No Mo Hoe? Oh No!

A tragic tale of how a teenage girl was deceived into giving up the CC in exchange for keeping her twins!

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Snookered by Hope

Brooke Alexander became unexpectedly pregnant when she was 18, and she is now a married mother of twins.  She initially thought she should have an abortion, but the Texas Heartbeat Act and a trip to a pregnancy resource center caused her to change her mind.  Today, she is grateful for her children.

In spite of the happy ending, The Washington Post paints Brooke’s story with a grim tone and makes it out to be a tragedy.  Not just once, but in two articles, just in case any poor pregnant teen missed the foreboding warnings contained in the first one.

The Sorrows of the Depraved

The hallmark of liberal reporting is that they always tell the story from the perspective of a slightly below average person (often times a minority) living a busy harried life, fighting fires, and never finding any peace or rest.  Overall, the overdramatized message is that “Life is hard so we have to DO something to save ourselves from pain and suffering.”  It is also commonly suggested, usually implicitly, that the best way to do this is to escape responsibilities (e.g. abortion, birth control, profligate sex, etc.) and/or get the State involved (courts, police, welfare, etc.).  The idea that a husband, father, boyfriend, or brother might be able to smooth things out in a jiffy is never mentioned, even though these are the men who are most likely to pitch a hand.

Father Helping Daughter with Homework

The weeping and gnashing of teeth at The Washington Post becomes more apparent when we look at some of their other articles concerning abortion and the Dobbs v. Jackson decision.

“The phones started ringing, as they always did, moments after Houston Women’s Reproductive Services opened for business at 9 a.m. on Friday — with patients in need of abortions calling to secure a spot on the schedule.

Then, 12 minutes later, it all came to a stop. The Supreme Court had overturned Roe v. Wade.

Mike drop.

“Can we still do abortions today?” asked patient advocate Marjorie Eisen, thinking about the 20 women they had booked for appointments.

Several were already in the waiting room, scrolling through their phones as they waited.

“No,” said Kathy Kleinfeld, a co-owner of the clinic. “We’re done.”

The Washington Post: ‘We’re done’: Chaos and tears as an abortion clinic abruptly shuts down (2022-6-24)

Oh Noes!  Such disappointment!

Here’s another article rife with superfluous drama.

The Lily: 400 calls, no more appointments: Texas abortion clinic scrambles to see patients before 6-week ban may take effect (2021-8-30)

“With purple and blue bangs and chunky silver earrings, Kleinfeld greets every patient with a warm smile, quick to strike up a conversation about the band on their T-shirt.”

“Kathy Kleinfeld’s cellphone lit up for the first time on Monday at 3 a.m. By 7 a.m., she had 13 missed calls. When she couldn’t be reached by phone, she said, patients emailed, desperate to schedule their abortion with Houston Women’s Reproductive Services before Wednesday, Sept. 1, when Texas is on track to ban abortions after six weeks gestation, before most people know they’re pregnant.”

Gotta nip ‘em in the bud before anyone knows!

“First, they asked for the date of the patient’s last period. If they were further than six weeks along, they clinic staff said, they’d have to leave the state. They were fully booked before Sept. 1.”

Oh Noes!  The HEARTACHE of not being able to expediently dispose of problematic uterine growth tissue!

“At 9:28 a.m., Kleinfeld announced it was time to “set the phones.”  For the rest of the day, the calls would go to voice mail; Kleinfeld and others would return them when they could.  By lunchtime on Monday, Houston Women’s Reproductive Services had received over 400 calls.  On a typical Monday morning, Kleinfeld said, they might get 100.”

Whadya know?  EVERYBODY’s getting one!  Better get one soon before your chance at shagging Brad and Chad (and maybe their Dad) is gone forever!

“These phone calls have been the hardest, Eisen said.”

Oh Noes!  The HEARTACHE of turning young CC riders away to face the natural consequences of their own decisions!

“Have you tried the other clinics in Houston?”

“The woman went quiet.”

“It’s a seven-and-a-half-hour drive from Houston.”

Oh Noes! It’s SOOO much TROUBLE to send off a soul!!!

“Eisen apologized that she couldn’t do more to help and wished her luck.”

“She sounded young,” Eisen said as she hung up the phone.”

