Summary of Red Pill Redemption

A report of all the responses to this month’s theme of Redemption.

Readership: All; Men;
Theme: Redemptive Headship and Masculinity
Length: 1,600 words
Reading Time: 9 minutes


This theme / series has received an overwhelming response from the Manosphere.

  1. Catacomb Resident: Redemption Is Not Convenient (2022-8-13)
  2. Radix Fidem: Redemption and Typology (2022-8-16)
  3. Catacomb Resident: Time to Grow Up (2022-8-20)
  4. Derek L. Ramsey: Sanctified Marriage: Part 1 (2022-8-29)
  5. Σ Frame: Red Pill Redemption (2022-9-5)
  6. Adam Piggott: This Vagabond Life (2022-9-6)
  7. Σ Frame: The 13 Harbingers of Masculine Doom (2022-9-7)
  8. Okrahead: Against Bitterness (Red Pill Redemption 1) (2022-9-7)
  9. Okrahead: Things to Read (Red Pill Redemption 2) (2022-9-8)
  10. Σ Frame: Bastards (2022-9-9)
  11. Σ Frame: On Choosing the Flesh over Christ (2022-9-10)
  12. Okrahead: On Forgiveness (Red Pill Redemption 3) (2022-9-10)
  13. Catacomb Resident: Idolatry of Self-indulgence (2022-9-11)
  14. Σ Frame: The Ever Looming Black Pill (2022-9-12)
  15. Derek L. Ramsey: Sanctified Marriage: Part 2 (2022-9-12)
  16. Σ Frame: What is the Black Pill? (2022-9-13)
  17. Σ Frame: The Black Pill is the Natural Outcome of the Secular Mating Paradigm (2022-9-14)
  18. Adam Piggott: The Two Obstacles to Redemption (2022-9-14)
  19. Okrahead: In a Hopeless World… Be the Hope (2022-9-14)
  20. Σ Frame: Black Pill Competition (2022-9-15)
  21. Σ Frame: Scott is not Black Pilled (2022-9-16)
  22. Okrahead: On Faith (2022-9-16)
  23. Σ Frame: The Black Pill as a Socio-Sexual Phenomenon (2022-9-17)
  24. Σ Frame: Current Homesteads for the Faithful Few? (2022-9-18)
  25. Catacomb Resident: What Should We Do? 03 (2022-9-18)
  26. Derek L. Ramsey: Redemption (2022-9-18)
  27. Stage in the Sky: Redemption: Why Should Millennials and Gen-Z Care about This? (2022-9-18)
  28. Σ Frame: Analysis Paralysis is the Gateway to the Abyss (2022-9-19)
  29. Okrahead: On Apostasy (2022-9-19)
  30. Σ Frame: Metaphysical Literacy (2022-9-21)
  31. Spawny’s Space (Cill): The Fortunate (2022-9-21)
  32. Σ Frame: Earthquakes (2022-9-23)
  33. Okrahead: Freedom Isn’t Free, and Grace Isn’t Cheap (2022-9-23)
  34. Σ Frame: Sitting on the Fence (2022-9-26)
  35. Bardelys the Magnificent’s testimony (2022-9-27)
  36. Σ Frame: Restoring Respect (2022-9-28)
  37. Σ Frame: Understanding Respect (2022-9-29)
  38. Stage in the Sky: Should Christians “Accept” Rappers and Reformed Porn Stars? (2022-9-29)
  39. Christianity and Masculinity: What does redemption look like for men in churchianity (2022-10-10)

Rock Kitaro created an excellent video that sums up all the aspects of Redemption as a topic.

Stage in the Sky Creations (Rock Kitaro): Redemption and the Christian Red Pill (2022-9-26)


Overall, most of the topics discussed this month have been about circumstances or issues that prevent men from finding redemption, and/or problems to be overcome in the process.  A few have discussed confession, repentance, forgiveness, and faith.

To sum up all the posts and discussions, the most noteworthy current issues that prevent men from finding redemption include…

  1. A lack of faith / Purpose / vision.
  2. Anger, Bitterness, Despair, Envy, Jealousy.
  3. Failure to exercise Headship within marriage.
  4. Spiritual Abuse / Witchcraft within the church.
  5. Christian Masculinity is a lost art and discipline.
  6. Failure to discover, develop, and/or defend one’s personal Domain.
  7. A lack of cohesion, mutual support, and Unity within the Body of Christ and within marriage.
  8. Misplaced priorities / A preoccupation with walking in the flesh / Choosing the things of this world over the eternal.
  9. The converged church / Churchianity is a red herring distraction from Zoe (life in the Spirit) and redemption, if not worse.
  10. Failure to observe Biblical / Covenant boundaries, which leaves one open to defilement, demonic attack, injustice, and loss.
  11. Indecision and inaction concerning one’s purpose and place.  This includes a failure to choose an appropriate setting / social group in which one can develop one’s self-identity as a Christian man.
  12. Wallowing in the Black Pill — a comfort zone of bitterness, self-rejection, and a lack of faith.  (Taking the Black Pill may be unavoidable for many men, but the key for pulling through it is to turn from the bitterness and despondency, find faith, develop a new identity in Christ, and pursue a renewed purpose.)
  13. The lack of Honor and Respect being shown to Christian Men for their accomplishments in the spirit (e.g. spiritual discernment, discipline, maturity, etc.) and in the flesh (e.g. competition, developing valuable skills, physical fitness, reputation, status, etc.).
  14. Failure to pursue a path towards Respect (as described in the last two posts).  The paths to Respect that were identified include: (1) Developing Strength within one’s Domain of influence (e.g. Headship), (2) Pursuing a Calling / Purpose leading to the development of skills that are expressed through service, (3) Finding Honor / Reputation / Status through competition, courage, heroism, etc.  (If possible, pursuing more than one path is better.)
  15. In sociality, the propensity for Christians to value, prioritize, honor, and glorify that which the world sets forth as beautiful, honorable, and valuable (e.g. Convenience, Gnostic notions, material wealth and the pride of life, the obsession with libido, Sex and sex appeal, top SMV Chads / immoral men, etc.).  On the other side of this counterfeit coin is the general hesitancy of Christians to accept those who are weaker in faith or who are not exceptional by the world’s standards.
  16. Added: The Quiet Desperation of the Autopilot (2022-10-1) Man’s propensity to wait in expectation, but never taking the action to work out the issues necessary to make their desires and hopes into reality.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month’s theme, bloggers, commenters, and readers alike.


