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One observant post, Is the Pendulum Effect caused by Western Individualism? (2020-10-9) described how the spirit of Western Individualism tempts people to separate themselves from the past and from tradition.  This results in a metaphysical oscillation of political, social, and fashion trends from one extreme to the other.  The pendulum effect is disruptive, spurious, and wasteful, thereby revealing Individualism to be an evil spiritual influence that upsets both the peace within the human soul and the shalom of a society.

The carnage and destruction caused by Individualism and the Pendulum Effect has gone on full display since the Dobbs v. Jackson decision on June 24, resulting in a multitude of interesting new stories that have emerged over the past two weeks.

Here are a few of the most interesting stories that have emerged during this time (and a few older but now timely posts of interest). Must reads are in bold.


Jordan Peterson was banned from Twitter. Not sure why.

Twitter Ban!  (2022-7-2) Length: 14:52


Cracks in Muh Demuckruhcy

  1. Big League Politics: Democrats Post Addresses of Supreme Court Justices and Bomb Instructions on TikTok (2022-6-26)
  2. Salon: School’s out forever: Arizona moves “to kill public education” with new universal voucher law (2022-7-1)
  3. The American Conservative: Biden and Universities Launch Sneak Attack on Free Speech (2022-7-5)
  4. Law & Liberty: What Majority Should Rule? (2022-7-6)
  5. PA Pundits: Begging For Dystopia: NYT Mourns Disinformation Becoming ‘Untouchable Problem’ (2022-7-7)

Gun Legislation

Loco Politicians

  1. The Catholic World Report: Speaker Pelosi defends her support for legal abortion: ‘God has given us a free will’ (2021-9-23)
  2. Σ Frame (Lexet): DeSantis steadies de sinking ship (2022-7-4)
  3. To Reclaim Normality: Arrest The Piece of Sh!t (2022-7-5)
  4. JDB Media: NEW VIDEO: Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack GOES OFF After Getting MOCKED For Posting Video TWERKING (2022-7-6)
  5. Vox Popoli: Boris Johnson to Resign (2022-7-7)

