Women Crave Male Attention

Women need attention like men need sex.

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Author’s Note: In this post, I’ve compiled text from several comments about how and why women value male attention.
Reader’s Note: This post offers a concise summary of an older topic that deserves highlighting.
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Women Crave Male Attention

Women, especially attractive young ones, don’t like to admit to a lot of the more unsavory truths about their behaviors and motives, often even to themselves really, but we can still discern what’s going on by observing what they do closely.

In addition to the fact that women never talk about the invidious aspects of their own nature, they are also rather skilled in hiding these things as well. As a result, it’s somewhat easy for men to miss the fundamental features of women’s nature, but it’s there.

Once you learn to look for it, it’s pretty unmistakable that one of these fundamental features is that women want attention. It stimulates dopamine in the female hindbrain much like sex does for men. Women absolutely crave it, like men crave the sexual act.

In addition, male attention is a form of social currency for attractive women.

For example, a woman may not be attracted at all to the cop who pulls her over for a speeding ticket, but she hopes she is attractive enough to him to be able to charm her way out of a ticket by some light, non-obvious flirting — even if the guy is repulsive to her physically.

Rollo refers to “attention” and “affirmation”, as the most powerful currencies in female social conventions.

In this short video, Rollo goes over the phases of the female life span.

Note that during a woman’s peak SMV years, the attention flows non-stop, followed by 50+ years of very little attention or none at all.

May I have your attention?!?

Women place value on attention from anyone, especially attractive men, but also from unattractive men. Just like men will seldom turn down sex with any woman, women will hardly ever refuse attention from any man. Women will go out of their way to make themselves be attractive to men that they aren’t attracted to. It’s useful because her attractiveness draws the much coveted attention from men.

Of course if she’s around an attractive man who’s pushing the buttons, she will get aroused, but it’s not necessary for a woman to have sex to get aroused by the attention. Women are known to dangle the hope of sex in front of a man, like a carrot on a stick, merely to attract men’s attention to themselves, and for no other purpose. Most men fail to get this memo, and chase after flirty women thinking that she has at least somewhat serious intentions behind her interest. But seldom is this the case. If a woman has to have sex with a man to get and keep his attention (or money, or whatever else she wants from that man), she’ll do it – even if she’s not sexually aroused, but this tends to be a last resort when she’s desperate for attention and no better options are presented.

It’s like this. When an attractive woman enters a bar, she enjoys feeling all the male eyes check her out through her peripheral vision. She can feel the weight of their stares, and it’s exhilarating to her. She likes being in command of that tantalizing desire for her. She likes that they admire her – even the guys she wouldn’t give the time of day to. She likes that she is considered hot in general, as long as the guys who are unattractive stay in their “cages” and do not approach or do anything like that to annoy her. She wants to soak in the attention with a minimum of discomfiture, which entails that attention from men who are not attractive to them is expressed in a way that is only beneficial to the woman and is never threatening or demanding of her. The Objectification of Reproductive Potential must deliver an Ego Rush or else it is Chauvinistic.

In general, men will not voluntarily interact with a woman who does not generate sexual interest. Whenever men are interacting with a woman, they’re always thinking of the next step, or the next phase of the relationship leading towards sex and sanctification. Women don’t think that far. They already got what they wanted from that brief interaction — Attention.

This is why women love to keep a large number of Beta orbiters in the Friend Zone – men whom they have absolutely no interest in romantically. It’s for the attention and affirmation. That’s what they want out of the relationship, and since much alone this gives them what they want, there is no motivation for them to invest anything more into the relationship.

Now, of course, they likely would never admit to any of that, but that’s another story.

Attention feeds the feral feminine appetites for Envy and Drama

Even between women, garnering attention is one of the ways that women compare themselves to each other on the female “leaderboards”, if you will, contributing to the determination of who is the Queen Bee. The Queen Bee always turns out to be the woman who can keep herself stoked high on a dopamine fueled ego rush via various vectors. But all of these vectors are based on women’s overall level of attractiveness/ability to turn heads “in general” (not just Ryan Reynolds’ head), her social skills in navigating those waters, and maintaining her own ego as supreme.