Oh Noes!  The ultimate horror of ALL HORRORS!  To be a YOUNG MOTHER!!!


Reader NaturallyAspirated summed up the tone quite well.

“Abortion is probably the strongest pillar of modern feminism. Without it, women are subject to the consequences of their sexual behavior…”

“…women instinctively know that being overwhelmed with passion in the moment by a high value man, especially during ovulation, is the peak sexual experience for them.  If they know that abortion is available, they can avoid the … burdens … if they get unexpectedly pregnant as a result of fully enjoying their sexual opportunities.  If abortion is illegal, or very difficult, it throws a wrench in the sexual act and ties them to natures (God’s) shackles, which they so desperately want to shake off.  Women’s instinctual / biologic drive, for the modern feminist, must be separated from pregnancy…  Since (1) birth control isn’t perfect, and (2) female fantasy has an aspect of losing control to an irresistible man, outlawing abortion is like castrating female sexuality, fantasy, desire.  It cuts too deep and is essential to defend for the modern feminist.”

Eve’s curse [is] the short end of God’s (or mother nature’s) stick. Fighting against it is the essence of feminism.

“We will not be slaves to God’s design!  We will not be slaves to biology!  We REJECT the reproductive consequences of pursuing and enjoying our fully liberated sexual pleasures.”

The sexual revolution is the feminist revolution at its core. They will fight to the death on this.”

This is an excellent example of progressive ressentiment which I’ve discussed before. Good is evil, and evil is good.

Rest assured, in the coming weeks and months, we’ll be hearing a lot more sob stories and rage tantrums from various activists and nooz outlets about how the new ruling crimps the Feminist Life Script.


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Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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32 Responses to No Mo Hoe? Oh No!

  1. cameron232 says:

    Here’s your map gentlemen.

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  2. locustsplease says:

    The answer to this is not gonna be a check into reality. Just more of the same, “Hey, average men, you better fight for us to get this crumb.” While behind our backs, they say, “Gosh! I just feel so comfortable with Chad right now! He just gets my rights! He’s not just using me.”

    You cannot turn hoes into house wives. At least 50% have decided they are hoes. That’s all they wanted. Being a wife is never the answer. For them, baking a pie is slavery.

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    • Jack says:

      “At least 50% have decided they are hoes.”

      I’m guessing that most of those who escape this fate are the younger first-timers. The moment of decision comes when they get pregnant. (Although the real choice comes long before that.) If they decide to keep the baby and get married (or else make a mutual heart-felt commitment to be parents together), then there is hope. If not, then it all falls apart and then the carousel calls.

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  3. okrahead says:

    If they are in East Texas pretty soon they’re going to have to drive nearly 800 miles for an abortion (Illinois). The border clinics will no doubt do a booming business for now. But that 800 mile trip is a long time to sit and think about what you’re doing. It’ll also necessitate an overnight stay. Prices will go up at the border clinics. Getting an abortion is about to become quite a bit more expensive. Of course they could always scoot down to Mexico, if that’s really where you want to go right now. But the way things are at the border, you’re going to have to REALLY want to go to cross that line. And then the horror stories will start to get out at women dying in Mexican clinics. All of the sudden being a mother might not sound quite so bad.

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    • cameron232 says:

      I guess they’ll just use an abortifacent pill now.


    • thedeti says:

      “Prices will go up at the border clinics. Getting an abortion is about to become quite a bit more expensive.”

      Meh. Virtue signaling corporations and their health insurance carriers will pay. Liberal / Progressive / radical / mouth foamers will pay.

      To me, what will really lay things bare is finally calling out those on our side for their hypocrisy. The dirty little secret that republicans and conservatives don’t want you to know is that they want the abortion “safety valve” too. They want to be able to have their illicit consequence-free sex too. They want their premarital and extramarital sex too.

      They want it so that Chuck CEO’s daughter Susie can get that “little problem” “taken care of” without derailing Susie’s junior year at Stanford or embarrassing Chuck at the board meeting.

      They want it so Mark Multimillionaire’s son Sam can avoid becoming a baby daddy and creating an “unsuitable” heir to Mark’s fortune.

