2019 Sigma Frame Performance Report

Σ Frame’s third annual traffic performance report.

Readership: Anyone interested


I started blogging on March 7, 2008, using Blogger as my blog platform.  On September 27, 2017, I transferred the best of my blog writings from Blogger to WordPress, and began concentrating on Red Pill topics.  I received more views on WordPress in the first two months, than I had on Blogger in the previous 8 years.

Goals and Purposes

My goals and purposes in blogging are summed up in my About page. I value easily readable, and high content quality posts that stand the test of time – writings that would be of value to readers even decades from now.


In 2019, I took a slightly different approach towards writing than I have in the past.  I used to write in themes, using topics and citations from other articles.  I still do that, but this year, I started introducing more epiphanies from my private journal and my life experiences.  There is a reason for this change.  I have a frequent habit to pray about the purpose of this blog, what I should write about, and what men need to read and know.  I continually get the impression that I need to write about my own testimony, and my own spiritual journey.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” ~ Revelation 12:11 (NKJV)

This is hard to do, because it requires not only a greater degree of honest soul searching, but also immense courage to display your heart for all the world to see.  Being anonymous doesn’t change that.

As the following statistics will show, this approach has attracted considerably more traffic.  Σ Frame had an average of 175 views per day for the last two months of 2018.  This figure increased to 261 at the end of 2019.


I had several writing projects in 2019:

  1. Humility
  2. Trust
  3. Moon Day Review
  4. Rest
  5. Hormonal Birth Control
  6. Good and Evil
  7. Game

I also continued two writing projects from the previous year (2018), but with less intensity.

  1. Discipline in Marriage
  2. Courtship Models

This past year, the author of Lexet Iustitia revamped his blog to be more focused on legal and societal issues surrounding Christianity.  In the process, he purged his some of his older posts that covered Red Pill topics, and submitted these texts to me.  I’ve been in the process of updating/revising these writings and reposting them.  The series on Hormonal Birth Control was inspired by one of his posts.

New Pages

Over the past year, I’ve added the following new pages to the header.  The writing project on Hormonal Birth Control yielded sufficient posts to warrant its own page compilation.

Noteworthy Posts and Exchanges:

Early last year, I wrote a provocative post, Why do Christian women have the reputation of being whores? (2019 February 23), which attracted the scorn of Susan Titkemeyer at Pathos in her article, Christian Women are Whores? (2019 February 26).  She bungled all the statistical figures and feigned shock and indignation.  The comments there were, in general, pathetically uninformed, and rambled on until Brother Derek left a comment that corrected her interpretation of the statistics, which then ended all discussion on the matter.  I derailed Susan’s arguments in a follow-up post, Hitting a glorified nerve at Patheos (2019 March 4).  After that whipping, she hasn’t come back for more.  She also misspelled “Slgma” in the tag, so that it would be harder to find her posts.  She obviously doesn’t want anyone to read anything she writes about me, because then someone like Derek might leave a comment which would prove to be embarrassing to her.

In The Overton Shake (2019 September 30), I outlined one possible explanatory Frame for why political factions are stewing in their own messes, instead of addressing the opposing factions.  Teaser: The Overton window has split into two.

In October, I had an insightful exchange with Brett Stevens at Amerika concerning the nature of solipsism, “good”, and evil.  This is briefly summarized in the post, A collision of two philosophies yields the null hypothesis (2019 December 31).

There is one post I wrote this year that I consider a masterpiece: Why does Game work? (2019 December 9).  I am especially proud of this essay because it answers a monumentally important question that Deep Strength (Christianity and Masculinity) and Rollo (The Rational Male) have been trying to answer for some time: What is behind the “magic” of Game?

I have not yet received any feedback from DS or Rollo.  However, this post has been cited by The Futurist (feat. Kartik Gada and Imran Khan): Gems (2020 January 1), under section 16 on Game.  (Although lengthy, this article offers a powerful and concise summary of all things Red Pill.)  In the hyperlinked text, Khan writes,

“Game advice has become highly commoditized across the Internet…”

This pretty much sums up the impact of this post.  The mystery is now gone, and Game is now a socio-spiritual product to be developed and implemented at will.

I plan to write a few follow-up posts to explain some of the different Frames and nuances behind why Game works.

Traffic Statistics

Finally, here are the 2018 stats for Σ Frame.

Number of followers joining in 2019: 64

Total number of followers (on WordPress): 146

Number of views in 2019: 68,638 views

Total number of views (on WordPress): 115,191 views

Number of visitors in 2019: 28,044

Total number of visitors (on WordPress): 44,208

Average views per visitor: 2.45

Average views per day: 188

Most popular day and hour: Tuesday, 8:00 am

The best day for views ever:

546 views on Saturday, November 16, 2019.

Earlier in November, I wrote a post On the Spiritual Significance and Social Value of Game (2019 November 3) which attracted much attention.  This post received multiple citations on the following posts.