One significant way that women compare themselves to each other nowadays is “likes” on social media, especially for pictures. This activity also taps into the dopamine rush, and when coupled with attention, it is a double hit.

They all know that most of those likes are from men who are “creepy” in the sense that they would not give these guys the time of day either online or offline … but they still want the dopamine surge from getting likes. They want the guys to be attracted to them, it feeds them, it empowers them in competition with each other (“who is the fairest of them all”), and it’s a currency they deploy with men when necessary or useful.

In general, men despise the insatiable female appetite for envy and drama, so smart women have to know how to capitalize on their own hunger for attention without trampling on toes.

Case Study – Acid Attacks

Once in a while, we’ll hear reports of acid attacks* in other parts of the world, usually from India and Pakistan. Westerners tend to be confused about the overall purpose of this egregious aggression which forever mars feminine beauty. But Indians clearly recognize this as a clumsy but very effective attempt** to eliminate the envy and drama (and in some cases, extra-marital affairs) arising from women’s addiction to attention. It’s a strike at the core of a woman’s human value, which nips not just the bud, but the root itself.

* If you do a search for this online, be prepared for some gruesome images.
** It’s also done in revenge by jilted lovers and by husbands who are dissatisfied with the wife’s dowry. Of course, I condemn such actions.

OASIS Scratches the Itch

NovaSeeker spearheaded an investigation of Online Amateur Sex Industry and Socialization (OASIS, e.g. OnlyFans) back in January and February. More recently, Rollo has started to focus on the OnlyFans phenomenon too.

It’s not hard to understand why more and more girls are turning to sugaring. They get attention. Even better, they get paid to get attention. It’s prostitution for all intents and purposes, but they really don’t care and they don’t have any kind of moral problem with this at all.

There are social factors pushing women into OASIS too. Men are waking up to the fact that the cards are stacked against them. So many women can’t get boyfriends to take them out and pay for their stuff. They can’t get men to bite the bullet and wife them up, at least not until she panics and he relents because he’s so hard up. So they turn to sugaring.

Hence the rise in online attention gathering and the increasing taboo-ization of in-person attention expressing by men. The internet is the ultimate “safe space” for women to accumulate the attention of unattractive men in a way that is undemanding and unthreatening (for the most part, cyber-stalking and so on aside), and so we see a virtual stampede of women into social media, copiously displaying their coons and reveling in the male attention.

It’s because women want attention, and they’ll get it any way they can. Just as men want sex, and they’ll get it any way they can.

Women still want real world attention more than online attention. But they want it from men their hindbrains consider a possibility for marriage (LTR). They don’t want it from men their hindbrains don’t consider suitable for marriage, thus, workplace harassment charges for micro-offenses. I’d say, based on observation, they want it from alphas and greater betas (top 20%). They don’t want it from lesser betas and deltas (middle 60%) nor gammas (bottom 20%). My guess is they don’t think much about gammas and lesser betas, one way or the other, looking at them online. As we say around the ‘sphere, they are invisible.

Online (monetized porn sites aside), they don’t know who’s looking at them. But similar to real life, they probably still prefer online attention from men their hindbrains consider a possibility for a satisfying hookup or marriage.

Hitting the Wall hits women where it hurts the most (No more Attention)

As women age, they attract less attention from men.

Women notice when men’s eyes, in general, stop following them around. Most of those eyes are the eyes of men that women couldn’t care less about, but they still notice when they stop getting noticed by them, and they care about it – deeply. They miss that attention when it dissipates. They do care, of course, much more about the attention of the attractive men, but the fact is that when they lose the “general attention”, they notice, and they do not like it.

Older women often say that the thing they miss MOST from their youth is being noticed by men. & Women aging into early middle age become wistful about how they became “invisible” to men — suddenly men who would previously be checking them out in grocery lines, on the subway, while jogging, would just look right past them or never look up from their phones or what have you. They like being “generally attractive”, even to men to whom they would not give even the time of day. and they are acutely aware of this slow attrition. They notice when it goes away, and they hate it.