Post Roe Backlash

  1. NBC News: They moved to red states — and they’re worried about the future of abortion rights (2022-5-6)
  2. Fox News: Satanic Temple to argue abortion is ritual in legal challenges to states that put up hurdles to procedure (2022-5-9)
  3. The Paradise: Washington Post exploits teen mom whose twins were saved thanks to Texas abortion law (2022-6-21)
  4. Amerika (Brett Stevens): Holy Mackerel, the Confederacy Just Won (2022-6-24)
  5. Breitbart News: Missouri becomes the first state to end abortion — A momentous day! (2022-6-24)
  6. Fox News: Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade in landmark opinion (2022-6-24)
  7. Gunner Q2: A deep dive into the socialist hive (2022-6-24)
  8. Practical Eschatology: Roe v. Wade Overturned—Rioting to Ensue (2022-6-24)
  9. Okrahead: Ground Level (2022-6-24)
  10. Townhall: The Left’s Hatred for Ruth Bader Ginsburg Intensifies (2022-6-24)
  11. Adam Piggott: Civil War part II (2022-6-25)
  12. Antemodernist: Pro-Life Weakness (2022-6-25)
  13. PA Pundits: Life Wins: In Overturning Roe Versus Wade, Supreme Court Issues Victory For Rule Of Law (2022-6-25)
  14. Stage in the Sky: Why Good Men Can’t Stay Silent – The Roe v. Wade Decision (2022-6-25)
  15. The Orthosphere (Kristor): Moloch Will Want His Regular Meals: Cave! (2022-6-25)
  16. The Other McCain: A Mostly Peaceful Insurrection: Deranged Pro-Abortion Mob Storms AZ Capitol (2022-6-25)
  17. Truth and Tolerance: Night of Rage? (2022-6-25)
  18. Bruce Charlton: Has Evil Santa turned good? (2022-6-26)
  19. Teller Report: Spain: Anti-abortion protesters against abortion law reform (2022-6-26)
  20. Truth and Tolerance: Thoughts on Dobbs (2022-6-26)
  21. CBS News: Google tells U.S. workers they can move to states where abortion is legal: report (2022-6-27)
  22. The Orthosphere (Kristor): The Quintessence of the Reasoned Response of the Left to Dobbs (2022-6-27)
  23. Σ Frame (Oscar): No Mo Roe (2022-6-27)
  24. Lexet Iustitia: Pyrrhic Victories (2022-6-28)
  25. Natsab: Torah Response to Roe v. Wade (2022-6-28)
  26. Okrahead: Against Despair (2022-6-28)
  27. Σ Frame (Jack): No Mo Roe, No Mo Hoe! (2022-6-29)
  28. Townhall: NYT: Roe v. Wade Got Shredded Because Dems Dropped the Ball in These Key Races (2022-6-29)
  29. Ann Coulter: ABORT THE MISSION!  ABORT! (2022-6-30)
  30. New York Post: Making the cut: Younger men seek vasectomies in the wake of Roe v. Wade ruling (2022-7-1)
  31. Okrahead: Foolish and Worldly Talk (2022-7-1)
  32. Σ Frame (Jack): No Mo Hoe? Oh No! (2022-7-1)
  33. The Other McCain: SJW Snowflakes Melting Down Again (2022-7-1)
  34. Campus Reform (Ben Cook): Philosophy scholars are wrong about abortion (2022-7-3)
  35. PJ Media: Conservatives Waffle on Abortion and Women’s Accountability (2022-7-3)
  36. The Christian Post: Judge stops Idaho university from punishing Christian students for opposing gay marriage (2022-7-5)
  37. Σ Frame (Jack): What is her true motivation for getting an education? (2022-7-6)
  38. The Babylon Bee: ‘Pro-Lifers Are Inhumane,’ Says Woman Who Calls Unborn Babies ‘Parasites’ (2022-7-6)
  39. NBC News: The Mississippi abortion clinic at the center of the Supreme Court fight shuts its doors for good (2022-7-7)
  40. Patriactionary: Liz Warren: “End crisis pregnancy centers now!” (2022-7-7)
  41. The Vulture: Tony Kaye’s 2006 Documentary Showed Us the Anti-Abortion Movement’s Blueprint (2022-7-7)
  42. Campus Reform: Pro-abortion students protest end of Roe (2022-7-8)
  43. Campus Reform: ‘LGTBQ+ Rights and the Constitution’ course coming to campus this fall (2022-7-8)
  44. To Reclaim Normality: Boycott Them (If You Can) (2022-7-8)

The Georgia Guidestones are Demolished

Interesting Observations

  • The explosion occurred precisely at 3 minutes and 33 seconds after 4 a.m. local time.
  • The stone that was demolished in the blast was the one having text in Hebrew and Arabic.
  • In the video, pieces of the monument were flying towards the right in the video, and the cloud of smoke forms on the left.  This would suggest it was done with some type of explosive.  However, a conventional explosive would also produce a fireball, which is not visible.
  • The brightening of the light occurs a split second before the explosion is visible.  One possible explanation for the brightening of the light is an EMP pulse originating from the explosion. This would account for the time lag and would explain why the video camera briefly malfunctioned.
  • The author of Practical Eschatology suggests that the monument was struck by lightning (viz. an act of God).  The presence of a severe lightning storm in that area, the brightening of the light shown in the video, no fireball in the explosion, and the absence of bomb fragments adds credence to this theory.
  • There is evidence that a time capsule is buried six feet underneath where this monument once stood.  So far, there is no report of this time capsule being recovered.

The Economy


Other Interesting Reading

  1. Taki’s Magazine: Sometimes a Racist, Always a Slut (2008-5-6)
  2. Aaron Renn: Newsletter #60: The Pro-Life Movement’s Moral Doublespeak (2022-1-17)
  3. Matt’s Musings: The Transgender Origins of Feminism (2022-5-26)
  4. Antemodernist: Loser Christianity (2022-6-30)
  5. The UNZ Review: Should Deranged, Moronic Females Really be Procreating? (2022-6-30)
  6. Gab News: If Your Pastor Did Not Celebrate Roe Being Overturned, It Is Time To Find A New Church (2022-7-1)
  7. Aaron Renn: Weekly Digest: With Friends Like These… (2022-7-2)
  8. Aaron Renn: Why Men Tune Into Online Gurus Instead of the Church (2022-7-5)
  9. The Orthosphere (J.M. Smith): Drink Cautiously from the River of Lies (2022-7-5)
  10. Full Metal Patriarchy: Shutting Down FMP – My Thoughts… (2022-7-6)
  11. Christian Publishing House (Edward D. Andrews): BIBLICAL INSIGHT: Political Correctness (2022-7-7)
  12. The Orthosphere (J.M. Smith): Bold Souls or Embrotheled Strumpets? (2022-7-7)
  13. Vox Popoli: Clown World Loses Another Clown (2022-7-8)

Closing Statements

That’s enough reading to keep you busy all weekend (if you have nothing better to do).

