Where is your life headed?

Think about where you stand in the order of things. Is it where you want to be?

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Larry, from Larry’s Musings, left a heavyweight comment under an older post, Profile of an excellent leader (December 22, 2014).

“The post above raises the issue of people deciding (choosing) which groups and/or individuals to associate with and follow. This is important. What we see today in many Western societies is many individuals not consciously and rationally thinking about their choices, but acting rather emotionally and thus following “leaders” because of their appeals to our emotions.

It does not help that our educational system is currently one of indoctrination, and does not work to develop the pupils’ critical thinking skills. Add to this the propagandized nature of our history text books and our media, and we see that so many people really are lost and in ignorance. We need true leaders to help liberate the people of their ignorance.

The post above seems to have an emphasis on a leader’s role in the business and corporate world, but leaders in other walks of life also play critical roles in our societies.”

where is my life going

Here follows an abridged section of the post he is addressing.

“People don’t have hope, but they need to have hope. Leaders bring hope that lies within a purpose – something that people can sincerely believe, and work patiently for it to come true.

We should ask ourselves, “Is this purpose really true, right, good? Is this what I want to become?”

The purpose is to find meaning in the somewhat imminent future (few months to a few years). This purpose requires some time, effort, and maybe even some $$$ to reach it.

We need a small group of people working together as a team to reach our purposes in life. Part of your choice is in the people you associate with. With the right combination, one can achieve great things.

We all need to feel like we are an important part of something larger than ourselves. (This is why some people join street gangs.) We have a responsibility to ourselves to choose what we want to become and make it happen. To this end, a leader offers a viable and wise course of action.

It is necessary for one to agree and follow the leader of a group, in order to be a part of a group. So we should ask ourselves, “Can I trust this group of people? Can I trust this leader? Can I sincerely believe what they believe?” If trust is not important, then why not join a street gang, just to find hope and purpose in life?

Do I have value? What is my value? Who am I? How do I maximize my self-worth? A leader offers answers to these questions.

I also hinted at this idea in a recent post covering the witches brew ad from Gillette,

“…don’t ever send your resume [to a converged corporation], unless you’re an upper level manager who plans to reorganize the structure. It’s time for America to realize that an employee of a company does the bidding of his overseers, for better, or for worse. So choose your employer wisely, and know your life purpose before accepting any job offer.”

Listen up fellas, because I know what I’m talking about here. I used to be employed in a Top Secret government job in the defense sector. There was extravagant waste of hard earned tax dollars. There was cronyism in the arrangements made on research contracts that had absolutely zero scientific foundation. If you made a mistake, people died. In fact, people died even if you did your job well, as mass carnage is merely a presumed byproduct of any military aggression. And make no mistake, any armed offense is aimed at asserting power and control over others. It’s the old, “You will obey my will… or you will die!” routine.

But no one really cared about all of this. You see, the matrix asserts various “patriotic” buzz-moxies, like “defending our country”, “preserving freedom and democracy”, and “liberty and justice for all”, which are merely cathetic motivations held by those who enjoy the comforts of lies, and who have never looked down the barrel of a gun (one way or the other). So there were few people who saw it like I did. Instead, my coworkers spent most of their time drinking coffee and boasting about their children’s career accomplishments, or the vacation cottage in which they planned to retire after they had put in their 20. This insular corruption went straight up to the top brass, and even they felt helpless to change it. So I knew there was nothing I could do to change this place for the better.

After enduring this working culture for only a few months’ time, I had an existential crisis. I couldn’t focus. My mind kept wandering away to thoughts like…

“Is this really what I want to do with my life? Stuck in this carpeted cage as a genteel wage slave… Fabricating weapons of warfare… Supporting engagement campaigns that I really don’t agree with? Always waiting for the news of another kill?

And these people! Do I really want to spend the next 20-40 years commingling with these people? I could foresee that I would become just like them after 20 years. Do I want to be like them? A gubmint wanka?

I took this job because I wanted to do something great for my country, but actually, there’s no honor there, nothing to be proud of… It’s not the 007 secret agent James Bond assignment that I had imagined…”

govt employees after shutdown

My conscience wouldn’t let me sleep at night, so I resigned. Many of my coworkers feigned tears of despondency over the news, but their micro-expressions [YouTube tutorial] told me they were glad to see me go.

After that, I spent a couple years in an urban wilderness, wondering, “where is my life going?” But then, on a whim, I decided to get out of billville and start seeing the world.

I never regretted it. I’ve traveled around Asia since then, learned a little Kung Fu, met some terrific people (and women too). I found much greener pastures. Best of all, I got out from under the Feminista Thumbrella™ of the Globalist sociopathology.

In conclusion, if you’re in a place where you never feel confident about your work, or get a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, you know you’ll never reach your potential, and maybe this post has been shouting at you, then it’s time for you to make your move.

A leader – be one, or choose one!


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