Ressentiment, Shame, and Accusation within Progressive Identity Politics

The universal mechanism for correction has been inverted for ulterior purposes.

Readership: All; Men; Single Men;
Theme: Identity, Image, and Impressions
Reader’s Note: In this essay, suffixes have been added to ressentiment to form different inflexions.
Length: 1,300 words
Reading Time: 3.5 minutes


In The Disease of Decadent Christianity (2022-4-29), J. M. Smith explained an older argument (originating from Nietzsche) about how Ressentiment within Christianity has debased the religion. I explored this further in The Decadent Christian (Ressentimentalism) (2022-5-18), in which I showed that ressentimented Christian beatitudes parallel the cultural trend of fourth wave intersectional feminism. This is a harbinger of evil that I wish to remind the reader to pay close attention to when reading/watching the news or interacting with others.

During my study of ressentiment in writing this post, I found a few other articles which describe ressentiment from different perspectives and how the rot of ressentiment has infected our lives in various ways. Learning how the tentacles of ressentiment have affected our lives may deeply affect some readers. So this post and another coming up will relay some noteworthy concepts that deserve our greater attention.

One such article was Doug Wilson’s No Forgiveness at All for the Pasty White Orcs of Northern European Descent (2022-5-9). In this essay, Wilson paints a precise illustration of the ressentiment within Woke Identity Politics (although he does not label it as such). To concisely capture the description of how ressentiment is applied to police the progressive narrative, I’ve extracted relevant excerpts from two sections of Wilson’s essay, The Shame Factor, and As Woke as the Devil. [Images and section titles have been added. Some passages have been reordered for ease of comprehension.]

The Shame Factor

“Every social organization polices its own ranks. Not only so, but every social organization has shame as one of the tools in their toolbox for maintaining order. This is true of unrighteous societies, and it is true of righteous ones. The difference between them does not concern whether or not shame is used, but rather what things that society determines to be shameful. Again, not whether, but which.”

“When societies punish, one of the most potent elements of the punishment needs to be shame. When a society is stable and secure, this assigned shame almost always works.”

In times past, s1ut shaming saved many young women from the CC and reduced the number of spinsters drinking up the wine cellar. It also kept families together and men out of the divorce mill and the pall mall.

“…a society is in the process of being taken over by an alternative worldview when a large portion of the population adopts an alien standard of ethics, one that glories in what the older order used to believe was shameful.”

We are now witnessing this revision in full force. Clown world takes front and center stage in politics, education, and social media. Christianity and anything remotely traditional is scorned to shame if not criminalized.

“So you know that a society is falling apart when a large portion of the population is shameless, not humiliated by anything. When that happens, you have reached the point where the center does not hold. That society is in the process of disintegrating, as vast swaths of our generation are doing right this minute. We have a conceited generation, filled with narcissistic helium, who feel themselves to be, in de Tocqueville’s apt phrase, “more than kings, and less than men.” This is where we are.”

An Honor to be Shamed

One of the ongoing points of discussion on this blog is how there is a general attitude of dishonor and disrespect towards good men, while immoral and unethical men receive honor and respect. As a result, men see little value in being honorable or respectable.

“Every Christian believer who wants to withstand this pressure needs to understand the mechanism of the trap, how the pressure works. That mechanism is called shame.”

“So the only Christians who have been able to stand against the pressures of this woke jihad are those Christians who have been inoculated against the world’s shaming devices. This is why I would like to thank the powers that be for giving all [Christians] years to practice on this. Some of the believers who might tend to be the most susceptible to this kind of pressure would be our women…  Contrary to [our] expectations, the effect has been quite liberating.”

“As far as the apostles were concerned, it was an honor to be dishonored. It was a grace to be disgraced. It was their glory to be beaten and abused. And when that switch has finally flipped, they have no power over you whatever.  That is Christian liberty.”

According to Wilson’s argument, it stands to reason that good men might expect to be shamed within a corrupt culture, and if they choose to endure such derision, it is a strong indicator that they are truly good, and not simply posture posing for self-righteous virtue signaling. So a partial answer to the ongoing point of discussion is simply that we live in a corrupt society. This is quite apparent and so we already know this at some level. Although this does not offer much comfort or encouragement, it does provide a modicum of consolation.

