Pick Up Game – Does it serve the needs of Men, or is it for Women?

I am thankful for a few bloggers like Dalrock and Heartiste, who attempt to instigate open and honest discussions of post-feminist matters, from which intelligent people should be able to approach the truth a little further. Heartiste lays bare the exceedingly ugly social situation (which is even more ugly to talk about), and the de facto dog-eat-dog sexual dynamics that are graphically in play in today’s society – the red pill truth for those who have the stomach to swallow it! Dalrock confirms many of the basic phenomena laid out by Heartiste, but he doesn’t stop there. He heroically attempts to show the other side of the coin in stereographic clarity – the alternate and often ironic spiritual aspect of living in this mess.

Today, I came across another post that was an especially satisfying good read. It was called, “Heartiste isn’t to blame for equivocating virtue with alpha”. It laid out, in relatively unbiased language, the plain state of the present “affairs” of society, including corrupted “Churchianity”, the political mess in this world (especially in the U.S.), the heavy and nearly invisible shadow of feminism on society, the sexual marketplace (which many Christians still consider taboo to discuss in total earnestness)… all the things that are going on right now, but very few really understand very well.

One thing in the comments section that got me stewing in thought was a comment under the “Heartiste isn’t to blame…” post, saying that Pick Up artist game is a tool of women, or a reactionary product of feminism, or something to that effect. Someone else argued back that PU Game only serves the needs of men. I kind of agree with both standpoints. I want to elaborate a bit on why I see both standpoints as true, and I hope to see some discussion about this.

The way I see it, PUG is something that comes naturally to certain men, and other men can’t “get it” even if their lives depended on it. There are a few men in the middle though, who can watch and study the PUA media and catch on after a time. Most of it is highly dependent on maturity, social dexterity and experience/practice.

Men who are naturally good at Game tend to have a higher SMV and be the alphas in the bunch, and men who are clueless about Game are relegated as non-alphas and have a corresponding low SMV, according to the theory anyway.

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The PUA industry is clearly a social reaction to the disappearance of traditional courtship, the breakdown of accountability / responsibility, birth control, women’s economic independence, the rise of hypergamy and such, and especially the growing stranglehold of feministic values and attitudes on society.

The PUA industry essentially targets those non-alphas who feel the sting of inefficacy and rejection most acutely and who consequently feel the urgent need to make some changes. Those young non-alpha men who follow the PUA industry believe that if they can change themselves to be more alpha-like, then all their problems will go away. But the Game is staged, because no more than 20% of men can be alpha by the classic female definition. As long as women’s hypergamous nature is in action, there will always be someone better.

Apparently, the betas do not seem to realize that the real problem is with society as a whole. This is the “hook” that the PUA industry uses to make their money. This is also why many, such as Heartiste, believe that a man’s alpha-ness can be gauged by their notch-count, but again, this indicator is only valid in the case of widespread hypergamy. What they do not seem to understand is that the feminist Tingle-god, and all these characteristics of alpha-ness, and SMV standards and such, are all characteristics of our feral nature, or the “flesh” as the Bible terms it. While it is true that the fleshly nature is an integral part of our lives, it is not the only part, at least not for those who believe in Christ.

Anyway, now going back to the original question, ”Does PUG serve the needs of women, or does it only serve the needs of men?” PUG has become popularized because it is one venue (other than marriage, which feminism has thoroughly defamed for both men and women) through which alpha/high SMV men are commonly known to fulfill the incessant blue-ball desires of their flesh, and it is done by exploiting the natural desires (or weaknesses) of the female flesh. By appeasing the flesh of both parties, the whole process becomes very efficient, even desireable, and it can also bypass much of the risk of rejection, which men are very sensitive to.

Of course, it is much more complicated than this, when you throw in SMV, the ego and libido, birth control glasses, and other social factors, but that is essentially what is happening when PUG works successfully – a complex, but inherently mutual stimulation of the fleshly nature.


It is also observed (by PUA mainly, but many others too, like Heartiste) that PUG is a type of emotional domination or possibly a manipulation of the woman, but actually, if the truth be told, PUG only works if, when, and because women actually wish to be dominated and/or manipulated by the alpha male(s) of their choice.

One of the fundamental laws of PUG is that a man can only seduce a woman who wants to be seduced by him, and that a man should not waste his time on those women who don’t get the Tingle by him. In other words, PUG only enhances the Tingle already present, and then works that to a desired end.

So in this sense, it is clear that PUG serves the needs of both men and women, and it does so by paying homage to the Tingle-god. But this only occurs between those men and women who happen to be highly attracted to each other, who can play the Game very skillfully, and do so with mutual “good will”, so to speak.

If we take this highly conditional case of interaction, and then focus on those cases where bad will is involved, specifically from the male, then this is where the feminist misandry and “rape culture” rationale gets its foundation.

Unfortunately, the social dynamics of hypergamy, indirectly fomented by the feminist inspired culture, tend to make the distribution of sexual interaction very unbalanced, which exacerbates the probability of there being bad will on behalf of the alpha male, who has a soft harem at his disposal.

In addition, all those 60+% of men who can’t play the Game get thrown under the bus as well. It’s a fantastically brilliant setup to undermine the knowledge of God, isn’t it?


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