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You have to leave Murika to get the Real News

Western news has converged to selective liberalism. Continue reading

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Biden Squared

Links covering the Hunter Biden scandal. Continue reading

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Christmas Presents 2019

A personal story of our Christmas presents. Continue reading

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The Symbolism of the Cat

Scratching apart the sexy symbolism of the feline. Continue reading

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Why is Citizenship Unquestionable?

America’s immigration policies are quickly becoming self-destructive liabilities. Long lived cultures have a noose-tight admission. Why shouldn’t My America do the same? Continue reading

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Nudity and Respect

An excursion into the world of art, human form and expression, with a few takeaways. Continue reading

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A Noodle Asian Inspiration

Americans have forgotten what true feminine beauty and power are all about. Take a look at a true beauty who would make a Feminist sh*t bricks! Continue reading

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Cross-Cultural Relationships and Dating in Taiwan

A review of cross-cultural relationships in Taiwan, and a brief discussion of the SMP interactional dynamics. Continue reading

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Consideration vs. Fatalism

This post addresses the cultural differences between the fatalistic insulation of far-Eastern culture, and the faithful consideration of western culture. Continue reading

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The Problem with Having a Foreign Boyfriend

Some insights on cross-cultural relationships. Continue reading

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