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Don’t Admit Her Argument

This post examines how men inadvertently assume a subservient role whenever they defend themselves against a woman’s criticism, and how men should dismiss such arguments out of hand. Continue reading

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The Challenge of Demanding Excellence

Solid science, logical analysis, personal testimony, the Red Pill, and Biblical truth have been allies in the fight against falsehood and deception. But the spiritual forces of feminism always stand in opposition to these pillars of truth. Continue reading

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Moulding an Excellent Wife

Moulding a wife’s behavior through recognizing and correcting the false beliefs that cause unwanted behaviors. Continue reading

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Pushing the Line

This post describes how a man can demand more consideration and respect from a woman, and in doing so, receive positive, constructive responses from her. Continue reading

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Cultural Ethics, Patriarchy, Chivalry, and Christianity

A discussion of the ontology of ethical systems, and some relevant intricacies of Chivalry and Christianity. Continue reading

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Disciplined, Submissive, Happy Wives

This post reviews the author’s application of a relational theory which was covered in a previous post, regarding conflict structure. Continue reading

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The Pygmalion Project vs. Shared Enterprises

The Pygmalion Effect is the general habit of focusing on the weaknesses in a partner, which only leads to an exacerbation of the perceived problems. Sharing an enterprise is illustrated as one way to upset and displace the Pygmalion interaction dynamic. Continue reading

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13 Disciplines in Dealing with Delectable Daughters

This post covers the moral challenges that men face in raising daughters, the dilemma that daughters face in coming of age, and some key points in raising daughters with discipline, confidence and purpose. Continue reading

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The Blessings of Flow

This post explores a few relationships between spiritual blessings and Csíkszentmihályi Flow. Continue reading

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Review of vetting, virgins and new info on virginity pledges, from Christianity and Masculinity

Facts and common sense reasoning for men choosing a woman for a LTR or marriage. Continue reading

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