He couldn’t endure the shame.

The Accusation Factor

“The beating heart of identity politics is accusation. This is what makes it diabolical, through and through. Too many people think of the devilish spirit in terms of severed goats’ heads, guttering candles, black clothing and fingernail polish, and pentagrams. That’s just junior high devilish stuff. The devil is a high accuser, riding into the council of the gods on his high horse. He accuses Job of hypocrisy and time serving (Job 1:9-11). He accuses the brethren day and night before the throne (Rev. 12:10). “Does that white boy serve God for nothing? Look at all his stinking privilege.” He draws himself up to his full height, with his neck full of righteousness, and he points a censorious finger at you and all your sorry ways. Not only so, but his ministers are filled up with the same kind of peevish righteousness (2 Cor. 11:15). They can’t handle any of that stinking privilege either, and if you have any of it on you, you are going to hear about it.

Compare this shining and self-approving self-righteousness to the way of the cross. For all their professions of love for the ideals of egalitarianism, they hate God’s version of it — the leveling power of the cross. In the cross, God closes the distance between His holiness, on the one hand, and all princes and all beggars on the other. All men are equally guilty in Adam, and all men contribute sins of their own. The beggars use two-dollar hookers, and princes fly to Epstein’s island. All men are corrupt and morally diseased, and this most certainly includes those who have conveniently and quite self-servingly dubbed themselves to be in a sacrosanct victim class. Before His holiness, God flattens every man.”


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35 Responses to Ressentiment, Shame, and Accusation within Progressive Identity Politics

  1. catacombresident says:

    Moral stature is gauged by who your enemies are. It’s long past time to make some enemies.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oscar says:

      Going back to the subject of women liking jerks; making enemies, picking fights, and enjoying a good scrap are all jerky behavior.


      • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

        Only if you win. Women aren’t going to hang around the guy getting his ass kicked. They’re frontrunners. Right now Satan is winning the culture war, and that’s why women are hitching their wagon to him.

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      • Oscar says:


        You can’t win, if you don’t fight.


      • thedeti says:

        “You can’t win, if you don’t fight.”

        True. But if you fight and lose, you’re not in any better position with respect to women than if you hadn’t fought. In fact, you’re in a worse position.

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      • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

        Yeah, Gretzky’s quote and all that, but that’s not what I was talking about. Bullies usually have harems because they only pick fights they can win, but do you really want to be that guy just to get chicks? I don’t. Plus, even Tyson has had his ass kicked. Better to pick your battles than run around roughing people up on the chance you’ll be seen as a tough guy, on the off chance of scoring some poon.


      • Red Pill Apostle says:

        “True. But if you fight and lose, you’re not in any better position with respect to women than if you hadn’t fought. In fact, you’re in a worse position.”

        This is why you don’t fight for women. You fight for things that are worthy of fighting for and that matter. Typically, things worth fighting for are bigger than yourself and are important to your purpose which, for example, would include standing up for your faith even if that means taking shots from the current culture.

        Off the top of my head these are all higher priority than a woman, even your woman. Faith, your purpose as a man (she can’t be bigger than what she’s the help for), raising your kids right. If you are single or are married without kids she is at best 3rd on a your list and if you have kids she’s at best 4th in your line of the competing priorities and quite possibly 5th if you have a good hunting dog. 🙂

        Ideally, she has aligned herself with what is important to you and is being a valuable help in your endeavors. If you have this kind of woman then there is little conflict because she’s picked up your purposes and made them her own. But if she isn’t the help she should be the pecking order becomes readily apparent.

        Here’s the peculiar part of all this. The farther you put women down your list and the more your fight for things of eternal consequence and stay focused on your purpose, the better the chance of finding a decent women. If you do, just remember where she belongs on the list and life will be pretty good.

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      • Oscar says:

        “Bullies usually have harems because they only pick fights they can win, but do you really want to be that guy just to get chicks? I don’t.”

        Who said anything about being a bully?


      • Oscar says:

        “True. But if you fight and lose, you’re not in any better position with respect to women than if you hadn’t fought. In fact, you’re in a worse position.”