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11 Responses to Summary of Red Pill Redemption

  1. Bardelys the Magnificent says:

    Pretty good summary. The next step would be for each man to do a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and find out which of these he’s already good at and what he needs to work on. For instance, anger would be both an opportunity and a threat for me since it’s something that I’ve worked on but haven’t fully conquered, so until I do there’s always the possibility of relapse. I also realized yesterday that I’ve never purposely pursued paths that lead to honor or respect. I just expected to do and it would happen.

    Thank you for this series, Jack. I wondered in the middle of the month if this was going to go anywhere, but the last week’s worth of posts cleared a lot of things up, I think. It made me think differently about some things, and made me consider others that I neglected. God bless you.

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    • Jack says:

      “Thank you for this series, Jack. I wondered in the middle of the month if this was going to go anywhere…”

      To be honest, the posts that appeared this month were not what I had originally planned, and at times I wasn’t sure where it would lead either. It has been challenging to write about the topic of Redemption from a clinical standpoint as opposed to a doctrinal or inspirational one. I still feel like there is much to be learned about this topic, but I’m not sure what. So for now, I’ll rest in the thought that we got what we needed to have right now, and I think more will come at a later time.


  2. Oscar says:

    “Pursuing a Calling / Purpose leading to the development of skills that are expressed through service.”

    That is such an underrated factor in a man’s life. Speaking from experience, when the HVAC breaks in August, it’s 100F out, and your wife is 9 months pregnant, the HVAC guy may as well be wearing a red cape and an S on his chest when he shows up.

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    • Red Pill Apostle says:

      This summer, during a week when the highs were between 98 and 100, my AC died. Not replace a capacitor and it’ll be up and running again, but dead as in there was no resistance across the compressor.

      It was a long 2 week wait to have the unit replaced (warranty co delays and supply chain issues for the unit we wanted) and I have a more complete understanding for why the deep South did not start to seriously grow in population until central AC became ubiquitous across the region. I would sweat at 10pm while sitting under a paddle fan.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Oscar says:

        St. Willis, pray for us.


      • Scott says:

        There is a triangle that starts somewhere in Virginia, heads south to Florida, west to the middle of Texas and back to Virginia. This area should be condemned for human occupancy due to its humidity, bugs the size of helicopters, lack of mountains/snow and woods with underbrush so thick you cannot walk 2 feet into them.

        I am confounded by the idea that, at some point, the original settlers arrived in such a hellish landscape and thought “YES!!! This is the spot!”


      • Scott says:

        Which reminds me of this great stand up routine.

        “Sure we have deserts in America, we just don’t live in them a$$hole!”


      • Kentucky Gent says:

        “I am confounded by the idea that, at some point, the original settlers arrived in such a hellish landscape and thought “YES!!!”

        Heh. When I was in 2nd grade, we moved from Washington state back to my mother’s home town of Louisville, KY. Which belongs in Scott’s triangle.

        My stepfather was so cheap we didn’t get an AC unit at first (and the house wasn’t built with central AC!). My bedroom was upstairs, and I slept with breeze pulled through a window by a fan. It wasn’t so bad because I didn’t know what I was missing.

        Later, my mom demanded an AC unit for the downstairs, and I got accustomed to living like that. It would be very difficult to go back now.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Red Pill Apostle says:

        Kentucky Gent,

        The grad school program I chose was at UF which meant living in Gainesville. The program I did took a 2 year program and crammed it into a calendar year which meant spending a summer in central Florida. (For those of you who are unaware, summer in central Florida is May through the middle of October when temperatures flirt with then exceed 90 every day.)

        In July and August the 50 foot walk to my car would result in my shirt sticking to me. The hot and humid combo was that oppressive. UF started in 1853 which means that for the better part of a century men (it was only men until 1947 the women’s university was FSU) sat in class and stuck to their chairs.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kentucky Gent says:


        I lived in Orlando in 1989, from January to early August, attending Navy Nuclear Power School. Class ended at 4 PM, and when Summer rolled around we got a short thunderstorm at about 4:10 every day, lasting just a few minutes.

        So the atmosphere would go from hot and sticky before the storm, to extremely oppressive after the rain.

        The upside was, my apartment complex had an outdoor pool, and so I got to go swimming in January.


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