Cancel my views for what we call the News

When the news is strictly propaganda, it’s time to turn it off.

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I’m busy writing reports these days, so a rant should suffice for today’s post.  I don’t rant much often, so enjoy it while it lasts.

On topic, here’s Dirty Laundry by Don Henley of the Eagles fame.

I’m old enough to remember news anchors like Walter Kronkite and Dan Rather — men who staked their careers on veracious accuracy.  We don’t have news anchors like them anymore.  Instead we have talking heads who can’t keep their fairy tales straight, Anderson Cooper and that ugly sh!t face.  You know that guy I’m talking about.

The last time I saw real news coming out of CNN was their coverage of the Chechen rebel situation in 2007.  Watching those Russians blow stuff up was truly fascinating.  The terror on the faces of the correspondents made it real.  Since then, there hasn’t been a dimes worth of real news.

“The spread of globalism means that you as an individual must be made to care about matters happening in some other godforsaken shithole on the other side of the world.”

Adam Piggott: The Friday hawt chicks & links – The tribal edition. (2020 July 11)

Commener Klaus responded,

“Well put, Adam.  I’m starting to watch less news as I tire of being told of the plight of (e.g.) the Rohinga… or plastic straws in the ocean.  When the economic times get tougher, folks aren’t going to be as generous with caring about strangers.”

Evidently, westerners still watch the news with a serious mindset.  LMAO!

When was the last time the news made you properly informed, without trying to “re-educate” you?

When was the last time you had some news that improved the quality of your life or made your day better?

When was the last time you wasted half an hour of your precious leisure time sipping on the alphabet soup of lies?

Isn’t it about time that people wake up to the fact that the news and the internet only serve as an umbilical cord to the globo machine?  It’s way past time to disconnect.

CNN riot meme

But no, people still waste their worthless hours sucking off the witches teat of the Zi0nist propaganda megaphone.  They don’t call it a boob tube for nothing.  A better name would be the lube tube, because if they can soften you up with all those lies and that emotional drivel, it will be all that much easier to bend you over and ream you out of heart and home.

I can summarize the underlying gist of the nooz, so you won’t need to bother sifting through the doublespeak.

Get down on your knees! You’re going to swallow whatever I put in your mouth mind — BLM, Christian bigotry, COVID, democracy is flailing, feminism, global warming, Islamophilia, Jesus freaks, the Marshall plan, Marxism, #MeTwoo, orange man bad, tone police brutality, political correctness, racist statues swim like fish, pornstar kickstarts Civil War 2, socialism, white guilt, white man’s burden, white supremacy, Czar Putin dictates election, and Trump is a meanie.

I’ll give you a greasy spoon of unemployment, mortgage forclosures, and traditional chivalry to make it go down easier. Remember your manners and don’t talk back, white boy!

In case you weren’t listening, you’ll hear it all again at 6:00 pm.

And while you’re busy digesting this load, we’ll import foreigners and spline-fit them to take your stead in society.  You must pay homage to them as your betters.

That’s right!  All you need to do is to trust us.  Relax on your comfy sofa at home and drink the Kool-Aid narratives on the news.  Soon, hell will arrive and our work will be done.  If you don’t like that, then go vote for either one of our puppet candidates.


Is the general populace so dumb that they can’t see beyond this sh!t show of smoke and mirrors?

Protect your mind!  Put down your cheetos and push your chair away from this circus funhouse!

Remember, the so called cancel culture works both ways.  If the news networks won’t broadcast real news, then I’m not going to watch that crap.  Neither should you.  Let their ratings drop through the floor.


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Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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29 Responses to Cancel my views for what we call the News

  1. ramman3000 says:

    “Is the general populace so dumb that they can’t see beyond this sh!t show of smoke and mirrors?”

    Yes, absolutely!

    Things like this demonstrate that either most people are not intelligent enough to sustain higher level complex reasoning.*

    Or that they choose not to use their abilities (often relying on emotion instead). The cynical among us might suggest that the primary purpose of religion is to indoctrinate the dumb masses on the right way to live life because otherwise they wouldn’t do it. Lo, it has come to pass!

