The Distension of Cathartic Cathexis

Frustrated Catharsis is regularly instilled by the Liberal Media.  Here is one such Case Study.

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In the last post, I gave three case studies of how Frustrated Collective Catharsis is employed as an Incentive for Social Unrest using Brechtian Techniques. This post will look at one more example in depth — an article from The Wall Street Journal.

In case readers are having difficulty in identifying the Brechtian Techniques used in MGM, one should be aware that the Western propaganda machine intentionally avoids the overt militaristic Power vs. Fear aspects of Brechtian Techniques because of its psychological connotations with Communism, N@zi Germany, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, etc.  However, it still survives in a covert muted form.

Once readers become cognizantly aware of this Psy-Op trick, it will become evident in countless articles published daily by MGM.

In covering this article, I wish to point out that in spite of this article’s stated intent of bringing awareness to advancing the quality of life for blacks, it serves little purpose other than to arouse and distend past racial animosities, which isn’t helpful for blacks — nor anyone else — at all.

The Springboard

The WSJ outdid itself with one article that described what appears to be an expression of frustrated catharsis resulting from a cathartic cathexis.  The reader will understand what I mean by this through reading this essay, and I suspect that it is reminiscent of idolatry.  Their piece entitled Liberals Choose Racial Catharsis Over Progress for Blacks (2021-6-1) [Archive] highlighted President Biden’s trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend the 100th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa race riot.

An overdramatized scene from the dystopian HBO series Watchmen (2019), supposedly depicting the 1921 riots in Tulsa Oklahoma.

The WSJ reports that this riot “destroyed a prosperous black community and is estimated to have left hundreds of people dead.”  This account is somewhat misleading, however, because the 2001 Tulsa Reparations Coalition examination of events identified 39 dead (26 black and 13 white), based on contemporary autopsy reports, death certificates, and other records.  Several estimates based on sensational newspaper stories and dubious personal testimonies ranging from 75 to 300 dead have added confusion about the exact number, but this is what the WSJ chooses to present as apparent fact, thereby stoking up the drama and racial tension.

The Anti-Climax

Next, the author adopts the pseudo-conservative role of controlled opposition when he writes,

“These historical milestones … demonstrate how much racial progress has been made in this country in a relatively short time.  Yet for progressives and their friends in the media, the events are also an opportunity to push for racial preferences and bigger government.  The goal is to link today’s racial disparities to past wrongs and to play down or ignore the far more significant role that contemporary black behavior plays in social inequality.”

But the author never goes on to offer an opinion about a “corrected” view, nor does he ever discuss how “racial progress” might be achieved.  He doesn’t even tell us anything further about Biden’s visit.  Instead, he recounts several blurbs from people who are apparently made out to be Politically INCorrect imbeciles who commit the narrative faux pas of mentioning expert facts that deny or downplay the significance of the riot!

“George Patrick Evans, Selma’s mayor, [was asked] how events of 50 years ago fit into the “current conversation about race relations,” he balked at the question.  “I’m not sure how it fits,” Mr. Evans, who is black, replied.  “We have a lot more crime going on in 2015 all over this country than we had in 1965.  Segregation existed but we didn’t have the crime.”  [When] Asked about the city’s high black unemployment rate, he still refused to racialize the issue…”

How dare he insinuate that blacks might have had it better under segregation!

How dare he refuse to racialize any issue!

Sparks fly!

The apparent message here is that even blacks are ignorant and unmoved by their own history of radical injustice!  That is an injustice upon injustice, and an insult upon injury!

The obvious purpose of this mention is to arouse anger and indignance in the reader, and if it does not, “Well then, YOU are the problem!” Or so it is presumed. This constitutes a sly shame tactic and a defacto segregation of the Out Group — anyone who has the balls to disagree with the narrative.

The Hot Button Blizzard

The article goes on to mention many controversial ideas – but only in passing – because the goal here, you see, is to arouse tension, not to educate us about the history of racial injustice nor to convey an opinion about how it can be improved.  The task of educating one’s self and the burden of proof is therefore placed upon the reader with a blizzard of salty ideas such as…

  • Black unemployment
  • Housing discrimination
  • “…the dubious legality of race-based government assistance…”
  • “…the black residents of Tulsa 100 years ago didn’t wait around for the federal government to come to their rescue.  Within two decades of the riots, homes and churches had been rebuilt, and black-owned businesses again anchored the community.”
  • “The political left is much more interested in black suffering than in black accomplishment…”
  • “…black history is about more than victimization at the hands of whites.”
  • The idea that blacks had a better life under the segregation that existed before the Civil Rights movement.
  • “…it is no longer racist white vigilantes but black criminals who pose the bigger threat to safety in black communities.”
  • “Liberals blame today’s disproportionately high black criminality on the “legacy” of slavery and Jim Crow.”

Has the WSJ stoked up your emotions and objections yet?  If it hasn’t, then you just might be a cold-hearted, deplorable, unempathetic rac!st!  So the WSJ author goes on to cover various conflagrations from this angle as well.

