Now she’s directing her own pro motion!

It’s not about the money (anymore). It’s just for the sheer fun of it all!

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Reader’s Note: This post is a short case study of Belle Delphine as pertaining to The Rise of the Amateur Sex Industry (2021 January 4).  Readers may like to read this post first before continuing.
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During my research on the topic of OnlyFans, I came across this article about Belle Delphine.

Cinema Blend (Jessica Rawden): OnlyFans’ Belle Delphine Tells YouTube’s Logan Paul Why She Decided To Get Into Porn (2021 January 4)

Recently, she decided to step into porn, presumably to beef up her OnlyFans account with racier content.

The subtext in the video reads,

Belle Delphine had a big holiday this year. The popular OnlyFans star and cosplayer ended up getting more into viral content on the platform when she dropped her first boy-girl porn film she’d been teasing for more about a month before its leak.

She talked about enjoying filming the porn “more than [she] thought [she] would” and also explained exactly why she is expanding the content on her Only Fans account, noting,

Well, as you know I have been doing my OnlyFans for quite a while. It’s all fun; it’s all interesting, all good, but it kind of — I’m getting a bit bored. I like doing everything. I like dipping my toe in every single thing. I’ve always kind of been sexually explorative. I’ve done quite a few things in my personal life; [laughing] I feel like I kind of want to try everything.

Doing this kind of work as it is is quite stressful on a relationship. Because this is such a personal job. And being naked so much in front of your partner kind of takes a lot of the sexual element out of it. Because it can’t be sexual every single time.

The article states,

“The move into porn also gave Belle Delphine a chance to direct on a larger scale and to be creative, something that Bella Thorne also commented on when she got into the porn business.

A porn director’s role? Seems that she likes to be in control.

Delphine, on the other hand, actually starred in her own video along with setting up the scenes, budgeting and more. These days, she’s even becoming an expert at lighting.

Speaking to Logan Paul and his pal Mike Majlak on the Impaulsive podcast, Belle Delphine got candid about the work she is doing online.

Belle Delphine Stars In Her First Adult Movie – IMPAULSIVE EP. 242 – YouTube

Belle Delphine spoke on a lot of subjects during the podcast. For example, she went on to explain that in her personal life she’s tried things like Swingers clubs and more and that she’s actually creating the porn content with her boyfriend for the OnlyFans account. But the job has come with stressors on her relationships, which she also opened up about.

She called the explicit content she is making “sh!t for family,” as in, not sh!t for the family, but stuff one’s family would not really want to be connected with, noting that the content she puts up on OnlyFans has somewhat strained some of her relationships, including her relationship with her mother. But she also feels the boy-girl video she created is “no different” than what she’s really currently doing on OnlyFans; to which Logan Paul later called her a “pacemaker,” noting that she and others on OnlyFans are shifting the power and money in porn straight into their pockets and not into the pockets of companies.

But Belle Delphine is making a lot of money. She also revealed to Logan Paul that she is making about $1 million a month, which is a huge number for anyone on OnlyFans. Prior, we’d really only gotten hints about what some celebrities were pulling in with initial stats from Tyga and even Bella Thorne’s first weeks on the platform. However, both of those are celebrities who kicked off with high numbers on the platform and have remained popular since.

As for the explicit content she’s been producing as a whole, that’s part of her OnlyFans account, which is currently available for $35 bucks a month — or 5% off if you opt for three months.

After she already got rich from selling her bathwater, and is now making $1 million a month off of OnlyFans, she’s not about to hang up her pink headphones and retire.

Notice that she’s not at all concerned about how this might affect her reputation or her future employability. Most of her concern is how it affects her relationships with various people.


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16 Responses to Now she’s directing her own pro motion!

  1. Novaseeker says:

    It’s a logical progression, of course, because one would think that once one has attracted a certain amount of subscribers, you will have a difficult time retaining them with the same kind of non-HC “content” over a long period of time. If Delphine is bored, I would imagine that her customers are as well.

    Still, I don’t know how widespread this will be among OF women.

    For starters, it crosses the line that many of them seem to draw, in public and therefore likely also in their own minds, that “OF is not porn”, precisely because they aren’t providing HC content. Crossing that line is psychologically important in terms of self-image, because the women lose the ability to claim, even to themselves, that they “don’t do porn”. It’s a step, in other words, further than a good number of OF participants have taken so far mentally and in terms of self-image — the self-image that dominates, currently, is that it’s just a slightly racier version of Instagram — which, given how racy images on Instagram itself have become (it’s pretty shocking actually), isn’t that inaccurate for non-HC content.

    Second, creating HC content is a “production” as Delphine describes. You need lighting. You need direction. You need scenes and a planned flow. It isn’t Shakespeare, but it also isn’t a woman alone in her bedroom with her cellphone taking a video of herself touching herself. It’s a production. It requires other people. It requires multiple takes, in some cases. It requires post-production and editing. And all of that is more time consuming (much more), more invasive to personal life, and more costly than taking pics and videos with your own cellphone yourself (or via your IG boyfriend or some OF BFF) together with the occasional pro shoot (bonus if your BF is a pro photographer, or if you have a BFF who is). It crosses those lines of “accessibility” and “ease of production” that have made OF so attractive to women, precisely because it is no harder for them to produce content for than Instagram. That changes, quite a bit, if one is shifting to HC video content.

