About this Blog

Many posts incorporate satire, mock seriousness, logical contraptions, coded language, and various types of rhetorical devices. Many posts are zealously religious, which can be ironically funny and riveting at the same time. The contents may not be 100% coherent with Christian doctrine. Some posts entertain views which are un-Biblical, and some content and language may indeed be offensive to many people.

This blog belongs to the Christian segment of the manosphere. However, we welcome female readership, as those who are joint heirs with men in the gracious gift of life. We do not expressly espouse misogyny (except when it is self-imposed by deluded feminists). It should be recognized that this is primarily a Men’s Space, with an emphasis on honest self-improvement. If the Christian manosphere offends you, then please spend your time elsewhere online. If you are willing to entertain manospheric ideas with dignity and rationality, then you are welcome to stay and offer your comments.

About the Author’s Purposes

I believe humor combined with reason is a very effective way to apprehend hard, unpleasant truths and get a clearer vision of life. Humor has a way of cutting through pride, prejudice, pretenses, and preconceived notions like nothing else. Besides, I hope to lighten up the Manosphere a little bit, as it has too much anger, bitterness, grief and nihilism as it stands. It is not my intention to parody the Manosphere in a condescending manner, but I know some posts come out looking that way. Here, I don’t mean to downplay or be nonchalant about the very real suffering and injustices which are addressed in the Manosphere, but just want to balance that out by offering a different perspective, a shock, a laugh, a satisfying punch in the gut to personified evils, or a glimmer of hope. This too, I feel, is an important part of apprehending the truth.

Understanding that accepting the Red Pill Challenge is real and widespread in western society, I started this blog in order to preserve for posterity the things I have learned, and am continuing to learn about this endeavor. By posting these concepts in a public space, I intend to both record and report my personal experiences, and my observations of modern society, especially in the areas of faith and relationships, for the following reasons.

  • To explore ideas, e.g. Red Pill revelations, scientific studies, Biblical hermeneutics…
  • To confirm concepts
  • To renegate false notions and ideologies
  • To identify blind spots and circular arguments
  • To arouse a public discussion in the quest for truth
  • To disseminate useful phrases, viewpoints and information

It is my hope that readers might find the posts and comments useful (1) as entertainment, (2) as an exploration of life, (3) as a discourse in philosophy, and (4) as an exercise in determining and refining their personal belief system, and application of the Truth.

As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” Proverbs 27:17 (NKJV)

About the Author

I am an American citizen by birth. As of 2019, I have traveled to seven countries around the world and lived abroad for more than 15 years. So I like to think I have a tempered perspective on life.

I am an Evangelical Christian, and I give serious credence to the Bible, but I also respect the findings of (most) scientific studies, and I do not agree with the sympathies that modern organized religion has developed towards feminist ideologies.

During my youth, found it very difficult to navigate the American post-feminist society in my search for a wife with whom I could build a “Christian” marriage. Eventually, I abandoned this endeavor, and soon after that, I discovered the brutal nature of today’s socio-sexual-marriage market place (SSMMP). Thus began my emergence into the proverbial Red Pill consciousness.

Now, I am happily married. Sorry ladies!

If it is not yet obvious, my SSMV rank is “Sigma”, thus, the views expressed here in this blog are “Sigma Frame”.


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  3. Rock Kitaro says:

    Hey there! Just had to give you props for linking my web post in one of your articles. It prompted me to look up this concept of the “Sigma” and it blew my mind. I’m currently working on another post about discovering it. So thank you!

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  4. Jed Mask says:

    Awesome stuff Bro. Jack.

    Check out this place for more info on the “Sigma concept” as well from a Christian perspective: http://sigma-summit.blogspot.com/

    ~ Sincerely,

    Bro. Jed

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  10. Hello Jack. I noticed Scott’s posts have vanished:

    Thank God there is a backup on the Wayback Machine:

    I was going to publish the following comment there:

    “David Jobes uses this approach (he is a collaborator with Joiner) in his Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicide (CAMS) system [PDF]. In this framework you empower the individual by allowing them the dignity of having suicide as an option… Of course, you are trying to eliminate suicide from that list of options, but if you just threaten to put them in the hospital you are taking psychological power away from them, and they are already feeling like that.”

    God bless David Jobes! I can’t even talk about my suicidal tendencies with a psychiatrist because I know he may try to imprison me “for your own good” (sic). Coercive Suicide Prevention violates the Non-Aggression Principle and leaves the patient traumatized, unable to trust doctors. This very “taking away of psychological power” also happens when theologians threaten suicidal people with hell, in spite of the fact that the sinfulness of suicide is highly dubious:

    “There are seven suicides and one attempted suicide reported in the Bible, and they are presented either neutrally or as appropriate, under the circumstances … how did the Bible’s neutral position on suicide become translated by the Christian Church into a dogmatic opposition to suicide? … In the Fourth Century AD, the Empire and the Catholic Church sought to suppress the heretical Donatists … The Donatists’ fanatic belief in an obligation to resist persecution in practice sometimes expanded into goading magistrates and other authorities into killing them, secure in the knowledge that this “martyrdom” ensured them a place in Heaven … It was to “correct” this heresy that St. Augustine of Hippo, in the early fifth century, wrote his arguments opposing suicide … Augustine’s arguments did not immediately take hold in Western culture. The first comprehensive Christian-era legal code was the Code of Justinian. This codex, drafted about a century after St. Augustine, did not punish suicide, if the person had a good reason for killing himself; good reasons cited include, “impatience of pain or sickness, or by another cause, weariness of life… lunacy or fear of dishonor.” In short, every reason except no reason at all, and that was punished only on the grounds that it was irrational: “whoever does not spare himself will not spare another.” (8) Suicide did not become a crime under English Common Law until the 10th Century, in the appropriately-named Dark Ages.”

    The Truth in Limbo: The Bible and Suicide (2009/12/27)

    Best regards.


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