Incentives for Bimbofication

The world is filled with people who act on incentives.

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Author’s Note: This post is based on a conversation I had with RedPillBoomer and has had some input from Jack.
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Competition, not Causation

Earlier this month, NovaSeeker wrote about The Influence of Pornography and OnlyFans on Women (2021-08-04). The main point of this post was that much of the trends we see in society, personal presentation and appearances, fitness, what is considered attractive, and even private sexual activities have been strongly shaped and contoured by standards that were only present in pornography not more than 30 years ago.

The post is good, but I think it misplaces causation on what is a symptom and an intensifier instead of the underlying sickness. While I understand that porn can and does have cultural impacts, I don’t think today’s women are trying to imitate porn from 30 years ago. I might agree that today’s women are trying to imitate role models who resemble porn from 30 years ago, but more to the point, what we see today is more along the lines of social relevancy and competing for the attentions of the prime men.

As I read NovaSeeker’s post, I kept questioning if the causation attributed to Bimbofication could not be equally, or even to a greater extent, attributed to other cultural factors. With each point, I found myself asking, “Did porn directly create this, or was porn just one of the players reinforcing a cultural trend?”

Marketing Incentives

My take on porn is that it is a for profit endeavor and, as such, it is more likely that it picks up on cultural trends to be able to profit from them. So according to my understanding, the Bimbofication of society works like this. As the acts, appearances, behaviors, and so on become normalized, it thereby creates less novelty and excitement. As the quest for money continues concomitantly, it leads to a persistent state of searching for the stimulus needed to create the same reaction. Thus, it must exacerbate the trends by eventually depicting them in the extreme. This cycle has continued over the years, leading us to the Bimbofication of the entire society.

A Clearinghouse Auction Marketplace*

This leads us to wonder, why is society now going down this path, when in the past (say, before the mid 20th century or earlier), there was always understood a boundary of decency and propriety that prevented this downward cycle from blowing full steam ahead?

I think a likely explanation is that when feminism unmoored female sexuality from the patriarchy, and then eviscerated the patriarchy itself, the biblical ideals of sex within marriage and the characteristics that are required for successful marriage, were deemphasized in favor of unchecked female hypergamy and male visual stimulation. As we now know, this produced a culture of promiscuity, but also one that retains a residual social expectation of monogamy. This veneer of pseudo-monogamy has just as much of an impact as the loss of patriarchal authority, because if soft harems were socially acceptable, then men (and women too, to some extent) would not place such a high emphasis on catching the best (looking) mate possible, and since patriarchal authority is not present, men cannot defend their harems from monkey branching and mate poaching.

The resulting situation would, and did, lead to a hypergamy-fueled, so-called “arms race” of women trying to be the “one” who would be awarded the attentions and investment from the best man around, and that means being the most physically alluring. In the clearinghouse auction analogy, the “sale” is made to the highest (most attractive) bidder.

Within this context, the female competition for the most attractive men and those men’s position of relative strength allows these men to elicit the acts they want from women.  Here we’re talking about the top 10% of men with options.  They are the men who women will “break the rules” for, and if one woman does not, the next one will.  It leaves women in a strategic place of complying with a dominant man’s wishes or else, risk having him move on to the next option. Ultimately, an “arms race” of bimbofication and sexual acts ensues as part of the equation for judging overall attractiveness in the quest for an optimal partner.

* A clearinghouse auction liquidates all assets of an estate at the current market price.

Case Study 1 — Fellatio

Take fellatio for example. Men have always wanted this (there are good arguments for this act being depicted in the Song of Solomon with his Shulamite bride) and it is understandable as it is an act that clearly defines male dominance and female submission as well as being highly erotic. I find it more likely in this case that Victorian cultural stuffiness regarding sex was undone by women having to be more willing to accommodate the top tier male’s desires in the absence of patriarchal governance of the sexual market place. If this is what men desire, and porn sells what men desire, then porn is more likely the downstream indicator of culture, albeit with a powerful reinforcing feedback loop.

