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Bruce Charlton on Agency

A commentary on Bruce Charlton’s essays. Continue reading

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What we’ve learned about Feminine Submission

Is she a maidenly Mother or a meretricious Mustang? Continue reading

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Repentance and Submission

Withholding wives must swallow their sin, not wallow in it. Continue reading

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10 Dark Aspects of Trans-National Corporations

The 21st century version of colonialism. Continue reading

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Ressentiment, Shame, and Accusation within Progressive Identity Politics

The universal mechanism for correction has been inverted in purposes. Continue reading

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The Lecherous Horndog

If women are so Pure and Lovely then why is talking about them so Filthy? Continue reading

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Epilogue: Counting the Cost

A summary of March’s theme of Risk Assessment. Continue reading

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Unlucky in Love?

6 introspective insights that might explain why. Continue reading

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Aristocratic Hypergamy

Hypergamy is a bear market for the Elite. Readership: All;Author’s Note: This post was coauthored by Lexet and Jack. Introduction The Manosphere seldom covers any examination of relationships within the aristocratic class system, but we’re making up lost ground this … Continue reading

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2020 Sigma Frame Performance Report

Σ Frame’s fourth annual traffic performance report. Continue reading

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