Hexis Cathexis and Voodoo Catharsis

Cathexis bites the bait.  Catharsis reels them in.

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A Summary of this Week’s Mini-Series

The phenomenon of Catharsis is founded on the human desire/need for psychological homeostasis and to be socially integrated. Catharsis is not anything good or bad in itself. But Christian faith demands that the resulting homeostasis should be in line with God’s Word, and that we become integrated into a community of other believers. Ideally, a Catharsis should lead to inner peace with God and a fellowship of shalom.  However, the catharsis that is foisted upon us by the world leads to confusion and frustration and serves to keep us locked under the spiritual authority of the principles and powers of this world.

A Cathexis, on the other hand, is usually used with a negative connotation, but it can be either good or bad, depending on the nature of it and what it transfixes us upon.  At best, a Cathexis on the Holy Spirit can lead us to glorify and revere God, to fight for the integrity and sanctity of marriage, or to protect children and the infirmed.  At worst, a Cathexis can manifest as an addiction (e.g. a desire for wealth, garnering attention, the abuse of mind and mood altering substances, sex, etc.), or even idolatry (e.g. fandom, feminism, individualism, etc.).

Recognizing the vacuum of awareness about this topic, this week I’ve covered a mini-series on the nature of Catharsis and Cathexis, and how the MGM employs these aspects of human psychology to manipulate the minds of the masses and thus public opinion — which is the real power (and a major fault/weakness) of democracy.

The MGM’s larger purpose of utilizing Catharsis and Cathexis is (1) to keep you wrapped up in their fabricated drama and the associated concerns, and/or (2) to wear you out emotionally and psychologically.

If one doesn’t feel tired and bored with it all, then that would be a real concern.  St. John described this dichotomy when he instructed us…

15 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world — the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life — is not of the Father but is of the world. 17 And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.

1 John 2:15-17 (NKJV)

Here, “loving the world and the things in the world” points to having an emotional / psychological attachment (i.e. a Cathexis) to false, harmful, idolatrous, sinful, or wasteful activities and obsessions, and also just about any political or social movement that doesn’t involve one personally nor fall within one’s personal spiritual domain.  This includes the regular digestion of gnostic media, MGM, paparazzi drama, progressive narratives, p0rn (for men), romance rubbish (for women), and social fads / ideologies / movements like Beelemzebub, the climate control craze, C0v@x, SeeArtTee, Tr@nsAm, and so on.

CatacombResident pointed out

“A key element of Christian Mysticism is detachment from this world and its concerns. It’s called Holy Cynicism in some circles. You are seeking peace with God and have zero expectation of peace for this world; this world is doomed. If you can disentangle yourself, then you don’t seek entertainment with its storybook resolutions; you aren’t drawn in because you don’t want that brand of catharsis. Then again, you aren’t moved by Brechtian Techniques, either. You become cynical enough without it; his plays become mere noise and annoyance.”

Unfortunately for those who have enjoyed this month’s theme, tomorrow we’ll be moving on to the theme for August, which is Masculine Authority and Responsibility.  However, I will continue to point out aspects of Catharsis, Cathexis, Cognitive Estrangement, Suspension of Belief, and the media’s mind manipulations when it comes up.

But before we go on, there is one more thing I need to address.

The MGM Deceptively Coopted a Righteous Cathexis in Reporting the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Uvalde Incident

Gunner Q brought up two insightful topics and some excellent questions.  He writes…

“I am liking this series. Recently I’ve been reviewing the Oklahoma City Bombing, after learning that inner-circle swamp creature Merrick Garland was involved in the prosecution of that. There is an example of Cathexis, but check my math. It’s a new concept to me.

At the time and still today, a big deal was made in the media about the day-care center in the building. 168 casualties but the 19 children were always what made the headlines. This is significant because McVeigh claimed he didn’t even know the day care existed. His target was the ATF field office inside the building, which he believed had committed war crimes at the Waco incident (which it had). By generating emotion about the children killed accidentally, the media was able to remain silent about the ATF office.

The prosecution never brought it up even though he was known to have protested in-person at Waco. They ran with the emotional appeal so that the jury wouldn’t wonder who the other 149 dead were. Also pointing the “white militia” finger at McVeigh, which I consider an example of assigning guilt by association.

I’m told McVeigh tried to bring up the ATF/Waco motivation during the defense, he actually tried for a just-cause defense, but I need serious research to learn more. Anyway, is that Cathexis? Because if so then Uvalde is a more recent example. Spin up the people on ‘the police did nothing’ then direct the social energy at gun banning?”

Scenes from the Oklahoma City bombing, 1995 April 19.

The two incidents Gunner mentions (the Oklahoma City bombing and the Uvalde incident) are insightful illustrations of how a Cathexis is used to control the narrative. In both cases, concern for the wellbeing of children is actually a “true” Cathexis. By “true”, I mean that it is beneficial to the family and society, Biblical, ethical, good, moral, proper, realistic, right, and so on, to highly regard the wellbeing of children above most all other concerns. So in coopting this Cathexis, the media does not need to spin up a moving narrative in order to create a Cathexis attachment in the public observer, simply because it is already there (put there by God and nature).

As Gunner observes, this Cathexis is effectively used to distract the public observer from noticing other issues that are more closely attuned to the causes of the incidents – causes which if known, would undermine the public’s faith in government and turn the narrative in a different and perhaps a more truthful direction.  As a result, the public observer becomes riveted on the injustice done to the Cathexis (the children), and becomes obsessed with obtaining some form of catharsis related to this injustice.  Moreover, the public becomes tied up in the emotional turmoil and their attention is thereby manipulated away from the core issues.

To offer an analogy, it’s kind of like giving candy or a toy to a child to keep him occupied or out of trouble while you’re doing something else.

Just to be clear, the news coverage of both incidents does not utilize the public observer’s desire for Catharsis directly, however, the biased and incomplete coverage of the events indirectly creates an intense need for catharsis in the public, and this is further aggravated by the absence of a decisive resolution which leaves the public observer feeling frustrated and insecure. So in this way the overall “goal” of destroying the shalom of both the affected community and the public observer is achieved.

A scene from the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas, 2022 May 24.

On a more concerning side note, it is rather revealing that we do not see the same intense focus on the well-being of children within the popular narratives surrounding abortion, cohabitation, custody, education, No Fault divorce and divorce in general, politics, premarital sex, society, tr@nsgender dysphoria, and so on.  In all these cases, children are sacrificed to the god of individualism without hesitation. So we can assume that the MGM’s focus on the well-being of children in the OC bombing and Uvalde incidents is cherry picked, simply because it is an easily coopted Cathexis that can be used to keep the public riled up about their pet cause and thereby distracted from other issues they want to hide.  IOW, they focus on the harm done to children not because they truly care for children, but simply because it is an effective distraction that furthers their purposes in these cases.


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