Furthermore, Jack noted that engaging in fellatio is not such a big leap for women who truly Tingulate for their man.

[In regard to fellatio], it is not men who dictate the terms. Fellatio is a natural expression of unrestrained sexual passion. It’s not just men who want it. Women love to do it too (but only with certain men, of course). Fellatio is one of those weird evolutionary quirks about human instinct. It’s like there is a powerful magnetic tractor beam between the tip of a man’s penis and the back of a woman’s throat. Women are highly sexualized beings, and they don’t need to be taught, they just need encouragement to trust the man and get past their inhibitions. Years ago, women would not admit to this because it was socially unacceptable and many women wouldn’t do it for the same reason. But now, it is accepted and kind of expected, so we see the feral nature coming out in full expression.

Case Study 2 — Personal Grooming

Female personal grooming could also be more driven by the SMP than by porn. Keep in mind the rule that women want to look good for the top men. Clothing companies, who do a very good job knowing what women want to buy, started creating smaller and smaller swimwear and underwear in the 1970s and the minimalist trend intensifies in the 1980s and 1990s. Removing and grooming pubic hair becomes part of the equation in completing the look. Men like it and porn picks up on the trend and takes it further, influencing the existing trend.

Case Study 3 — Body Shape and Fitness

Women’s body shape and fitness level changes (in some segments of society) fit the same trend of women trying to get the top tier men. Men have always liked shapely women. As locustsplease noted in his comment, the waif thin model types of the 90s were not very attractive. God made men to recognize good genetics for reproduction in the form of hips, backsides, and breasts. What women found out with the advent of the Jane Fonda workout videos and then the tsunami of imitators that followed, is that men really like shapely female bodies (can I get an amen?!), and that toning those bodies makes them look even better to many men in our culture.  After that realization, women’s fitness becomes another avenue to compete with each other over being the object of a top tier man’s desires. Body modification surgeries and tight gym clothing (yoga pants are akin to a push up bra for her posterior a$$ets and smooth out problem areas) are the results of this competition’s incentives to the chagrin of all the feminists fighting the evil patriarchy. Again, porn follows trends that sell and serves as the reinforcing feedback loop that propels the image to the end of the normal curve.

Flaunting the Flesh Ensures a Competitive Edge

RedPillBoomer noticed that no matter where he goes, the gym, the beach, or wherever, women are pushing the limits of modesty just as far as they can.

Even though the gym has ‘rules’ posted, and it covers clothing not considered appropriate for working out in, this rarely seems to get enforced. Women are violating the gym clothing rules by wearing swimsuits or workout tops that leave their entire midsection uncovered to include their rib cage area. The part of the top approaching their breasts and covering their breasts looks something like a push up bra held in place with spaghetti straps. Of course, their tight and form fitting yoga pants, short or long, still leave little to nothing to the imagination.

Good luck on ever having those gym attire rules ever being enforced on a woman. Women who dress like that keep the guys coming back and none of the guys would ever complain. It’s like having a lady’s night at the bar.

At the beach, ALL of the beach bums were wearing thongs and stringy tops, There were copious displays of side-boob, under-boob, nips showing through, camel toe… and full moon fever back below. All that covered their pubic area were patches of some shape and size. 

Even girls as young as 16 were flashing their catnip, and their mothers and sisters were egging them on!

RedPillBoomer went so far as to offer us an inside glimpse of the “transaction” which incentivizes Bimbofication [edited for brevity and clarity].

“It seemed to me that [these women] had a ‘do not approach’ sign about their demeanor, unless you were THAT guy. I saw average dudes try it, the girls might laugh a little at their pick up lines, flirt just a bit (crumbs), but then inevitably dismiss them in some way; not mean, just “Okay, enough’s enough Beta boy, now just run along.” Now if Chad showed up, that demeanor radically shifted, plus the body language as well, e.g. positioning themselves on their towels so Chad couldn’t help but get the message. Many of them set up near the lifeguard stands because 99% of those guys were Chad, and the bikini contest was on!”