Some women may not admit it openly, but most all women are acutely aware of it, and they do miss it when it’s gone, because it’s the before (attention when young) and after (attention when older) that they are comparing when it goes missing. For women who are quite pretty younger in life, it’s actually quite traumatic when they fall off the “general male radar screen” in that way. So they notice when men in general stop noticing, even though, when they are young, they take said noticing from unattractive men for granted.

Men crave female attention too, but seldom get it

Men desire attention from women in the form of humble, natural affection from women, not just sex. In fact, sex without the reciprocation of her natural affection is rather cold, empty, and unsatisfying. Men are attracted to women who are sufficiently comfortable in their vulnerability to display this kind of attention. It stimulates his ego, which is very important for his personal growth.

One of the greatest joys of a Meet Cute is when a man can watch a woman animate and feel her heart “light up” from his attention. In essence, she is returning his attention. But this usually only happens when the woman doesn’t get that much attention to begin with. Because modern western women are steeped in constant attention, waxed thick with effervescent moxies, few men can ever have this experience. Being emotionally jaded and spiritually defiled from the CC makes this a certainty.

Concluding Statements

In closing, I’ll offer this question as an interesting thought experiment:

Women receive ego affirmation from ANY attention from ANY man. Women can slap on some red lipstick and get attention. It’s that easy!

What would the world be like if men could get sex from women as easily as women get attention from men?!?

Just imagine if a man could paint his nose blue and every woman who sees it will immediately give him sex!!!

Imagine if a man paints his nose blue, takes a few selfies and posts them online, and he gets a thousand “likes”. Women are paying him cash to see photos of his blue nose. Women are knocking on his door to get that blue nose sniffing in their snatch.

It seems like an incredulous fantasy land, but yet that is what the world is like for young women!

It’s just too easy – when they’re young, that is.


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57 Responses to Women Crave Male Attention

  1. cameron232 says:

    I suspect that for both sexes, attention from members of the opposite sex whom they find attractive is mildly erotic. Not as erotic as actual sex of course. And it might be experienced differently for men and women, IDK. It’s erotic because the hindbrain probably recognizes the possibility of sex with someone you find attractive.

    It’s just that there’s a much smaller fraction of men who can get this sort of attention from the opposite sex. Far fewer guys than women are “hawt.” We all know the story – women’s “lower” sex drive is in reality just a much more discriminating sex drive.

    This is why, e.g. contemporary women’s clothes are so commonly designed in a way that is arousing to the opposite sex. Even “comfortable” clothing. I noticed this while out with my oldest son recently. Entire families dressed “comfortably” (we were doing outdoor activities). Dad and son were dressed “modest-comfortable”, mom and daughter were dressed “hawt-comfortable.”

    If there’s a difference in the sexes in this regard it’s probably that women enjoy being “hawt” to all men – even if they don’t want the unattractive ones. Generalized attention seeking.

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    • Melissa says:

      Women do have lower sex drives due to less testosterone. Don’t confuse the biological with the psychological. Due to being molested as a girl and harassed as a young woman, I never liked the “male gaze”, to me, it was threatening and made me self conscious. It has been a relief to be “ignored” as I’ve gotten older (53 now). There are also plenty of overweight acne-suffering young women who NEVER get positive attention.

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      • cameron232 says:

        Sorry to hear of your being hurt. There are plenty of wicked men in the world too.


  2. cameron232 says:

    OT: duplicate comment from Spawny’s:

    Yesterday, the wife was playing a video of some goofy contemporary Christian song. The video kept showing different people who were “redeemed” and showing what they were redeemed from. It seemed in every case the man was redeemed from some actual sin e.g. unbelief, being focused on earthly things, etc. but the women were all “redeemed” from some physical defect not their own fault: cancer, being born with one leg.

    Men sin. Women don’t or at least we can’t say that they do. The gynocracy. Femdolatry.

    Churchians are the worst. And the male lead singer had this gay smile on his face the whole video.

    They make it look like a f@g religion. If I thought that was real Christianity I’d probably convert to druidism or something. No wonder men are walking from the churches – ones with functioning testicles anyway.

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  3. cameron232 says:

    William Lind swallowed the Red Pill I guess.

