A Man’s Ability to Read IOIs Depends on Having a Firm Grasp on His Personal Archetypal Mythos

Here’s another important thing to be learned from Dr. Klajic.

Readership: Christian Men
Reader’s Note: In this post, the concept of mythos is defined in literature and psychology as a traditional or recurrent narrative theme or plot structure. It is not to be confused with a myth as being a set of superstitious beliefs or false assumptions about something. A previous post On the discernment and wisdom of true morality (2019 February 2) covered the nature and importance of discernment.
This is part 4 of a series on masculinity.
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Scott first introduced the Meet Cute phenomenon to us in two posts, Probabilities (2020 February 24) and Opportunities (2020 February 26), and it was later covered in full in The Meet Cute Phenomenon (Scott’s Axiom) (2020 December 6).

Discerning IOIs and being able to attract and navigate a Meet Cute experience is of critical importance because it establishes a preferred Headship structure in the relationship.

Scott’s insights inspired me to study this topic and write a few posts about this phenomenon, including a List of Female IOI’s (2020 March 30) and 8 Examples of IOI Word Semantics (2020 July 8). Since last year, I’ve realized that my learnings of this topic have only just begun.

The Power of Mythos

Archetypal Therapy and Innate Personality Traits (2021 March 20) is one of my favorite posts from Scott. I like this post because it helps me understand and appreciate who he is in many ways, including the way he thinks about himself. The mythos of his family stories puts everything into it’s proper place in his understanding of both himself and the world at large. This is the power of mythos.

One significant event that helped build that aspect of Scott’s mythos which concerns women and marriage was described in his post, How I discovered that I wanted to be married (2020 April 27). Essentially, he discovered the presence of God in his friend’s parent’s relationship, and he wanted that for himself. This touched him so deeply, that it became integrated into his personal mythos. Or perhaps it is better to say that God revealed this foundational element of his personal mythos to him through this experience.

Believe it or not, this mythos has a direct relation to the ability to receive and detect IOIs!

Under NovaSeeker’s post, Deciphering Concepts of Attraction (2021 April 19), Scott wrote,

“From what I have seen/my experience, IOIs come from a place that is not consciously controlled. It is natural, fun and obvious. Any attempt to modify it for the purposes of the intended recipient (the guy) would come across as weird or obsequious.”

In the past, I had (somewhat facetiously) assumed that Handling an IOI requires a Miracle! (2020 July 17). But after I read this comment, I realized that Scott would only be able to read and interpret IOIs this easily and accurately if he already had a firm grasp on his family archetypes, and his personal mythos.

Archetypal Mythos offers a Guiding Frame for Discernment

Having a strong clear sense of personal mythos gives a man a sense of purpose and a frame of discernment. It creates a clearly defined psychological boundary between one’s inner world, and the messy world out there. In other words, it helps a man Develop an Attitude of Detachment (2020 July 10).

If this archetypal mythos is firmly grounded in a man’s psyche, then going about one’s daily life is something akin to a shopping experience. For everything that a man comes across in life, there is a basic underlying question which frames his assessment of the thing, which is,

“How does this fit into my mythos?”

The value of the thing, as it relates to that particular man, then becomes very easy to discern.

“If it fits into my mythos, I’ll take it!  And if it doesn’t, I’ll just let it be.”

This assessment naturally includes a man’s selection of a woman, but more importantly, it provides the Frame in which the true answer to such an assessment can be discerned. As a result, whenever a woman is giving out IOIs, they can be readily interpreted as such, and the appropriate response is therefore intuitive.

Mythos could also serve as a standard about when to take action or become aggressively motivated.

“If it threatens my mythos, I need to do something about it.”

Also, I can see that if a man has a strong sense of mythos, and the psychological grounding that it provides, it can enhance a man’s charisma and overall attractiveness to both men and women. This certainly helps the generation and display of IOIs.

In other words, archetypal mythos provides an individually tailored Frame of reference.


Archetypal Mythos brings it all together in one Frame

Men, learning to think of your life in terms of a continuing Archetypal Mythos will help everything fall into place in your mental concept and increase your aptitude with discernment.

This concept also fits with Chateau Heartiste’s third commandment,

“You shall make your Mission, not your woman, your priority.”

But the thing is, a man must first know his mission. Having a firm grasp of his personal mythos will bring this to fruition.

Finally, all of this also coincides with what Ed Hurst said about his own process of finding/choosing a wife.

“It’s not about the rules; they help, but they are simply a manifestation of something deeper. My successful marriage wasn’t about the rules. I followed my convictions and God supplied my need. It was a miracle. I broke some of your suggested rules because I tend to see through the rules to the divine moral purpose. I knew I had a divine calling and that steered every choice. I’ve made mistakes and I accept them as the consequences of faith that needs to grow. I’ve always lived as an alien on this earth; marriage was just a part of that.”

In Ed’s comment, words like, “conviction”, “divine purpose”, “divine calling”, and “alien on this earth”, all suggest that he had found a mythical life script given to him by inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

We would do well to ask God for the opportunity to discover our own individual sense of personal mythos as a Christian. So do yourself a favor. Take a moment and contemplate the following prayer.

One further observation — It seems that many men do not operate with a personal mythos as their guiding star, but rather, something else that is more immediate, self-centered, and base. Examples might include social dominance, ego, sex, profit, popularity, convenience, and I’m sure many others. In this case, the internal dialogue would go something like this (using ego as an example).

“How does this support my ego?”

“If it supports my ego, I’ll take it!  And if it doesn’t, I’ll just let it be.”

“If it threatens my ego, I need to do something about it.”

As you can imagine, this would lead to an entirely different set of thoughts, actions, and behaviors. The thing is, if a man doesn’t have a God inspired personal mythos to guide his thoughts and actions, then he is probably navigating through life on one of these other prerogatives.

Exit Question

  1. What is your guiding star? Is it a deeply inspired personal mythos combined with a divine purpose for living, or are your psychological assessments guided by something else?


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8 Responses to A Man’s Ability to Read IOIs Depends on Having a Firm Grasp on His Personal Archetypal Mythos

  1. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    You know I agree with this,right?
    But the best IOI has always been a girl asking to be be my girlfriend!Then the second is them doing small favors for me like the nurses who offered to buy me sodas&even a nite light to put at the bottom of the hospitol room floor,since I would get up out of my hospitol bed without help once I was walking again! But you know I usualy agree with jack&also dr.klajic better known to all of us as our friend scott!He knows his stuff!Much better than all those psychaitrists who prescribed boys ritalin by the truckload throughout the ’90’s(How many future GREATMEN did we lose by that&other things like abortion!?)


  2. Scott says:

    I basically found my version of heaven on Sirius XM channel 33 (1st wave)

    Billy Idol and Steve Jones are guest hosting, talking about the late 1970s New York punk scene and playing stuff from the Clash and Brian Eno.

    I just want to live in this channel.

    Carry on

    Liked by 2 people

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