Frustrated Collective Catharsis as an Incentive for Social Unrest

Psychological defenses are exhausted through repeated exposure to dramatic but empty arguments which fail to deliver an authentic catharsis.

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After watching the news or other media covering current events, have you ever had the sense that the world (as it is presented by the media) is surreal?

Have you ever had the sense that it makes you so emotional, but yet confused about how it affects you personally?

Does it leave you wondering how to respond or what actions need to be taken, and yet there is no clear course of action to be taken?

There’s no need to be confused about this, once you understand that it is all a Psy-Op, and the whole purpose of it is to make you bewildered, consternated, and utterly frazzled, such that you willingly check out.

This post follows up on two previous posts on the same topic, Infiltrating the Minds of the Masses through Suspension of Disbelief and Social Catharsis/Cathexis (2022-7-25), and The Comfortable Danger of Social Catharsis (2022-7-27).  Catacomb Resident has added an additional spin on this topic in revealing that a certain type of Catharsis/Cathexis that is focused on subjects that are removed from the viewers spiritual domain is A Matter of Flesh (2022-7-28).  This third installation is written in the hope of helping the reader understand how this scheme works to create widespread disinterested ennui. IOW, it uses drama and civil unrest to destroy the Shalom of a society.

Frustrated Catharsis is Intended to be a Motivator

The second post linked to above described how negative events create a distended need for catharsis that ripples throughout a community in a kind of constructive (but actually destructive) interference, leading to high amounts of emotional investment and “overheating”.  To fully attain an integrated and successful Catharsis, individuals must work through the issues presented and develop a new homeopathic balance, as was discussed in the first post linked to above.  When this is not realistically possible, this creates a social tenor in which catharsis is desired and sought after, but may not be forthcoming.  This state of not having an adequate catharsis necessary to allow individuals to experience a renewed trust in life, strength, and self-confidence is called a Frustrated Catharsis.

This is not a new phenomenon.  Many times in the past, there have been, for political or aesthetic reasons, deliberate attempts made to subvert the effects of catharsis in media, theater, and politics.

Sociopolitical scapegoats carry signs with their names and social transgressions in the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Many scapegoats were condemned to death or were murdered by mobs.

Case Study 1: Brechtian Techniques

The German screenwriter Bertold Brecht (1898-1956), a Marxist sympathizer, identified certain methods of media production that have since been used widely in media presentations and propaganda.

Brecht’s brilliancy is showcased by the fact that he wrote stage plays that appealed to both proletariat and bourgeois audiences.  Concerning the proletariat viewers, Brecht constructed plays that rejected the naturalistic stage style and portrayed the world at the time in a way that would enable each spectator to adopt a critical awareness of the action they saw on stage.  This critical awareness was intended to provoke viewers to work through these issues in their personal psyche and daily lives.  Concerning the bourgeois viewers, Brecht viewed catharsis as a pabulum for this audience, and designed dramas which left significant emotions unresolved, intending to force upon this rather socially insulated audience an incentive to take social action.

Brecht’s most noteworthy accomplishment was that he identified the concept of catharsis with the spectators’ notions of identification with the stage characters.  Brecht reasoned that the absence of a cathartic resolution would require the audience to take political action in the real world, in order to fill the emotional gaps they had experienced vicariously through his stage plays.  He thereby masterminded the viewers’ Suspension of Disbelief by introducing a number of psychological barriers in the presentation that prevented the viewers’ complete adhesion to the dramatic actions and characters.  These barriers created a distancing effect (Verfremdungseffekt) between the viewer and the representation or portrayal of characters, and are now known as Brechtian Techniques.  These techniques can be seen as early as 1930 in his agit-prop play, The Measures Taken, and led to the development of Epic Theatre.

Highlights from workshop of The Measures Taken (2009-12-24) Length: 5:48

Of note, Mao Zedong adopted Brechtian Techniques during the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), and certain elements can still be seen today in political rallies in Nationalistic cultures around the world.  I have even seen Brechtian Techniques being employed in Christian Churches in Taiwan!

Case Study 2: Jordan Peterson and Thinkspot

American Conservatives are presumably “allowed” to have “free speech” platforms because it is a catharsis – as long as it is owned and operated by TPTB.  This scenario is also known as “controlled opposition”.

The problem with all the “free speech” platforms that have sprung up over the last few years is that sooner or later, it is revealed that they are not “free” at all.  One by one, evidence came to light that there was indeed censoring and banning going on, accompanied by an unknown number of sock puppet accounts hosted by Big Brother monitors who were presumably paid to hedge maze the constructed narrative among the grass roots, all in the name of “keeping the conversation civil”.  Moreover, these platforms deceptively advertised themselves as “free speech” platforms in order to cash in on the clicks of the multitudes seeking an authentic cathartic interaction.

Jordan Peterson’s Thinkspot is one such “free speech” platform for our consideration.  Take a look at how it presented itself.

“According to Peterson,, will be a space where creators can monetize their work and users can engage in thoughtful conversation about topics without worrying about Big Tech censorship.  An issue that is currently heavily seen on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Some argue that these issues more greatly affect conservative voices vs left-leaning voices, and this appears to be true, although from my analysis it seems to be less about conservatives/politics and more about truths coming to the surface about agendas being pushed by the elite through the left.”

“A nuanced look at this censorship reveals that the political agnostic elite is simply using the left to create a culture of outrage to widen the gap within humanity and create an environment where censorship is widely requested by the people, instead of being unwelcomely proposed by the elite.  This is a classic case of the power elite creating a problem, getting the needed reaction, and then proposing their pre-thought solution.”

