The Sweet Aroma of Love

…is in the freshly F–ed Aura!

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The Spiritual Force of Preselection

Preselection is a phenomenon in which women are magnetically drawn to men who are already taken. Preselection is known to impose an extremely heavy bias in women’s psychology in sizing up a man. It is so strong that if a woman sincerely believes a man is taken, then she will feel more viscerally attracted to him, whether he is actually taken or not. For this reason, PUAs will often claim to have a wife or girlfriend, will wear a fake wedding band, or carry and show off a picture of himself with a beautiful woman who is purported/presumed to be his significant other.

How men experience preselection.

I’ve noticed a phenomenon that is similar to preselection, yet it has nuances that cannot be explained by our current understanding of preselection. Allow me to explain.

The Spiritual Force of one’s Sexual Aura

The Manosphere’s long-time understanding of the phenomenon of preselection is ostensibly based on whether a man is taken or not. But as we can observe from the examples of PUAs, a man doesn’t need to be in a truly committed relationship for preselection to kick in. In fact, if a man has regular p00n at his disposal, women can sense this, and they find it sensually alluring. Likewise, if a man is NOT getting laid on the regular, women can sense this too and are repelled.

I’ve experienced this myself. There’s been times in the past when my wife was upset about something and avoided having sexual intercourse with me for a couple weeks. During this time, it seemed like it was not only her who was repulsed by me, but all women in general seemed to regard me with disdain and hold me at arms length. They wouldn’t come near me. They wouldn’t talk to me unless it was of pressing importance. If I approached a woman to talk with her for whatever reason, then she was apprehensive and anxious to end the discussion.

At other times, my wife and I have cuddled and canoodled in cooperative coitus early in the morning after awakening, and this transformed my entire day. When I went out afterwards, women young and old were giving me sexualized attention. Female strangers gave me that intense gaze. Some couldn’t break eye-contact. Others would break eye contact, but then I’d catch them looking at me again a moment later, and then again later on… They’d brush up against me as we passed each other on the sidewalk. I’ve even had some women feel my butt while I was pressing my way through a densely packed crowd!

The women I was well acquainted with were even bolder. They would stick around to talk with me as long as they could, IOIs galore, touching my arm or shoulder, or trying to hug me. I’ve even had women make innuendos and cat calls to me while standing outside of church with my wife standing next to me! (My wife would have b!tch-slapped those women if I did not restrain her.)

So how can having sex with my wife in private make such a big difference in my life in public?

Many of these women know that I am married, and those who don’t know me personally can see me holding hands with my wife, but they treat me differently depending on whether I’ve inseminated my gism in her chasm that day or not. It’s not the way I dress or anything else I am conscious of. I’ve dressed to kill, wore cottons, and went out in my athletic attire in both states of being well laid or not — all with the same results. I’m convinced that women can somehow sense that I’ve had sex, or I am sexually content, or feeling loved, or… or something… But I can’t tell what or how. I don’t know, maybe they can smell the pheromones.

I think this difference is not strictly determined by preselection as we currently understand it, or maybe it’s a metaphysical nuance of preselection that has not been fully explored in the Manosphere.

What is happening Spiritually here?

Sex contributes to a man’s confidence and sense of detachment, which masturbation alone doesn’t accomplish. But it goes deeper than this. Having access to sex and sexualized attention, and experiencing love, bonding, and feeling accepted and blessed, are not a direct result of having sex per se, but rather an inherent result of being humbled and opening my heart, which is the overall effect that having sex has on a man.  I could even believe that my wife’s eagerness to engage in sexual relations with me was also a response to me being in this same state. It is confounding because I am not very well aware of when I am in this state.

I made a statement to this effect to my pastor once, when he asked me, “How does your sex life affect your relationship with God?”

I told him, “It’s very clear to me that my relationship with God, and with other people too, is MUCH better when I have a regular and fulfilling sex life.”

He said I had the correlation right, but the cause-effect relationship wrong. IOW, he was arguing that one will have a better sex life when one has a better relationship with God, as one is then humble and open-hearted. I told him that I see what he’s saying, but it is sexual expression that causes one to become humble and open-hearted, so it’s a two-way street. If being closer to God really produced a better sex life in that order, then the church would be thronging with people trying to get closer to God.

