Career, Sex, Marriage, and Family

For the past half-century, the Sexual Revolution, Abortion, Birth Control, No Fault Divorce, and the convergence of the church with cultural and feminist influences, have all contributed heavily toward the defilement of sexual relations, the debasement of marriage, and the destruction of society. All this has left the family structure and the faith of our children in shambles.

In response to this large-scale tragedy, I’ve put together this page to help men in general, but Christian men especially.

  • Men who are struggling to escape the jaws of feminism-inspired cuckoldry, frivorce, divorce theft, and court sanctioned kidnapping;
  • Men who are wondering how to transform their wives into a woman worth dying for;
  • Men who are searching for a marriage that would bring joy into their families for generations to come.
  • Men who continue to believe in the goodness and centrality of the home and hearth.
  • Men who rise up and fight when the traditional family structure is threatened.
  • Men who by faith believe that God might give them something better in life – not what he was born to be in this world, but what he has within himself to become, according to God’s plan and purpose.

So if you’re a man reading this, and you know it’s your God-ordained purpose in life to marry a woman and raise a family, then you’ll find a page of links on this on the pull-down bar!


I’ve spent a fair amount of my lifetime examining what is most important in this life, and I’ve put together many of the most important nuggets of wisdom that I’ve gleaned over the years – many of which I’m sure you’ll never hear elsewhere.

Now I’m passing that wisdom on to those who have found this blog by divine providence of the Lord’s grace.

Maybe that’s YOU!


I have had some of the best and worst experiences in life. I have learned that when it comes down to the choice, it is helpful to see things clearly, and to adopt an attitude that is conducive to your calling.

Likewise, there are certain preferred ways to think about things, which would prove to be more advantageous in cultivating a joyfully satisfying relationship with a woman, and raising emotionally healthy, Godly children.

Best wishes towards your pursuit of an excellent marriage and sex life. I pray that your knowledge, faith, and wisdom will grow to excel at the challenges, duties, and tasks required by your calling in life.

May you grow to handle your marriage and family relationships with such charismatic dexterity and finesse that your life stories will form the family lore told among your progeny!

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