“Big sis was wearing a thong, little sis might as well have been naked. …it was not a bathing suit in my opinion. Quite frankly, it was a freakin’ porn show what she was wearing and doing by displaying herself… …big sis should have been Chad’s number one pick, but I think little sis (or mom maybe), gave herself a competitive advantage with the thong being so skimpy, so revealing.”

“[All the scantily clad women] wanted general attention for sure… However, what they really wanted (fantasized about?) was HIS attention. And to get it, he had to notice HER and not the other girls. What better way than to dress and ring the proverbial “Come and get it!” ‘dinner bell’ for Chad.”

“…those lifeguards… just sat in that chair all day, and… just picked their ‘date’ for the evening; easy peasy pickings for them!”

Apparently there is no self-awareness, nor any sense of decorum, modesty, nor propriety. Their awareness is exclusively focused on feeeling sexy and snagging Chad’s lecherous gaze. They aren’t even aware that they are arousing the libido of all men within eyeshot. All they may realize is that they get more of the type of attention they want, without even actively seeking a specific person’s attention, and acting on that incentive, we know, is the whole point of the exercise, no holds barred.


In conclusion, I believe what we are seeing is an environment created by feminism that leaves female sexuality unchecked, allowing their natural tendency of hypergamy to operate without checks nor guidance.

Gunner Q capped it off like this,

“Keep in mind the rule that women want to look good for the top men.”

This is the heart of most discussions about the influence of porn. Ordinary men are simply not consulted, not involved, not wanted, not noticed, except as lightning rods for blame. The modern sex/dating scene going to extremes is nothing but an iterative Pareto principle.

Yes, an iterative Pareto principle of incentives. I wrote in a comment to RedPillBoomer that…

“The world is filled with people who act on incentives. The better we become at discerning those incentives the more predictable and ordered the world becomes to us.”

The better we are at recognizing this, the better we can be at both fixing problems and creating environments that allow desired behaviors to flourish.


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29 Responses to Incentives for Bimbofication

  1. cameron232 says:

    “…and that means being the most physically alluring. In the clearinghouse auction analogy, the “sale” is made to the highest (most attractive) bidder.”

    “After that realization, women’s fitness becomes another avenue to compete with each other over being the object of a top tier man’s desires.”

    This probably explains why so many of them let themselves go (gaining weight, wearing ugly-slobbish clothes, etc.). At some point they realize they can’t get a top tier man so their attitude becomes “screw it.” They’re not going to lay off the Little Debbie’s and Häagen-Dazs for Beta Bob.

    Saw this as usual this weekend, this time at the grocery store. Young men in reasonably good physical shape with land whale wives/girlfriends.

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    • info says:

      Why are young Men so desperate that they will choose said women?

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      • thedeti says:

        Obviously, because society, women, and older tradcon men have been kicking the ever loving sh!t out of younger men for about the last 30 to 40 years. Under the best of circumstances, no one cares about men; men have to build themselves up. Well, society has spent the last several decades screaming in men’s faces that no one cares, that they’re utter sh!t, and that they all need to go die in a fire and if they did, no one would miss them. These young men are believing the lies that they’re worthless. So they’ll take whatever anyone deigns to “give” them.

        Even the church does this to young men.

        “You’re required to do whatever the women around you want. You’re required to give them what they want and do what they want. If a woman wants or needs it, it’s your obligation to give it to them. You’re not entitled to anything – not even from a wife. You’re not entitled to sex. You want sex from your wife, you EARN it (Thanks, Dr. Al Mohler). Your job is to provide and protect and give and give and give, and your reward is… nothing!!! You’re just expected to do these things. Anything any woman gives you is out of the kindness and goodness of her heart.”

        “Women are good, kind, pure, moral, and noble. Men are bad, abusive, corrupt, immoral, and ignoble. Women just want to be wives and mommies and have only the best motives. Men just want sex and have only the worst motives. Women are selfless family builders. Men are selfish, self absorbed destroyers of families.”

