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Moulding an Excellent Wife

Moulding a wife’s behavior through recognizing and correcting the false beliefs that cause unwanted behaviors. Continue reading

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Nudity and Respect

An excursion into the world of art, human form and expression, with a few takeaways. Continue reading

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The Sex Robot Controversy

A completely hilarious video spoofing liberal news articles on the sex robot industry. Continue reading

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Coffee Shop Churchianity

Coffee shop culture posed as a humorous analogy of post-modern Churchianity. Continue reading

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The Satanic Persuasion Formula

A simple, yet profound theory of game strategy based on an exegesis of Genesis 3. Courtesy of Continue reading

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Review of vetting, virgins and new info on virginity pledges, from Christianity and Masculinity

Facts and common sense reasoning for men choosing a woman for a LTR or marriage. Continue reading

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A Response to Stephanie’s Comments

Thoughts on Eggerichs writings, and other personal revelations. Continue reading

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We investigate the sources of variance in men’s estimations of women’s attractiveness ratings on OKCupid, and find that the appearance of the woman determines what type of attention she draws. Continue reading

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Psychological Projection and the Mirror Effect

Explore the mechanics of psychological Projection, along with five common examples: Selfishness, Greed, Envy, Remorse, and Self-Seduction. Continue reading

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Learning the Wisdom of Foolishness

Foolishness is wisdom, and wisdom is vanity and grief. The key is to enjoy each moment and each person in your life, and glorify God by doing so. Continue reading

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