2017 Sigma Frame Performance Report

This is Sigma Frame’s first annual traffic performance report. In addition to the statistics, a short introduction to the background history and purposes of the Sigma Frame author are included.

Taking the Red Pill and Discovering the Manosphere

Warning: This section has sexually explicit content that is NSFW.

Back in 2004-2006, I subscribed to an early PUA’s newsletter (‘Double Your Dating’ with Eben Pagan, AKA David DeAngelo). I thought his name, Pagan, was hilariously fitting, and rich in significance. I didn’t take it very seriously, but as bawdy, yet insightful humor. However, I realized that there were some things about life and relationships that I did not understand, but I really needed to. I also recognized on a deeper level that Pagan and other PUA’s were hitting on something that was considered very taboo and esoteric, according to the social standards at that time. Of course, this information eventually evolved into Red Pill awareness, which is now rather well known around the Manosphere. It is also now well known, that the PUA community, the Manosphere, and eventually MGTOW, were all reactions to the fact that Feministic influences retained control over certain key aspects of RP information as being taboo at that time. But ever since the pussy cat was let out of the bag, thanks to the internet, RP awareness went from being an unspoken taboo, to what is now labeled as ‘toxic’. The word ‘toxic’ is an expression of the Feminist’s fear of losing control over the narrative. Most normal men don’t consider RP Truth to be toxic.

In 2005, the clear connection between Feminism and the sex drought for 80% of men was relatively unknown. As a diligent Christian who voluntarily accepted celibacy until marriage, I was one of the 80%. But after I got married in early 2006, I gradually forgot about the beginnings of what we would now call RP awareness.

Then in 2009, during a time when my now ex-wife was creating a lot of trouble, I started blogging. Writing helped me sort things out and keep my mind straight. The Manosphere was still in its formative stage at that time, and I was yet unaware of it.

In late 2014, some time after my ex left me, I found some of Angel Donovan’s videos on YouTube, and subscribed to his podcast, Dating Skills Review. Donovan’s show interviewed one person a week, so after about a year, I became familiar with several noteworthy personalities, including Robert Greene (‘The 48 Laws of Power’), Mark Manson (‘The New Man’), Dr. Robert Glover (‘No more Mr. Nice Guy’), and Susan Walsh (‘Hooking up Smart’). I think that was the beginning of what I would later call my Red Pill journey. It made a lot of sense to me, in regard to my exes’ bad behavior, but I still wasn’t fully satisfied with what I was learning.

One major impression I got out of Donovan’s podcasts was the slow morphing transition of his perspective over time. He started out as a PUA, but then after a few years of experience and getting his N count into the 200+ range, he realized that the key to success, not only with women, but with most everything in life, was not merely in reciting witty pick-up lines and acting confidently, but in genuinely making himself a better man. This last point really resonated with my understanding of both Christianity and masculinity, and I started to wonder if there might be some overlapping truths between following Christ and learning Game. I also suspected that my ignorance in this respect could explain the failure of my marriage. So my interest in the subject deepened into a more serious consideration.

Meanwhile, my divorce was having its’ effects on me. I had too many women on my plate. They always came on to me, texting me nude photos, asking for my opinion of them, and then demurely inviting me over. I was laying 7’s, 8’s and 9’s regularly, and occasionally, these relationships would overlap long enough to form a soft harem. Some of them actually told me that another one of these women had actually recommended me to them. I couldn’t refuse the opportunities. My divorce had left me so horny and desperate at my peak SMV. I wanted it so bad, and it was just too easy.

Now a word about those women. After 10 to 15 minutes of hardcore pounding, many of them would laugh very giddily with a strange mixture of glee and rage, like they were teetering on the brink of madness. And it wasn’t uncommon for my paramours to cum more than half a dozen times in one fit of passion lasting 20 to 30 minutes. Also, my ex was never this hot in bed. I was enjoying it waaay too much, and I wondered how I would ever get free from this addictive sin. All I knew is that I had somehow been drafted to service Nymphaphrodite’s covenant of worshipping the Tingle god, and it was overwhelmingly like Almost AWALT. Only a very small number of these women (I’d say about 3 out of 10 at best) could convince me that they had genuine feelings for me. The grand majority were branch swinging on the carousel.

I know it’s a surprise to read about harems, orgasms and insanity in a blog statistics report. My point here is to say that my experiences with women at that time corresponded with what those PUA’s were saying, leading me to believe that they were really conveying the Truth about women. Coming from a conservative, Churchian background, I would have never believed it otherwise.