        And that message, pounded into young men’s heads from their earliest memories, BY THE CHURCH NO LESS, is why we are where we are.

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      • cameron232 says:


        My impression is some of the women rapidly let their appearance go after he puts a ring on it. They do a bait and switch.

        From what I can tell it’s more common with the working class. Working class guys are low status in women’s eyes. No – it shouldn’t be that way. No – I don’t think working class guys are low status. But it appears that’s what women think. People keep telling my sons, “Don’t go to college, go into welding, plumbing, learn A/C repair……. etc.” Why? So you can get a land whale?

        This isn’t an attack on blue collar men BTW – far from it. If I’m wrong about this I’ll humbly take correction.

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      • cameron232 says:

        At Deti.

        From the Manosphere classic on women’s rotating polyandry by F. Roger Devlin:

        “This seems to me a critically important and easily overlooked finding: the widely propagated notion that women are naturally monogamous is helping to nourish the contemporary “blame the man for everything” mentality. Hence, odd as this sounds, in order to reestablish the actual practice of monogamy, it may be necessary to discredit the notion that woman are naturally inclined to it.”

        Note: The fact that women aren’t “naturally monogamous” has relevancy to their unhappiness within a marriage (and to your misery) even when they don’t commit actual physical adultery.

        Click to access rotating.pdf


      • cameron232 says:

        Boy that’s interesting. It imbeds entire pdf files.


      • Jack says:

        “Why are young Men so desperate that they will choose said women?”

        In addition to the insightful comments above, I’ll add that a lot of young men just aren’t very well aware of how destructive and pernicious a contentious woman can be. They get into a relationship thinking she’s hot. Little head takes over the thinking processes, and their desire for her casts a spell over their awareness. Then everything she says or does is transformed into an adorable “quirk”. When she starts being contentious, they think, “That’s kinda cute” or “She’s sexy when she’s angry”, etc. Many men enter into an introspective self-doubt mode, thinking that her criticality is making him into a better man, e.g. “Women civilize men” etc., and the appropriateness of this reaction is reinforced by many Churchian authors, pastors, and teachers. As Deti wrote, the complete social saturation of the “women are wonderful” myth dispels any suspicions they might have. Moreover, a lot of young men never get, nor fully comprehend the Genesis 3:16 message that women’s contentiousness is an awful, evil curse, and that all women have this intrinsic propensity. Only after living with her for a while do men realize that her continual contentiousness is the pestilence that destroys any joy or satisfaction (i.e. sanctification) that he could have otherwise obtained from the relationship.

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  2. redpillboomer says:

    A little update on my gym ‘sociology studies.’ As I do my workouts, and as I continue to increase my level of understanding of what’s going on around me, I’ve noticed I’m able to ‘see’ the top 10% of men from the other 90%. The top ten percent actually might be 5% or less btw. Who is and is not Chad or Tyrone is increasingly distinct to me. Everyone of these guys fits the following criteria: tall, well defined muscles, relatively low body fat and handsome. The very top men occur to me as they could bed ANY woman in the gym…easily. The other 90% of men do NOT fit this description. They are not bad dudes at all, BUT they do not measure up to this criteria that back in the day my generation called a stud.

    Additionally, it is just like you said, 90% of men do indeed appear invisible. Many of these guys are above average, and back in the day, would have had girlfriends. I look at them and think, they can get any one of these chicks, IF they wait until they are 27-28 or older, but then why the heck would they want one after she’s been on the Chad & Tyrone CC her entire adult life? I guess maybe because she still has her looks for the most part. However, as the old saying goes, looks aren’t everything, what the heck is on the inside of these gals after a decade or so of ‘fun?’ Think Tomi Lahren as an archetype.

    I do have a bit of insight into ‘what’s on the inside’ as I have posted many times about the 27 year old (now 31) that I coached from the education program that led to my red pilling. She btw has a new boyfriend that I noticed from her recent FB posts (we’re still friends on FB, her feeds pop up now and then). He looks to be a simp to me, but the jury is out on that one. However, I did find myself silently musing, “Do you know what you’re getting there fella?” OM freakin G if you knew what I know! He looks clueless in the pictures with his shit eating grin, like he’s landed the ‘Belle of the ball’ there. Sheesh. (Btw, don’t read jealousy in there, hear it as ‘gag.’)

