquestionable?

America’s immigration policies are quickly becoming self-destructive liabilities. Long lived cultures have a noose-tight admission. Why shouldn’t My America do the same? Continue reading

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Buckle Down for the Ride of the Centuries

This post examines a few signs of a coming economic recession and the Biblical End Times. Continue reading

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Racial Discrimination in the US is Alive and Well

A little story about my Dad’s fight against Intersectional Feminism in his career. Continue reading

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Breaking the Fifth Wall – A New Protocol for Post-Truth Debate

In a world where no one recognizes truth or ethics, what do we fall back on? Continue reading

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The Objectivity of Offense Constitutes Respect

This post examines the contributions of Prof. Jordan Peterson, and finds that he has pioneered a robust response to a new style of dishonest debate that has developed in recent years. Continue reading

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Trump Appeals to Dignity, Not Racism

The need for dignity and value are common to all humans, no matter what their race, socio-economic status, or political affiliation may be. Continue reading

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It’s Tough to be White

Lately, the war on ‘whiteness’ has been ramping up. And it’s not just in the news media and education. Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of scientific research papers that seek to support the SJW narratives. (It … Continue reading

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WHO the Health Cares?

A rant about the insolvency of Obama Care, including a comparison to Taiwan’s health care system. Continue reading

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