As I listened to more of Donovan’s podcasts over time, I gradually gained more exposure to the Reddening Pill, and I came across the door of the rabbit hole. I looked up some of the people he interviewed for more information, and eventually came across Alpha Game, Heartiste, Illimitable Men, and Zippy Catholic in early 2017. These guys hit the nail on the head for me, in terms of defining the real truth about women and relationships. I started a habit of reading (at least) one post a day from these guys, and I eventually widened my readership to include Black Label Logic, Cane Caldo, Christianity and Masculinity, Dalrock, Dark Brightness, Donal Graeme, The Rational Male, and Return of Kings, among many others.

Blogging History

I used to have my original blog platform on the Blogger host server, but it did really poorly. After subtracting all the hits generated by a Chinese ping probe, which gave my site exactly one hit per day, I had an average of 2.93 hits a day, since I broke ground on March 7, 2008.

My overall ‘views per visitor’ (VPV) ratio on Blogger was 1.021, which was depressing. (I consider a VPV ≈ 1, to be a failure on my part in delivering satisfying and inspiring material content, and also, a waste of my own time.)

For all the time I was on Blogger, I couldn’t understand why people either could not find, or did not enjoy reading my posts. I was thinking, “Is it possible that I think I’m a great writer, but actually, the whole world thinks I suck?’ This lack of response made me prefer to spend my valuable time in other pursuits besides blogging.

Then in August and September of 2017, I heard a lot about WordPress – the user satisfaction ratings, and how it was ‘powering 28% of the internet’, and so on. After mulling it over for a week, I decided to make the jump. So on September 27th of this year, I transferred most of my blog platform from Blogger to WordPress.

It was a good choice. I had more hits on WordPress in the first two months, than I had on Blogger in the last 8 years. I’m also meeting a few other bloggers who share ideas, so my online social circle is expanding. All good news!

Goals and Purposes

My goals and purposes in blogging are summed up in my About page. In addition to that, I hope to produce high quality work that would stand the test of time – writings that would be of value to readers even decades from now.


As you may have noticed, I seldom write about cutting edge topics in news or society, and I only cover politics or history occasionally. Instead, I focus more on deeper issues, and the cognition and processing of such issues, hence, the word ‘Frame’, in the blog’s title. These issues include some of the following.

  • Applications of faith and evangelistic outreach.
  • Archetypes and Typology.
  • Biblical exegesis, eisegesis and hermeneutics.
  • How to interpret facts in order to arrive at a more logical and truthful conclusion.
  • How to understand and build effective processes of interaction with others.
  • Renewing the spirit and improving the experience of life.
  • Strategies for implementing Game.

If I could summarize the recurring, underlying message within my blog posts, it would be something like this.

“Both Heaven and Hell are juxtaposed in the imminent experience of the NOW. The choice of which one to focus on, and develop into a resultant experience, is presented as a clear decision.”

I speak from this perspective out of my own experience, and also as an evangelistic message to all. If anyone gets an impression of another underlying message, I would appreciate hearing about it. Please leave a comment.


The way I approach blogging, is that I read a few posts and internet articles every day, and if I find a good one, I save the link with a brief description in a word file. Over time, I begin to see themes emerging, and then I select the related sources and use them to form the backbone of a new piece of writing. So at any one time, I might have around 30 to 50 posts in various stages of development. When one matures to completion, then I publish it. Some posts are conceptualized, written, and posted within the same day, while others sit in my folder, festering for months. For those posts, it really takes a lot of time and work to have a well-supported, well-documented argument, but that is what makes it stand out in value.


Finally, here are the 2017 stats for Sigma Frame, since transferring to WordPress on September 27, 2017.


Total number of followers: 12

Total number of views: 4,446 views

Total number of visitors: 1,089

Average views per visitor: 4.08

Average views per day: 46.3

Most popular day and hour: Sunday, 8:00 pm

Also, Sigma Frame gets a lot of hits on Mondays and Tuesdays, especially in the morning, and the fewest hits on Thursdays and Fridays, especially later in the day. I presume this conforms to the larger pattern of internet user traffic.

The best day for views ever: December 3, 2017, as a result of a repost from Notes from a Red Pill Girl: 16 Qualities of an Irresistible Woman (December 2, 2017)

Total number of viewing countries: 55

The top five countries with the most viewers:

  1. United States: 3,139
  2. United Kingdom: 360
  3. Australia: 223
  4. Canada: 208
  5. Taiwan: 78

All of these countries are well developed, democratic, capitalistic societies that are being smothered by post-modern, feministic social idealogies.