    Anyways, back to gym; the women do seem to divide between the Stacy’s and the non-Stacy’s. The non-Stacy’s are obvious. The two give aways: 1) Their weight (don’t have to be obese, just pudgy or even slightly pudgy); and 2) Their gym attire, less form fitting, less revealing. The Stacy’s are blatantly obvious. Their dress and appearance gives it away INSTANTLY. And I am starting to get this is as described in the RPA’s post above, it being akin to a ‘sexual arms race’ for top tier men.

    One other observation, the way all of them workout out, acting oblivious to one another, Chad’s and Stacy’s alike, I think is a reaction to the times; MeToo and all that. I’m beginning to see, Chad and Stacy are still communicating with one another, it’s just all subliminal, no outward flirting like in the old days. In fact on the rare occasions I see it happen, flirting that is, it looks weird nowadays, almost out of place. It does leave me to wonder, how do they arrange getting together now when they are in the presence of one another and only communicating subliminally? Back in the day, we flirt/chatted to see if we could get a phone number. Do they run back to social media and try to find one another? Puzzles me. Any insights?

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    • anonymous_ng says:

      @RPB, I remember a saying back when I was involved with pickup that naturals don’t look like they’re doing cold-approach pickup. They look like they ran into an old friend at the bar etc.

      Maybe Stacy and Chad are connecting in a way that flys under even your RADAR.

      Or, it could be that they each get plenty of action elsewhere and just use the gym for ego stroking validation.


    • @ RPB

      “A little update on my gym ‘sociology studies.’ As I do my workouts, and as I continue to increase my level of understanding of what’s going on around me, I’ve noticed I’m able to ‘see’ the top 10% of men from the other 90%. The top ten percent actually might be 5% or less btw. Who is and is not Chad or Tyrone is increasingly distinct to me. Everyone of these guys fits the following criteria: tall, well defined muscles, relatively low body fat and handsome. The very top men occur to me as they could bed ANY woman in the gym… easily. The other 90% of men do NOT fit this description. They are not bad dudes at all, BUT they do not measure up to this criteria that back in the day my generation called a stud.”

      Spheres of influence.

      Sure, your 50% guy in the gym probably ain’t gonna get any attention from women, but put your average 50% muscle guy from the gym into the Church and he’s gonna have a top 5-10% physique on average. Much easier to do better with women at that point.

      I might not be anything special compared to your top gym goer, but few people in the Church workout regularly and at least look somewhat like they lift. It’s one of the things my wife really liked when we started dating. Still does.

      That’s also why online dating is generally very crappy for men. You’re competing with usually with at least tens of thousands or more men.

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    • Gunner Q says:

      “Do they run back to social media and try to find one another? Puzzles me. Any insights?”

      More than likely. I’ve struggled with this since college, how hookups “just happened” to the point where that was literally the advice I was given: “Just be yourself and it’ll just happen.” Me being me, I eventually decided to brute-force my girl problem with the result that even stray dogs turned out to already be in committed relationships. Who knew?

      The obvious answer then and now, is that women and their lovers play keep-away.

      In California, there usually aren’t any hotties on the beach unless she’s jogging with her dogs and headphones… completely unapproachable. But a couple times a year, they descend on public spaces out of nowhere. Crowds of hotties. Blink and you miss them. It’s not timed with holidays or special events or even weekends.

      It’s hard to NOT believe that power-Chads post their itineraries on social media to ensure there’ll be entertainment… that there’s an entire subculture of hypergamy, sex and darker pleasures that carry women from barely-legal to 30ish.

      Much of the Internet Age feels this way to me, like we’re all on the same planet but living in different realities.


    • feeriker says:

      “However, as the old saying goes, looks aren’t everything, what the heck is on the inside of these gals…[?]”

