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The absence of slavery, necessity, coercion, or physical, social, political or spiritual constraints, or from the power or control of another, leading to the free exercise of choice, and the positive enjoyment of various social, political, spiritual, or economic rights and privileges.

Yankee Stay Home!

What is the real purpose of building the wall? Continue reading

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Where is your life headed?

Think about where you stand in the order of things. Is it where you want to be? Continue reading

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Revealing Her Unencumbered Beauty

Men need to help women accept difficult truths, develop faith in Christ, and find the beauty of life. Continue reading

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Why Do Men Need Visions and Dreams?

Dr. Myles Munroe delivers a powerful ‘man up’ message with a tidal wave of OMG realizations about the purpose of men and the nature of women. Continue reading

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The “Orange Pill” for Attention Deficit Hypergamic Disorder

Loopholes in the social mechanics allow crafty men to get a middle leg up, and keep hypergamy in check. This post explores the Orange Pill in greater detail. Continue reading

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Learning the Wisdom of Foolishness

Foolishness is wisdom, and wisdom is vanity and grief. The key is to enjoy each moment and each person in your life, and glorify God by doing so. Continue reading

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Pick Up Game – Does it serve the needs of Men, or is it for Women?

Pick Up Game is the smooth harvest of sexual gratification through a respectful appeal to the weaknesses of both sexes. Continue reading

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If you’re wondering, “How, or why, should I fast?”, then look no further. I have had a lot of experience in fasting. This post contains the following sections on Fasting. What is the Purpose of Fasting? What is it like to … Continue reading

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Growing “Roots” in Faith

The story of how I grew more emotionally and spiritually independent, and how I began developing my own Frame of mind, and stand on my own. Continue reading

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Question: Why Should a Woman Change Herself to "Get Along" with a Man?

Some changes are related to compromise, some changes are motivated by love and loyalty, and some changes are required for personal growth and maturity. Also, some things cannot, or should not be changed. Continue reading

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