The top five search engine terms leading people to Sigma Frame:

  1. Unknown Search Terms
  2. URL Link: Conflict Structure and Marital Satisfaction
  3. URL Link: 16 Qualities of an Irresistible Woman
  4. “hypergamy wife smv”
  5. “sigmaframe blog”

Odd search terms which have led people to Sigma Frame: (NA)

The top five incoming referrers:

  1. Notes From A Red Pill Girl: 449
  2. Boxer: 207
  3. Dalrock: 136
  4. WordPress Reader: 112
  5. Spawny’s Space: 106

The top five blogs receiving the most traffic from Sigma Frame:

  1. Notes from a Red Pill Girl: 57
  2. Chateau Heartiste: 51
  3. Dalrock: 46
  4. Dames that Know: 44
  5. Boxer: 35


Total number of posts published in 2017: 37

Total number of all posts: 89

The top five most popular pages/posts:

  1. Home page/ Archives: 1,519
  2. 16 Qualities of an Irresistible Woman: 660
  3. List of Slut Tells: 216
  4. The Round Table of the Manosphere: 149
  5. Leaving a Legacy to Future Generations: 136

Of interest, only one older post received considerable traffic on Blogger: Confession vs. Profession (October 2, 2009). It had received a total of 4777 views at the time it was taken down from Blogger, which was about half the number of total views on that site.

The top five most popular Tags & Categories:

  1. Respect: 251 views
  2. Purpose: 214 views
  3. Models of Success: 176 views
  4. Testimony: 170 views
  5. Organization and Structure: 168 views

Likes and Comments

Total number of likes: 45

Total number of comments: 129

Most active time of day for comments: 19:00

The top five posts with the most comments:

  1. Leaving a Legacy to Future Generations: 28
  2. The Round Table of the Manosphere: 15
  3. Book Review: The Love a Wife Desires, the Respect a Husband Needs (5 stars): 14
  4. Psychological Projection and the Mirror Effect: 13
  5. 16 Qualities of an Irresistible Woman: 5

The top five most prolific commentators (excluding myself)

  1. Earl: 18
  2. Ame: 11
  3. SFC Ton: 10
  4. Stephanie: 9
  5. Boxer: 7

That’s all, folks!


Dark Brightness and Donal Graeme had these posts covering their blog performance and statistics. While reading through these posts, I found the information therein to be very interesting and inspiring, which led me to do the same.

About Jack

Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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11 Responses to 2017 Sigma Frame Performance Report

  1. Elspeth says:

    I have had a blog of one form or other for the last nine years and have never bothered to break down my stats.

    Not sure I’m going to start now, but it’s an interesting breakdown you have here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pingback: For the marriage of the godly. | Dark Brightness

  3. Boxer says:

    It’s actually really interesting to see this. I’ve had my blog for four years plus now, and you’ve got way more traffic, yet I’m in the top 5 for sending it your way. This suggests a lot of regular readers, rather than bots or bored feminists, looking for attention. Good work.


    • Sigma Frame says:

      Thanks, Boxer! I am still wondering what these numbers mean. I know a high views to visitors ratio means that people like what they’re reading. I also know that leaving thoughtful comments on other people’s sites will serve to advertise one’s presence and viewpoints in the blogging community. I also insert a lot of links and references in my posts, and this encourages clicks too. It’s a lot of work, but it’s nice to have all the facts and claims cross referenced through the links.
      Have you ever considered posting your annual stats?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Boxer says:

        Have you ever considered posting your annual stats?

        I’m more a self-driven blogger. While I’m grateful for readers, I don’t worry too much about the numbers.

        Another quick point.

        My overall ‘views per visitor’ (VPV) ratio on Blogger was 1.021, which was depressing. (I consider a VPV ≈ 1, to be a failure on my part in delivering satisfying and inspiring material content, and also, a waste of my own time.)

        This doesn’t mean your readers are unsatisfied. It means you’re writing semi-lengthy articles, well above the midwit level. Note: On one of your previous articles, I actually did get out the engineering pad and kept track of your argument with matrices.

        Asking the average chucklehead, of average intelligence, to read more than one of them, in one sitting, is asking a lot.


      • Sigma Frame says:

        Boxer, that is one interpretation which could be true. Many of my posts are 12 to 15 pages long in MS Word, so they are not for the casual reader.

        Liked by 2 people

  4. Scott says:

    Our story is similar, and reading lists almost identical

    Liked by 1 person

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