    “The last woman’s passing was certain to come (her name seems to have been Mabel, but everyone called her ByEve). It’s a man’s world now, where the fountains run with beer, endless free pizza is a birthright, and you can pee anywhere. Do we miss them? Nah.”



  4. Red Pill Apostle says:

    A couple month’s ago Mrs. A commented that she stills sees men checking her out (she’s in her early 40s). This past year or so, she has also been paying much more attention to exercise and to skin creams to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. It is so interesting to watch the sphere’s truths play out in real life. I remember reading that female behavior, once understood, is quite predictable and the more I see the more this is true.

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    • cameron232 says:

      Well hopefully she isn’t prepping to bolt. It’s sometimes the case that when they lose weight it’s for a perceived prospect of doing better and/or last chance before it’s too late. Heaven forbid they lose weight for husband. Emphasis on SOMETIMES.

      A “slow metabolism” is sometimes cured by interest in a man she’s not married to, either a particular man or the abstract hope of a “better” man.

      Dunno what to say other than keep your marital game tight.


      • Oscar says:

        “A “slow metabolism” is sometimes cured by interest in a man she’s not married to, either a particular man or the abstract hope of a “better” man.”

        Funny how that works.

        Hopefully that’s not happening in RPA’s case, but it’s common enough to be a concern.

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      • cameron232 says:

        Probably not. I feel bad for suggesting something that might not at all be the case. Guess I’m in blackpill mode today.


      • Red Pill Apostle says:

        Cameron and Oscar – Part of her interest in fighting aging might be due to me. I was a D1 college athlete and I started working out again in earnest last year for 2 reasons, I actually like to exercise and soft dread. As I started to get back in shape her routine changed.

        Regarding thinking about Mrs. A leaving … there were many years when that was a daydream of mine, as in, if I had had a Biblically justified way to be free of her I would have been. At least on my own I would have had hope and possibly been lonely, instead of hopeless and actually lonely.

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      • Oscar says:

        @ RPA

        “Part of her interest in fighting aging might be due to me. I was a D1 college athlete and I started working out again in earnest last year for 2 reasons, I actually like to exercise and soft dread. As I started to get back in shape her routine changed.”

        That’s good to hear. What sport did you compete in?

        “Regarding thinking about Mrs. A leaving … there were many years when that was a daydream of mine, as in, if I had had a Biblically justified way to be free of her I would have been. At least on my own I would have had hope and possibly been lonely, instead of hopeless and actually lonely.”

        Sorry to hear that, man. It sounds like things are getting better, which is encouraging.


      • Red Pill Apostle says:

        Oscar – I was a runner and the experience taught me a lot about my limits both physically and mentally.


      • Oscar says:

        @ RPA

        “I was a runner and the experience taught me a lot about my limits both physically and mentally.”

        Nice. I ran cross country and track (the 800m, and the 1600m relay) in high school, but wasn’t fast enough to compete in college, much less at the D1 level.

        Nowadays, my knees are too worn out for that crap.

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  5. Oscar says:

    What would the world be like if men could get sex from women as easily as women get attention from men?!?

    There’d be a whole lot of humping, but not much else would happen. I doubt that humanity would’ve even achieved grass hut levels of sophistication.

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    • Red Pill Apostle says:

      “There’d be a whole lot of humping, but not much else would happen. I doubt that humanity would’ve even achieved grass hut levels of sophistication.”

      I’m sure living in grass huts would be a tradeoff men would make.

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  6. feeriker says:

    I’ve probably mentioned it in these parts before, but one of the things I find most deliciously satisfying is the seething rage of a woman – especially a “hawt” woman– in response to my complete indifference toward her (or better yet, my subtle expressions of disgust or contempt). NOTHING terrifies or enrages a woman more than the realization that her looks and/or manipulative moves have no effect whatsoever on a man.

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    • Maniac says:

      I’ve always been one of the minority of men who has his hormones on a leash. I’ve been the victim of workplace sexual harassment as a result of not reciprocating female attention.