    Far less cynically, rejecting the God of truth prevents distinguishing between truth and fiction. IQ doesn’t matter if you reject truth. The world of spiritual experience informs the physical experience. I believe this is what Ed Hurst means when he describes spiritual insights that can’t be explained purely rationally, what Bruce Charlton means when he discusses intuition, what the church teaches about revelation, and why Gunner Q teaches spiritual mysticism. To quote Gunner Q:

    “I’ll even teach you mysticism, if it would help you see the lies for what they are.”

    If you are not spiritual, then your experiences can only ever be an approximation of reality. The smoke and mirrors that is so obvious to us looks very different to them. Their fundamental reality is different from ours.

    Not everyone has high IQ, but anyone can cultivate spiritual intuition. While being intelligent helps rationally identify falsehood with precision, spiritual intuition is more important. For example, I’ve long held the opinion that Jason has a strong spiritual intuition that allows him to quickly sense untruth (though he argued with me on this point and he likes to point out his slightly below-average IQ score).

    * I have 5 children in the IQ range of ~75 to 130+. The difference between high and low IQ is quite marked in their comparative reasoning abilities and their academic performance. The blankslatists who deny this are deeply wrong.

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  2. Elspeth says:

    I’m finding myself constantly stunned by the level of confidence some people (who I consider somewhat intelligent) place in the news as reported by the media.

    I keep trying to tell them that those people are literally willing to KILL the masses via false reporting on virus solutions and causes, plus usher an addled dementia patient into the most powerful office in the world for the sake of their agenda.

    By the way, there are a few folks I know who probably wouldn’t qualify as High IQ, but they have enough faith in God’s word to come to the conclusion that the dominant cultural and political narrative (at least in many regards) is evil.

    God really does override biology and natural tendencies for those with genuine faith in Him.

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    • feeriker says:

      Many otherwise seemingly intelligent people whom I ask why they still watch television news that they KNOW to be and acknowledge as obvious propaganda respond with something to the effect of “well, where else am I going get my news from?”


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    • ramman3000 says:


      The other day you said this:

      “I stumble onto online conversations where IQ is held up as the be-all, end-all of human worth (all with the gratuitous caveat that a man’s worth and dignity isn’t really based on his IQ, LOL!)”

      If you follow the link to Gunner Q’s site above, you can read this:

      “[Derek is] trapped in the lie of evolutionary psychology and I would see him freed to have the faith in God the Creator that the clergy he trusts obviously don’t.”

      Christians realize that a man’s worth and dignity has a deeply spiritual component. But we also acknowledge the reality of the physical (including IQ). We judge mankind for the content of their character and their behavior. I’m unaware of any other group that (in theory) values both the spiritual and physical and balances them correctly. It is difficult. Communicating this is also extremely difficult: many are skeptical.

      “God really does override biology and natural tendencies for those with genuine faith in Him.”

      How do you explain the importance of the spiritual to someone who rejects the spiritual? With that question in mind, I heartily recommend John C. Wright’s essay on universal moral principles: “The Parable of the King’s Pillar.”


      • Elspeth says:

        How do you explain the importance of the spiritual to someone who rejects the spiritual?

        I actually think this speaks to the self-same principle that Jesus spoke when he talked about how hard it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

        I suspect it’s the same for the very intelligent, for the same reasons. They can’t appreciate the importance of the spiritual because they see no need to for it.

        I’ve never considered myself a Calvinist, but I would say that very rich True Believers and very smart True Believers bolster their argument, because both are rare specimens.

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      • lastmod says:

        “Christians realize that a man’s worth and dignity has a deeply spiritual component”

        Where? In the red pilled world? The Christian ‘sphere? In church???? Never have seen it


  3. feeriker says:

    I’m going to have to fly round trip to and from Commiefornia this week. In every airport in the land big screen TVs blare out a non-stop stream of CNN fake news propaganda. It’s absolutely insufferable. Between mandatory face diapering, invasive TSA body searches, and non-stop intelligence-insulting Deep State propaganda, I don’t know if I can survive this ordeal without making international news myself, and in a very negative way.