He was very annoyed by this, but said nothing more about it.

Questions for Discussion

  1. What is your experience with this phenomenon?
  2. How does your sex life affect your relationship with God?
  3. How does your relationship with God affect your sex life?
  4. In your view, what is the cause-and-effect relationship?

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15 Responses to The Sweet Aroma of Love

  1. cameron232 says:

    I can’t say I’ve noticed any indications that women can tell I’ve had sex with my wife. Maybe it’s a real thing and I’m just missing it.

    I definitely think pre-selection is real. After I got a girlfriend I got more female interest from decent looking girls.


    • whiteguy1 says:

      Cameron, you clearly need to collect more data on this subject!

      I suggest at least 3 times in a 24 hour ‘stretch’ with your girl (heh), then go out into the world and observe how people are treating you. And if you can’t collect enough data, do it again, and again, and again, until you can get at least 3 points on that graph.

      I mean, it’s for science!

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      • cameron232 says:

        Whiteguy — LoL – Would be an interesting test to see if it will function 3 times in 24 hours. I think it will. Been a long time since we’ve had THAT kind of time on our hands.


  2. whiteguy1 says:

    What is your experience with this phenomenon?

    I have had this happen on numerous occasions, I was just too ‘blind’ to see it. Thinking back, towards the end, right before Crazy blew up the marriage and she was trying to control me via the bedroom, the women at work were more than flirtatious. There were many times that I thought I was being set up by HR! Being at a public park in the afternoon doing a photoshoot, after a morning roll in the hay, I came across a couple of girls 20 years my junior. One couldn’t keep her eyes off of me when talking to me. The other (more cute in my estimation) almost wanted to run away (major nervous energy, in a good way). At the time, I couldn’t place what was going on. I just chalked it up to ‘they could smell it on me’.

    How does your sex life affect your relationship with God?

    For me, it seems to give me clarity in thinking, feelings, and connections become easier to make in scripture, in work, and even in some of my inventions I’m working on. This leads me to believe that it is somehow related to ‘flow’.

    How does your relationship with God affect your sex life?

    Looking back, when I was more at peace, it seemed to make sex more frequent. However, this analysis is suspect simply because all I really have to go on was Crazy’s behavior. A coronary to this, when I was really in ‘flow’ working on any one of my projects, or really any pursuit, the girls wanted more of my attention than normal… Hmmm…

    In your view, what is the cause-and-effect relationship?

    I’m thinking that this is a multi-layered relationship. There is something that changes within us (as men) when we achieve a state of flow/peace with God that women can sense, be it pheromones, spring in our step, look in our eyes, how we ‘feel’ about ourselves and our relationship to the world and God, or a combo of all. For them (women) it manifests itself as sexual attraction.

    And maybe it’s that simple, when we dump our baby batter into a woman, when we subdue the world (create, make, fix, etc.), and rule it, we are fulfilling the first command that God ever gave man (Gen 1:28). Maybe God put this into our base hardware (our DNA) that when we are fulfilling our first commandment He gives us peace in the physical realm that we connect with the spiritual. And the girls want to be a part of this in the only way they can (how they are made, they are a very visceral bunch) by making babies.

    Now that’s an interesting thought… The way that verse is structured, the first commandment really goes to the woman doesn’t it, not to us men? Maybe that’s why modern women have lost their collective minds; they are about as far from the first commandment as one can get. They have no flow, no peace, unless they are filling the earth.

    I’m thinking about the women I know with more than 2 kids; beneath all the frazzled, stressed and crazy (good kind), I get a feeling of ‘peace’ about them…

    Fascinating subject Jack.

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  3. redpillboomer says:

    Hmm… I’m a bit older, so to say the women are attracted to me because of pre-selection, i.e. being married… IDK… Some of that is in there possibly. I think the big thing for me, being an older guy, is they are attracted to me being ‘wise’ and married successfully for almost 33 years now. They seem to like that… a lot. One thing they seem to really like is the Red Pill version of me. I think what gets their attention is, yes, pre-selection to some extent — wedding ring and all that, but also the ‘wise, salt and pepper grey beard thing I’ve got going on;’ but most importantly, it’s that Red Pill aura. Women seem to sense it, and I think they like it. It’s like their subconscious minds are telling them, “This guy knows what he is doing inter-sexually wise. He gets it! AND, I like it!!” Doesn’t matter the age range, twenty somethings up through the forty somethings, they just “get that I ‘get it’.” They like it as long as it does NOT come off creepy in any sort of way.