The times they are a changing, and we are now entering a new age (pardon the phrase).  As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’ve changed the background theme color to Military Gray to reflect this shift in the ambient mood.


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35 Responses to Pandora’s Pendulum

  1. johnson j says:

    The pendulum effect is seen in ancient Israel in the books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. So it’s not individualism that causes it. Maybe it’s Jәws?


  2. catacombresident says:

    The Pendulum Effect is at least partly a product of rootlessness and generational separation. There is no long-term strategy, no inter-generational identity. Parents aren’t allowed to be too involved in their children’s cultural development; that’s all been taken over by experts in education and entertainment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oscar says:

      “Parents aren’t allowed to be too involved in their children’s cultural development…”

      “Not allowed”? Who’s stopping them? Whose permission do they require?


      • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

        It won’t be long before CPS starts plucking kids out of Sunday school classes. If you think that’s crazy, click any of the links above.


      • Oscar says:


        No one is pulling kids out of Sunday school now, so who’s stopping parents now? Who’s been stopping them for decades?

        You’re obviously not going to answer the question, so I’ll answer it.

        No one. That’s who. No one is stopping parents from discipling their children. No one is stopping parents from raising their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Most parents are just too lazy to do it.

        That’s why we are where we are.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Red Pill Apostle says:


        One of the societal issues regarding the raising of children is that collectively parents have handed off their responsibilities to outside organizations. Along with public schools, church and Sunday school are some of those. Sunday school is inadequate for child development. The foundation for development begins and ends in the home with institutions like Sunday school acting as a supplement.

        Also, if you think about the fight for your children’s hearts and minds from a spiritual warfare angle, CPS is not going to make the scene of pulling kids out of church. They won’t do this because they don’t have to when they have the average kid in public schools 40 hours per week. Why would you rock the boat when the current indoctrination system works so well?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

        You’ve got the cause wrong, Oscar. Were you braindead the last two years? The system runs on fear, not laziness or stupidity. I’ve read the Gulag Archipelago. Covid, cancel culture, and yes, CPS all run on fear. The parallels are eerie; the only difference is that people haven’t been rounded up yet, but it’s coming.

        Yes, individually, there are things you can do for you and your family. 100% correct. Discipline your child all you want. But a majority of society is afraid to do so. They’re afraid of having their kids taken away, afraid of losing their jobs and friends, and getting divorced. Society wide, until you can remove the fear element from people’s brains we’re going to get more of the same. Covid proved most to be cowards. You and I are not, and thank God for that, but most people are not wired like that.

        Liked by 2 people

      • catacombresident says:

        I suppose you’ve never been there to console parents whose children were taken by CPS at the behest of school staff. It happens in lots of places, including some so-called “red states” where I’ve lived. It happens for the most frivolous reasons. And to this day in some western countries it’s still flatly illegal to homeschool.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Oscar says:


        “The system runs on fear, not laziness or stupidity.”

        Fear of what? We’ve already established that no one is pulling kids out of Sunday school.

        “Discipline your child all you want. But a majority of society is afraid to do so.”

        I never said “discipline”. I said disciple. Who’s stopping Christian parents from reading through the entire Bible? No one is. So why aren’t they doing it? Because they’re lazy, not because they’re scared.

        Reading the Bible strengthens ones faith, and faith defeats fear, so why won’t Christians read their Bible? Because they’re lazy. So yeah, the system runs on laziness.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oscar says:


        “I suppose you’ve never been there to console parents whose children were taken by CPS at the behest of school staff.”

        Why do they send their kids to government indoctrination camps? If they’re in the USA, it’s because they’re lazy.


      • Bardelys the Magnificent says:

        Oscar, you’re the kind of guy who thinks Millennials can’t buy houses because they eat too much avocado toast. You’re wrong, and we’re done here.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Oscar says:

        Well, thank you very much for explaining to me what I think. Whatever would we mere mortals do without mind readers to tell us what’s inside our own heads?