      They want it so that Archie Archconservative State senator, “truth justice and the American Way”, “Trump-endorsed”, “I am a rockribbed conservative who’s fighting for YOU”, can keep his mistress out of the limelight. Get her that quiet abortion so everything’s cool. And his cheating doesn’t come to light. Hell, Mrs. Archconservative will drive Mistress to the clinic to get that abortion — all so Mrs. A can keep being Mrs. A and Archie can keep his statehouse seat.

      Our republicucks are hypocrites. They likes themselves some sweet, sweet abortion rights too — for expediency, so they can have their consequence-free fun just like the progressives they love to bash.

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      • thedeti says:

        And let’s not forget Ellen EvangelicalAmericanPrincess. The most devout, sweetest Christian girl you know. In church every Sunday, eyes lifted to the Cross, holy hands up high praising her Lord and Savior. Has 50 scriptural verses memorized. Plans on a “career” in missions after Bible college, don’tcha know. Cuz she’s more holy than YOU, you pinch faced immoral person, you.

        What you don’t know about her is that last night, she was awake until 3 am spending her evening with Chad who hasn’t darkened the doorway of a church in his entire life. Seven weeks from now, Ellen will be at the clinic, getting her “indiscretion” “handled” after the Pill “failed” (allegedly). Chad will be nowhere to be seen.

        Ellen wants that abortion “safety valve.” Just like Chuck and Mark and Archie. And their wives. And their children. Hypocrites, all.

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      • info says:

        “Virtue signaling corporations and their health insurance carriers will pay. Liberal / Progressive / radical / mouth foamers will pay.”

        Every cent that isn’t spent on them, and every cent contributing to their demise counts.

        In fact, instead of “refunds” if they do this, how about “Chargebacks“?

        A chargeback costs more for them than a “refund”. It’s time to make Republicucks PAY — and PAY DEARLY.

        By any means necessary.

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      • info says:

        “The difference between chargeback costs and return costs is staggering. With a chargeback, you still lose the revenue from the initial sale, and you lose the interchange fees, shipping fees, and other return costs mentioned above. The similarities stop there, though.

        A chargeback is not a return. Your customer is supposed to send the goods back to you, but this rarely happens as the cardholder has no real incentive to do it. So, you’re out everything you’d lose from a refund, plus the actual merchandise. On top of that, you’re forced to pay added fees to cover the cost of chargeback administration.

        Those are just the immediate expenses. Each customer dispute also counts against your chargeback ratio. If your chargeback ratio gets too high over time, you may be forced to switch to a high-risk merchant account, adding even more costs. In a worst-case scenario, you could lose the ability to accept credit cards altogether … potentially dooming your business.”

        Chargebacks911: Chargeback vs. Refund (2021-6-25)

        More on this:

        Cardinity: Chargeback vs. Refund: What’s the Difference? (2019-3-14)

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      • thedeti says:

        “It’s time to make Republicucks PAY.”

        Agreed. At the very least, it’s time to make them make a choice (since they’re so fond of that word, “choice”). It’s time to make them declare their allegiances and state which side they’re on. It’s time to make them stake out positions and defend them.

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      • redpillboomer says:

        “Ellen wants that abortion safety valve. Just like Chuck and Mark and Archie. And their wives. And their children. Hypocrites, all.”

        And don’t forget suburban wine woke woman Wanda and her two Feminist Life Script following, carousel riding daughters, Whitney and Willow, now 34 and 31 respectively; who are posing on social media as “chameleon, good girls” at the instigation of Wanda.

        Wanda is worried about grandchildren, and Whitney and Willow don’t seem anywhere nearer to finding a suitable Captain Save-a-Hoe, aka Beta bucks Brad, than they were a couple of years ago when the girls first hit the Wall. Wanda has been hearing her darling princess daughters “ticking biological clock” now for a few years, her concern has been growing with each passing year with little progress shown by the girls on finding Brad. Wanda looks back on when she got married many years ago at 28 and remembers that sigh of relief she had in landing her Electrical Engineer, Beta Bucks husband Brad, possibly the father of Whitney, but certainly not Willow. Wanda marvels at how well she’s been able to keep THAT little secret from Brad.

