No Authority to give “Consent”

The feminist argument for “consent” is a fallacy.  Women don’t have the moral authority to give consent to illicit sex.

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Under the post, Opportunities (2020-2-26), Sharkly wrote,

“…the new paradigm is that romantic love sanctifies marriage…”
“Keep up.  That was a few years back.  Now it is “consent” that sanctifies sex, not romance or marriage.”

Yes, readers have probably noticed that the importance of having a woman’s “consent” in order to bed her is the latest battleground of feminist philosophy.  The weakness (or strength, from the feminist view) of the “consent” argument, in this case, is determined by how the woman feeelz about the experience, which is a completely subjective assessment.  Not least of all, these feeelz might change at any moment, even years after the deed is done.

Sharkly lividly described several token dynamics as follows,

Since “consent” is now what sanctifies sex, if a girl wants to “revenge f@ck” some friend or relative to get back at her ex, or f@ck the old scabby guy who owns the mega yacht so that she will be invited on his next lavish cruise, or indulge a short fat scabby movie producer’s perversity … it’s all cool … until she later claims her consent was coerced.
That’s where Christian husbands run afoul of the c@nt worshipping churches.  If you try to coerce your wife to provide the sex she vowed with guilt or Bible verses or bribes or negative reinforcement, the synagogue of Satan will drop on you like a ton of bricks, because a woman’s consent is sacred, and not to be toyed with and manipulated by mere men.  If she consents to f@ck other dudes, because of your abusive desire for sex, the church will console her and offer her their victim’s services.  Women really can’t sin anymore.  Romance not required.  Furthermore, if you get mad about it, that then proves your guilt.  Because no goddess should have to live with anything but unconditional acceptance of her most wicked behavior.  The church has full time staff just hired to make up excuses for defrauding wives.  They’ve got a whole list of ready-made $ћit they’ll throw at you without even knowing who your wife is.  It obviously can’t be her fault, because – Vagina!”

As a result, many men are so afraid of a PoundMeToo accusation, that they are avoiding many opportunities to have sex at all.  They’re afraid that some s1ut they met at a party and had a ONS with will come back to hit them with a lawsuit ten years down the road.

Likewise, and with additional thanks to the Duluth model, many husbands are left biting their knuckles in fear of little more than having the honest expectation that their wives might actually fulfill their wedding vows, “to have and to hold”.

Is the argument of Consent truly a legitimate one?

As we have seen with the pound-me-too movement, young women, and even many older women, don’t have enough moral agency to take responsibility for their decisions regarding sex.  The result of the current socio-sexual ontology regarding this consent thing has become a debacle of epic proportions.

The truth is that women, especially younger women, lack the wisdom, experience, and self-control necessary to make good decisions regarding the use of their bodies for sexual intercourse and procreation.  The me-too socioclasm and the resulting moral fallout are proving this to be true.

The way that most cultures around the world deal with this problem is through the implementation of laws regarding the age of consent.

World Population Review has a list of the Age Of Consent By Country 2020.  The age of consent ranges from as low as 11 in Nigeria, to 21 in Bahrain.  For the majority of countries, the age of consent is between 16 to 18.

Additionally, a number of countries in Asia and Africa require individuals to be married before they can legally have sex.  Extramarital sex is illegal in many Muslim countries, which are known to be highly conservative regarding sexuality.  These countries include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Libya, Maldives, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen.  Since sexual activity is illegal until marriage, there is no age of consent.

In western countries as of late, additional laws regarding other issues of consent are being proposed or introduced.

Who has the authority to give consent?

These laws implicitly assume that it is the young woman who has the authority and good discretion to give consent.  But because of the combination of young womens’ sexual excitability combined with their inherent lack of moral agency, this assumption just isn’t true to reality.

According to the Bible.  It is the young woman’s father who has the authority to give consent – NOT the young woman.  And not the state either, by way of those “age of consent” laws.

“Age of consent” laws and other “consent” regulations are only necessary when the father is either dead, or he doesn’t have the authority to give consent.  But once implemented, consent laws actually usurp the fathers’ authority to give consent.  Now, young women can debauch themselves to their heart’s content, and the father has no binding say in the matter.  The law and the state has replaced the father in this aspect.  A husband’s opinion matters even less.


For those who wish to obtain God’s blessings in life (i.e. Christians), they shouldn’t be giving “consent” to anyone but their lawfully wedded spouse!

The feminist argument for “consent” is a fallacy.  Women don’t have the moral authority to give consent to illicit sex.

In the end, consent laws, as they stand, are just another symptom of modern society’s disrespecting and rebelling against the father’s God-granted authority.  If the laws were changed to reflect the fathers’ authority over their daughters’ fecundity, this would be a step for our nation to move closer to God.  Of course, this would also place more responsibility on fathers as well, which is something to which modern men and churchian men have an aversion.



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7 Responses to No Authority to give “Consent”

  1. Ed Hurst says:

    Given your solid understanding of defilement shared in a previous post, it’s likely you realize that feminist idolatry defiles all countries that embrace it. It’s far more serious than most people can imagine.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Jack says:

      @ Ed,
      Yes, everywhere Western culture has spread, so have feminist ideologies, materialism, and promiscuity, soon followed by a surge of divorce and other social ills.
      After living abroad for a few years, I started to realize why many cultures call America “The Great Satan”, and consider Americans “infidels”, etc. Americans cannot see themselves so clearly as this. They are totally blinded by feminist idolatries.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Lexet Blog says:

    People who say that America is the great satan aren’t wrong from a biblical perspective.

    If you read OT prophesies on judgment, there is a parallel with what we see today.


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