      • jvangeld says:

        I’m a millennial who doesn’t own a house but reads the Bible to his kids.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oscar says:

        And no one has taken your kids from you?!


  3. info says:

    Jordan Peterson gives in.

    Vox Day’s analysis:

    “A recent podcast discussion between Dr. Jordan Peterson and ‘married’ homosexual Dave Rubin titled “Gay Parenting: Promise and Pitfalls” further demonstrates that homosexuality and homosexual marriage have conquered nearly all conservative elites. ”

    “Peterson stated at the outset of the hour and a half discussion, waving an enormous white flag of surrender.  […] Peterson casually tossed the definition of marriage into the dustbin of history, claiming that “Marriage is the union of two people,” not the union of a man and a woman. He nonchalantly trashed civilization’s understanding of nature and biology and the understanding of every society and religion around the world for thousands of years.”

    Vox Popoli: Jordan Peterson Rolls Over (2022-7-5)


    • thedeti says:

      And just like clockwork, the conservatalkosphere gives up and caves.


      Liked by 2 people

      • feeriker says:

        It’s a testament to how all-pervasive are desperation, gullibility and stupidity that anybody listens to or trusts these people. It should be obvious by now even to the dullest of normies that cuckservatards are controlled opposition.

        Liked by 1 person

      • thedeti says:

        I told everyone this would happen. I knew it would.


    • redpillboomer says:

      Wow! He caved. Interesting. Bet it also had something to do with money, i.e. trying to expand his listening base and hence his paying audience. “Jordan Peterson’s now one of us!” Think that might have anything to do with it?


    • jvangeld says:

      I don’t believe that JP ever opposed sodomy or gay parenting in the first place. His whole appeal was that he was a sophisticated professor who kinda sorta stood up for young men and barely opposed adult genital mutilation. But he always clearly said that he didn’t mind perversions of all kinds.


  4. locustsplease says:

    If all Asian women looked like the ones you posted I would be there now!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jack says:

      Sorry to disappoint you, but they are models, not the norm. Also, I’ve picked out models that appeal to western tastes in attractiveness (i.e. full hourglass figure, emotionally mature, serious minded, western style clothing, etc.). However, I have to say that the average chick raised in Asia is thinner and much more feminine than the average Murican counterpart.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. feeriker says:

    “No. From Bethel Church.”

    IOW, just like the Bee, only they’re not intending to satirize themselves.


  6. feeriker says:

    “I told everyone this would happen. I knew it would.”

    It really is impossible to sympathize with anyone who doesn’t get it by now.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. catacombresident says:

    Oscar, America is dead. It was never a covenant nation and God does not get directly involved outside of His Covenant. Rather, He passes everything outside the Covenant into the hands of Satan, the Prince of This World. You want the hand of God in your nation? Then make your nation a covenant nation. This one does not meet the standards. American activism is not part of the Kingdom of Heaven. Pursue activism all you like, but it’s chasing after the wind. It is not a Christian pursuit. If you insist that it is Christian, then I don’t have to take seriously your claim to be a Christian.

    Meanwhile, I warn you prophetically that America is dead. Yes, resist evil all you can, but if we do not offer a shepherd’s care for the sheep of His pasture, then they will perish, and their blood will be on our hands. We are obliged to keep caring when they can’t quite see that fearless path of faith clearly. Cutting them off simply because they aren’t activist enough to suit your agenda is not how God’s shepherds act. Not everyone has climbed far enough out of the pit to homeschool. In some jurisdictions, it is effectively illegal in that the local authorities will come after you in every way possible. If you aren’t quite middle class, you can’t afford to fight them. It’s not a sin to lack a middle class income.

    Yes, I’ve worked in public education and I hated it. But it was where the Lord wanted me at that time so I could see it clearly. I loved the kids but hated the system. The kids knew that, and it got me ejected from the system.

    We won’t talk any more, Oscar. You can do your best to pick apart what I am trying to say, intentionally missing the point all you like, but I think it’s already obvious to the other readers what we each stand for.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Oscar says:

      “You can do your best to pick apart what I am trying to say, intentionally missing the point all you like…”

      Says the guy who thinks I want to “pursue activism”.


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