        Up until recently, Whitney and Willow had seemed to be tone deaf to “their clocks” much to the chagrin of Wanda. The girls woke up a bit when Willow hit the Wall last year and sadly their father Brad passed away from a heart attack at a fairly young age. Whitney and Willow suddenly realized, “Who’s going to walk us down the aisle in our expensive WHITE wedding gowns now that daddy has passed?”

        Now all three women lament together, “Where have all the good men gone?” Whitney posted a YouTube on it where she cried and blamed it all on the modern men’s commitment phobia. Willow, being the younger of the two, did a TikTok on the subject which Wanda had failed to supervise, and Willow forgot to “wear her good girl clothes,” climbing back into one of her “Chad seducing outfits” to look her absolute best for the Tik Tok presentation.

        Wanda was mortified when she got wind of what Willow had done when she accidentally saw the Tik Tok while perusing Instagram. Wanda feared Willow was going to blow Wanda’s whole “husband finding/securing project” with her damn ditzyness. Willow was never been the sharpest tool in the box; she didn’t have to be with her 9 looks and 10 body that she probably inherited from her dad, Chad McChaddington, and had been showing off in varying degrees on a social media, lately on a site called Only Fans.

        At last report, Wanda was talking to a female friend, Yulavina, who is a self-professed “New Age spiritualist, tarot card reading, yoga instructing, feminine goddess proclaiming, energetic vibrations monitoring, Reiki practitionner” among many, many other things. Wanda wanted to know from Yulavina, “Where the HELL are Whitney and Willow’s @#$%^& CAPTAINS!!!!” Yulavina could not answer that question definitively or directly, however she told Wanda if she enrolled Whitney and Willow in Yulavina’s spiritual practice, the Universe would help them find him… Well, in this case, him and him!

        Wanda has also been researching this little thing she heard about called MGTOW. After listening to half a dozen Misogynists who audaciously call themselves Red Pillers, a metaphor from the movie the Matrix, Wanda had to go watch the Morpheous Neo scene because she faintly remembered being at the movie, but was unable to remember it since that night she was at the movie with her Alpha boyfriend while Brad was at home watching the two (at the time) young daughters. Wanda spent most of the movie on her knees or with her back to the screen, hence she really couldn’t quite recall the plot, she just remembers there was something to do with a subway scene and a lot of gun fire throughout the movie.

        After watching the Matrix clips, and listening to all those other misogynist laden Red Pill “content creators”, Wanda was left wondering, “Who the he!! are these losers anyways? Who hurt them? Probably couldn’t get laid or something!” Wanda was also left wondering and pondering, “Is this MGTOW a real thing now? How could this be happening? What am I going to do now to land a (rich) hubby for Whitney and Willow and get me some grandchildren?”

        Just a little Friday fun guys! Enjoy! 😉

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      • Red Pill Apostle says:


        “And let’s not forget Ellen EvangelicalAmericanPrincess. The most devout, sweetest Christian girl you know. In church every Sunday, eyes lifted to the Cross, holy hands up high praising her Lord and Savior. Has 50 scriptural verses memorized. Plans on a “career” in missions after Bible college, don’tcha know. Cuz she’s more holy than YOU, you pinch faced immoral person, you.”

        My college minister’s dad was an adjunct professor at Bob Jones University in SC and so he grew up in the town. He told me that common knowledge amongst locals was that if you found a BJU (tongue and other things firmly planted in cheek) co-ed out on a weekend night, she was a very good bet to be an easy lay. She’d keep appearances up by attending chapel every day and abiding by the dress code, but then her true colors would come out on Friday and Saturday nights.

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      • Lexet Blog says:

        I know guys from law school who used to target college girls at a very religious and conservative college for this reason.


      • johnson j says:

        Not if the states ban abortion coverage and cancel licences of insurance companies that cover it.

        What I have yet to see anyone comment on so far is how the end of Roe brings up an opportunity to destroy Obamacare and bring insurance prices down. We’re all being charged for whores’ abortions. If the states outlaw that, what can the feds do? A review of Obamacare’s abortion provision in the SCOTUS could abort the whole thing. The feds will have to leave it unchallenged and let the states gut the abortion provision or risk losing Obamacare as a whole. This is a HUGE opportunity.

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      • Jack says:

        They hypocrisy surrounding the abortion issue is similar to the hypocrisy surrounding “vaccines” in that “it applies to others, but not to me.”