Collective Evolution: Jordan Peterson Is Backing A Censorship-Free Platform Called ‘Thinkspot.’ Here’s Why (2019-6-18)  [Archive]

What a nice talk!  Every deplorable noob and his cousin drew the conclusion that “he’s one of us”, and got the notion that they could interact with Peterson himself on a regular basis, thereby leading to a virtual avalanche of clicks from the multitudes seeking “meaning” and an authentic catharsis.

But in the end, Thinkspot and other similar platforms only offer a Frustrated Catharsis. Readers may be consternated to realize that this frustration was, in fact, the whole point of it all.

So whatever happened to  It’s still around, but other conservative “free speech” platforms that are observably more “free” left it in the dust.  As a neo-Marxist, Peterson wasn’t deemed trustworthy enough.

Update: Collective Evolution’s article was deleted in September 2021 after Gab took off.  We’re still uncertain just how “free” Gab truly is, but so far, it’s been more “free” than others.

Case Study 3: The TV Series, Unv@ccinated

In reaction to all the damning evidence about the Cov@x that is now appearing, in the form of medical and biological reports, the fudging of statistics, and the alarming decrease in the birthrate, TPTB have come up with a mind and soul numbing social catharsis in the form of a BBC sitcom entitled Unv@ccinated,* which is being slyly touted as a “documentary”.  This sitcom / “documentary” features a prefabricated reality show type of social experiment in which seven anti-v@x Britons spend five days living together in a house, where they are bombarded with what is purported to be “myth-busting scientific evidence” about the v@ccine. Readers should remain mindful that all the characters are paid, skilled actors and are not genuine, knowlegeable anti-v@xxers, and they therefore constitute a rhetorical straw man.

Readers who are familiar with Brechtian Techniques will quickly identify this whole plot as a bowling alley of king-pin-heads in which those of conviction (i.e. anti-v@xxers) are continually lambasted with ideological shame and ridicule until an increasing number of viewers, including and especially anti-v@xxers, have had a bellyful of the routine.  The desired end effect is to saturate the viewers’ minds with frustrated catharsis and artificially age the issue until everyone is thoroughly psychologically exhausted and no one is motivated to pursue the opposing opinion (i.e. being an anti-v@xxer).  As a result, TPTB can easily sweep this whole issue into the dustbin of history, and everyone will be glad to see it pass and be forgotten, just as China did with all the horrors of the Cultural Revolution. Such is the nature of Catharsis.

The best part of this stage play is that only the bad guys know, and none of the sheeple will be any the wiser (except those who happen to read this Σ Frame post).

* H/T: Cheque d’Out shared a link to a Daily Mail article about the “documentary”, Unv@ccinated.

The cast of Unv@ccinated.

Final Statements

Lest we think that the Communist / Left / Liberal / Marxist / Progressive wing of politics has a monopoly on using Brechtian Techniques and manufacturing frustrated catharsis, it can just as easily crop up in Conservative circles as well.  In fact, the Left greatly fears their own Techniques being “stolen” and employed by the Right, as revealed in this article from The Interpreter: Gab’s gift to the far right (2021-6-1).  Of course the Left dislikes what is being said on Gab, but they do not fear what is being said as much as they fear the way it is being said in an authentic cathartic way (viz. truly “free”). That is to say, it is a venue in which participants can attain a sociopsychological homeostasis and reintegrate themselves within an alternative community that is uniquely separate from the Globalist Woke regime.


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11 Responses to Frustrated Collective Catharsis as an Incentive for Social Unrest

  1. Thanks for this. I’d read about Brecht and his personal proclivities in The Intellectuals by Paul Johnson, but had never understood he’d pioneered these techniques. You sent me down a rabbit hole researching how and why they’re used. I’ve seen them before but never realized that I was being manipulated. I reckon I could use the technique of distancing in my own work, but in a white hat way to encourage the audience to think about what they’re seeing rather than just experience it as entertainment.

    It’s about time I actually watched a couple of his plays. Critically, of course, as he would have wanted. I found some on YouTube.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. bee123456 says:


    Get in line boys, there is a new platform that has Liz Plank, Glennon Doyle, and others to teach you how to be a real man.

    They also have a Youtube account.


  4. okrahead says:

    Would the short story “The Lady or the Tiger” be a literary example of this effect?

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  5. catacombresident says:

    A key element of Christian Mysticism is detachment from this world and its concerns. It’s called Holy Cynicism in some circles. You are seeking peace with God and have zero expectation of peace for this world; this world is doomed. If you can disentangle yourself, then you don’t seek entertainment with its storybook resolutions; you aren’t drawn in because you don’t want that brand of catharsis. Then again, you aren’t moved by Brechtian Techniques, either. You become cynical enough without it; his plays become mere noise and annoyance.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Jack says:

      CatacombResident, et al.,

      “You are seeking peace with God and have zero expectation of peace for this world; this world is doomed. If you can disentangle yourself, then you don’t seek entertainment with its storybook resolutions; you aren’t drawn in because you don’t want that brand of catharsis.”

      Thanks for pointing this out. One thing I have learned from this study of catharsis is that it is founded on the human desire/need for psychological homeostasis and to be socially integrated. Catharsis is not anything good or bad in itself. But Christian faith demands that the resulting homeostasis should be in line with God’s Word, and that we become integrated into a community of other believers. Ideally, a catharsis should lead to inner peace with God and a fellowship of shalom, as you said. But the catharsis that is foisted upon us by the world leads to confusion and frustration (as described in the OP) and serves to keep us locked under the spiritual authority of the principles and powers of this world.

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