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      • feeriker says:

        Yes, that’s a standard go-to tactic of wamminz scorned. Even when it repeatedly blows up in their faces they can’t help but repeat what’s consistently failed, controlled by emotions as they are. The other go-to tactic is to accuse you of being gay.

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  7. Lastmod says:

    The “lockdown” in general was “just another day for me.” I missed dancing, going to a cafe and just reading, using my laptop at Starbucks… just getting out of the apartment for these “little” things.

    The lockdown did affect my social skills, and I noticed this when I went out dancing Saturday night. It just seemed harder to “talk” to people, but I think they were going through the same thing. In person, it will take a bit to just get back to normal on that. I mean, I called some people. Got food here and there from a drive through… My work for most of 2020 involved very little interaction. I was on the phone, or on Zoom.

    But six or seven months ago, I did mention off hand to a co-worker that I wouldn’t be surprised if another full-lockdown happened again. LA County is back on a mask-mandate, and the un-vaccinated are being blamed for this, which is odd for the fact that everyone was sold that “If you get the shot(s) all will be well.”

    Suddenly now I hear the same people saying, “It’s not 100% effective.”

    I feel like I am waltzing into “1984” or “Brave New World” at times. I keep my mouth shut at work when politics are brought up…. and its not like they are having real conversations. Everyone votes the same at my job (Democrat), they all watch CNN, they all believe the LA Times. They all agree with each other… Yet…. they are all so “angry” now at the un-vaccinated. I was going to say something like, “Maybe this anger should be directed at the CCP”, but I held off.

    Trump is still somehow being blamed for all of this…. a surreal place and time. One young man in my office made a comment today, “All the unvaccinated are Trump supporters anyway. So when they get sick, all healthcare / treatment should be stopped. Everyone who doesn’t get the vaccination immediately need to be shamed right now. Lose their jobs. That would get people in line pretty quick, and end this problem.”

    Polite laughter… and a few nervous laughs as well from some (hmmmm… interesting), and myself… a smirk with a flippant “Hey, be careful…. A lot of people who don’t have it are minorities…. and, well, one should…”

    Cut off!

    “They don’t know any better! When welfare, food stamps, and housing are made to make them get the vaccination. They’ll line right up too. You just have to know how to get people to comply.”

    (Wow! I didn’t know minorities were the only ones on welfare…. and this Hitlarian / Stalinistic / Mao’s Red Book type of speak is a bit disturbing….)

    Is this part of the plan? To get us all distrusting each other? To make us enemies and spies of each other so we don’t focus the anger where it should be? If this was any… ANY other vaccine that wasn’t FDA approved… these same folks would be screaming about how “It’s not approved! Big pharma is going to kill us!”

    Now….”big bad pharma” is our friend???????? The day and time will come when my employer will say, “No vaccination? You must resign!”. That day is coming. Ask me how I feel about it when that day comes.

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    • lastholdout says:

      My wife has been tracking the socio-political landscape for a couple of years. She keeps warning of certain things happening and my response has been, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” However, as events unfold I’m starting to believe “it” is happening. Satan never shows up with a pitch fork and horns. He is always subtle. Whether we’re talking about the SMP/MMP landscape, the Church, or the global socio-political landscape.

      My wife sent me the link below. It appears to have been well sourced and documented. (Although, you could argue that the links are within a homogeneous community that may just be self-affirming. But how different is that from the Red Pill community?) I think Trump and his advisors understand where the globalists are headed. The globalists know that Trump is an impedance. At the risk of being labeled a tin-foil hat soldier, the following article is presented. Make of it what you will:


      [Jack: This comment was rescued from the spam folder. Wonder why it went there? Hmm…]

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    • lastholdout says:

      And as far as the plandemic and mask-wearing, check out a metadata study published by the CDC in May of 2020. Scroll down to the heading, Face Masks and you’ll read, “In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks.”

      Now, why would the CDC recommend face masks when they know that they are ineffective at preventing the spread of viruses?


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    • professorGBFMtm2021 says:

      MOD you know I have barely beleived anybody was my friend let alone women,churches or government!Your only real friend in this life is GOD! Of course people are going to blame trump like they have for everything since aug’16!