I also wrote a post about Putting evil in perspective (2019 November 15) which garnered a lot of views.  These two posts, supported by the referrals above, propelled Σ Frame through the stratosphere on November 16.  That is to say, this beat my previous record of 491 views on 2018 November 21.

The top five countries with the most viewers:

Compared to last year, the U.K. pulled above Australia, while Germany fell to 7th place, after South Africa.

  1. United States: 41,765
  2. Canada: 4,309
  3. United Kingdom: 4,244
  4. Australia: 2,591
  5. India: 1,563

Note: All of these countries are democratic, capitalistic societies that are being smothered by post-modern, feministic social ideologies.

Total number of viewing countries: 194

The top five search engine terms leading people to Σ Frame:

  1. what to do when she tries to make you jealous
  2. what does it mean when a girl tries to make you jealous
  3. if a girl tries to make you jealous what does that mean
  4. sigmaframe
  5. sigma frame blog

Apparently, women making men jealous is a major problem in society.  I will proffer that this is a symptom of society-wide promiscuity of epic proportion.

The majority of search terms included the words, “wife”, “discipline”, “jealous”,

Odd search terms which have led people to Σ Frame:

  1. amazon
  2. real woman meme
  3. telegram group slut
  4. textron

Even though Σ Frame is entirely in English, 2019 brought a lot of traffic from Russian search terms, and a few in Turkish.  (WTH?)  These terms are listed here, followed by Google translations.

  1. гуруди кормит мальчики – (Russian) breastfeeding boys
  2. діти 6 років лапати няню за груди – (Russian) wetnurse for children under six
  3. Кормит грудью в общественном месте фото – (Russian) photos of breastfeeding in a public place
  4. непристойные фото жен из семейных фото – (Russian) obscene photos of wives from family photos
  5. пираты карибского моря кадры из фильма – (Russian) pirates of the caribbean movie stills
  6. фото женщина ходит обнаженная по квартире среди детей и родного дедушки – (Russian) photo a woman walks nude in an apartment among children and her grandfather
  7. япония девушки лесбиян мама и дочь – (Russian) japan girls lesbian mom and daughter
  8. emzirme – (Turkish) breast feeding
  9. bebek emziren suriyeli kadın izle – (Turkish) watch Syrian women breast feeding baby

I see there are some really perverted individuals who occasionally cast a short shadow on this blog.  I even question the value of reporting this information here, other than the fact that it’s bizarre to the verge of satire.

The top 10 incoming referrers (other than amp pages, search engines, and readers):

  1. Adam Piggott: 1,664
  2. Christianity and Masculinity: 952
  3. Gunner Q: 607
  4. Biblical Gender Roles and Laughing at Feminism (Sharkly) tied for fourth place, each having 284 referrals.
  5. v5k2c2 (Boxer) 278
  6. Spawny’s Space (Farm Boy): 264
  7. Wintery Knight: 188
  8. Dalrock: 183
  9. The Other McCain: 100
  10. Cane Caldo: 81

The top 10 blogs receiving the most traffic from Σ Frame:

  1. v5k2c2 (Boxer) 1,923
  2. Laughing at Feminism (Sharkly): 1,686
  3. Gunner Q: 1,458
  4. Spawny’s Space: 1,435
  5. Adam Piggott: 1,329
  6. Biblical Gender Roles: 1,107
  7. Fabius Maximus: 879
  8. Dalrock: 868
  9. Snapper: 819
  10. Wintery Knight: 788

I was mildly offended that neither Boxer nor Sharkly sent me any Christmas cards as a gesture of appreciation.


Total number of posts published in 2019: 78

Total number of posts published in 2018: 88

Total number of posts published in 2017: 38

Total number of all posts (on WordPress): 277

Total Words in 2019: 141,727

Average number of words per post: 1,817

Note: I published 10 fewer posts than I did in 2018, but I feel I made up for the quantity in terms of quality.

The top five most popular pages/posts in 2019 (other than the Home Page):

  1. What To Do When A Girl Tries To Make You Jealous (April 22, 2018): 15,775
  2. Discipline in Marriage (Page): 2,077
  3. 16 Qualities of an Irresistible Woman (December 1, 2017): 1,653
  4. List of Slut Tells (October 15, 2017): 1,249
  5. Disciplined, Submissive, Happy Wives (2018 February 15): 1,160

The top five most popular Tags & Categories:

  1. Models of Success: 829
  2. Male Power: 778
  3. For the Married: 777
  4. Holding Frame: 650
  5. Strategy: 629

Note: Male Power and Holding Frame moved up one notch from last year, displacing For the Married and Strategy, respectively.

Likes and Comments

Number of likes in 2019: 297

Total number of likes (on WordPress): 710

Average number of likes per post in 2019: 3.8

Number of comments in 2019: 463

Average number of comments per post in 2019: 5.9

Total number of comments in 2019: 1,614

The top five posts with the most comments:

  1. A Deeper Look at Contraception and Abortion (2019 November 9): 38
  2. Ladies Should Respect the Man and Love the Boy (2018 June 28): 33
  3. Yet another variety of Internet Whoring (2019 October 9): 31
  4. Leaving a Legacy to Future Generations (2017 December 5): 31
  5. Psychological Projection and the Mirror Effect (2017 December 9): 29

The top five most prolific commentators (excluding myself)*:

  1. Ame: 78
  2. Stephanie: 63
  3. Earl: 61
  4. Lexet: 59
  5. Derek Ramsey: 47

* Based on the 1,000 most recent comments.