      “A gilded champagne flute filled with sewage.”


    • RayRay says:


      Youngster here. I was gyming with a friend from prep school just to catch up. He’s what you call a “top 10%” man according to your description. While we were gyming, we saw this one girl, ( keep in mind, we’re both 20 ), she looked 18/19. He told me he’s looked for her on Instagram and found her, she was actually 17. During our gym session he approached her and we started working out together. When he introduced himself, he introduced himself as if he did not know her.

      I don’t know how he found her on instagram without communicating with her prior to that interaction. Maybe the other guys in the gym may have told him. I rarely see this guy and rarely go to that particular gym.

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  3. Jack says:

    You’re right. There is an ever deepening chasm of a difference between Chads and non-chads, Stacy’s and non-Stacys, between those who put in the time, money, and effort to develop a “shine” in the public eye, and regular people who don’t — the kind of shine that only actresses, models, and politicians gave to themselves in the past. We can safely presume that the incentives for doing so is for attention, sex, ego validation, social power, money, and so on.


    • redpillboomer says:

      Went to the gym today, the ‘Chad & Stacy’ show was minimal; occasionally that happens. I did note one gal that caught my attention after what I wrote above. I’ve seen her before, but it has been awhile. She’s a twenty something I’m pretty sure, guess her age around 25-27. We checked in at the same time today so I could gauge her height. I’m between 5-10″-11″, she’s just a bit shorter than I am, about 5-8, maybe 5-9″, so fairly tall girl.

      She’s blonde, pretty, and has beautiful, shapely, long legs. She also dresses conservatively for the gym, but still you can get a good idea about her figure, so she’s not hiding it; just not displaying it like the gym thots in their ‘nude while dressed’ attire.

      The only thing I don’t like about her is she has an intense look and walk, not totally masculine, but in my opinion, beginning to border on it. She also has from what I can tell, only one tattoo on her right forearm; not sure if any other ones, but there don’t appear to be any. I don’t think she’s lez, but could be wrong; she doesn’t strike me that way.

      Anyways, the point of me sharing this, in light of what I said above about the gym Stacy’s, she doesn’t seem to be one, but I wouldn’t consider her a ‘good girl’ either. She doesn’t strike me that way, especially with the tat. I thought what, and exception maybe? I don’t know.

      And, just when I thought there would be no Stacy’s today at the gym, from up above (my gym has two levels), descending down the stairs to the first level where I was finishing my workout, appeared something that would even get the Stacy’s a lump in their collective throats. This young woman, maybe 18-19, was wearing short shorts that were so short, I know it made every man’s head spin. Her very shapely ass looked like it was moving (going to have to reach for a metaphor here, hope you get it), like a slinky going up and down a stair case. Lol! Told you it was a reach! Everything else was just beautiful on her. I chuckled to my self, thought about RPA’s post today, and said to myself, “The arms race just escalated to new heights here at my gym!” If that young chickie keeps showing up like that, the Stacy’s are going to have their ‘wardrobe work’ cut out for them! Viva la competition!


  4. Joe2 says:

    “I’m beginning to see, Chad and Stacy are still communicating with one another, it’s just all subliminal, no outward flirting like in the old days. In fact on the rare occasions I see it happen, flirting that is, it looks weird nowadays, almost out of place. It does leave me to wonder, how do they arrange getting together now when they are in the presence of one another and only communicating subliminally?”

    Yes, they are communicating. But to maintain the outward appearance of propriety and avoid any questionable behavior which could be captured on the gym’s security cameras, the Stacys and top tier men are using a different method of communicating. This new method is natural to them, thus making it impossible for the lower tier men to communicate which causes them to become invisible.

    This new method is very similar to the Vulcan mind meld except it uses sight and not touch. It allows a Chad and Stacy to merge his or her mind with the essence of another’s mind purely by using visual stimulation caused by certain areas of the targeted partner’s body. Thus, phone numbers need not be openly exchanged because they have already set up the place and time of their “date” before they leave the gym.

