What is the Christian Red Pill?

This essay describes the Christian Red Pill by contrasting it against the secular Red Pill.

What is the Red Pill?

The term Red Pill is basically a synonym for truth.  But more specifically, it is a particular collection of truths that went missing from common awareness over the past century, and which the majority of people still refuse to accept.  The reasons for this attrition of awareness are diverse and profuse, but in general, it’s because these truths are impolite, embarrassing, unbecoming, or downright ugly.  People find it much easier and more comfortable to stick their heads in the sand and continue running on autopilot.

Red Pill principles have identified the instinctive characteristics of our human nature and have matured to the point of forming praxeological predictive models.  A secular approach recognizes these social interaction behaviors as merely human nature.  A more scientific analysis recognizes human biodiversity (HBD), heredity, and evolutionary psychology.

Most secular RP proponents regard “female nature” as a problem to be solved.  The unspoken motivation that undergirds this perspective is that female nature does not naturally lend itself to the fulfillment of the vast majority of mens’ fleshly desires for sexual gratification.  Instead, Bulverizing, Gaslighting, $ћit Tests, and Social games (etc.) abound.  The female nature is therefore perceived as an obstacle that must be overcome in order for a man to F*ck at will.  Thus the secular man’s RP “solution” is to engage in sin nature themselves.  That is, he constructs his own system of moral rectitude — a mental structure of what is right or wrong — all determined by what actions can produce the favored “results”.  This is partly why the Red Pill has gained the description of being a cult or religion.  The gods of this religion are many, including Ashtoreth (romantic love of females), Bacchus (drunkenness, hedonism), Isis (female authority), Molech (abortion, child sacrifice), and Peitho (persuasion, seduction).

Barefoot Sandal Babe on Twitter: "We're celebrating #Peitho, the #Goddess  of Persuasion and Seductive Speech. #Celebrate your inner goddess!  http://t.co/oXHdQ0B0Hz"

What is the Christian Red Pill?

In addition to the basic precepts outlined by the Red Pill, a Christian approach to the Red Pill adds another layer of complexity because Christians recognize that some behaviors are conducive to Life in the Spirit, while others lead to spiritual death.

The defining distinction made by the Christian RP is the observation that most men and women choose to abandon any sense of moral agency because they want to enjoy being under the controlling spell of their sinful nature more than they want to do what is right and go against their nature.  For example, the secular approach to the Red Pill utilizes the knowledge of human socio-sexual behaviors to pursue the gratification of the fleshly nature.  It gives no consideration of how to seek after God’s proscriptions for…

  • Honoring and glorifying God.
  • Pursuing your God ordained mission in life.
  • Living in peace with the Holy Spirit and your fellow man.
  • Promoting holiness, sexual purity, and marital sanctification.

When looking through this lens, it can be seen that some human behaviors are representative of God’s created order, some are benignly neutral, while others are expressions of the sinful nature.  On this, Ed wrote,

“Red Pill” should be used as a term for the lore.  Much of it does explain human social behavior, but some of it is misleading.  If you think about it, you’ll find that what Red Pill lore says about women in particular is reflected to some degree in Old Testament law and custom regarding women.  They share underlying assumptions about how women behave in social situations.”

The CRP therefore attempts to fish out the truths of the RP to be used as an aid in understanding one’s self, and how to navigate through life in a fallen world.

Not all Red Pill knowledge describes traits of a sinful nature.  Some are positive things.  For example, secular Red Pill proponents recognize and believe that women are designed to submit to men.  Christian Red Pill sees this as a God ordained social structure in which they are called to a position of authority and responsibility.  Whereas secular Red Pill sees this as an alternative social structure in which they can exercise the power to gratify their own sinful desires.

Both systems recognize the reality of SMV parity, whether the person is a proper SMV match for you (viz. someone who is “within your league”).  The secular goal is to get the soul-numbing ego stroke that comes from bedding a piece that has a higher SMV than yourself, and to avoid the consequences and entanglements that come with sexual bonding, whereas, the Christian approach recognizes the wisdom of a man marrying a woman who is at his own level or one step lower.  This is because appeasing the female inclination towards hypergamy gives the man a greater degree of sexual authority in the union, thereby making the Headship structure much easier to attain.

Of note, the Christian RP approach does not regard female nature as a “problem to be solved” (in order to gain sexual access).  Instead, it recognizes that women desire men and sex.  It is generally presumed that spiritually healthy women have an even greater desire for men and sex.

Another major point of agreement is the not so astute observation that a positive, pleasurable feedback as a result of a choice is the beginning of an addiction.  Once a woman has her first taste of cox, she is forever addickted to stuffing it in her cooch.  Secular RP proponents count on this feature of human nature and look for way to exploit it for their own pleasures, i.e. to get their own slice of the pie (or three), whereas the Christian RP examines methods to contain this feature within marriage, where it can yield a strong marriage, holiness, sanctification, life and peace, as opposed to the many consequences of sexual sin.

The assessment of the current Socio-Sexual/Marriage Marketplace is vastly different between the secular RP and the Christian RP.  The secular RP regards the present state of affairs to be the best time in history to be a player.  The Christian RP sees the present state as a Marriage Market failure.

The Christian Red Pill Approach is an Uphill Climb

A previous post on Σ Frame, The Narrow Way (2020 June 8), examined a few perspectives about how the current Marriage Marketplace is as narrow as it gets.

“A lot of my writings here at Σ Frame try to identify what this other way might look like for a believer.  So far, I can say that it is difficult, complicated, and narrow indeed, seemingly impossible unless you have a bit of faith.  But I can also say that embarking on the narrow way is determinant of one building character, developing charisma, and having a long journey of personal and spiritual growth.  Comfort and happiness, not so much, unless you stick with it until later in life.

Like it or not, this is the will of God for us as men — that we might obtain life everlasting.  […]  Christian men must stake out and pursue the narrow way, which is an arduous task non-Christian men will never hope to do.”

However, the Christian Red Pill is not a Black Pill, as many have claimed. We have the power to overcome these challenges and trials through faith in Jesus Christ.

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Thanks for reading, and best wishes towards your sanctification.

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