        Most Christians / conservatives will say abortion is abhorrent. But if one’s own teenage daughter / mistress / etc. becomes pregnant, or if a debilitating genetic disease is detected in the fetus, then abortion is fully on the table.

        Likewise, elites jump on the vaccine wagon, saying that “vaccines are necessary” and “everyone should be vaccinated”, but they won’t get the clot shot themselves nor allow their dependant relatives to do so.


      • info says:

        “But if one’s own teenage daughter becomes pregnant…”

        Hence parental control. And shotgun weddings as a solution.


    • Joe2 says:

      “Prices will go up at the border clinics. Getting an abortion is about to become quite a bit more expensive.”

      It also could make the border clinics more competitive in trying to capture the pent-up demand in Texas. Not to mention that additional clinics may be licensed. It’s possible the clinics may even offer a “package deal” which would include transportation and accommodations, as necessary. The states allowing abortions would want them to be affordable and accessible.

      In Mississippi, there was only one abortion clinic licensed in the entire state. That clinic was in Jackson and the subject of Dobbs v. Jackson. Having one clinic for the entire state would already seem to necessitate some travel for women seeking abortions unless they went out of state where there may be a nearer clinic. Travel may not be that big of a concern.


  4. thedeti says:

    That map looks a lot like US presidential electoral maps.

    Red = no abortion = conservative.

    Blue = abortion = “progressive” / radical / foaming at the mouth / out for blood.

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  5. info says:

    Feminism has always been Transgenderism and Man LARPing from the 1800’s.

    “Gender politics has for some time now focused on those who were perceived to be the most marginalized, and that is no longer women, or even women of colour, it is men who want to identify as women. This has caused a chasm in the feminist identity politics movement, because now men are claiming women’s rights, but doing it as “women”. Should women recognize these men’s claims to the rights of being protected women? Or should they balk at the idea of having to share women’s spaces and women’s issues with people born with penises? Where should feminism draw the line here?”

    “…people are confused why progressives who have pushed women’s issues for so long are now buckling under transgender activism, and are giving up on being able to define the women they always said they were advocating for. Was feminism not about lifting women up from the beginning? How did it become about denying or erasing their existence?”

    “Shelley’s goal, as an advocate of feminism, like his parents-in-law, is to frame God and the patriarchy ordained by God, as the force of oppression, and encourage women to ‘realize’ that they can smash all gender boundaries.”

    “Shelley’s revolutionary Satanism is combined with what can, without much hesitation, be described as a feminist ideal. This is further reflected, for example, in how Cythna takes on a role coded as masculine, when she comes charging on a black steed, sword in hand, to rescue her brother. Shelley held a utopian vision that gender differences, ‘detestable distinctions’, as he called them in a letter, would ‘surely be abolished in a future state of being’.”

    “Looking at scripture itself, it is easy to find several passages that give strong support to the subordination of women, such as the aforementioned 1 Timothy (2:11–15) but also Titus 2:3–5, Ephesians 5:22–33, Colossians 3:18, and 1 Corinthians 14:34–36. Phrasings like ‘Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord’ (Eph. 5:22), and the ways in which they have been used to serve patriarchal ends, make it easy to see why some feminists would later view God as the protector of patriarchy (and, occasionally, Satan as an ally in the fight against it).”

    “In essence the trans activist wants to smash gender boundaries, which is precisely what the feminist claims as well.”

    “This is what feminism means, in its truest, historical definition: gender boundaries are arbitrary and all of them must go.”

    Matt’s Musings: The Transgender Origins of Feminism (2022-5-26)

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  6. johnson j says:

    “I hate the novel style”, I posited, “of writing”, I continued, “where the quotations are broken up”, I posited, “with attributions between them.” I finally finished quoting myself. “And that is why I don’t read liberal news articles”, I mansplained.

    I also hate the attempts at dramatization. “The phones started ringing, as they always did…” Yeah, phones do tend to ring; that’s not really so dramatic like they think. Also having to give us the dialog rather than the jist. Someone calls and asks if they can still do abortions and they say no.
    We don’t need a blow by blow. Is writing in such a pretentious manner going to make me support whores murdering their whorespawn? No.