    • lastholdout says:

      And just one more . . .

      To personify an inanimate object is to give it human-like features. Although I never watched the program, SpongeBob comes to mind. Right? The face painted on a sponge. There are countless Disney characters that are inanimate but are brought to life with the simple addition of a face (think the tea pot in Beauty and the Beast, Mrs. Potts).

      So what happens when we remove the faces of real people? Are we not removing their personhood? With a simple m@sk we remove our most defining traits and are very close to making ourselves less than human. The effect of wearing a m@sk is to remove the most defining traits of who we are. It is why they take mug shots. It is why many choose to post their picture on LinkedIn and other social media. It is why portraits have been painted for centuries. They capture the defining traits of the person.

      It’s sad to walk through the grocery store or anywhere else and see these lifeless m@sk-covered faces.

      There seems to be no sensitivity to all the effects of m@sk-wearing and the domino effect of shutting down businesses –all sacrifice for our “safety.” History has demonstrated that those who trade freedom for perceived safety will have neither.

      Intentional or not, the principalities and powers of this world are systematically removing our humanity . . . and we don’t seem to realize it.The pressure by governments to wear a m@sk is sinister and no different than any other rogue government that used different means of dehumanizing their subjects or their citizens. This very well may be only the first step in a process that will not end well for the people of this country.

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      • Jack says:

        I would imagine that the m@sk mandate would cause women to be resentful that they have to hide their faces and thereby cut down the amount of attention they receive. But I haven’t heard any complaints to this effect.

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      • Red Pill Apostle says:

        Jack – I would think that both attention seeking and masks are security items for women. The attention seeking is a form of validation that a woman can still attract a man and his provision, which is the security God created her to want. The mask provides sense of security, as false as the actual security it provides appears to be, to a more immediate perceived threat. I saw this tendency to equate masks with security for a time last year from both my wife and sister-in-law, even though me and my brother don’t give a rip and won’t wear them given the data.

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      • Jack says:

        That would suggest that women’s desire for attention is more dependent on the man who is offering it, than her effort in attracting it (from her perspective). This makes sense.

        It also suggests that feelings of security are more important than receiving attention.

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      • Oscar says:

        @ LH

        So what happens when we remove the faces of real people? Are we not removing their personhood?

        I recall hearing that exact argument concerning the Islamic practice of covering women’s faces. Curiously, I haven’t heard that argument in a while.

        @ Jack

        I would imagine that the m@sk mandate would cause women to be resentful that they have to hide their faces and thereby cut down the amount of attention they receive. But I haven’t heard any complaints to this effect.

        They compensate by showing more skin elsewhere. It’s a butterface bonanza!

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      • Red Pill Apostle says:

        Jack – Isn’t the concept of hitting the wall and then settling for BB telling of women’s base need? She puts the desires she has second to security. She then bolts with child support and alimony to keep the security and chase the tingles. The AF/BB equation is predicated on a woman’s desire for security in some form or another.

        So I am definitely suggesting that women favor security. When they are young enough to garner the attention of the bad boys the BB side of the equation is the safety net. They can chase security and tingles because they have a perceived back up plan.

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  8. feeriker says:

    “Is this part of the plan? To get us all distrusting each other? To make us enemies and spies of each other so we don’t focus the anger where it should be?”

    Yes, and it’s very obviously working. The decades of indoctrination via publik institooshuns has reaped the desired fruits.

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  9. info says:

    “** It’s also done in revenge by jilted lovers and by husbands who are dissatisfied with the wife’s dowry. Of course, I condemn such actions.”

    That’s why I tend to favor bride price over dowry. Not to mention greater numbers of girl babies surviving especially if they are poor as a result of incentives set up.


  10. buckyinky says:

    There’s another angle to this that I’ve often wondered about in the feminine psyche. I see how women crave male attention, but what if this attention comes in the form of repulsion? There is so much sleaziness out there in the way women dress and paint themselves, and in how they present themselves. It is so shallow that there is little to no attraction in it to me. Frankly I find a pleasant looking woman in a prairie muffin to be more attractive than these garish creatures.

