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You have to leave Murika to get the Real News

Western news has converged to selective liberalism. Continue reading

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The elephant in the room is the canary in the coalmine

Censorship is the greatest issue of our age. Continue reading

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Cancel my views for what we call the News

When the news is strictly propaganda, it’s time to turn it off. Continue reading

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The Overton Shake

Has the Overton window divided to form distinct Left and Right factions? Continue reading

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How much is Virginity worth?

An overview of the Virgin Market Place (VMP) and a rundown of prices around the turnpike world. Continue reading

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Eunuchs of the New Feminist Order

Explore the beautiful future in a world without Peter Johnson. Continue reading

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Buckle Down for the Ride of the Centuries

This post examines a few signs of a coming economic recession and the Biblical End Times. Continue reading

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Breaking the Fifth Wall – A New Protocol for Post-Truth Debate

In a world where no one recognizes truth or ethics, what do we fall back on? Continue reading

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RT Spews Competition in the Media Wars

Russia now has a news platform in English, broadcasting ‘Russian Truth’ to the world, and changing the information game. Continue reading

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Censorship of Praise is the Thief of Joy

Joy and praise is carefully removed from mass media, thereby expunging all expression of joy and blessedness. Continue reading

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