2021 Sigma Frame Performance Report

Σ Frame’s fifth annual traffic performance report.

Readership: Anyone interested
Length: 2,100 words
Reading Time: 7 minutes


I started blogging on March 7, 2008, using Blogger as my blog platform.  On September 27, 2017, I transferred the best of my blog writings from Blogger to WordPress, and began concentrating on Red Pill topics.  I received more views on WordPress in the first two months, than I had on Blogger in the previous 8 years.

Goals and Purposes

The goals and purposes of this blog are summed up in the About page. In addition, I value easily readable, and high content quality posts that stand the test of time – writings that would be of value to readers even decades from now.


I’ve had a habit to pray frequently about the purpose of this blog and the content of individual posts — what I should write about, and what men need to read and know.  I’ve always had the conviction that my testimony, my life experiences, and the things I’ve learned are valuable to other men, and that it’s important for me to share these things for the benefit of others. As time went on, I recognized that other men had these same convictions and I invited them to join me in this work.


In 2017, I was new to the sphere, so the posts summarized some of the basics I had learned. 2018 embarked on specific themes, using topics and citations from other articles.  In 2019, I started introducing more epiphanies from my private journal and my life experiences.  In 2020, the traffic and comments took a significant upswing. During 2021, the comments increased four-fold from the previous year. There was much more feedback through comments and private email correspondence, so I focused more on investigating the topics brought up and discussed through these venues.

Under the 2019 Performance Report that was posted at the beginning of 2020, Adam Piggott gave me this advice for posting.

“Post more often, you will get more traffic. If people know that they can get something from you every day, then they come back a lot more often. I’ve also found that the magic number of words for a post is about 700. That’s what people can handle in this day and age.”

I decided to experiment with writing shorter, more frequent posts, and I made a goal of posting three times a week at the same time. Within a few weeks, I settled into posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (although I could never trim the posts down to be less than 700 words). I continued this habit for 2021.

Author’s Panel

In 2019, I began to pray for other men to join this endeavor and the Lord has answered this prayer with exceeding benevolence. Lexet teamed up with me in 2019. Scott and NovaSeeker joined the writing panel in 2020. This year, four others joined us in contributing their talents and valuable insights in writing. In summary, the authors for 2021 included Jack (112 posts), NovaSeeker (28 posts), Scott (14 posts), Thedeti (9 posts), Red Pill Apostle (9 posts), Lexet (5 posts), Oscar (1 post), and RichardP (1 post).  We are especially grateful to have NovaSeeker, Thedeti, and Scott’s input, as all three of these men have been heavy-hitting contributors to the Manosphere ever since its inception over a decade ago, and have never failed to churn out riveting new insights, many of which are now staple topics of discussion. A special mention goes to Ed Hurst (author of Radix Fidem). Although he has not written any posts for Σ Frame, his close interaction with me through email has imparted foundational spiritual insights which have contributed to my own spiritual maturity and this has spilled over into many posts. Thanks also to all the readers who have invested their thoughts, time, and energy to contribute to the scintillating discussions.


The writing projects in 2021 were arranged in monthly themes:

  1. January – The Online Amateur Sex Industry and Socialization (OASIS)
  2. February – The Winter of Discontent (focusing on the dismal state of marriage and the mating market)
  3. March – The Christian Conundrum (focusing on conundrums and dilemmas in the mating market)
  4. April – The Inspiration of Beauty and Nature
  5. May – Life Scripts
  6. June – Patriarchy, Masculinity, and Maturity
  7. July – Market Forces
  8. August – Snickerdoodles (Case studies of female failures)
  9. September – The Maturity of Faith
  10. October – Gnosticism
  11. November – Agency, Incentive, and Motivation (AIM)
  12. December – Giving the gift of yourself to others

Gauging by the numbers of views and comments, February, March, May, and August had the most popular themes.

Having a monthly theme proved to be beneficial to both the writing process and the resulting discussions, so we’ll continue this habit for 2022.

There are three long running projects that have become a regular staple on Σ Frame.

  1. Archetypes, especially Headship and the Christ : Church :: Husband : Wife analogy.
  2. Courtship Models, e.g. Scott’s Axiom.
  3. Discipline in Marriage

In addition, Jack wrote 3 posts at Spawny’s Space this year.

Traffic Statistics

As the following statistics will show, all these contributions and habits proved to increase readership dramatically.  Σ Frame had an average of 442 views per day for 2020.  This figure increased to 673 for 2021.