        Okay. Don’t fight, then.


      • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

        The point is, Oscar, that you’ve provided no context whatsoever on your prior comment. It’s as clownish as those early PUA guys saying, “Just be alpha, bro.” You’re better than that. If you can’t see that, then you’re arguing just to argue and we’re done with this topic.


      • Oscar says:

        @ BtM

        The point is, Oscar, that you’ve provided no context whatsoever on your prior comment.

        Give me a break. I replied to catacombresident’s post.

        Moral stature is gauged by who your enemies are. It’s long past time to make some enemies. ~ catacombresident

        Obviously, if I was replying to him, which I was, then I was doing so in the same context – the moral context.

        You knew that, which is why you wrote…

        Right now Satan is winning the culture war, and that’s why women are hitching their wagon to him.

        Now you’re pretending to not know the context of the conversation.


  2. okrahead says:

    “Woe unto those who call evil good, and good evil.” Isaiah 5:20. Perfect description of the moral state of our society.


  3. okrahead says:

    Also, C.S. Lewis’ “Men Without Chests” should be required reading for everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. okrahead says:

    I mean seriously, we’ve gotten to the point where Lewis talked about creating geldings and then telling them to be fruitful. WE ARE LITERALLY DOING THAT NOW.


  5. info says:

    Just a reminder of Doug Wilson’s Character:

    There court documents are all there.

    And his interactions of his followers with Dalrock and his correspondence with Dalrock.

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    • Lexet Blog says:

      Yep. Wilson’s personal friends are the ones who tried to ruin Dalrock, and who have fought tooth and nail against the red pill and “manosphere”. Wilson is an apostate and charlatan.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Lastmod says:

        DIsagree……Dalrock wanted to debate them. When theu approached, he could have just said “no”.

        He didnt. He knew exactly who they were. He knew their stances. He was naive thinking he could change their minds. That was and is all in his lap.

        Dalrock then for a few months was actually a bit of a chick going back over their podcasts and dissecting every word and heairsplitting every meaning of what they said.I though I was listening to my best friends girlfriends….countless wives of friends I have nad had known over the decades……rehashing and rehashing

        Dalrock with that whole debacle just wanted and was hoping to be “the guy” or “jesus” who turned WIlson and his bleeting sheep frinds to him….I mean jesus…..

        The problem was not that Wilson and his stupid friends were right and Dalrock was wrong, They were christians who could even accept that the other people they were talking to were christian (again a HUGE fault of supposed believers, a trap 99% of them think they are above but actually perpetuate the problem). All Dalrock did was use big words, and actually used put downs and joy stealing, shaming…like too many here do and at the same time both sies were convinced god was speaking to them and them alone.

        It was a silly discussion and a waste of time by both of them, and WIlson’s flock and friends have not “seen the light” and all became Dalrock Christians and WIlson and Company still have dwindling influence…but you can bet yo’ ass with the recent Roe v Wade decision…they will somehow take credit for it becaue americans ant “jesus more than anything in their lives”


      • Lexet Blog says:

        Too many people think arguments with church leaders can be made in good faith. It’s naive.


    • Jack says:

      Info, Lexet,
      I’m not addressing those things in this post. Wilson’s description of shame and accusation within progressive identity politics is accurate.


  6. Oscar says:

    Going back to the subject of women liking jerks; it takes a heavy dose of disagreeability to stand on principle and tell the whole world “no, you move”.

    Damn, I’m nerd!

    The recent COVID tyranny made it very clear which Christians have the balls to say “Christ is lord”, and which ones bent the knee, burned the incense, and said “Caesar is lord”. Have a long memory.

    Liked by 4 people

  7. feeriker says:

    “Right now Satan is winning the culture war, and that’s why women are hitching their wagon to him.”

    Women have ALWAYS “hitched their wagons” to Satan. The very first woman did, and her descendants have never ceased to follow suit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • info says:

      Yet. It is the sin of Adam that doomed the Human Race:
      1 Corinthians 15:21
      “20But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. 21For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man. 22For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive”

      Likewise starting with Eve who I think repented and likewise to the wives of Noah and his sons. As well as Sarah. Women of Faith has bucked the trend.


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