Finding Your Work/Purpose/Career

For a man, his work and (God ordained) purpose in life is, or should be, the central core of his awareness. However, modern western culture has become effeminate in schooling, and weak in coaching young men in how to find and pursue their purpose in life. To fill this need, Σ Frame covers this topic periodically. The posts related to this endeavor, and a few other posts from around the Androsphere, are listed below.

  1. Σ Frame: On Choosing a Career (2009 September 11)
  2. Σ Frame: Profile of an excellent leader (2014 December 22)
  3. Σ Frame: Developing Attitudes That Help You Cope (2015 November 5)
  4. Σ Frame: Women are Tempted to Become Masculine, Men are Tempted to Wimp Out (2017August 17)
  5. Σ Frame: Learning the Wisdom of Foolishness (2017 November 22)
  6. Σ Frame: A Study of Csíkszentmihályi Flow (2017 December 29)
  7. Σ Frame: The Blessings of Flow (2018 January 23)
  8. Σ Frame: Wisdom, Spiritual Efficiency, and Flow (2018 January 26)
  9. Σ Frame: Stepping up to the Challenge (2018 April 29)
  10. Σ Frame (feat. Myles Munroe): Why do men need visions and dreams? (2018 May 15)
  11. Σ Frame: Man as the Middle Manager (2018 May 21)
  12. Σ Frame: Shifting Gears in a Career (2018 July 8)
  13. Σ Frame: Get It Right Next Time (2018 September 18)
  14. Σ Frame: The Three Step Path to God (2018 September 27)
  15. Σ Frame: On the Authenticity of Appearance and Avatar (2018 November 21)
  16. Do What’s Right (feat. Ed Hurst): Life Mission (2019 January 22)
  17. Σ Frame: Where is your life headed? (2019 February 8)

This list will be updated periodically.

I wish all my readers the best in their search for meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and contentment in their lives.

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