Guest Articles

Do you have something to say to the Red Pill community? If so, then you may consider submitting your letter or article to be published in Sigma Frame.

Do you prefer to remain anonymous? Your personal information will be kept confidential unless you specifically request in writing to identify yourself.

The editor at Sigma Frame reserves the right to edit or abridge your contribution, and add comments as he sees fit, and may refuse articles at will. By submitting your contribution, you agree that the editor may, at his discretion, add any or all of the following upon publication.

  • A brief introduction to your article
  • A commentary
  • A summary
  • Text from other sources/contributors which is similar in content.
  • Links to related topics or sources
  • References

Nevertheless, if your submission is accepted, we will attempt to present your viewpoints in a way that is accurate to the spirit of your correspondence.

Contributions are reviewed without respect to age, race, ethnicity or religion.

Preferred contributions with a higher acceptance rate have the following characteristics.

  • Written in clear, acceptably fluent English
  • The main points and conclusions are evident
  • Contains reasonable arguments and sensible viewpoints
  • Characterized by facts, data, and/or truth statements
  • Arguments are conveyed with logical consistency

If other works are cited or quoted, then links and/or references should be provided for each.

Contributions which have a lower acceptance rate, and which are likely to be rejected, have the following characteristics.

  • Cover main topics altogether unrelated to the goals and purposes of this particular media outlet. Examples include, ‘Baking Belgian Beefcakes for Bachelor Buffoons, ‘Ontology of the Ostentatious Overtones of Oriental Origami’, etc.
  • Extreme biases and/or emotionally contorted rants that are without inherent virtue or legitimate substantiation.

Letters, articles and other correspondence submitted for publication should be sent through email to ‘Sigma Frame’ at the email address implied by the following string.

<sigmaframe at protonmail dot com>

When submitting, please choose a sensible pseudonym/username, and indicate your preferred gender pronouns, to represent your authorship in the published post. Failure to do this will require the editor to assign a random name and gender to your work, which will probably assume the form of a humorous reflection on the content of your submission.

Indicating the nature of the correspondence in the header will help us identify your message as important, compared to the hundreds of other daily email notifications and solicitations. Thus, the subject of your email should read something like:

Submission To Sigma Frame by [your fake name]

Thank you for considering Sigma Frame as the medium of your public communications. We at Sigma Frame, and the Red Pill sphere collectively, appreciate the time and careful thought that our contributors have invested in brainstorming ideas, researching the subjects, fact-checking, composing, proofreading and submitting their written materials.

We at Sigma Frame wish our readers all the best on your Red Pill journey towards Truth~!

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