YearTotal postsTotal commentsAverage comments per postTotal likesAverage likes per postTotal wordsAverage words per post

Number of views in 2021: 245,904 (+52.1%)

Average views per day in 2021: 673.7

Average views per visitor in 2021: 6.48

Number of visitors in 2021: 37,926 (-32.3%)

Number of followers joining in 2021: 21

Total number of followers on the WordPress reader: 179

Total number of followers by email: 21

Total number of all posts (on WordPress): 634

All-time number of views (on WordPress): 522,871

All-time number of visitors (on WordPress): 522,873

Most popular day and hour: Wednesday, 2:00 pm (GMT)

  1. The Lopsided Liberalized Mating Market (2021-02-17): 2,401 views
  2. Men’s Fantasy of Emotional Intimacy (2021-06-23): 1,817 views
  3. The Christian Conundrum (2021-03-21): 1,654 views
  4. Secrets (2021-08-18): 1,485 views
  5. Lessons on Life and Marriage from Matthew 10 (2021-09-20): 1,463 views

Congratulations to NovaSeeker, who nailed posts 1 and 3, and Red Pill Apostle for number 5.

  1. What To Do When A Girl Tries To Make You Jealous (2018-04-22): 62,230 views
  2. List of Slut Tells (2017-10-15): 6,475 views
  3. 16 Qualities of an Irresistible Woman (2017-12-01): 5,768 views
  4. 50 Shades of Discipline in Marriage (2017-11-25): 3,792 views
  5. Disciplined, Submissive, Happy Wives (2018-02-15): 3,194 views

The number of views in 2021, by author:

  1. Jack: 101,845 views
  2. NovaSeeker: 23,838 views
  3. Scott: 8,029 views
  4. Red Pill Apostle: 6,005 views
  5. Thedeti: 4,908 views
  6. Lexet: 3,707 views

This year shows another large turnover from the previous year. Holding Frame and Male Power returned to the list, while Strategy, Vetting Women, Courtship and Marriage, and Sanctification and Defilement fell off the list. Numbers 3-5 are new to the top five list.

  1. Holding Frame: 483
  2. Male Power: 476
  3. Relationships: 403
  4. Discernment/Wisdom: 400
  5. Introspection: 397

These changes suggest that men are backing away from the tortuous SMP and are placing more attention on improving themselves.

Likes and Comments

Number of likes in 2021: 458

Average number of likes per post in 2021: 2.6

Total all-time number of likes: 1,635

Number of comments in 2021: 12,063

Average number of comments per post in 2021: 67.4

Average number of comments per month in 2021: 1,005

Total all time number of comments: 15,366

The top five posts with the most comments:

  1. The Lopsided Liberalized Mating Market (2021-02-17): 382 comments
  2. Secrets (2021-08-18): 277 comments
  3. Men’s Fantasy of Emotional Intimacy (2021-06-23): 275 comments
  4. Is Patriarchy for Deplorables? (2021-05-31): 203 comments
  5. The Centrality of Sex in Western Culture (2021-02-08): 199 comments

The most prolific commentators*:

  1. Oscar: 202
  2. Red Pill Apostle: 97
  3. Jack: 89
  4. Thedeti: 88
  5. Cameron232: 73
  6. Feeriker: 67
  7. LastMod: 50

* Based on the 1,000 most recent comments.

The most views in one day:

NovaSeeker kicked the new year off to a fast start with his post, The Rise of the Amateur Sex Industry (2021 January 4). The following day, 2021 January 5, we had 975 views from 200 visitors, and NovaSeeker’s post received 133 comments within the first two days.

But NovaSeeker went on to surpass his earlier achievement with The Lopsided Liberalized Mating Market (2021-02-17), the same post cited in two categories above as having the most views and the most comments of the year. The following day, 2021 February 18, Σ Frame had 1,882 views — the most views ever in one day!

These two days had the highest number of views in 2021.

The top five countries with the most viewers:

This year, Australia superseded the UK for third place, and New Zealand bumped India off the top five. Figures in parentheses indicate the change from the previous year.

  1. United States: 193,696 (+88%)
  2. Canada: 10,368 (+12.5%)
  3. Australia: 6,664 (+16.9%)
  4. United Kingdom: 5,792 (-29.7%)
  5. New Zealand: 3,618 (+107.9%)

Total number of viewing countries/principalities in 2021: 170 (-20.2%)

Note 1: All of these countries are democratic, capitalistic societies that are being smothered by post-modern, feministic social ideologies.
Note 2: It is interesting to note that the change from the previous year corresponds to the changes in the sociopolitical climate in that country. Countries with the largest increase (U.S., Australia, and New Zealand) are countries with significant sociopolitical unrest. The Red Pill is the medicine for pain. Interesting how that works.


Leading search engine terms arriving at Σ Frame:

In past years, the majority of search terms included the words, “wife”, “discipline”, and “jealous”. This year, “jealousy” has vastly overshadowed all other search terms, while “wife” and “marriage” have almost disappeared. So the top three search terms are generalized as follows.

  1. A solid majority of all search terms used a variation of the word “jealous”.
  2. Some variant of “sigma male”, “sigmaframe”, “sigma frame blog”, etc. (Not surprising.)
  3. Titles of specific posts.

Concerning number 3, judging by the titles, the most searched-for posts are broken down in this order.