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    • Ed Hurst says:

      I carry earplugs when I go places where I expect to be assaulted by such noise, like the VA hospital. A lot of otherwise good restaurants have excessively loud music and similar noises. I warn the server I’m wearing them and why. I really prefer to use my down time for prayer and contemplation.

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  4. Scott says:

    Everybody’s all like “CNN is leftist propaganda” and I’m all over here like “why the F&%# can’t building contractors show up and work for 5 full days in a row?”

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  5. Scott says:

    By the way, Dan Rather allowed an entirely made up story about GWB and his National Guard time go to print in order to sell his agenda, way back in 2004.

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  6. Scott says:

    And in 1993 NBC strapped incendiary devices to Chevy Pickups, filmed them being crashed (and exploding) in order to drum up a BS story about how dangerous their were.

    (Narrative: corporations are evil)

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  7. Scott says:

    The people who read around the NRx, the manosphere, red pill, stuff, HBD stuff, etc are a self-selecting group of not-particularly-gullible types who are not inclined to believe everything they see, hear or read.

    Its why the conversations are so interesting.

    Nobody around these parts should really have any use for CNN or whatever.

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    • feeriker says:

      Nobody around these parts should really have any use for CNN or whatever.

      I include Fox News (a.k.a. Faux News) in that “whatever.” It’s an uphill battle convincing people, especially self-described “Conservative Christians,” that that station is just as much of an Operation Mockingbird outlet as CNN (a.k.a. Fake News Central) or MSNBC. The fact that they have a pair of truth tellers on their panel (i.e., Tucker Carlson and Judge Andrew Napolitano, both of whom have been threatened with the axe on more than one occasion for being far TOO truthful for the Deep State’s comfort), doesn’t negate the fact that they essentially stick to the narrative for anything dressed up as “news.” The fact that Rupert Murdoch and Sons hold majority ownership should also be a very telling sign.

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  8. Scott says:


    One of the reasons I think of myself as a pretty crappy parent is the fact that I have a really hard time relating to children. People always say things like “you need to bring it down to the their level” and although I get what they mean by this, I just can’t translate it into reality.

    A great case in point is this. My kids love the movie “Signs” but they don’t really get the point. They think it is a space alien movie. So I say to them, “actually its about a priest who regains his faith after losing it due to a tragic loss in his life. The aliens are just an incidental plot device used to provide the backdrop and move the story forward.”

    Blank stares from the lot of them.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

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    • Elspeth says:

      Until our kids were about 10, we would just let them go with the space alien narrative. Besides our oldest (who has always been sharper and wise beyond her years), we found that around the 10-year mark, they really started to get stuff that they simply couldn’t appreciate any earlier. And since your kids are pretty young, it’s probably the same, except for your big girl.

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    • okrahead says:

      My son is a teen now, so he does get a lot of this stuff. It just comes with age.

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    • JPF says:

      Blank stares from the lot of them.

      Reminds me of foreign language class


    • Ed Hurst says:

      Yep, it’s around age 10 most kids start moving toward abstract reasoning. I worked in public education a few years and hated it, but I still love the kids and love teaching. I believe it’s a gift from God that I can recall not knowing stuff, and recall how I learned a lot of things. I have a strong empathy for children. Not that I’m any kind of expert, but I have no trouble dealing with kids being kids.


    • Jack says:

      When my daughters were under 10, I would often pontificate to them about abstract concepts that I thought were important, mostly just for the fun of it. They couldn’t understand, but even so, it had a big impact on them. Ironically, it made them confused, but at the same time, they were more accepting of the fact that their own powers of reasoning were inadequate, and that other viewpoints exist, which is very important at that age. In total, it made them feel more emotionally secure, which I chalk up to the power of God. All this is to say that them having an accurate mental understanding is not as important as hearing your talk and being challenged to think. Faith comes by hearing, not by understanding.

      I wrote one post a while back, in which I analyzed the mental capabilities of children in absorbing abstract ideas.
      If you have children under 11, it is worth reading.

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    • lastmod says:

      Was always taught in my department in undergrad (was trained to be a school teacher for the primary / elementary age) that you inspire, lead, teach and bring them to your level. I applied this with my Scouts (Boy and Cub) and it had mixed results. When I was teaching (2nd grade for an academic year). The parents were ruthless, the administration already “woke” back then (1992-1993) and most fellow teachers had more loyalty to their Union than to the children they were entrusted with.


