Women are Tempted to Become Masculine, Men are Tempted to Wimp Out

Many core concepts of feminism seek gender equity, which essentially aims for women to become more masculine, and men to be more feminine than what God designed them to be.

Feministic ideology also purports that males commonly abuse their power by manipulating women. Feminists might use some studies to claim that there is a direct link between female submissiveness and female abuse, and indeed there is some evidence on this point. But by and large, this claim simply does not apply in regard to data on the larger demographic. Scientific studies such as this, the Bible, as well as men’s own experiences, all indicate that most males are hesitant to act, and instead, they withdraw and remain silent, especially whenever the woman in his life is belligerent, demanding, disdainful, contemptuous, or outspoken about her dissatisfactions and complaints. Or more simply put, when the woman is being disrespectful and unsubmissive, the relationship is destined to decline. The Biblical truth is that if women adopt a respectful and humble attitude, they will receive better treatment from men. Or more simply put, women will attract the love of men.

The Interrelational Dynamics

When women are physically attracted to the aesthetics of an alpha male, and seek the conquest of an alpha male, they are relinquishing their need for love and security, and adopting male traits (being attracted to beauty, hunting for a mate, etc.). When they postpone marriage and seek higher education with the view to develop a professional career, it is likely that they are doing it so that they can live an independent life, and won’t need to depend on anyone else, namely her future husband. The spiritual fallacy here is not in seeking self-sufficiency, education, independence, a high quality mate, or a career, but in the woman’s self-centered desire for choice and control, her reluctance to trust, her refusal to be beautifully vulnerable, and her hesitancy to faithfully rely on the love and good graces of others, namely God and her future husband.

Men, on the other hand, are constantly pressured to give, provide, and perform. They tend to get tired and frustrated by all the competition and work that is necessary to succeed in life. They need encouragement and support on a daily basis. On top of that, it is easy for them to get emotionally fatigued while caring for, and dealing with a woman. This is especially true when the woman is selfish, insecure and immature, and who is constantly giving him drama and “fitness tests”. These men find it easier to just “check out” and live their own lives, seeking rest, relaxation, and recluse from society. The spiritual fallacy is when this is done to extremes, his thereby becoming cynical, unmotivated, apathetic and careless. By doing so, men are adopting female traits (enjoying comfort, taking things as they come, etc.).

Unfortunately, our natural tendencies in dealing with these challenges will not lead us to greater happiness or holiness. It is important to counteract these inclinations in order to achieve total efficacy as a male or female.


Women need to realize that if they display respect, and submit to the man in their life, they will naturally grow to trust and love him more. This is God’s command. By doing so, women can find the contentment and love they desire. God’s honor! (Women, if you don’t believe it, then try it sometime and see for yourself whether God’s word is faithful and true.)

Men should see that by being responsible for the woman in their life, and doing their best to love her as their partner in experiencing the grace of God, they can achieve a greater sense of confidence, dignity and honor. This is also God’s command, and God is true to His promises. (Men, try praying, taking a risk and investing in your woman, and see if she doesn’t respond by becoming everything you dreamed.)

God blesses those who are obedient, even when their partner is not. But only when both partners come to embrace their respective, prescribed roles in a relationship, can God’s promises be totally fulfilled.

I challenge my reader to become faithful and obedient by offering your partner forgiveness and undeserved love and respect, and to see for yourself whether God’s design is worth your effort to achieve.

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Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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