  1. The Trust Factor (2019-04-18)
  2. 2 Frames of Reference for Identifying the Trust Factor (2019-04-23)
  3. Confession vs. Profession (2009-10-02)
  4. Wisdom, Spiritual Efficiency, and Flow (2018-01-26)
  5. List of Slut Tells (2017-10-15)
  6. Discipline in Marriage (Page)

Funny or Odd search terms which have led people to Σ Frame:

The 2021 search terms were much less interesting than in previous years, so this list is short.

  1. The art of mind reading
  2. swiper swipes dora’s virginity

Non-English search terms which have led people to Σ Frame:

  1. фибоначчи портрет (Translation: Fibonacci portrait)
  2. в азии внучата груднички сосут у своей бабули сиську (Translation: In Asia, baby grandchildren suck their granny’s boob)
  3. кормящие мамочки в купальнике (Translation: lactating MILFs in a swimsuit)

Yes, we have Russian readers!

The top 10 incoming referrers (other than amp pages, search engines, and readers):

The SynLogos aggregator appeared in April of last year and immediately made a significant contribution to views. In August, the host of SynLogos emailed me and said…

“You’re the closest thing we’ve got to the old Chateau in terms of content, but more long-form and of course, Christian.”

I was somewhat surprised to be compared to CH.

Compared to the previous year, Twitter, Biblical Gender Roles, Derek L. Ramsey, and Singularity have been superseded by Dark Brightness, To Reclaim Normality, and Reddit/RPChristians. Figures in parentheses indicate the change from the previous year.

  1. Christianity and Masculinity (Deep Strength): 4,945 (+75.3%)
  2. SynLogos (Based Aggregator): 2,802 (new referrer)
  3. Pushing Rubber Downhill (Adam Piggott): 2,110 (-13%)
  4. Laughing at Feminism (Sharkly): 1,210 (-44.6%)
  5. Spawny’s Space (Farm Boy, Cill, Cheque’d Out, et al.): 958 (+141.9%)
  6. Gunner Q: 599 (-26.2%)
  7. Wintery Knight: 223 (-3.5%)
  8. Dark Brightness (Weka): 202 (+248.3%)
  9. To Reclaim Normality (Feeriker): 133 (new referrer)
  10. Reddit/RPChristians: 95 (-56.6%)

The top 10 blogs receiving the most traffic from Σ Frame:

Compared to the previous year, Hawaiian Libertarian and v5k2c2 (Boxer) have been superseded by Christianity and Masculinity and Full Metal Patriarchy.  Figures in parentheses indicate the change from the previous year.

  1. Spawny’s Space: 3,867 (+71.2%)
  2. Laughing at Feminism (Sharkly): 2,678 (+5.8%)
  3. Gunner Q: 2,134 (+23.1%)
  4. Wh0res and Ale: 1,817 (+24%)
  5. The Transformed Wife: 1,750 (-19%)
  6. Christianity and Masculinity (Deep Strength): 1,709 (+71.9%)
  7. Biblical Gender Roles: 1,687 (+11.3%)
  8. Full Metal Patriarchy (Prince Asbel): 1,644 (+511.2%)
  9. Wintery Knight: 1,556 (+5.6%)
  10. Pushing Rubber Downhill (Adam Piggott): 1,536 (+10.1%)
You have reached the end of the rabbit hole.

About Jack

Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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3 Responses to 2021 Sigma Frame Performance Report

  1. I have enjoyed it. Glad to hear that things have been fruitful. Thanks as always!

    To another in 2022!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. redpillboomer says:

    Keep the good work up! This blog has been a real blessing. After Dalrock’s blog ceased I was wondering where I’d find Christian Red Pill material comparable in quality. I didn’t have to look long before finding this one; and I’d say the quality of the posts and commentary may even be better than Dalrock’s!

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find Christian Red Pill podcasts of a similar quality. I did find one, but it went away, and I can’t even remember the name of the guy who ran it. Some of the secular content creators are quite good, but they lack the Christian perspective, so obviously they can’t tie it back to Scripture or the constructs of Scripture like we do here. This, IMO, leaves them a bit beneath the content of this blog and the old Dalrock blog, good as far as it goes, but missing that crucial element of God’s Truth.

    I think one thing the secular content creators, at least some of them do quite well, is post content from women’s podcasts/TikToks/Instagrams, etc. and dissect them. There’s nothing like hearing it straight from the feminist’s, CC rider’s or chameleon’s mouth and saying to oneself, “Wow, is that what they believe about men, society, and life in general? No wonder we’ve got such a freaking problem on our hands!” Other than that one thing, I think this blog is superior to the secular content.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s always interesting when bloggers share their stats with total transparency.
    As a whole, I feel you’ve got a good “based” and authentic resource here with this site, for men who are capable of thinking independently. This is as opposed to the “woke” men looking to the Mainstream Media for truth (the exact place where you won’t find it).
    Thus, I’ve added your blog to my own site’s resources section.

    [Jack: Thank you for the positive review and the linkage.]


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