A Girl Becomes a Lady

The Story

Over the Christmas holiday weekend, my wife and I went biking through a park near a reservoir. We met a divorced woman who was riding the trail with her 11 year old daughter. Several times, we stopped for a break and made small talk. On the way, the divorcee mentioned to me that her daughter was really bossy and demanding. I was surprised to hear that, because the girl seemed shy and reserved.

cycle lake

Later on, the daughter said to her mother, ‘I’m thirsty! Give me that water!‘ Then her mother started rummaging through her bag, searching for the water bottle. But before she could produce the water, I confronted her daughter, saying,

‘When you talk to your mother, you should say, ‘May I have some water, please?

The girl responded with a casual ‘OK…‘.

Then I told her, ‘Well… let’s hear you say it!

She looked at me quizzically, and then looked at her mother. Her mother jumped on, saying,

Yeah! Why can’t you ask me politely for things?

Then I said, ‘Come on! Say it!

So she said, ‘Can I have some water?

Then I said, ‘No, say what I said.‘ Then I repeated the request slowly.

May  I  have  some  water,  please?

The girl gulped, and then, in a contorted voice with an irregular rhythm, she said,

May I have some water?

To which I retorted, Please! Say please at the end. Now, say it again!

After a couple more attempts and admonishments, she finally offered a formal request with an air of dignified humility. Her mother, beaming with a very satisfied smile, then gave her the bottle. As she took the bottle from her mother, I affirmed her by saying, with emphasis,

Now, you’re a lady! From now on, be a lady, and your life will go more smoothly!

At that, she was both confused and exhilarated at the same time.

Further down the trail, the girl relapsed into her old habits a few times, and we had to correct her again. But after the second time, I didn’t need to say a word, because her mother learned from my example how to discipline her daughter to have better manners.

By the time we reached the end of the trail, this new, young lady was expressing some enthusiasm about being a lady!

But later, in the parking lot, I overheard her mother expressing a negative sentiment of annoyance to my wife, by posing the question,

Why does [my daughter] want to be a lady?

Her ignorance blew me away, but then after I caught my breath, I told her,

If she does not become a well mannered lady, how could she land a good job, or attract a classy man to marry her? Not only that, just think of all the anger and hate she will receive from people!

She sheepishly replied, ‘Oh… yeah…‘.

Later, upon reminiscing on this occasion, I realized, that’s why she’s divorced! No sense of dignity, no personal discipline, no humility, no sense of class… and she’s probably a feminist sympathizer too!


Being a proper lady has nothing to do with social class. It has everything to do with expressing ones self-respect in an acceptable, reverent manner.

NOT being a lady will indicate that a woman is a leech on society, and she will attract all the wrong kinds of attention – anger, hate, lust, envy, prejudice…

But by being a lady, a girl tells the world that she is honored, loved, well bred, dignified, disciplined, and has humility and grace. She shows that she has something of value within herself to offer to others.

If you were the young girl, which one would you choose to be? The answer is quite obvious, and she knows it.

However, there is something that the girl doesn’t yet know. Becoming a proper lady takes years of proper instruction, diligence, and practice, and to be done properly, it should be fostered from a young age. But if she is embracing and enjoying this process, then this doesn’t present much difficulty. There is a large responsibility on her family, however, to create a nurturing and protective environment in which she can feel safe to enjoy being a lady. Here enters the ‘father figure’… which, in the case described above, I suppose would be me.

The potential hazard is that it takes years of loving discipline and parental guidance to raise a model young person. But it only takes one bad influence or one wrong experience to destroy all that investment.

The construction of the World Trade Center required more than seven years, but it all came down in less than two hours.

The Moral of the Story

Mature, Christian, Red Pill men should be aware of the ways in which they could create a positive impact in the lives of the women and children whom they come into contact with on a daily basis. We should seek to build up, and not tear down. Our words and actions have an effect, no matter how much we might be aware of it.


Dark Brightness: The Stench. (December 26, 2017)

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7 Responses to A Girl Becomes a Lady

  1. earlthomas786 says:

    Polite manners and a pleasant attitude goes a long way if a lady has it.

    Even the most physically beautiful woman will turn ugly if she doesn’t have those.

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  2. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Not that I would want to, but I understand that it is easier to catch bees with honey, than with vinegar. That may help the next time you have to explain this.

    Liked by 2 people

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