    That’s what I could find by doing a quick search of the web and it seems to be as good an explanation as any I could think of.


  5. lastholdout says:

    RPA – Very good assessment.


  6. Lastmod says:

    Grown women and men now evidently wanting to look like a pre-pubescent now on “alternative theater” (porn) or a baby seal…….. was driving this past weekend up Sunset and there was a “waxing salon” geared to men and how they do a great job “down there”.

    The place looked masculine deign wise. I am sure free beer was offered while you wait, and it was probably as legit as trying to find a legitimate massage parlor in West LA. (lol)

    Yet, these men all want beards because “The ladies like it” and “It’s more masculine.”

    People be all confused. I shave my face because it feels good, and a beard (like a tattoo) would look a bit silly on me at my age. There was a time back in the late 1980’s when a beard was an A1 turn-off for women.

    I am a man that has pretty much worn boxer shorts since I was a teen. So, now at more and more underwear for men that look like panties are for sale. (I call them “manties” now. LOL) Anyway, soft colors like mauve, mint, seafoam, and lettuce. Makes me wonder who is really getting played here… but hey, “Women like it, so you had better buy it and wear it!”

    I never thought I would have to order boxer shorts from another company. Gap has been doing boxers since they opened in 1969…… and now, very few are for sale.

    But what do I know? 😉 Confusing times we live in.

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  7. Devon70 says:

    The gym thot gets attention and validation from gynocentric Western men. She would get a different reaction from an androcentric man.


    • redpillboomer says:

      Liked the ending, he said rhetorically, “But was it worth it?”


    • cameron232 says:

      The tats all over her arms – gross. No matter how shapely her buttocks or whatever – still gross. Workout 40 hours a week – still gross.

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      • Red Pill Apostle says:

        I don’t mind the ink as much as the Tampa retirement home socks and shoes combination. The only way that could be worse is if she had on socks with Birkenstocks.


      • Lastmod says:

        I understand with tattoos that sometimes a bad choice was made…. and now well… you have to live with it. Removal is expensive, and even with that…… it doesn’t look great. It’s something people have to live with…… I am forgiving to a point with them on women my age. However, what is the tattoo OF is more important to me…… and how many…….

        Your sorority letters on your ankle? Yeah okay. The classic tinkerbell on the nape of your back…. ummm okay…… your daughter or son’s name on you….. I can accept and understand that………

        At my best friends wedding from college. This was the year 1998, it was in Chicago, and his dad took all the groomsmen to a strip club. I was bought a lap dance…… gal was pretty for sure…. no doubt. Hot actually. Probably my age (28 at the time), but down below… yeah down there…… she was “marked”.

        Names of guys who she had inked there. There were at least four. Steve, Carlos, Mike, and Jake. Men who had the good time and full access. It was kind-of sickening to me at the time. You think after the first guy she might have pondered, “Don’t get boyfriends name tatted on my inner thighs down there ever again.”


  8. Lastmod says:

    To quote my man Bob Dole: “Emperor…no clothes…..whatever”

    A song from the long ago year of fall 1991 was playing on the radio here in the office. We have music playing in our lobby and offices. By halfway through the song, most of the office was singing along….loudly…..and most of us had a bit of laugh in the lobby for a few after. Most of this office finished college (undergrad) between 1991-1993. I graduated college in May 1992.

    None of can believe that almost 30 years have passed…..what a different world and time. Two of us in my office (thirty employees) have never been married. I am the only one at my age who never has had children. The other guy who wasn’t married….does have a kid from a fling twenty-five years ago.

    Remember this GenX???????????????????? huge on the charts fall 1991

    Liked by 1 person

    • cameron232 says:

      No. Their song that I remember was “I Wanna Sex You Up”.

      And one of them looked like George Michael, one like Kenny G. , one like Lenny Kravitz, etc.


  9. cameron232 says:

    Yeah I didn’t watch the video. Her entire arm looks tattooed

    A single tiny tattoo would be a deal breaker for me. I’m not judging other men on this. That’s my thing.


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