  • “The Biden administration would much rather discuss white criminal behavior in Tulsa 100 years ago than black criminal behavior in Chicago, Baltimore or St. Louis today.”
  • “Obama invoked high-profile police shootings, “unfair sentencing” and “voter suppression,” giving the impression that little had changed in the past 50 years, his own election and re-election notwithstanding.”
  • “Liberals focus on this history of black suffering rather than success because it helps Democrats get elected and activists raise money.”
  • “This country’s racist past should never be forgotten or sugarcoated, but neither should it be used as a blanket explanation for present disparities.”

Are you emotionally exhausted yet?  Is your mind filled with notions of injustices that you feel must be acted upon but which have no clear expression of the will?  If so, then you’ve been stage played, or should I say, “transported” through a Suspension of Disbelief into a state of Cathexis.  Here’s your honorary tin foil hat, or should I say, the shiny fascinator that will allow one to peacock among the Woke.

The Dragnet

Just in case the reader happens to be a member of another race that is neither white nor black, the author goes further in mentioning several other inflaming issues that have absolutely nothing to do with neither Biden’s trip to Tulsa nor the riots there in 1921.

  • “History teaches us that the progress of blacks and other minorities in the U.S. is not conditioned on racial tolerance.”
  • “One of the largest mass lynchings in U.S. history targeted Chinese immigrants in Los Angeles…”
  • “Japanese-Americans were put in internment camps during World War II.”
  • “Today, both [Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans] outperform whites academically and economically and have for decades.”

Whew!  That exhausts just about everybody in the country.  Now we’re all on the verge of becoming exasperatingly Woke!  Well, that’s the whole purpose of this article, isn’t it?

After all this diatribe, the article ends with this.

“The left’s focus on the past behavior of whites, while ignoring the present behavior of blacks, might offer some people catharsis, and it might help groups like the NAACP or Bl@ck L!ves M@tter stay relevant.  But where is the evidence that such an approach facilitates black upward mobility?”

So after stoning the reader with a barrage of racially charged perspectives, this author offers a very weak final point of argument.  It is morally weak because he’s relying on the racial cathexis manufactured by the Left to create a frustrated catharsis for all. It is philosophically weak because his premise assumes that Biden’s purpose in attending the anniversary in Tulsa is to enhance the upward mobility of blacks.  I doubt this is true, and the author never addressed this assumption nor did he establish that it was true.  I would rather believe that Biden’s purpose was a politically saavy move to highlight racial conflict and to virtue signal, which is another fake catharsis.

So in the end, we are left with a frustrated catharsis over a cathexis that implicitly demands the reader to get involved somehow, or else feel guilty for not doing so. This is a reFrame of the worst sort.


Hopefully, I’ve made it clear by now how the MGM uses the Suspension of Disbelief, Cathexis, and Catharsis to destroy citizens’ inner peace and the broader Shalom of society.

To briefly reiterate the presentation and the impact of the article, as you can see, the article dances around a plethora of hot button issues, but never offers a denouement nor even makes a solid argument.  Within four days, the article had attracted over 800 comments consisting of many questions and personal opinions about race relations.  So the WSJ succeeded in its goal to create a conflagrating, confusing, and click worthy article.

One commenter, James Crosswhite, was able to identify the subtle underlying purpose of the article, although he failed to identify the catharsis as being one of frustration.  He wrote,

“Offering people some catharsis in our melodramatic spectacle-oriented political age is no small thing.  It is in fact the primary goal.  If the media does not magnify it, it is neither real nor true.  Unfortunately, the catharsis is cyclical and only temporarily satisfying — though it does ultimately move revenue from here to there.

A true Aristotelian catharsis would be not a simple emotional purge, but an actual emotional and intellectual clarification, a change in vision and attitude and action.  But that would lead to hard and honest policy work and not to further emotional spectacles that come and go, like riots, and celebrities.  Biden in Tulsa is neither an action nor an accomplishment.  It is a spectacle of useless and irrelevant emotion and exploitation.  Promising to violate the Equal Protection Clause is as wrong and foolish and dangerous as it sounds.”

Now, unless the reader went to all the trouble and emotional turmoil that would be necessary to thoroughly think through all the issues covered above, and somehow integrate these issues into his own life purpose, the reader would be left feeling a pang of injustice and wanting to whimper simp about racial disparities as a cathartic outlet, thereby propagating even more cathexis of discord and unrest.

And for what?  I challenge the reader to show me how Blacks have made significant progress as a direct or indirect result of this WSJ article. This article is little more than a tyranny of emotional sensationalism — a mockery of both the American society and the dignity of Blacks, and an utter distraction and a source of confusion to the reader.

The WSJ is like a sophisticated version of The National Enquirer, only one having divisive and malicious intent.


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6 Responses to The Distension of Cathartic Cathexis

  1. Bardelys the Magnificent says:

    It’s all so tiresome.

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    • Jack says:


      “It’s all so tiresome.”

      Yes, that is the whole point really — (1) to keep you wrapped up in the drama and the associated concerns, and/or (2) to wear you out emotionally and psychologically.

      If one doesn’t feel tired and bored with it all, then that would be a concern.

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  2. Red Pill Apostle says:

    One of the best life decisions I have made is to stop watching the news.

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