  4. redpillboomer says:

    “In fact, if a man has regular p00n at his disposal, women can sense this, and they find it sensually alluring. Likewise, if a man is NOT getting laid on the regular, women can sense this too and are repelled.”

    This really explains something I’ve noticed too. In the educational program that I’ve been part of for a number of years, there are a handful of men that are KNOWN players; and yet they seem to fairly regularly get women in the programs to sleep with them. My wife says that while they are handsome to one degree or another, she finds them skeevy in their character. I can agree with her. They have a certain way about them, but if I was a girl, I’d stay clear of them. Of course, I’m not a woman so I see them through a totally different lense.

    The thing that stands out to me, is the attraction of the women to these guys even though the ladies KNOW, I mean we ALL know — it’s like common knowledge around the place, that they’ve already been with a number of women in the programs over time. Doesn’t stop the women, or at least a certain percentage of them, from trying their luck with these guys. And as far as I can tell, they always get the same result: sleep with him, be with him for an STR, and then he moves on to the next chick.

    I know pre-selection is a subject of ‘Manospherian lore,’ but in at least this one case that I know of personally, it does seem to hold true.


    • Red Pill Apostle says:

      “The thing that stands out to me, is the attraction of the women to these guys even though the ladies KNOW, I mean we ALL know — it’s like common knowledge around the place, that they’ve already been with a number of women in the programs over time. Doesn’t stop the women, or at least a certain percentage of them, from trying their luck with these guys. And as far as I can tell, they always get the same result: sleep with him, be with him for an STR, and then he moves on to the next chick.”

      If we’re following the tried and true, “watch what they do” to know what they really think/believe, the natural conclusion is that the women who go for men like those you describe is that they just want to have short term fun. They may say or think that they will be “one” to change him, but the reality is that women who go after this type of guy are intrigued by the fun aspect of being with him first, and the rest of what she says or thinks amounts to rationalization cover for her actions. It is not as if these guys are unknown quantities that are pulling the wool over women’s eyes, so what you are seeing is women who, at least in part, want the same thing that guys do, even if they hold out hope that they may be the one to tame the lion.

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  5. Red Pill Apostle says:

    Jack — Here’s my 2 cents on your observations. I don’t know if women are necessarily detecting pheromones, but as the sex that tends to be more in tune with body language, women very well may be picking up on the outward expression of the neurochemical changes within you that come with having sex. Personally, I believe it is more reasonable to attribute women’s responses to you to them picking up on the subtle cues stemming from internal peace and then the confidence you exude.

    Here is a good article that summarizes some of the neuroscience behind brain chemistry, hormones and sex.

    “Having sex has repeatedly been associated with improved moods and psychological, as well as physiological, relaxation.

    The reason behind why we may feel that stress impacts us less after a session between the sheets is due to a brain region called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus dictates the release of a hormone called oxytocin. Higher levels of oxytocin can make us feel more relaxed, as studies have noted that it can offset the effects of cortisol, the hormone linked with an increased state of stress.”

    ~ Medical News Today: How does sex affect your brain? / Sex and Hormonal Activity (2018-4-6)

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    • Jack says:

      RPA, I read through the article. Essentially, sex affects one’s affect, mood, behavior, and possibly even decision making. Women are especially sensitive to a man’s affect display. I can believe it has a bigger effect on some men’s mood and affect (like me) than others. I read another article that said sex raises men’s testosterone, which would also make them more attractive to women.

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      • Red Pill Apostle says:

        Jack, If you think about this from a creation viewpoint, those activities God gives men for their role in the world, be fruitful and multiply (sex) and rule over the earth (physical labor), both have the effect of increasing testosterone or keeping the level high. It’s almost like we were designed to procreate and work and benefit from doing both. 😉 Of course, sin entering the world skews creation so that it eventually breaks and dies, but we can still observe much of God’s initial design.

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  6. Eric Francis Silk says:

    Matthew 13:12
    Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.

    The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, in the Sexual Market just as in the Financial Market.


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