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  10. lastmod says:

    It’s more commentary news………”hannity” “Tucker Carlson Tonite” FLASH, BOOM, BANG! “Democrats evil! Trump good!”

    Flip over to CNN and the same “Republicans evil! They will cancel your Social Security! You’re doomed!”

    Female reporters on ‘Fox and Friends” are dressed like they are going up to a night-club or pole swing. Cleavage just “so” on CNN, enough to tease. Journalism as a profession is about as rock bottom as pastor / priest or “teacher” in trust, professionalism, and attitude. At least Barbara Walters in the 1970’s dressed appropriately. Linda Ellerbee as well.

    The woman with boys haircut and glasses on CNBC is a hoot. Showing pictures of the protests in Venezulea and says “they are protesting Trump and his policies against their race” and the REAL story was it was a protest for FOOD from their nations failed policies. No retraction. No apology.

    The print news is no better. In San Francisco in the 1990’s you had “The Chronicle” and “Examiner” both papers left leaning….but AT LEAST some counterweight and good letters to the editor were composed, and some good columns here and there. After 2003 or so……no way. May both of them die and be forgotten

    I agree about CNN and their ilk, but in the sphere they seem to take “Fox” as “truth” and it hardly is. Calling W Bush a “conservative” and defending every stupid action by him. Mind you, his war and programs and handing money all over the world cost more than Johnson’s “Great Society” from 1965-1968


  11. thedeti says:

    Dan Blather, a respected news anchor? Please. He of the Bush National Guard memo fakery?

    Try Cronkite. Try Peter Jennings, Max Robinson, Edwin Newman, David Brinkley, John Chancellor, Richard Roth, Chris Glenn, Pete Williams, and most of the White House press corps before 1975.

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    • Jack says:

      @ thedeti, I remember Kronkite, Jennings, and Brinkley, but I guess I was young to remember the others you named. I’m quite sure there were many news anchors in the past who were much more trustworthy than those we have today. Even so, I’m sure some of those anchors in the past were working for TPTB.
      The question is, how could the public demand journalistic integrity in the past, but today the media gets by with so much sensationalism and propaganda? There must have been some kind of quality control check in the feedback loop between the media and the public that has disappeared in the last 20-30 years.
      I have a couple explanations.
      1. It is because the media has been monopolized by TPTB, such that there is no competition. (In fact, this is why alternative news media sprang up about 10 years ago.)
      2. It is because the public has grown fat, lazy, and dumb. (Or at least the segment that is content with the yarns of the NWO controlled media, which is the majority.)
      3. Could there be other reasons?


  12. lastmod says:

    Chet Huntley on NBC was decent. I was a little too young to remember Watergate (I entered Kindergarten in 1975 when Ford was president…..I remember learning that in Kindergraten). I remember Cronkite as boy in the late 1970’s. I remember when Peter Jenning was the “London” corrspondent in the late 1970’s on ABC as well. Tom Browkaw was a hack with a good radio voice that made it to network TV.

    PBS News Hour still probably is the best nightly news program. It is more balanced and does its focus where they have in depth news discussions about topics. Their coverage of election 2016 was actually very good. Some of us will remember it as “McNeil / Leher Newshour” as it was called from the 1970’s thru the mid 1990’s.

    Journalists usually are liberal. Always have been. The difference was they kept their ideas to themselves and usually focused on the facts, or asking the RIGHT questions. That doesn’t happen today, and hasn’t for awhile. It’s just shock value…ratings, clicks and a vile pleasure they have in causing disvision cloaking it under “journalism”

    They are smug, honestly think they are better than all of us and can’t understand why their ratings are falling. Americans are not dumb…..self-absorbed now, and who can blame them really with their news, their government, their churches, and pretty much everyone in the pulpit, the newsdesk, academia, and in any “leadership” position thinking that they are indeed “better” than all of them.

    There needs to be a serious look in the mirror. Many Americans are indifferent because……well, they are working, or looking for work. They don’t have the luxury to to be where these cats are.

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