That’s all, folks!


About Jack

Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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20 Responses to 2019 Sigma Frame Performance Report

  1. ramman3000 says:

    “Brother Derek left a comment that corrected her interpretation of the statistics, which then ended all discussion on the matter.”

    LOL. Those were good times.

    “I was mildly offended that neither Boxer nor Sharkly sent me any Christmas cards as a gesture of appreciation.”

    I wonder what percentage of that traffic comes from my guest posts and/or links that I posted at v5k2c2… Well, I don’t send Christmas cards in any case. I do look forward to another year of your writings.

    Out of curiosity, did you notice any change in traffic when you changed your name and branding?


  2. I notice you liked your own post there. I assume it was a fat-finger moment because I’ve done it myself.
    Anyway, you’ve inspired me to post about my biggest linkers. Some sites send me 10x what I send them, I should show appreciation.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ame says:

    eeek! i talk too much! lol!


  4. Sharkly says:


    There are a couple of Christmas Cards for you, Jack. … From Boxer and I. The dirty one is of course the one from Boxer. 😉
    Thanks for linking to my site. I like that you shared your traffic info. It is pretty informative for me since I just recently started blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Adam says:

    Looks like you owe me!

    Post more often, you will get more traffic. If people know that they can get something from you every day then they come back a lot more often. I’ve also found that the magic number of words for a post is about 700. That’s what people can handle in this day and age.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jack says:

      I am sure you’re correct about posting more frequently. I think I’d see a surge if I just posted more regularly.

      Based on your “authority” of being my main referrer, I will experiment with writing shorter, more frequent posts this year. Right now, the average post is 1,800 words and 4.5 days apart.

      Would you like a Christmas card?


    • Sharkly says:

      Here are some stats from my newly started site:
      Year – 2019
      Total Posts – 43
      Total Comments – 916
      Avg Comments per Post – 21
      Total Words – 29,954
      Avg Words per Post – 697

      I almost hit Adam’s magic number of 700 words per post! But some posts are longer and some are short. One post that I feel is one of my best posts, also happens to be one of my longest posts. The lengthy post has more than one photo and by all rights it should be one of my most read, but people seem to avoid it like a leper!

      I myself get intimidated by long posts and don’t often read them unless I’m super interested in that exact topic. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat! I love Gunner Q’s writing, but I usually only read his shorter posts unless I’m really curious about the particular topic. There is also a pastor with some really good stuff at thirtypiecesofsilver.org who writes posts that are way too long for me to ever make it through. I sometimes wonder if my attention span is too short, or if I’m being a thrifty steward of my limited time?


      • Ame says:

        One post that I feel is one of my best posts, also happens to be one of my longest posts. The lengthy post has more than one photo and by all rights it should be one of my most read, but people seem to avoid it like a leper!



      • Sharkly says:

        The lengthy post was:

        I wasn’t trying to pimp for it here. I was just noting that the benefit seems to get lost in the lengthiness. Perhaps I should try to hone it down and strive for brevity instead of trying to answer so many likely questions.

        But, I’m not above pimping my site! So, the “Great Whore” and I sometimes resort to similar methods.

        Also, after commenting on Gunner Q’s lengthiness, I must give a shout out to https://gunnerq.com/
        He is my third biggest source of incoming referrals, so he is fine by me!

        I also just noticed that my 2019 WordPress stats do not exactly jive with Jack’s version. My stats shows me both sending(330) and receiving(1,732) slightly more traffic with Σ Frame, in 2019, than what Jack has published above. What’s up with that?


      • Sharkly says:

        I think I figured the disparity out. I referred 284 “clicks” directly to the Σ Frame home page. While the other 46 referrals clicked onto other specific Σ Frame sub-pages that were linked at my site.


      • Jack says:

        “One post that I feel is one of my best posts, also happens to be one of my longest posts. The lengthy post has more than one photo and by all rights it should be one of my most read, but people seem to avoid it like a leper!”

        Which post are you referring to?

        I make a point to insert one image for every 500 words. It makes it easier and more enjoyable to read. It is somewhat time consuming to find images that support the theme of the post, but it adds a lot to the overall quality, value, and impact. Posts with images get more views.


  6. Ame says:

    fwiw – i’ll comment on length of posts – i am much more likely to read a short post than a long one. i only have so much time … and so much mental space to process information that doesn’t pertain to my family and home … so if i see a post is long, i’m more likely to skip it and hope i have time, someday, to come back and read it all. also, i usually read blog posts when i have little pockets of time in between doing life, so i’m much more likely to be able to fit in a shorter post than a longer one.

    and for Adam 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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