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  7. Oscar says:

    “If they know that abortion is available, they can avoid the … burdens … if they get unexpectedly pregnant as a result of fully enjoying their sexual opportunities.”

    That’s all true, but there’s more to it than that. If it was just about sex, they could get their tubes tied, and ride roosters to their hearts’ content.

    The true, core reason for all the histrionics and apoplexy is spiritual.

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    • naturallyaspirated says:

      It is about sex, during the “find yourself” or “explore what life has to offer” fun phase riding the Roosters. Tying sex back to pregnancy only happens when the women decides it’s time to have a family (or are forced to settle down when the Roosters move on). They’ll decide when it’s just about fun, and when it’s about trying to get pregnant. (Can’t tie tubes when the CC phase is just that, a phase.)

      They think (and have been told by society / media / universities / friends / culture) that their experiences during the CC phase have no bearing on the success or failure of their future marriage / family. Because “You go girl!” Tell a young college woman that her behavior in premarital relationships informs how she views her future husband, how she feels about sex with him, and how she places him in the context of her relationship history, she’ll look at you like you are speaking a foreign language. And “It’s none of your business what a woman did before she met her husband. Only insecure incel types care about that.”

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      • Oscar says:

        “Can’t tie tubes when the CC phase is just that, a phase.”

        Why not? It’s reversible.

        Yes, it’s about sex. I already said that. But it’s not just about sex. The average 304 doesn’t know it, but her emotional reaction to Dobbs has a powerful spiritual component, and it’s source is “the god of this age” (2 Corinthians 4:3-4).

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      • redpillboomer says:

        “They think (and have been told by society / media / universities / friends / culture) that their experiences during the CC phase have no bearing on the success or failure of their future marriage / family.”

        Yes, and this is their rude awakening when they realize, “OMG! They do have a bearing on my future? But… but… but… I was told I could have it all: an extended hoe phase (18-27), my fabulously exciting career, travel the world, and then when I’m finally ready, the the big wedding, six figure earning hubby (a responsible Chad), two kids and my white picket fence too! Why, I’m ENTITLED TO ALL OF IT! What do you mean I might have to settle (a very, very bad word, that word settle) for something less than that???”

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      • The “your past doesn’t matter” line is one of those obvious lies that women want to believe. Yeah, it doesn’t matter – except to God, potential spouses, employers, colleges, the legal system, and lenders. Is there forgiveness in Christ for anyone who repents and believes in him? Absolutely. But sin has consequences, and anyone telling women otherwise is part of the scam.


      • info says:

        “Absolutely. But sin has consequences, and anyone telling women otherwise is part of the scam.”

        God allows this for the sake of disciplining his children who are repentant.

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  8. thedeti says:

    This is about power.

    This is all about women asserting power and “autonomy” over their own lives, without regard to what anyone else wants or thinks. It’s also about powerful men giving that power to women for the purpose of pandering and buying votes so as to consolidate their own political power.

    Dobbs was the Court telling individual women “no” and informing them their power grab was illegitimate, and returning that power to state and local legislatures.

    Actions have consequences — something most men have been painfully aware of their entire lives.

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    • Oscar says:

      “This is about power.”

      Which is another way of saying it’s about authority, and authority — whether legitimate or illegitimate — always has a spiritual source. Hint: there are only two sources.

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      • feeriker says:

        “It’s also about powerful men giving that power to women for the purpose of pandering and buying votes so as to consolidate their own political power.”

        More accurately, it’s about powerful men weaponizing women in order to control men without power. The women don’t really have any power of their own, only as much as (and of a specific scope) that the powerful men want them to have. Let any woman step out of line and move against the interests of the powerful men, and she’ll be as mercilessly destroyed and just as quickly as any lower-tier man would be.

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  10. feeriker says:

    “Also conducting themselves like primates in estrus are American women in protest of Dobbs v. Jackson. They are showing themselves to be in-and-out ugly — gorgons howling at the gods for being undesirable. And conservatives want deranged distaff to be mamas?”

    “As evolutionary psychologist Ed Dutton has suggested, “Some people voluntarily resigning from the gene pool is a good thing.”

    The UNZ Review: Should Deranged, Moronic Females Really be Procreating? (2022-6-30)


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