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The Cross of Our Age

Our placement in this place and time by God’s Providence tests how much we are willing to suffer sexually in order to follow our Lord. Continue reading

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Sex Appeal is not strongly correlated with Beauty

What makes certain women so irresistible? Continue reading

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Juxtaposing the Temporal and the Eternal

A review of the interplay between God’s omnipotence and humans’ volitional will. Continue reading

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2020 Sigma Frame Performance Report

Σ Frame’s fourth annual traffic performance report. Continue reading

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Only noble born men are qualified to do housework for unicorns

Now Christian men must be members of the noble class to do the housework. Continue reading

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Are you a man or a mushroom?

Men’s ignorance and natural weaknesses make them susceptible to the machinations of lascivious women. Continue reading

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Make like a tree…

See you around… Continue reading

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She Needs You

Having an abundance mentality is indisposable to a man. Readership: Christian men, husband’s, fathers, and those called to be such. I came across this post in Ed’s archives. It contains a message that needs to be repeated. Do What’s Right: … Continue reading

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The Morphing Ethical System in the U.S.

A study of how the Righteousness vs. Guilt ethical structure of the West was able to have been undermined and overturned. Continue reading

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Satan’s Secret Recipe for a Heretical Purity Movement

Only the Grand Master Bait could concoct such a beautiful disaster! Continue reading

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