    Third, I think it will be hard for the women involved to compete with actual pro porn in this space. Pro porn has a lot of advantages in the HC video space — it can produce at multiple locations easily, with multiple, different, partners, different scenarios, different direction and style, different theme, and so on, all without the girl herself needing to do all of that production work. In other words, it is set up to produce higher quality and more varied content than any OF girl can do on her own. In addition, from the customer perspective, most online HC videos are free. Given that they are higher quality and variety, it isn’t clear what the market really is for expensive HC content on OF. It’s one thing for guys to pay to have access to seeing girls in their private lives who are attractive but non-porn type girls — that’s something that OF does remarkably well. It’s quite another to pay a small fortune to an OF girl for a video of her having sex with her BF when you can watch any number of HC videos on any porn site for free. It’s competing with something that is quite hard to compete with, I think, which is different from what OF has done so far, mostly, which is provide nude content of girls who are “real world attractive”, but not porn girls, and in their private life settings, which can be very interesting to lots of guys in a way that porn videos are not.

    I am sure Delphine will do fine with it. She has a very specific niche — anime, “kawaii”, BDSM/kink, all tied together, and she has a huge following already deeply invested in her. It will be jarring for them to get used to watching videos of her with the actual man in her life (something which emphasizes their lack of actual access to her), but that can be spun by Delphine in a clever way as well I am sure. She is quite the clever marketer of herself, clearly, and even though her aesthetic isn’t my cup of tea at all, she’s extremely hot, which doesn’t hurt her chances of continued success in that medium.

    For the broader base of OF “content creators”, however, it will be interesting to see what happens. It’s true that it’s a bit much to expect the same kind of nude pictures of the same woman to be capable of being monetized over a long period of time — there is an inherent limitation of interest, it seems to me. However, I also do not think that many “normal” women who participate in OF are very interested in doing HC videos, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out in terms of the overall trend of the site and its content in the coming months.

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    • thedeti says:

      Just so I can follow along…

      What is “HC content”?


      • Novaseeker says:

        “Hardcore” content.


      • Novaseeker says:

        It appears that the women of OF draw a distinction between “hardcore” content, which they view as “porn”, and nude photos.


      • Jack says:

        As NovaSeeker mentioned, it is interesting that many OF girls do not consider soft core porn to be porn. They only consider HC porn to be porn. On the face of it, their refusal to admit that soft core porn is really porn appears to be a denial of moral agency. But if we consider their psychological view, there seems to be a line of sorts, in which they recognize that there is a fundamental difference between soft core and hard core porn. This distinction in their minds reveals that they do recognize some kind of boundary, but it’s not in agreement with either Christian morality, nor the legally recognized definitions of porn. They are constituting their own system of pseudo-morality, much like Hugh Hefner did.

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      • Jack says:

        HC = Hardcore pornography — features detailed depictions of sexual organs or sexual acts such as vaginal, anal or oral intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, fingering, anilingus, ejaculation, and fetish play.
        Softcore pornography includes stripteases, lingerie modeling, simulated sex and an emphasis on the sensual appreciation of the female or male form. It typically contains nude or semi-nude actors involved in love scenes and is intended to be both sexually arousing and aesthetically beautiful.
        The XXX-rating means hard-core, the XX-rating is for simulation (appears to be sexual intercourse, but the anatomy is not explicitly visible), and an X-rating is for soft core.

        The legally binding definitions I gave above have been in place since the 1950s. Actually, by these definitions, Victoria’s Secrets models are technically soft porn stars.


  2. Scott says:

    and she has a huge following already deeply invested in her

    Once again. I find myself reading about a world that might was well be another dimension.

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  3. Joe2 says:

    Notice that she’s not at all concerned about how this might affect her reputation or her future employability.

    Future employability? Earning $1 million per MONTH at such a young age should make her financially set for life!


    • Oscar says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Well, that, and – why is she even working anymore? It can’t be the money, because she already has enough to be set for life.


      • OKRickety says:

        Oscar said: “why is she even working anymore?”

        As I recall, one of, maybe the, primary reasons given in this series for female behavior is the desire for attention, or maybe that would more accurately be described as the resulting dopamine hit.

        She still wants that, regardless of the money. And she might as well get the money while she’s at it.

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  4. Oscar says:

    Jake Paul: What about pops [her dad]?

    Belle Delphine: Oh, he’s not in my life.

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  5. I dont blame her. She is a marketing genius.

    I do blame those “customers” that were never told what they were being sold to begin with. I also blame people that dont tell their friends that this isnt acceptable.

    I dont fault the animal for eating, I blame the farmer for feeding it

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