    A woman who shares a wing with me in our small office often parades in with the most ridiculous ensembles. I gather she thinks herself alluring, but she really looks like a clown, a parody at best of the quality of alluring. I don’t expect I’ll ever give her my opinion on these things, but I wonder how she would respond if she knew how repulsed I was at her general presentation. In general what do women do when a man, or several men, feel the opposite of attraction to them in spite of their intentions?

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    • Rock Kitaro says:

      The thing is a lot of men like those sleezy types. I don’t know the percentage, but it seems to be enough with a decent mix of both alphas and betas. And because it’s easier to get those guys than men like you, they might be fine without you unless you’re allure is so irresistable. But even then, I suspect those types of women will still use those other guys for sex and attention until that one day you finally strike up a conversation with her. Then, lol, you’ll see her dressed up all sleezy as per usual, but talking to you like a classy, sweet, traditional woman. Prolly cause you caught her off guard and subconsciously she doesn’t want to blow it. Oblivious to how much she’s letting on that she’s enamored by you because she’s secretly wanted you for so long.

      Just spit-balling here. Could be wrong about everything.


      • Oscar says:

        If men didn’t like sleazy women, the Holy Spirit would’ve never felt the need to inspire King Solomon to write so many Proverbs warning young men to avoid sleazy women.


  11. Lastmod says:

    No complaints at my job because there is really no one to get attention from. Most of the women are stable in their dating life in my job, or married life. Also, there are no men at my job that are way above average looking to really impress……also…to the credit of my company on this matter:

    People DO their jobs here. I do like that mindset here “we’re here to work and get it done”

    Payday on that Friday…sure…..a bit more casual that last hour or so at work. Some just funny stuff, and more casual conversations. Most people here are in their late forties to late fifties. A “GenX” office overall…and despite how much we loathe each other….as GenXers always have….at work, we always knew how to do that well without prompting, rewards, and reminded how “awesome” we are. So, maybe its just my office culture.

    We’ve all been through “rightsizing” and most of us at one time have had to work some pretty low-end jobs to get by…to little applause and no reward.

    The few younger guys and gals here are the ones who are still acting like they are in diapers at ages 29, 30, 32……and seem to think they are the most important people in the organization. As if.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. feeriker says:

    “I would imagine that the m@sk mandate would cause women to be resentful that they have to hide their faces and thereby cut down the amount of attention they receive. But I haven’t heard any complaints to this effect.”

    My surmise on this one is that since f(emale)e(motional)a(nxiety)r(esponse) completely controls most women’s every conscious move and decision, their fear of contracting some nasty disease, however remote the possibility, outweighs their craving for attention.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. locustsplease says:

    A chick at my church is older than me by a few years; relatively attractive. We met at a group and started having many interactions. I would see her a few times a week. I was definitely staying single at the time — %100 goal — friends, nothing else. I liked her and she liked me, nothing else. I wouldn’t have wifed her if I can get one I’m looking for, one of the 20 somethings.

    1 day I attended church with another woman. This chick acts odd and literally never talks to me or acknowledges my existence again. She was that mad! I walked by her and said “Hi”. She just stares like I’m an ex lover or something. The problem was that the other woman I was at church with was my mother!! Gosh!! I’m not gonna flatter my mom and tell her that story. Just the smallest sign I may not be a “safe landing pad” and that’s it!

    My ex-wife is gonna be less pissed to see me with a dime half her age.


  14. Rock Kitaro says:

    Regarding the thought experiment…I suspect it would drastically reduce a woman’s power in this world. I’ve written in many essays how women (particularly feminists) don’t give women enough credit when it comes to the gifts they possess. A man will robs, shoot, kill for a woman. And legally, I credit beautiful women as the main inspiration and motivation to work out and lose 178lbs, to write books, to stay driven, all in the hope that when I so happens to find one who meets my standard, I’ll be worthy of her.

    If men had the same power as women, while still maintaining our strength, dexterity, courage, and testosterone…sad to say this, but I’d feel even more sorry for women than I do for the millions who have given into the twisted and immoral culture promoted through social media. It reminds me of the transgender who wins the female beauty pageant.


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